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2008 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 316 E/37

Thursday 9 October 2008


Daniel Dăianu moved the following oral amendment:

— rec La (new):

La. whereas the increasing cross-border nature of banking in Europe and the need to respond in a
coordinated way to adverse shocks, as well as the need to deal with systemic risks effectively, require
divergences between the national regimes of Member States to be reduced to the greatest extent
possible; whereas there is a need to move beyond the studies that the Commission has already carried
out in this regard and to amend Directive 94/19/EC as soon as possible to provide the same level of
protection for bank deposits across the whole European Union in order to preserve financial stability
and depositors' confidence and avoid distortions of competition,

Ieke van den Burg proposed the following two oral amendments:
— am 6/rev:
(d) the Lamfalussy Level 3 Committees can take decisions on the basis of a fair and appropriate
QMV system that takes into account the relative size of the financial sector and the GDP of each
Member State, as well as the systemic importance of the financial sector for the Member State;
such a procedure should be elaborated both for decisions on supervisory convergence issues and
for the advice to the Commission on legislation and regulation;
— annex, point 2, point c:
(c) ensure that EU rules on deposit guarantees are urgently revised to avoid arbitrage between guaran-
tee levels in Member States that may further increase volatility and undermine financial stability
instead of increasing security and depositors' confidence; they should also guarantee a level playing
field for financial institutions; EU rules on deposit guarantees should be amended to support
further development of ex-ante schemes financed by contributions from financial institutions; the
level of refund should be significantly increased and the availability of refunds to retail clients in
case of failing financial institution should be ensured within a reasonable timeframe including in
cases of cross-border situations;

15. Together for Health: A Strategic Approach for the EU 2008-2013

Report: Alojz PETERLE (A6-0350/2008)

Subject Amendment No Author RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV — remarks

after § 1 1 PSE EV + 334, 256, 15

am inserted after §32

2 PSE +

3 PSE + am inserted after §32

4 PSE + am inserted after §32

after rec A 5 PSE EV + 330, 263, 11

am inserted after
rec M

6 PSE + am after rec Q

after rec K 7 PSE EV + 324, 251, 9

vote: resolution (as a whole) RCV + 554, 23, 21

Requests for roll-call votes

IND/DEM: final vote

C 316 E/38 Official Journal of the European Union EN 11.12.2008

Thursday 9 October 2008

Alojz Peterle proposed that:
— Amendments 1, 3 and 4 be inserted after § 32,
— Amendment 5 be inserted after rec M,
— Amendment 6 be inserted after rec Q.