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FreeEliza: A Father's Rights Organization - Kansas Man, Supporters, to Rally at

Statehouse for Father’s Rights

A Kansas man’s fight for the right to parent his daughter ramps up. In a case of contested adoption,
the unwed father appeals to the Kansas Supreme Court after his rights are terminated by the District
Court and the Court of Appeals.

Topeka, KS, January 20, 2020 --( Supporters of unwed father Paul Allen Fiscus will host
“FreeEliza: A Father's Rights Demonstration,” on the South steps of the KS State Capitol building on
Monday, January 27, 2020, from 11:00am to 4:00pm, with attendees from Fathers Rights organizations in
Kansas and surrounding areas expected to attend.

Supporters are seeking judicial review of the Baby Girl G case, in which the Petition for Review was filed
with the KS Supreme Court late last month.

Mr. Fiscus's rights as a father were terminated in the District Court, with the Court of Appeals later
affirming the lower court's ruling. He now takes his case to the KS Supreme Court for review. (No.
121,051, In the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas, In the Matter of the Adoption of Baby Girl G,
Petition for Review as a Matter of Right)

Anyone concerned with the equal protection of constitutional rights for fathers should attend this event.
Learn more at

In recent cases, the KS Supreme Court has ruled strongly in favor of father's rights:

“We do not find in the statutory scheme a legislative call to make the assertion of parental rights a
Herculean task. The preservation of a father's relationship with his child is the starting point of a
termination proceeding, not the finish line that a father must labor to reach. Second, we want to
emphasize what is not at issue here. We are not searching for who might be the best possible parents for
Baby Boy F. The courts are, of course, part of our government, and absent specific and very strong
reasons, the government can't take children away from their parents to be raised by someone the
government deems a better parent.” (KS Supreme Court in Re: Baby Girl P., 291 Kan. At 435-36.)

Mr. Fiscus will speak on his experience fighting for his daughter Eliza and will be available to answer
questions from the media. Representatives from both House and Senate have been invited to attend the
rally, and to speak in support of Fathers Rights.

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