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We Appraise, We Buy, We Sell
Metallic boxes have always been in high demand; they find a multitude
of uses and are also great storage options. You can find so many
varieties of the same. And if you are looking for a place where you can
find all the tinware at one place, then SB Trading London offers you all
the variants. Our tinware are made from high-quality tin which ensures
longevity and also gives a durable life. Available in colorful options,
these tinware will be a perfect addition to your house. You can use them
as a storage box or add them as an accessory box. Besides, they can also
serve as a gift box.
Luxury embarks even form the minimalistic pieces that you have with
you. Since eons, gold and silver are being considered synonymous with
property and wellness. There is a tradition of using silverware and
gifting it on the auspicious occasion. Keeping chord with the tradition,
SB Trading London brings you an exhaustive assortment of silverwares
that are going to leave you awe struck.
Adding a dash of beauty and charm is loved by all. Homeowners
carefully pick up every piece of accessories to embellish their place. One
such thing which is loved by people is the porcelain pottery and
figurines. Having a long history and legacy, porcelain is adorned and
adored by avid collectors and home shoppers alike. And, to satiate the
creative desires of them, we have created this platform where you can
find a huge collection of rare vintage ceramics that includes figurines,
sculptural pieces, and dinnerware. We assure you that you are not going
to fall short of options here.
Home décor has become a style statement. There are various products
that exude elegance and style which embodies your lifestyle. If you are
also looking for some exclusive and unique pieces of home decor, then
SB Trading London gives you the right platform to explore a wide
spectrum of options. We have brought together the best pieces from
different parts of the world. These will make you relieve your childhood
fascination once again. One such product in our kitty is the vintage
compasses. Crafted from best quality metal like brass, they exude style
and charm that is going to lure you.

SB Trading has over 25 years of experience in the wholesale trade

and import of Chinese porcelain, Indian handicrafts, reproduction
antiques and nautical items etc. A family concern set in London,
the business has enjoyed a natural, sustained and steady growth
since 1980’s, developing and consolidating trade links across
Europe, India, China and many western countries. SB Trading
London Limited imports direct and supplies to companies of all