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Student- Savitescu Eduard-Alexandru

Career planning is a lifelong process which includes getting a job, working on your skills,
your expectations from life and even retiring. There might always be possible unforeseen
events in life because your long-term and short-term plans may not match. You cannot
always control things such as family, friends or health issues, but once you make a career
plan you know in which direction you are headed.

The career planning process should include finding out what your skills are. A skill is a
thing that you learn how to do. People have a lot of skills that they don’t know about.
Identifying your skills will help in the process of finding your dream job. It includes
finding out what is important for you in your job and what kind of decision maker you

Career planning is the answer to the question “what are you doing after graduation?”.
After graduation, most young people experience the job search. Job hunting is an activity
that a lot of students would just avoid as long as possible.

After graduating from this bachelor program, I want to become a part of the legal team of
my current employer. I want to be a law graduate who followed his passion, achieved all
the goals the he set, who is very hard working and who left a positive impression in
people’s lives. I will have to work as hard as I can to get that recognition and I am willing
to do what it takes to get that point.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been complacent with the knowledge I possess.
Constantly setting new goals that will stretch my mind into something that it was not the
day before and allowing every experience to shape me, while never losing a handle on
my own personal convictions and what I have learned along the way, has always been a
way of life for me.

Graduating from this bachelor program is not a terminal accomplishment for me, nor will
it quench this ongoing thirst for knowledge that I have always had; I don’t want it to. I
constantly need to be in pursuit of challenging goals that that require considerable mind
expansion and personal reflection. The experiences and knowledge that I will have
acquired will stretch my mind to think in ways that I never have, allowing me to face
future intellectual, professional, and academic goals with confidence and enthusiasm.

The decision to pursue a legal education has come after long personal deliberation. But
every personal reflection has pointed me in the direction of law school. The chance to
challenge myself and realize my full potential is the ultimate goal in attending this
bachelor program. Having the experiences and the opened mindset that law school will
provide with me, I can set even higher professional, and intellectual goals and pursue
them with steadfast determination, perseverance, excitement and self-assurance like
never before.