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Opening Speech for English Camp

Ladies, gentlemen, dear students and teachers, good morning. My

name is ……….., the director of WK School This is my great honor to
be here as the chairman of The English Camp Today. First of all, I
would like to welcome all of volunteers and staffs from YWAM
Thailand Organization to our School.

We are very fortunate to have an English Camp which is organized

by YWAM Thailand Organization during these 3 days. The
participants of this camp consist of students from pratom 1- pratom
6 which is divided into 3 groups.
There are 3 main objectives of this activity:
1. To enhance the ability in English communication skills
2. To encourage our students to be confident when they
speak English
And last but not least we hope that our students will have
positive attitudes forward learning English

Furthermore, I also wish to express my sincere appreciation for

excellent co-operation from teachers and staffs of Watkom School.
This camp would not been possible.

I now declare Watkommaneeyakhet School English Camp open.

Thank you very much.


Closing speech for English Camp

Ladies, gentlemen, dear students. Good afternoon. On behalf

of school director. I am honored to be here with you at the closing

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my

deep thanks to YWAM Thailand and Suntisuk Foundation for
organizing this important English Camp. This camp is wonderful
chance for students and teachers to interact and exchange the
opinions in teaching English with the experts. Beyond my
observation, I am particularly happy with response of all the
students. They show their interest and motivation. I also noticed that
at the beginning of the camp in each day they were shy and could
not understand what they had heard, but in the afternoon, they
have more confidence in interacting with foreigners.
Above all, they are happy and feel good that they can do it.

I am very satisfied that your team has done the excellent job. I
congratulate all those who have work tirelessly to achieve the
objectives of this camp.

Lastly, it’s time to say goodbye. I hope that my students will

utilize their knowledge and experience in daily life.

Once again, thank you for your attempt to make the students
enjoy learning English have good memories. Have a safe trip back
and see you again soon.