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All pain because you have financial abundance

What the things i wanna do that i cannot do because 0 money,

Maybe self esteem, cook better,

Be a better teacher, house, our home, cursuri, oameni saraci, i would help people, cursuri pt Amelia,
more healthy food, a studio i d like to build, miving to another place, no savings, no time with my
kids, no money-pain. Messy house-no pain, lifestyle, better clothes- no money, inability to travel,
inability to be respected because i dress poorly,

Creating massive pressure, where not having money hurts.

What you think about money? Write

Money changes people, yes it can change those who have low iq, but the smart ones won;t be
changes , like Vasi-he is a good example.

Hard to make money, money doesnt grow in trees, not enough money

Rich people are evil, yes, some of them are, but there are plenty of good people that are rich. Being
rich is good.

Rich people get their money illegally, rich people are arrogant, rich people are bad.

Not enough money.

Money will come, i know it.

Not enough money for more food.

Being materialistic is bad.

Materialistic people are superficial

Rich people deceive other people,

A lot of money-impossibebei, but

Money isnt everything

Go through each limiting belief and attach a new belief to it.

It’s too expensive, but now it=s an investment in my joy.

Money-freedom of movement

Wider social latitude

Nicer clothes-but still materialistic

More money-get respect from other people ,

Time with loved ones, entertainment

People are sabotajing- these are in conflict. Old beliefs-eradicate them by associating massive pain to
them! Use what you already know. Associate pleasure to the benefits

If you had a lot of money-life would be better

Additional benefits immediately,

I would buy nice clothes for my family, nice, clean, cool clothes, amazing tools for kitchen, bedroom,
a new house, yard, cars,

Healthy food, a nice savings account, nice family dinners, nice gatherings with friends,

Presents for loved ones,

Buy nice tools for cleaning up

Traveling with family, better school opportunities for my children,

Better health-could afford vitamins.

Link major pleasure to having massive financial abundance!

Relaxed, increased self esteem , conversate more easily,j more time with famly, have a studio, be
more generous, no daily pressures from financial obligations,

Strategies: our brains moves away from pain

Get rid of negative beliefs-ridicule them!