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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 203 E/171

The Community-United States understanding of 18 May 1998 represents a package of commitments by

both sides that attempt a full resolution of the bilateral issues raised by the United States extra-territorial
legislation. This package forestalls action by the Community in the World trade organisation (WTO) to
have this legislation declared incompatible with the United States’ multilateral trade commitments. Since
that understanding was reached, there has so far been no action against Community companies or
individuals under the Helms-Burton Act. The Community did, however, make it clear, at the time of the
understanding, that its commitment not to seek to establish a WTO panel against the Helms-Burton or
Iran/Libya Sanctions Acts only stood as long as no action were taken against Community companies or
individuals under these Acts.

In recent high-level contacts with the United States, the Commission has made its position on the issue of
Helms-Burton and the Community’s concerns about the Sol-Meliá case unequivocally clear. The United
States has been urged to honour its commitments under the 18 May 1998 package with regard to Title IV
of the Helms-Burton Act.

The Commission is following this matter very closely and will keep the Parliament informed of any
significant new developments.

(2000/C 203 E/221) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2409/99

by Manuel Pérez Álvarez (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(16 December 1999)

Subject: Falling birth rates in the EU

The fact that the EU’s population figures are falling is reflected in a birth rate lower than has even been
known in peacetime or in a period without major epidemics, namely 1,45 children per woman. In the
southern countries the rate is lower still, 1,2 in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and as low as 0,8 in certain
regions such as Galicia, the East German länder and northern Italy.

What is being done to study the phenomenon of the rapidly ageing European population? Have any
measures been put forward with a view to stimulating the birth rate and increase the population?

Answer given by Mrs Diamantopoulou on behalf of the Commission

(21 December 1999)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written question E-1830/99 by
Mr Marínos (1).

(1) OJ C 170 E, 20.6.2000, p. 110.

(2000/C 203 E/222) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2422/99

by Hiltrud Breyer (Verts/ALE) to the Commission

(13 December 1999)

Subject: Subsidies for coal and nuclear energy

The White Paper on renewable energy requires the Commission to take action against the subsidisation of
coal and nuclear energy.

1. What action has the Commission taken:

(a) against direct subsidies for coal,

(b) against indirect subsidies for coal,