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Sadhin’s Learning Aroma

where your study let’s your career kiss your Victory

A Little Endeavour By-
“Abu Saleh Sadhin”
BBA (Honr’s)
Dept. of Finance & Banking
Islamic University, Kushtia.
Hotline: 01631 518 526, 01765 599 541

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Tag Question
Tag Question?
Tag k‡ãi AvwfavwbK A_© nj Ry‡o †`qv| A_©vr ev‡K¨i †k‡l †kÖvZvi m¤§wZ ev Am¤§wZ Rvbv‡bvi Rb¨ †h mswÿß †h cÖkœ Ry‡o †`qv nq Zv‡K Tag
question e‡j| ‡hgbt
Karim is a regular student, isn’t he? -Kwig GKRb wbqwgZ QvÎ, ZvB bq wK?
Tag Question Gi DËi Kivi mgq †h wbqg¸‡jv g‡b ivL‡Z n‡e-
➢ g~j evK¨wU nu¨v-‡evaK n‡j Tag AskwU Aek¨B bv-‡evaK n‡e| g~j evK¨wU bv-‡evaK n‡j Tag AskwU Aek¨B nu¨v-‡evaK n‡e|
➢ g~j evK¨‡Z auxiliary verb _vK‡j H auxiliary verb wU Tag As‡k P‡j hv‡e| wKš‘ g~j ev‡K¨ auxiliary verb bv _vK‡j g~j verb Gi
iƒc Abyyhvqx Tag As‡k Do verb ( do/did/does) em‡e|
➢ g~j ev‡K¨ †Kvb e¨w³ ev e¯‘i bvg _vK‡j Tag As‡k H e¨w³ ev e¯‘i cwie‡Z© Zvi Pronoun em‡e| wKš‘ g~j evK¨wU‡Z hw` bvg bv †_‡K
Av‡M †_‡KB Pronoun _v‡K Zvn‡j †mB Pronoun wU B em‡e|
➢ me †k‡l cÖkœ‡evaK wPý (?) Aek¨B emv‡Z n‡e| cÖkœ‡evaK wPý bv w`‡j DËi fzj n‡e|
Rana is a student, isn’t he? She likes him, doesn’t she?
Rina is not a student, is she? They play football, don’t they?
He went to market, didn’t he? I do not take drugs, do I?
N.B: g~j wµqvi present form Gi mv‡_ s/es hy³ bv _vK‡j don’t, s/es hy³ _vK‡j dosen’t, wµqvi past form _vK‡j didn’t Ges Gi
KZ©vi pronoun iƒc+? e‡m|

wb‡P Verb ¸‡jvi mswÿß †`Iqv Negative form n‡jvt

Verb mswÿß Neg. Verb mswÿß Neg.
is not isn’t am not ain’t/ aren’t
are not aren’t was not wasn’t
were not weren’t can not can’t
may not mayn’t might not mightn’t
should not shouldn’t will not won’t
would not wouldn’t could not couldn’t
ought not oughtn’t must not mustn’t
need not needn’t shall not shan’t
have not haven’t has not hasn’t

Rule:01- g~j ev‡K¨‡Z am _vK‡j Tag As‡k ain’t/ aren’t e‡m wKš‘ g~j ev‡K¨‡Z am not _vK‡j Tag As‡k am e‡m|
Example: I am a famous doctor, ain’t/ aren’t I? I am not a famous doctor, am I?

Rule:02- Imperative sentence Gi †ÿ‡Î Tag As‡k will you+? e‡m|

Example: Go to school, will you?

Rule:03- Do not/ Let+ me/ her/ him/ them `¦viv imperative sentence ïiæ n‡j Tag As‡k will you+? e‡m|
Example: Do not disturb me, will you? Let me do the work, will you?

Abu Saleh Sadhin Department of Finance & Banking, Islamic University, Kushtia 01631518526
Rule:04- Let’s ev Let us `¦viv imperative sentence ïiæ n‡j Tag As‡k shall we+? e‡m|
Example: Let us do the work, shall we?

