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Designing Palembang City Traditional Food Application Mobile Web-Based To

Introduce Culinary In Palembang



1.1. Background

Culinary is an important part of economic activity in an area. Could it is said that every period
many entrepreneurs start their business with offers a variety of products, both food and drinks. That
matter because food or drink is the main intake for the whole community the world that can be consumed
every day. More and more culinary entrepreneurs are popping up with diverse concepts, fresh, and
interesting ideas, shows that this business has enormous potential.

Palembang city which is also known as Pempek City has a lot of traditional food and drinks
which has the potential to be developed in the business sector. Palembang city was chosen as a creative
city in the culinary field by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) recently. The city
government of Palembang strives for Palembang's unique culinary to be able to rise up to the world
level. With many national and international events held in the city Palembang, Culinary promotions in
Palembang must also be increased to support the development of culinary businesses in the city of
Palembang and also introduces the traditional culinary city of Palembang to the world.

Although there are many local governments conduct promotional efforts to attract tourists, but
a way is needed better promotion to attract tourists to know thr traditional culinary in the city of
Palembang. Today almost everyone is inseparable from mobile or smartphone gadgets, and tourists are
no exception. For this reason, the use of technology deemed very helpful in daily activities even when
traveling. With the technology, tourists can easily find information. Nowadays there are many tourists
traveled only using mobile device technology. For that, a Web Mobile can also be one of the good
tourism promotion media to attract tourists. By creating mobile web applications in the fields tourism
that can be used as a guide for tourists to buy and taste the culinary of Palembang, especially as souvenirs
from the city of Palembang. And can provide detailed information needed by tourists including culinary
history information and culinary maps in the city of Palembang. Based on the background that the author
has described above, the writer write this final project with the title "Palembang City Traditional culinary
Application Mobile Web based. "
As the developing era, this application is simple to use because many people have a smartphone
to access this application. And than, this This application is useful for introducing culinary in South
Sumatra to all circles, including young people who now many do not know the traditional culinary origin
of Palembang.

1.2. Formulation of the problem

Based on the background above the problem can be formulated is how to design an Palembang
city traditional culinary application Mobile-based Web.

1.3. Limitations of problem

The limitations of the problem in this thesis research are:

1. The data processed for research is data in the city of Palembang, which consists of culinary tourism
data and culinary places data in the city of Palembang, as well as data on the traditional culinary history
of the city of Palembang.

1.4. Purpose and benefits

1.4.1. Purpose

The purpose of this final project research are:

1. Producing applications for web-based mobile guides to support and improve culinary in the
2. Providing maximum information services to tourists.

1.4.2. The benefits

The benefits of this thesis research are:

1. Support local government efforts to promote traditional culinary in the city of Palembang,

2. Improving the competitiveness of Palembang city culinary tourism with other regions.

1.5. Metodhology

1.5.1. Location of Data Collection

The data collection location for this Final Project is Palembang City Tourism Office at Jl. Dr.
Wahidin No.3, Talang Semut, Kec. Bukit Kecil, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30121

the method used in gathering Data is as follows:

1. Observation Method

The author observes data files in Palembang City Tourism Office and Palembang city culinary
tourist attractions related to information from culinary attractions in the city of Palembang.

2. Literature Study Methods

This method is done by finding literature data that is can support defining the problem in this
thesis research.

1.5.3. Data analysis method

Palembang City Traditional Culinary Application was developed with using the SDLC (System
Development Life Cycle). According to Kendall & Kendall (2006), the SDLC method is an approach
through several stages to analyze and design which system the system has been well developed through
the use of cycles specific analysis and usage activities. The SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)
method consists of seven the stages of development are identifying problems, opportunities and goals,
determine requirements, analyze system requirements, design system that is recommended, develops
and documents software, test and maintain the system, and implementing and evaluating the system.