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Adansonia digitata in Adajan

TAG a Tree!
Identifying trees of Surat city

A proposal by Parita Jani

The study

01 Rationale - KNOW your tree! 03 Study zones and methods
The forests and natural habitat were dispatched to scramble ur-
Indian laburnum PART I

The first part of the proposal will be observing, reading and documenting emergent and naturally occurring Trees in and around
banization. In this process a few species have been scattered
Surat according to zones; and further wards in those zones.
in our cities, which marks a reminiscence to these habitats. The
Assemble a plant database
immense importance of these trees in our cities should be com-
1) Create field kits
memorated by celebrating its presence. Also understanding
Create key sheets to record field data
the purpose of their existence.TAG a tree! is an intent to know
Create quick identification cards for tree
trees that are surrounding our ecosystem in depth through cul-
2) Code species characteristics:
ture,ecology and economics.
Code plant species through the following categories:
(1) Abiotic conditions (2) Biotic conditions (3) Plant Characteristics (4) Cultural Value (5) Ecological Contribution.
02 Dissementation
The study will be disseminated through the following forms : Develop data base for the compiled data.Translation of all digital data for public platforms.(QR codes and the Tree app)
Dissemination: Consolidate findings and disseminate the study through various forms
A tag for each important marked species with its local name PART III
and a common name; further a QR code with detailed informa- Tagging each individual Tree on the site;(please refer to the sample template for tagging)
tion about the tree species

2) PLANT APP 04 Anticipated consent requirements

QR code will futher open information related to coded species
will be made publicly available through an interactive portal like 1) An expert botanist or taxonomist to validate the species
a web application or phone application 2) A GIS expert for handling geo referenced data
3) Permission to quote an expert or any person who contributes information that needs to be mentioned in the report
3) TREE ATLAS/ BOOKLET 4) Permission for citation of work
A detailed plant catalogue containing the coded information 5) Permission to extract private rights/ collections e.g. herbarium catalogue etc
with herbariums

4) GIS MAPPING 05 Practicality and scalability

All mapped trees will be Geo referencied in a GIS map
TAG a Tree! is a field extensive project which will be limited to three major zones of Surat namely : Central zone |West zone and
South West zone
A sample template of tree TAG
Time line

06 Timeline

Season Month Task Expected Outcome

September Mapping trees of Central zone (Ward 1 to 9) Coding of trees+ Georeferencing data
+ Geo referencing on map + Design tempa-
letes for app + Coding species +
October Mapping trees of Central zone (Ward 10 to Coding of trees+ Georeferencing data
18) + Geo referencing on map Design tem-
paletes for app + Coding species
November Tree taggging on sites First set of Data to be released for Central

Hemant December Mapping trees of West zone (Ward 1 to 11) + Coding of trees+ Georeferencing data
Geo referencing on map + Design tempal-
etes for app + Coding species
January Tree taggging on sites Second set of data to be released for
West zone

Shishir February Mapping trees of South West zone (Ward 1 Coding of trees+ Georeferencing data
to 11) + Geo referencing on map + Design
tempaletes for app + Coding species

March Tree taggging on sites Third set of data to be released for South
West zone

A sample template of coding