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Project Title : Movie ticket booking system


Name : vakati Sai Kireeti

Reg. No. :18BCE0087

Objective :
There has been an astronomical increase in the number of
educational institutions established especially in the last four decades
all over the world. Most of the newly established educational institutes,
however, are using the old conventional techniques for managing their
assets especially hostel facilities. These old techniques with its inherent
limitations have impacted negatively the overall organizational
efficiency of these educational systems. So we have proposed Hostel
management and room booking web application that supports various
services (Mess, room…etc) in hostels. The basic purpose of designing
this project is to get rid of manual entry and record system in hostels
and try to give a simple management system for hostels. The main aim
of the project is to
• To make it easier for data collection, storage and
referencing reliable.
• To maintain a database of the Hostellers
• To process the allotment list.
• To have a review system of the rooms in the hostel based
on the feedback given by previous year students, so that
the room selection can be done comfortably.

Software Development Life Cycle Model (SDLC):

The model we have selected for the project is “SPIRAL

MODEL”. I think Spiral model is efficient for this project because this
model accurately reflects the iterative nature of software development
on projects with unclear requirements. It incorporates the advantages
of the waterfall and rapid prototyping methods. As, we are not that
professional in developing a software, this model helps us to learn the
risks and later on helps us to check if we are able to run the software
properly or not. Also, by knowing the risks we can create a better step
for the next cycle which will finally bring us a successful software.
Knowing the errors and rectifying them to build a better software is our
ultimate goal.

Requirement Gathering:
Functionality This subsection contains the requirements
for the software system and moreover for the user. These requirements
are organized by their features.

1.Searching for the rooms Search feature allows the user to search
between rooms within a block.

2.View all This is basically a home page containing an overview of the

3.Filters like men’s hostel and women’s hostel along with the blocks
helps user to navigate fast.

E-mail authorization:
The system shall maintain customer email information as a required
part of customer profile for posting a review.

5.Post Review The function will help any of the experienced user to
post a review for any room or any block that he has lived in or seen
after his/her e-mail confirmation.

6.Select block This feature will help the customer to select their
intended and specific blocks they want to view.

7.View Review The main aim of the project is that the one who wants
to gain the information about the hostels is able to see the reviews and
educate himself/herself.

Non-Functional Requirements:
1.Performance Requirements The platform created should have
minimum response time, clarity should be maintained in the design
and the platform should be divided properly based on different
divisions such as ladies and gents’ hostels and also different hostel
blocks. The review of the particular room should be provided
corresponding to the room number.

2.Safety Requirements The information or review should be attached

properly to the back end using php. The review written by the user
should be saved properly so that there is no loss of information.
Protection of database from potential intruders to access the database
and maintain its integrity. Ensuring that the database is always
functioning and it can handle traffic load and attend to all requests at
the desired speed
3.Security Requirements The user should be authenticated in order to
give the review. The integrity confidentiality and the authenticity
should be maintained in order to secure the information and make
sure it is not accessed by an unauthorized user. Verify the user during
their login.

Technical Feasibility:
The technical feasibility in the proposed system deals with
the technology used in the system. It deals with the hardware and
software used in the system whether they are of the latest technology
or not and if it happens that after a system is prepared, a new technology
arises and the user wants the system based on that technology. This
system use windows platform, apache server, SQL for the database,
PHP as the language and Html or XML as a user interface. Thus, our
project i.e ‘HOSTEL BOOKING SYSTEM’ is technically feasible.

Economic Feasibility:
Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for
evaluating the effectiveness of anew system. More commonly known
as cost/benefit analysis. Php, Html, XML and SQL databases are easily
available on the internet.

Operational Feasibility:
The project has been developed in such a way that it
becomes very easy even for a person with little computer knowledge to
operate it. This software is very user-friendly and does not require any
technical person to operate. Thus, the project is even operationally

System Analysis:

There are a lot of drawbacks in keeping and maintaining a
hostel. Especially with a manual system. Since most hostels are being
run by only one hostel manager, the number of students in a room are
sometimes not known by the officer. He has to go room by room to
ensure that a room is occupied or not. Sometimes people may be owing
in the hostel and they are saved on papers or huge notebooks, and
sometimes receipts.

We would like to re-create the existing system with an easy
and efficient way as simple as we can. And also, we would like to use
the beneficiaries of other topics irrespective of this subject like usage
of machine learning based topics, etc. We would like to produce a
statistical report on the likelihood of accommodation in the. We will
make this as a user friendly and in a creative manner to the maximum
possible extent.


This Software can be used to Hostel Enquiry. This
Software can be used to acknowledge the Status of the College. This
Software can be used to promote the College information

Software Design:
Next step is to bring down whole knowledge of
requirements and analysis on the desk and design the software product.
The inputs from users and information gathered in requirement
gathering phase are the inputs of this step. The output of this step comes
in the form of two designs; logical design and physical design.
Engineers produce meta-data and data dictionaries, logical diagrams,
data-flow diagrams and in some cases pseudo codes.

This step is also known as programming phase. The
implementation of software design starts in terms of writing program
code in the suitable programming language and developing error-free
executable programs efficiently.

We have selected Spiral Model for this project because we
could avoid finding errors in the end of project. So, while doing our
project we were able to find the errors, and also rectified them before
going to the further processes. In the end our project ended up without
any errors and it was running successfully.

The integration testing process for the ‘HOSTEL
BOOKING SYSTEM’ involved bringing together the different
modules such as the software application and the database. We
performed various checks in every step so that we could complete the
project with less number of errors and finally no errors or problems
were identified in this process therefore, we found no problem in
integrating the software app and database.

The software application we created for the hostel students
doesn’t require any specific software for the user. The applications he
will need is only “GOOGLE CHROME”. This makes the application
convenient for the user.

Maintenance Activities:
A framework is provided by IEEE for sequential
maintenance process activities. It can be used in an iterative manner
and can be extended so that customized items and processes can be
All the things related to control, support and maintenance are taken care
of in our project.

To conclude the description about the project, the project,
developed using PHP with My SQL is based on the analysis of the
existing system, with flexibility for future enhancement. “HOSTEL
BOOKING WEB APPLICATION” is very useful for booking the
hostel room. This hostel booking software is designed for people who
want to manage various activities in the hostel. For the past few years
the numbers of educational institutions are increasing rapidly. Thereby
the numbers of hostels are also increasing for the accommodation of
the students studying in this institution. And hence there is a lot of strain
on the person who are running the hostel and software’s are not usually
used in this context. 29 This particular project deals with the problems
on managing a hostel and avoids the problems which occur when
carried manually. Identification of the drawbacks of the existing system
leads to the designing of computerized system that will be compatible
to the existing system with the system which is more user friendly and
more GUI oriented.