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Energy is the most fundamental requirement of every society as it progresses through the ladder of

development. Of course, once it reaches a relative degree of development, the energy demand becomes
more stable. There is a distinct and categorical correlation between the energy consumption and
income of a nation- each reinforcing the other. Look around you: every step into progress comes with an
addition of demand for energy – cars, ships and aircraft to move, hospitals to give quality health care,
education, as it follows the model of e- connectivity, production of more and better goods, irrigation for
better farming. In fact, every elements of our lives is increasingly going to become energy intensive0
that is necessary prerequisite for development.

We have different energy sources like coal, hydro, gas turbine, solar and wind power plants. But we only
need an energy source that can provide clean, safe, abundant or enough energy for our intensive
demand on it. And that is the nuclear power plant – this will be our gateway to a future that is healthy,
learned and connected- a future that will span deep into space and crosses the boundaries of current
human imagination.

We from the positive side strongly believe that building or using nuclear power plant is very essential
not only for human lives but through the whole world. Yeah! Nuclear energy has come a long way since
the cold war and it has improved tenfold at least. The more we take advantage of it, the more advances
we’ll make and someday we may even discopver how to safely produce energynwith nuclear fusion
rather than fission, which has an unlimited potential for energy growth. In a world where no truth has
ever been told wholly, why won’t people just take the chance and try it.

We believe that nuclear energy is boon and we are fighting for this for its following advantages.

 The main advantage of using nuclear energy is that it is very powerful and efficient that iother
alternative energy sources. Advancement in technologies has made it more viable option than
others. This is one reason that many countries are putting huge incestments in nuclear power.
At present, a small portion of worlds=’s electricity comes through it.
 It is reliable: unlike traditional sources of energy like solar and wind which require sun or wind
to produce electricity, nuclear energy can be produced from nuclear power plants even in the
cases of rough weather conditions. They can produce power 24/7 and need to be shut down for
maintenance purposes only.
 Lower green houseemmisions: as per the reports of 1998, it has been calculated the emission of
the greenhouse gas has reduced for nearly half due to the popularity in the use of nuclear
power. Nuclear energy by far has the lowest impact on the environment since it does not
releases any gasses like carbon dioxide, methane which are largely involved in greenhouse
effect. Ther is no adverse effect on water, land or any habitats due to the use of it. Though
some greenhouse gases are released while transporting fuel or extracting energy from

We should be careful not to be carried away by the barrage of anti- nuclear news that using some risky
accident or incident as an excuse to disband nuclear power plant. In fact, without human errors,
accident or natural calamities, the nuclear reactot work very well and can go for a long time. The
argument is of course, that all failures and accidents propel us to think and develop better and safer
technologies towards better service. And in the case of nuclear power, we do acknowledge that the
effects of radiation can reach a wider impact zone. But then, improvement, and not escapism, should be
our step forward.