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How to Calculate Dasha and Antardasha

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Antardasha is the extended period of a Mahadasha that is subdivided into into nine
segments of Mahadasha. It is also known as ’sub-ruling-periods’. Antardasha runs in
the same order as the Mahadashas with the same proportional length.

Mahadasha periods of Planets

Dasha and antardasha of planets are calculated on the basis of the years of
mahadasha of the planet with the other planet.

Planets Maha Dasha Time Period

Sun or Surya Mahadasha 6 Years
Moon or Chandra Mahadasha 10 Years
Mars or Mangal Mahadasha 7 Years
Mercury or Budh Maha Dasha 17 Years
Jupiter or Guru Mahadasha 16 Years
Venus or Shukra Mahadasha 20 Years
Saturn or Shani Maha Dasha 19 Years
Rahu Maha Dasha 18 Years
Ketu Maha Dasha 7 Years
Calculation of Dasha and Antardasha
1.For finding out the time period of the antardasha of a planet, in the dasha of the
same, or another planet multiply the years of dasha of the former planet with the years
of dasha years of the latter planet. Divide the product by the total years of dasha of all
the planets i.e 120. The product of the planets are divided by 120 years, because in the
Vimshottari Dasha system the total number of years assigned to all planets is 120

For example - To find Antardasha of the Sun in the Mahadasha of Venus, multiply the
dasha of Venus with the dasha of Sun and then divide the product with 120 to get the

Venus dasa - 20 years

Sun dasa - 6 years

20 x 6 = 120 = 12 months and 0 x 3 days = 12 months

Thus the Antardasha of the Sun in Mahadasha of Venus will be 12 months or 1 year.
2.For finding the period of Pratyantar Dasha of the same planet, or any other planet in
the antardasha of another planet multiply the years of the antardasha with the years of
dasha of the other planet and divide the product by the total years of Dasha years of all
the planets. The result will represent the Pratyantar Dasha of the planet.

3.The Antardashas of the Charadi Kendradi Dasha of the planets are calculated by
dividing the years of dasha of the planets by 9. The first dasha belongs to the Lord of
the dasha. Thereafter, there will be antardashas of planets, placed in Kendras,
Panapharas and Apoklimas, respectively, according to their strength and weaknes.

4.The Antardashas of signs are calculated dividing the years of dasha by 12.