Rule:05- †Kvb ev‡K¨ Every, Everyone, Everybody BZ¨vw` _vK‡j Ges g~j verb Gi mv‡_ s/es hy³ _vK‡j Tag As‡k don’t they+? e‡m|
Example: Everybody loves the honest man, don’t they?
N.B: g‡b ivL‡Z n‡e they Gi mv‡_ does e‡m bv|

Rule:06- g~j ev‡K¨ subject wnmv‡e everybody/ everyone/ somebody/ someone/ nobody/ no one/ none etc _vK‡j pronoun
wnmv‡e they e‡m|
Example: Everybody wants success, don’t they?

Rule:07- g~j ev‡K¨ hardly/ scarcely/ seldom/ rarely/ barely/ little/ few/ never/ nobody/ none/ nothimg/ none one etc
_vK‡j Tag As‡k not hy³ nq bv|
Example: I have few friends, have I? There is little water in the glass, is there?

N.B: Z‡e ev‡K¨‡Z a few/ a little _vK‡j Tag As‡k not hy³ n‡e|
Example: I have a few friends, haven’t I? There is a little water, isn’t there?

Rule:08- g~j ev‡K¨ subject wnmv‡e nothing/ anything/ something/ everything etc _vK‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e it e‡m|
Example: Nothing is imposible, is it?

Rule:09- g~j ev‡K¨i subject wnmv‡e wkï, BZi cÖvYx ev Ro c`v_© n‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e it e‡m|
Example: The cow is a domestic animal, isn’t it? My laptop looks nice, doesn’t it?

Rule:10- The+ adjective (virtuous, pious, poor, rich, education, civilized, unfed……..etc) _vK‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e
they e‡m| KviY GB¸‡jv mgMÖ RvwZ‡K wb‡`©k K‡i|
Example: The rich are not always happy, are they? The educated should be respected, shouldn’t they?

Rule:11- ev‡K¨i cÖ_‡g Here/ There/ One _vK‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e here/ there/ one em‡e|
Example: There are many students, aren’t there? One should obey one’s parents, shouldn’t one?
Here is the phone, isn’t here?

Rule:12- Moon/ ship/ country/ river BZ¨vw` Subject wnmv‡e e¨eüZ n‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e she em‡e|
Example: Bangladesh is an independent country, isn’t she? The moon shines at night, doesn’t she?

Rule:13- GKvwaK person and Øviv hy³ n‡j Tag As‡k pronoun wnmv‡e hv hv emv‡Z n‡e-
You and I = we, You and he = you, I and you = we, You, he and I =we, I and he = we, I, he and you = we.
Example: I and he are doing the work, aren’t we?
Rule:14- Put/ cut/ read/ broadcast/ telecast/ cast/ spread/ hurt/ beat/ hit G verb ¸‡jvi present, past, past participle
form GKB ai‡bi nq| ZvB G ¸‡jv _vK‡j mZ©KZvi mv‡_ DËi w`‡Z nq-
Example: He read a comic book, didn’t he? Jony spreads the news, dosen’t he?

Rule:15- Who cares/ who loves/who saves- G ai‡bi n‡j tag As‡k do they? em‡e|
Example: Who loves, do they?

Rule:16- Please/kindly Øviv ïiæ n‡j tag As‡k can you? /could you? em‡e|
Example: Please help me, can you?

Rule:17- Complex Sentence Gi †ÿ‡Î (If/that/ when/ though/ who hy³ Ask ev` w`‡q) Principal Clause Gi Tag n‡e|
Example: If you come, I shall go with you, shan’t l? He told that you were no at home, didn’t he?

Rule:18- Sun, Summer, Winter, Death, War Subject wnmv‡e e¨eüZ n‡j Tag Question Gi †ÿ‡Î he/it em‡e|
Example: The sun is shining, isn’t he/it?

Rule:19- This/ That _vK‡j it em‡e| Example: This is my book, isn’t it?

Abu Saleh Sadhin Department of Finance & Banking, Islamic University, Kushtia 01631518526