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Lesson plan RedouaneOuaaziz

level : 2 Bac Textbook: Insights

Date : 17/03/2016 Time : 50 min
Unit: 8 Theme: International Organisations
Lesson: Vocabulary Topic: International organisations
Skills integrated: All skills References/ Materials: Ticket 2 English, Chalkboard, Teacher’s notes
Standards: presentational communication
 Learn vocabulary related to international organisations
Competencies:  By the end of this session, students should be able to:
• Recall and define terms related to international organisations
• Use the words learnt in the given tasks

Techniques/ Mode of
Stages/ Timing Lesson Procedures/ Activities
Materials work

Warm-up  T greets Ss T-S

(5 min)  Ss review vocabulary learnt in the previous lesson  Review S-T

Personal link  T introduces the vocabulary lesson  BB T-S

 T asks Ss to go tp p. 113  TB T-S

 Ss study the words and discuss their meanings in  Discussion S-S
Engage pairs
(10 min)  T explains the difficult words  Explaining T-S
 Ss match the words to their definitions in task 4 Indiv.
 Correction on the bb  Matching Collect.

Activity 5 p. 113
 Ss fill in the gaps with the words in task 4  Matching Indiv.
 Oral correction Collect.
Study Activity 6 p. 113
(20 min)  Ss complete the paragraph with the appropriate  Discussion Indiv.
word from the list  Categorizing Collect.
 Whole class correction

 Ss write a short paragraph in pairs using three Pair

Activate words they have learnt  Free practice Whole
(15 min)  Ss read their paragraphs class