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Course: Communication English

Numbers of Numbers of
units: 12 lessons: 25

Unit Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
A. My name's
Verb "be", subject
Hannah, not Anna Greetings,
pronouns (I, we, Word stress
B. All over the numbers 0-100,
you, they, he, she, Vowel sounds
world days of the week
1 it)
C. Open your book, Possessive
Sentence stress
please adjectives (my, Classroom Arriving in
/tʃ/, /ʃ/, /dʒ/
Practical English your, our, their, language London
/ə/, /oʊ/, /ʊ/, /ɑː/
(Episode 1) his, her, its)
a/an, plurals Things
Final -s, -es, th
A. A writer's room this/that/these/tho Colors, adjectives,
Long and Short
B. Stars and Stripes se Modifiers: really,
2 vowel sounds
adjectives very
After 300 meters,
turn right Imparatives, let's Feelings Review
connected speech
Revise unit 1&2
A. Things I love
Verb phrases Third person -s
about the US Simple present
Jobs /ɜː/
3 B. Work and play
C. Meeting online
Word order in Sentence stress At a coffee
Practical English Question words
questions shop
(Episode 2) Whose…?,
possessive 's
A. Is she his wife or Family /ʌ/, the letter o
Preposition of
his sister Everyday Linking and
time (in, on, at)
B. What a life! activities sentence stress
4 and place (at, in,
C. Short life, long Possessions of
Adverbs and
life? Adverbs and
expressions off The letter h Review
Review and check expressions of
3&4 frequency
A. Are you the next
American Idol? Verb Phrases: buy Sentence stress
B. Love your a newspapers, etc. /ŋ/
5 continuous
C. Sun in the City Simple present or
The weather and Places in New In a clothing
Practical English simple
seasons York City store
(Episode 3) continuous?
Object Pronouns:
A. Reading in
me, you, him, her,
English phone language /aɪ/, /ɪ/, /iː/
it, us, them
B. Time we love
6 Like + V-ing
C. Music is Consonant
The date, ordinal
changing their life clusters, saying
Review: be or do? number Review
Revise and check the date
5&6 /y/
Simple past of Word formation:
A. At the National
"be": was/were paint -> painter
Portrait Gallery -ed endings
Simple past: Past time
7 B. Chelsea girls
C. A night to regular verbs expressions
remember Simple past:
Go, have, get Sentence stress Getting lost
Practical English irregular verbs
A. A murder
(Episode 4) story
There is/ There
B. A house with the /ɜːr/ and /ɪr/
are, some/any + The house
history Stress sentence
plural nouns
8 C. A night in a
haunted house There was/ There Preposition: Place
Silent letters Review
Review and Check were and movement
ntable nouns;
A. What I ate
a/an, some/any Food, food The letter ea
Quantifiers: how containers /s/ and /ʃ/
9 B. White Gold
much/how many,
a lot of, etc.
C. Quiz night
Comparative /ɔr/ At a
Practical English High numbers
adjectives Sentence stress restaurant
(Episode 5) Superlative
A. The most
adjectives Places and
dangerous road Cosonant groups
be going to (plan), buildings
B. Couchsurf round Sentence stress
10 future time Vacations
world! going to
happen Be going to
Verb phrases The letter oo Review
Review and check (Predictions)
9&10 Adverbs
A. First impressions Common adverbs
(Manners and Word stress
B. What do you Verbs that take the
Modifiers) Sentence stress
want to do? infinitive
11 Verb + infinitive
C. Men, women
and the Internet
Articles The Internet Word Stress Going home
Practical English
(Episode 6)
A. Books and Present perfect Sentence stress
Irregular past
movies Present perfect or Irregular part
B. I've been there Simple past? participles
12 C. The American
File Questionnaire Review: Question Review: Word
Review: Sounds Review
Review and check formation groups