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NOVEMBER 2015 77364/PMD3R

Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks

PART A — (10  1 = 10 marks)

Answer any TEN questions.

1. Define mission.

2. Differentiate strategies with policies.

3. What is ethics?

4. Define policy.

5. Write any four firm’s external environment.

6. Specify the importance of environmental


7. What is company self – concept?

8. State the importance of internal assessment.

9. Write the advantages of divisional structure.

10. Specify the importance of information system in

strategic implementation.

11. Write a note on strategic surveillance.

12. What is comparative analysis?

PART B — (5 × 5 = 25 marks)

Answer any FIVE questions.

13. What is the integrative schools of strategic


14. Relate the product and service concept to the

strategic intent of an organisation.

15. Discuss the factors which influence strategic


16. Elaborate on environmental scanning.

17. Review the role of organisational system in

strategic evaluation.

18. Why does the need for the integration of functional

plans and policies arise?

19. Discuss the manner in which an organisation can

discharge its responsibilities to its business as a
good corporate parent.

2 77364/PMD3R
PART C — (4 × 10 = 40 marks)

Q.No. 20 is compulsory.

Answer any THREE questions from 21 to 24.

20. Raising disposable income, change in preference,

increase in variety etc lead to revolution in Indian
retail. Aadhi a drug shop in Mumbai is aware of
these developments.
This company is a pioneer in shopping under one
roof. They have five departmental stores
generating more than Rs. 50 crore with 20000
products in 32 counters.
The locational advantage overheads the interiors
and poor service. They focus on stocking products
like garments with higher margins than food and
drugs. Strategic option is to go for franchisee at
major metros because of international entries.
They also have a project to set up institute of
retailing affiliated to university of Bombay.
It is run by the family and the second generation
is professionally trained in management. The
senior positions are manned by professional. The
family is also into furniture business. The
challenge before the family business is to keep
changing itself to remain on the top. What is to be
done to continue success?

3 77364/PMD3R
21. Describe the process of strategic management.
Draw a neat chart that shows comprehensively the
different elements in the strategic management

22. Through the use of suitable examples, explain the

role that objectives play in strategic management.

23. Analyse the trends and extrapolate their

implications for strategy formulation within
(a) Growing size of the middle class in India
(b) The rising population of aged people
(c) Internet culture.

24. Identify and explain the different types of

strategies under stability, expansion,
retrenchment and combination corporate – level
strategies quote examples to each.


4 77364/PMD3R