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28 RIGHT HAND MAN Words and Music by WAYNE KIRKPATRICK Driving (J = 154) and KAREY KIRKPATRICK Ds BH imml)—Gbeus Gxadd2yBs DS Ddim = Ebi : AT gua, PO BBall. Glew A¥toan ety rbot SE 6 SS SS If you ever got in trou-ble I would be there on the dou-ble, just pan Bat a — : =a sa id Sig Se? Ue eres an = thing you lack, you iow Pe a —— = : = SS oy 8 ef se ie - f w 7 ‘ A : s SSeS a SS _ eo z ? z + eo Ome 7 OKseBs Dh an al-ways got your back, that’s whet it's = 7 {opt © 205 nd Mote Mac an aay Rtn ae anton lad sr Ser fan Neste. Lc “signs for fy hen a he by i Naa ‘inne teenes cee Foon Gim Di Bi Bini? ‘Think of me as your side help-ing you when-ev-er I can Gm ann D bisice Bieus Bb Fm? Edim7 ——— ————————— iis - SSS See — Tm more than just a wom-an, ba-by, when the pres-sure’scom - in’, ba by, bmi AbTsus Ds DeES DWF Gisus2 Gaade2yBb = = St me be your right hand man, NICK: But you're nor a man..1'm the man Tet (p (under dialogue) 2 A D> DWE DWF Gus? Abtsus Ds BT Ebi SSS If you're ev-er in a pickle, you can BE) 30 hus ——AousGKatzzyB} «DBT mit aa | wea i call for me and quck-"ll be how fast T Rin. NICK: But. m nor inapicke, You and ve 5 Ds BT Eom Goous2 AbTsus —— GMadd2yBb me should be a team for an - y dream or an - y scheme that’s how it Ds Bo Bim a7 im b + = = : & — t— Pe —— =| a ee =| SS should be done — Sore, 1 could say inthe smil-ing ev-'ty now and a - gain. NICK: And ita lovely mile. But Ds Just to be a pret-ty la-dy Ds9ICe—_-Bhsus Bb Fm? that would be a pit - y, Dib DoF Ghous? Gia 3” Edin? Ehmll AsTsus 7 7 = ba-by. Let _me be your right hand_ \22yB Ds DWES ——Gious2iF * oF of NIGEL: You should probably listen. She's usually right NICK: Eat your cabbage. 7 te ae vt a =| fot yp $ 5 eee fam strong-er than you think. Bont be -think “6 Velie an go when the go-in’s get tin’ rough. Diab So, when ce fam where you ought-a sve in’ I ain't tough. T “ BH NICK: things are go-ing bad-ly. But they're 2 , NIGEL: NICK: BEA: NICK: tr =—=- SS SF IS = oe ee ee . ~ ot They kind of are. No, things are fine But its o- 7a - = Fs ————t— Te: oe b y v Dee Es —=—= = = = : = s Asus Abus baw “a BEA: NICK: BEA: NICK: NICK: z io j £ kay. Lav? What? Mmm? What!!??. BEA: SS SS (Quit rying ro protect me! Can we change the sub - ject, 5 ‘Asus Absus/Bb Abou Asus Asus BEA: Not until I know that if you're ev-er in a fixand it's a - —————— So ee rot = i =e SSS aoe PG Em? | fix you need to GIA D Didi Emit AT | nix then I'm your “go-to guy.” Quit be-ing so lit-er-al. Ba NICK: == You're ot eB | - D 37 Bm! Gsus2 Atos Gladd2yB 7 by don’t. for - get. I'm not a shrink-ing vi - 0 - let, a sol - id 4. et = == h =! SS = ee # % = eS — —- 2 ES 5 === a ay Lc _ ‘ Bee eS —= ; SS ¥ 4 co + a 3 2 F a on Cs 3 So —— etre o> a zs 2 sl om GmA_ Gams et — = SSS SS bd when the you-know-what hits the fan Ls ” aa aTiitiiy ote Freely Amc o 2 By Ft? Fm6 too big. When you're mar - ried that's the gig So, don't ¥ for Pp collavoce ¥ = # = : 7 te ‘Tempo Emit B7 3 Bict BIDE, Gia) ar be a sex-ist pig. Fee? a7 on = ly “cause I love you. a Gat show you that I'm right Em? Let me be your right, ask-ing too much of you? > ATsus Ba- by, I'm your sight > tf in fact TH Its 7 Don't put yyy. 7 canbe your start-ing here to - night 1 right, up a fight. > = = Asus NC. | Dswa AT D D Dsus Dsww/A Emi/a a7 SS Let me be your right hand >