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Week at a glance 1.13
Date MLK DAY 1.28 1.29_30 1.31

Objective Here are some Dr. King SWBAT describe the SWBAT make SWBAT explain how
quotes to inspire your key beliefs, practices, arguments about and why various states
work this week: and locations of the changes and continuities of South and
world’s major religions from the classical era by Southeast Asia rose to
in the year 1200. using a SPICE-T chart power and maintained
to organize key power over time by
Injustice anywhere is a
information on Song drawing on primary
threat to justice
everywhere. Dynasty China. and secondary

Standards Darkness cannot drive CDI 1.B: Explain the GOV 1.A: Explain the CDI 1.G: Explain how
out darkness; only light effects of Chinese systems of government the various beliefs and
can do that. Hate cannot cultural traditions on employed by Chinese practices of South and
drive out hate; only love East Asia over time. dynasties and how they Southeast Asia
can do that. developed over time. affected society over

CDI 1.D: Explain how

systems of belief and CDI 1.B: Explain the
their practices affected effects of Chinese GOV 1.H: Explain how
society in the period cultural traditions on and why various states
from c. 1200 to c. 1450. East Asia over time. of South and
Southeast Asia
developed and
maintained power over
CDI 1.G: Explain how ECN 1.C: Explain the time.
the various beliefs and effects of innovation on
practices of South and the Chinese economy
Southeast Asia affected over time.
society over time. Thinking Skill 3.A:
Identify and describe a
claim and/or argument
Thinking Skill 4.A: in a text-based or
Thinking Skill 1.A: Identify and describe a non-text-based source.
Identify a historical historical context for a
concept, development, specific historical
or process. development or process.
Thinking Skill 6.B:
Support an argument
using specific and
Thinking Skill 6.A: Make relevant evidence.
a historically defensible
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Highest The time is always right Hinduism​, caste, Grand Canal, Srivijaya, Sufism,
Leverage to do what is right. karma, dharma, Neo-Confucianism, Straits of Malacca,
Vocab reincarnation; champa rice, filial piety, Majapahit, Angkor Wat
Buddhism​, nirvana, civil service exam,
monasticism, Eightfold bureaucracy, Zen
Path; ​Christianity​, Buddhism, Hangzhou,
monotheism, tribute system
Confucianism​, filial
piety, Five
Judaism​, diaspora;
Islam​, sharia, hajj, Five

Texts for The ultimate measure Excerpts from your Shaffer, “The Legendary
lesson of a man is not favorite textbook about “Southernization of Grandeur of
where he stands in the key tenets of these China” in Majapahit”
moments of religions/belief systems “Southernization”
comfort and Chan Ju-Kua,
convenience, but Strayer, “China and the “Records of
where he stands at World” Foreign Nations”
times of challenge on Angkor
and controversy. (above link)

