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English and Urdu Medium of Education (Comparison and Contrast)

Thesis Statement: English and Urdu Medium of Education systems both have their own
pros and cons but a balance is needed to bridge the ever increasing gap in the society.


- Why both systems exist at the same time, why not one?
- Clash of the original education system which was national language based, with
what the British left behind, dominated by English language for every subject.
- The growing diversity, unequal development in society as well as growing pressures
and awareness of parents towards the education system has led to existence of both
at the same time.
- Children attend these based on their socio-economic backgrounds;


- Urdu Medium
o Advantages
 Preservation of language, awareness and own-ness
 Cultural heritage
 Greater social binding as language is the common bridge between
people from various backgrounds; one nation, one language
 Easy to understand facts and expressions, easy to remember
 Simplistic lifestyle, not much affected by hype of modern world and
modern culture
o Disadvantages
 Barred from recent developments, as technological support not usually
available to help match the curriculum
 Teachers are usually old timers who themselves want to shut the doors
of modern development, hence spread nonsense concepts and fake
 Lack of confidence due to over-dominance of urdu language and
English treated as an alien language
 Lack of exposure of students to outside world and recent
developments, latest updated curriculum; takes time to translate the
same into urdu and be available to students for study.
- English medium
o Advantages
 A higher standard of education, at par with leading countries.
 Exposure of students to all recent developments and updated
 Availability of technical support to assist with updated curriculum.
 Confident, well trained, professionally sound teachers
 Confident students who are well aware of the outside world and can
communicate with a wider variety of people
o Disadvantages
 Social diversity, growing gap between common man and upper-middle
class/ upper class.
 Slowly weakening national language base as urdu is not referred to
anywhere, hence, dying vocabulary and cultural heritage.
 Difficult to communicate with common man, due to lack of language
 Over-confident and sometimes ambitious and unrealistic thoughts that
do not match with practical life; Pakistan is still developing and
sometimes we expect very ideal world in Pakistan through this English
medium curriculum


- Considering both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, English and
Urdu Medium of Education systems need a balance to bridge the ever increasing gap
in the society.
- We need to preserve our language and culture while at the same time we need to
match with the fats paced development going on in the world.
- We need our students to be realistic when they come out of the school, so they can
meet and communicate with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Not
lagging behind becuas they are weak in English or do not know about a science
invention because their syllabus and curriculum was old.
- We want them to be prepared for hardships and difficulties as life is not a bed of
roses as they teach in English medium schools.
- We want all to live in unity and as one nation.