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G.Lakshmi Narayanan.

Tel : 7305603749

To learn and function effectively in an organization and to create new ideas. To upgrade my knowledge
and make a difference in whatever work I do.

Degree Institute Board / Year Percentage marks /
University CGPA
B.E(EEE) Sri Ramanujar Anna University 2011-2015 60%
Engineering college
HSC RajkumarSulochana State Board 2010-2011 65%
Matriculation Higher
Secondary school.
SSLC New Prince Matriculation 2008-2009 67%
Matriculation Higher
Secondary school.

Technical skills& Areas Of Intrest

 Programming Language: C, C++,Networking.

 Business operations.
 Negotiation.

Awards/ Achievements
 Have participated in National Conference on the topic: Recycling Of Small Electrical machines
And Its Applications For Low Cost Wind Turbines held in “VELS USIVERSITY,2014” .
 Have participated in paper presentation on the topic : Wireless Electricity held in“SSN College of
 Have presented a paper on the topic “Fuel Cells “ at “Bharath University”.
 Participated in a “Workshop” on “Media Wiki” at IIT Madras.
Inplant– Training& Industrial Visit
 Attended In-plant Training at “BSNL –Chennai Telephones” and gained knowledge about the band-with
allocation,multiplexing,de-multiplexing,PWM&FOC communication techniques
 Participated in the One Day Visit to “Warship INS VIRAT” organized by Sri Ramanujar
Engineering College Chennai.

Work Experience
 Currently working with Amazon as a Data Associate from february 2019 in Amazon business operations
domain which is backend process of Amazon device presemtly from february.

 Worked with CRM software and various tools for operations.

 Resposible to meet daily and weekly metrics for goal success rate team which tends to deliver results.

 Worked as a electrical supervisor in Braze-N-Tech Engineers from Octorber 2015 to December 2018
was responsible for basic electrical supervisor and electrical safety and also team management as it was a
small scale industry for a period of 38 months.

 Had to monitor the work of the team with different ideologys for different site and also had to plan the
work with the resources in limited time.

 Worked as a free lance HR recruiter with Merittrac solutions for a period of 15 months.

Interpersonal Skill
 Self-confident, accepts responsibility.
 Confident and Determined.
 Ability to cope up with different situations.
 Having some sharp listening skills.
 Good leadership skill.
 Team Player

Engierring Project
 I built a triphibian robot capable of 3 modes of operations such as land water and air.

 The project was completely innovative and was also considered as the most innovative project of the
techinacl domain by the facualty of the college and the external faculty who was respisible for co
ordinating and evaluting the projects.

 The robot was capable of operating in land water and air and a approximate batterty life of ninenty

 The idea was a new one and it is still be implemented in real world.
Personal Information
 Name :- G.Lakshmi Narayanan.
 Gender :- Male.
 Age :- 26.
 Date of Birth :- 13/09/1993.
 Father’s Name :- P.V.Ganesan.
 Language Known :- English, Tamil, Hindi.
 Marital Status :- Single
 Nationality/Religion :- Indian /Hindu
 Hobbies :- PC Games,Cricket.
 ADDRESS :-Plot No-10/2,11th Street,
Shanthi Nagar ,
Adambakkam, Chennai-88.

Declaration :

I hereby declare that above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.


Date: G.Lakhmi Narayanan.