Dogen, “Writings on Zen Images of

Buddhism” monuments at
Angkor Wat and
“The Attractions of the Majapahit

Wang Angshi,
“Memorial on the
Crop Loans

Key We must learn to live ·​ ​Hinduism​ was ·​ ​When we ·​ ​Hinduism

Points together as brothers mostly in India at this analyze a civilization, continued to
or perish together as time. It included we can break it down dominate in India
fools. teachings about into six different during this time,
dharma and categories of while Buddhism
NAME: ______________________________________
reincarnation, which analysis: Social, spread throughout
contributed to the Political, Interactions Southeast Asia.
development of the w/Environment, Whereas
social and political Cultural, Economic, Buddhism in China
roles of a strict caste and Technological and Vietnam was
system. (SPICE-T). typically the
Mahayana variant
·​ ​Buddhism ​was, in ·​ ​Under the Song which emphasized
part, a reaction to Dynasty, China the use of spiritual
Hinduism. It spread to underwent an teachers, South
China and East Asia economic revolution. Asia was largely
through the efforts of The state fueled home to
missionaries and economic Theravada
merchants, where it development through Buddhism which
blended with things like improving was more
Confucianism and the Grand Canal and individualistic and
Daoism to create encouraging the less
Neo-Confucianism. It production of textiles religious—more a
preached that all and porcelain for set of practices
people could reach export. than a set of
enlightenment through beliefs.
rejecting desire. ·​ ​The Song
dynasty was ·​ ​Multiple trade
·​ ​Confucianism​’s governed from the kingdoms
core beliefs and capital of Hangzhou, dominated the
writings originated in which was one of the Indian Ocean trade
the writings and lesson world’s largest and as maritime trade
of Confucius. They most prosperous accelerated due to
were elaborated by cities at this time. advanced
key disciples, The government technology. These
including rulers such utilized a kingdoms were
as Wudi, who sought bureaucracy with home to wealthy
to promote social officials chosen port cities and the
harmony by outlining through civil service spread and mixing
proper rituals and exams. of religions.
social relationships for
all people in China. ·​ ​Innovations in ·​ ​One example
China by the year is the Malay
·​ ​Core beliefs of 1200 included things kingdom of
Christianity ​were like the compass, Srivijaya​, which
based on the teachings, gunpowder, printing grew rich of its
divinity, and press, and paper command of trade
resurrection of Jesus money. in the Straits of
of Nazareth as Malacca. With
recorded by his ·​ ​This economic rulers’ support,
disciples and drew on revolution was fueled Srivijaya grew into
NAME: ______________________________________
Judaism as well as in large part through a major center of
Roman and Hellenistic the population Buddhist teaching.
influences. By 1200, it growth caused by
was widespread across champa rice, a ·​ ​Later on, the
Europe and formally fast-ripening and kingdom of
supported by many drought-resistant Majapahit
political leaders. strain of rice from emerged as trade
Vietnam. patterns shifted. It
·​ ​Judaism​ was the united much of the
earliest monotheistic ·​ ​The Song Indonesian
religion. In the Dynasty’s culture archipelago,
classical era, Judaism was based off of established myriad
underwent a diaspora Neo-Confucianism, a trade relations
in which its followers mix of old Confucian through its access
were spread due to beliefs and practices to spices, and
conquest by outside such as filial piety or during its rule,
empires. the civil service Islam began
exams with new entering Indonesia.
·​ ​Islam ​developed beliefs such as
in the Arabian Buddhism. In ·​ ​On the
Peninsula. It was a particular, Zen mainland, the
monotheistic religion Buddhism originated Khmer kingdom
founded by in East Asia around ruled over
Mohammed that this time, favoring Cambodia based
required its disciples more direct spiritual on its agricultural
to follow five key practice. production. The
pillars of belief. It rulers drew on both
spread throughout the ·​ ​During this time, Hinduism and
Middle East, North China had a massive Buddhism to
Africa, and Spain. influence on its support their rule,
neighbors. Korea and constructed
and Japan in Angkor Wat as a
particular were visible display of
influenced to adopt their power.
Buddhist and
Confucian beliefs as ·​ ​Islam also
well as Chinese spread through
literary and political Indian Ocean trade
traditions. particularly near
the end of the
·​ ​The Chinese had period. In
a tributary particular, the Sufi
relationship with mystical tradition
nomadic people to spread throughout
the north. Although India and other
the Chinese framed places in South
NAME: ______________________________________
this as a continuation Asia through the
of the earlier tribute activities of
system in which they missionaries and
gave gifts to travelers.
nomads, in reality,
over time the
nomads had the
upper hand here due
to their military force
as the Chinese state

Student The function of education This will be review for Students struggle In stimulus-based
Misconce is to teach one to think students who took sometimes with short short answer
ptions intensively and to think Pre-AP World. For answer assertions. They questions, students
critically. Intelligence plus religions that students will say things like frequently fail to
character - that is the are not as familiar with, “China’s culture directly cite a detail in
goal of true education. the content can be changed” or “A the stimulus. This is
re-spiraled on the continuity was the required on the AP
appropriate civilization political system.” Push exam. On the flip side,
deep dive (e.g. students to use historical students sometimes
Confucianism/Buddhism thinking cue words: assume that all the
on Day 3). more, less, still, knowledge they need
remained​, etc. is in the
stimulus—they should
It may help to begin be including their own
class with a Do Now evidence as well.
reactivating (or
introducing, depending
on the context)
knowledge about the Reteach Space: There
Han, Sui, and Tang are many multiple
Dynasties. choice questions on
the Unit Assessment
from yesterday’s class.
Today is a good day to
re-teach or reinforce
key information on
China if needed to set
the stage of
East/Southeast Asia.

