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Barbara Jones

Objective To obtain a position that challenges and enhances my present skills in

software design, development and project management.

Experience 2004-Present R&B Jones and Associates, Inc

Atlanta, GA

Senior Software Consultant

 05/15/2009 – 11/18/2010: Senior Software Consultant to the The Home
Depot for Chip N Pin EMV enhancements for their Canada stores. The
project involves redesign and software enhancements to the Java based
Point of Sale application as well as integration with new Ingenico Pinpad
Devices that support embedded chips in credit cards.
 07/15/2008 – 05/01/2009: Senior Application support designer/developer
for PepBoys Automotive. Supported and maintained the service work
order system which is a J2EE based system, with a swing thick client.
Also helped to support the Point of Sale system(swing thick client,
360Commerce based) and the back end system that supports backend
day to day processing and reports(web based front end, 360commerce
 Designed new Mobile application using Google’s Android SDK 1.5.
The application uses Android Location based services to interact with the
GPS feature on the phone as well as the Google Map API. The
application also takes advantage of Android ContentProvider to get
access to the phones contact list.
 02/10/2007 – 05/30/2008: Designed and developed web based Point of
Sale application using Tomcat 1.5 that allowed credit card, debit and
check card, gift card and store credit processing via the web.
 02/10/2007 – 05/30/2008: Designed and developed new Payment
architecture to allow multiple clients access via interface to custom the
Home Depot common payment functionality.
 02/10/2007 – 05/30/2008: Senior Software Consultant for TalentBurst
on the Home Depot project. Designed and developed software for
government incentive credit cards to be processed via the Home Depot
that had built in discounts based on credit card type.
 03/15/2006 – 12/20/2007: Senior Software Consultant for IBM/Circuit
City replacement Point of Sale (rPOS) system.
 03/15/2006 – 12/20/2007: Development Lead Developer for rPOS
360Commerce/Oracle team for Circuit City Pilot application. The pilot
was successfully deployed to 10 stores.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Lead Developer for the Cash Management
feature that manages front and backend cash, credit and various other
tender types at the time of store open and store close.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Senior Software Consultant for The Home
Depot POS application version 5.0.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Designed and Developed Till Pickup and Till
Loan application for The Home Depot POS Application. Used Java,
OOD/OOP, Swing and 360Commerce Domain and Foundation.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Designed and Developed Pro Keytag feature
for The Home Depot POS application. Used Java and Swing to develop a
user interface and backend processing to support the Pro Keytag feature.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Developed Check ID feature for The Home
Depot Rapid Register wireless mobile application. Used JavaServer
Pages technology to develop Web UI for the Check ID feature. Used
Java to develop backend processing to check for valid birth dates.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Enhanced Rapid Register application to use
alpha prompt functionality more efficiently and rewrote the resource
bundle processing to include default locale search. Used Java and Ksh
scripts to deploy the application and interact with the database.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Enhanced Rapid Register application to
automatically detect if input is scanned or keyed for Web UI.
 09/15/2004 – 02/15/2006: Modified existing web application to run on
Symbol Pocket Browser and Pocket Internet Explorer. Used Java, HTML,
Unix to develop a handheld application to run mobile POS application.

2000-2004 360Commerce Austin, TX

Senior Software Engineer
 Worked on Point of Sale features for various retailers, including The
Home Depot, Gap and Old Navy, KB Toys, Burlington Coat Factory,
Apple Computer retail outlets and Sears TGI.
 Senior Developer and Designer for new Object Oriented Money Order,
Store Credit and Gift Card Tender functionality.
 Senior Developer on Point of Sale versions 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0.
 Senior Web Developer on ExtendYourStore Unleashed wireless Point of
Sale application.
 Senior Developer for Linebuster/RapidRegister wireless application for
The Home Depot project.
 Developer for Gift Receipt feature.
 Developer for Internationalization effort for POS and BackOffice products
for US, Canada and Puerto Rican locales.
 Developer for BackOffice web-based application.
 Performed maintenance and refactoring efforts for swing-based gift
registry application.
 Developer for brand credit card interface for third-party authorizer.
 Used Java, XML, Unix, HTML technologies for most of these projects.
The User Interfaces were developed in Swing and JSP while the backend
services were developed using Java. The Unix platform was used to hold
databases and application and web servers. Used J2ME to develop
handheld wireless POS application along with JSP and JavaScript.
Served JSP pages with Tomcat 3 and 4 and Jrun 2.3.3 and 3.0.

1998-2000 Motorola, Inc Austin, TX

Equipment Integration Software Engineer
 Implemented the installation of a new equipment integration software
using TCL/TK and RS232 protocols.
 Developer for Etch and Photo Process equipment automation
 Trained users on new equipment integration software
 Webmaster for internal business supply website
 Oracle Administrator for internal business supply team.
 Technologies used where HTML, SQL and Oracle. Used HP-UX for all
backend processes as well as database storage. Setup user roles and
access to HP-UX system, setup cron jobs for nightly or periodic batch
processing and system monitoring. Developed a web user interface for
customer support team to use to monitor applications running on HP-UX

Education 1995–1998 University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX

 B.S., Computer Science

Skills Software and Hardware skill sets

 Languages – Java, HTML, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, k shell (ksh)scripting
and Perl
 Software technologies – OOA and OOP, Google’s Android, JSP, XML,
Tomcat, Jrun, WSAD 5.1.2, Rad 7.0 and Eclipse 3.4.
 Databases – MySQL , DB2, Sybase, Postgres, SQLite and Oracle
 ISO 9000 standards/guidelines followed by 360Commerce, The Home
Depot, Circuit City and Pepboys.

References Available upon request.