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rthe Mobile App is Not Afraid of RWA "Ruckus" - Invites Authors from


rthe extends an open invitation to Romance Writers of America, RWA, to distribute their work on
the rthe mobile app.

Austin, TX, January 15, 2020 --( rthe™ would like to extend an open invitation to all
(emphasis on the All) Romance Writers of America, RWA, (and former) to distribute their work on the
rthe publishing platform.

The entire premise of a select few deciding what will and won't get published is a concept rthe founder,
Emily Maxx, has never bought into and is one of the many reasons that drove her to make rthe a reality.

rthe, through its content rating system, has a defined methodology to determine what will be published,
without bias, to the ground-breaking mobile app.

Emily Maxx believes everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard, including on Social Media, of which
rthe is not the referee. Emily Maxx states, "We truly believe in the age-old adage 'beauty is in the eye of
the beholder' and the same is true for content.” She continues, "Nora Roberts aka JD Robb - you are THE
litmus test for many conversations in the current and ongoing designs for the rthe portal which we are
constantly improving!"

rthe is a revolutionary electronic publishing platform designed to package, market, and distribute short
stories, novellas, and novels to mobile app users in sequential bite-sized increments called Episodes and
writers publish their content for free while earning an equitable share of the revenue.

rthe™ mobile app users explore all content with no strings (first Episode of every Title is free) and pay a
micro amount for each additional Episode (10 cents or less).

Authors interested in self-publishing their stories can do so at or make contact via email at

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