A message from GRACE – Movement for a Free Earth


ur planet is in serious danger. The current civilization is running into a global catastrophe. But we see another possibility. Our planet was not born for death but for life, for love, for joy. The great family of life is not born for mutual killing, but for cooperation and friendship between all beings, between humans, animals and plants. All beings are joined in the sacred matrix. Despite all the wars we see the real possibility to manifest this vision of peace, to change the apocalyptic time into a new age of trust and to turn the world of anxiety into a world of joy. We see a future where no child is abandoned by his parents, no woman is raped, no animal is killed because of its beautiful coat, no mother is weeping about her killed son and no son will go to war, because there is no war in the world any more. Medicine Chief Sun Bear wrote: “Sometimes I dream that I am at a place where small groups of people are approaching over a hill. We all embrace each other and call out: “Brother, sister, you have survived!” All “isms” have disappeared. We no longer say: Which religion do you belong to? To what do you belong? All this is not of importance anymore.” We see this new generation of pilgrims from all countries traveling across the Earth. They are not bound to any nation, language, race, culture or religion, to riches or possessions. They help in areas of crisis, they visit holy sites and they are on the way to new anchorages. They encounter each other at camp fires, in barns or hostels, they sing international songs, share their bread and develop a new quality of community, hospitality and readiness to help. They share some rules: truth, mutual support, help for all in misery, grace instead of revenge, no violence against animals and “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In this way and beyond all institutions, a young world citizenship of a

new kind arises – a different globalisation. The globalization of peace. We see it like a dream, but it is reality, the real birth of a new reality. This development is supported by the emergence of completely new centers spreading slowly across the Earth. We call them “healing biotopes” or “peace villages”. They serve the pilgrims both as hostels and as places in which to study and work. These centers are research places for developing the technological, ecological, social and spiritual structures of a non-violent world society. The centers are in touch with each other through the growing flow of pilgrims. One is aware of each other, one is on the same path and have taken on the responsibility for the future of the planet. Together the centers form an international network called the “Global Campus”. We see the real worldwide beginning of a new culture, the dawn of an new era. We see some main lines of the new planetary movement developing: • Reconciliation and cooperation between humans and nature. • Deep reconciliation of the genders and the ending of the war of the sexes. Truth in sex and love. Coming together of free love and real partnership. (One key sentence of the movement is: “There will be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.”) • Reunion of the human and the divine world. • Remembering the sources of culture. Connection of ancient and indigenous with today´s knowledge and technology. One of the new planetary centers is Tamera in Portugal. Founded in 1995, it is a center for concrete utopia with currently about 160 coworkers and young students. Here arises the Solar Village, a living model for decentralized and self-sufficient energy supply, water supply

and food supply. The new solar technologies are connected with a complex system of aquaculture and permaculture (Sepp Holzer). There is also a noetic center for new age topics of arts, spirituality, love, partnership, healing, global vision, and living in community. The “School of the Future” carries the basic thoughts of this global healing work out into the world and connects individuals and groups who want to join the movement in many places on

Earth. We invite all committed peace workers to take part in this cooperative for a future without war! May we, the youth of all countries, step out of our pasts and enter into a new era of planetary thinking, planetary friendship and planetary joy. GRACE – Movement for a Free Earth November 2010

We love the work of:

Vasamali Kurtaz, Todas, India

Dr. Dieter Duhm, Tamera, Portugal

Padre Javier Giraldo, Colombia

Sami Awad, Holy Land Trust, Palestina

Sabine Lichtenfels, Tamera, Portugal

Gloria Cuartas, Colombia

Lama Jampal, Gyuto Tantric University, Dharamsala, India/ Tibet

Philip Munyasia, OTEPIC, Kenya

More information: Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP) • Tamera Monte do Cerro • P-7630 Colos • Portugal Ph: +351-283 635 484 • Fax: +351-283 635 374 Email: •

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