As illustrative
examples, it is less
NAME: ______________________________________
important that students
know the differences
between these
kingdoms than the
similarities and
patterns: wealth
derived through trade,
blending of
am, and the
construction of

CFS “We are not ·​ ​Map is Short Answer Stimulus-Based

makers of history. appropriately Question: Short Answer
We are made by labeled with each Question:
history.” major religion ·​ ​Begins with an
assertion that ·​ ​Begins with an
·​ ​Each religion echoes the prompt assertion that
has one accurate and uses language echoes the prompt
belief of historical and uses language
reasoning of historical
·​ ​Each religion reasoning
has one accurate ·​ ​Includes a piece
effect on social or of specific and ·​ ​References the
political structure accurate historical stimulus
·​ ​Includes a
·​ ​Explains how piece of specific
that evidence proves and accurate
the assertion historical evidence
from beyond the

·​ ​Explains how
that evidence
proves the

Exit ticket “We must use time Create a map of Identify and explain
creatively, in the Afro-Eurasia. ​On it, one ​change​ in China
knowledge that the sketch the location of during the period 600
time is always ripe to each major religion in CE to 1450 CE.
the year 1200. Annotate
NAME: ______________________________________
do right.” each religion with one One change in China
key belief and one effect during this time is that
on society. the economy improved
dramatically. Due to
government support
through constructing
Which is a major belief and improving the
of both Judaism and Grand Canal and
Christianity? encouraging the
growth of industrial
A. There is only production of things
one God. like porcelain for
export, China was able
B.​ T
​ he Noble Eightfold
to engage in even
Path is a guide to right
more trade than they
had been previously.
C.​ ​A devout follower
must pray five times a
day. Identify and explain
one ​continuity​ in
D.​ ​A person's soul is
China during the
reborn into a new body
period 600 CE to 1450
many times.

One continuity in
China during the Song
All of the following
Dynasty is that the
were part of the
same belief systems
Confucian social order
were still used as in
earlier dynasties.
1. loyalty to the People in Song
ruler Dynasty continued to
2. filial obedience use Confucianism,
to one’s parents Buddhism, and
3. respect for the Daoism blending them
old to create
4. equality between Neo-Confucianism.
men and women These religions were
present in China all the
way back to the Han
Dynasty in the
Which of the following classical era.
is NOT a characteristic
of Buddhism?

Identify and explain

NAME: ______________________________________
A.​ I​ t denies the one way in which
usefulness of gods. China’s development
affected other
B. It believes in countries during the
the need for a caste period 600 CE to 1450
system. CE.

C.​ ​It emphasizes the During the period 600

search for spiritual truth. to 1450, China’s
dominance served as a
D.​ ​It focuses on living model for other
one’s life in a manner civilizations seeking to
that minimizes desire achieve similar
and suffering. heights. For example,
in the Heian period in
Japan, scholars wrote
in Chinese and studied
Chinese literature and
poetry. This
represents the way
that the flourishing of
culture happening in
China was appealing
to others around the

Extras/ “It is not enough to Asia for Educators –

interventio say we must not Song Dynasty
n wage war. It is
necessary to love Strayer, “The Tribute
peace and sacrifice System in Theory” and
“The Tribute System in
for it.”
NAME: ______________________________________

Day 4 Exit Ticket: (FRIDAY)

Use the image below to answer the questions that follow.

​ ahayana ​Buddhist t​ emple in Indonesia. It is the world's largest Buddhist

Borobudur is a 9th-century M

Identify one way in which the image reflects the spread of belief systems in Southeast Asia
between 600 CE and 1450 CE.

One way that the image reflects the spread of belief systems is that it shows Buddhism has spread from
its original place of origin in India. This is a Buddhist monument but is located in Southeast Asia, reflecting
how Buddhist travelers and traders brought their religion to new places through the Indian Ocean trade

Explain one way that the image reflects a method by which rulers in Southeast Asia maintained
their power.

One way that the image shows rulers maintaining their power is that many rulers used monumental
architecture to show off their wealth. This large temple complex and statue would have been impressive to
people who saw it, and construction would have taken a vast amount of resources. Since these kingdoms
were able to gain wealth through their command of trade and taxation, they spent this money on
impressive displays of this wealth in order to emphasize their power to the people.