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C 346/2 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 4.12.


Wednesday 1 March 2000

Mr Camre had informed the Chair that he had voted on 18 January 2000 but that, for technical reasons,
his votes had not been recorded. He had intended to vote as follows:
 Report: Koch  A5-0104/1999
legislative resolution: for
 Report: Schroedter  A5-0108/1999
amendments 3 and 4: against
resolution: for
 Report: von Wogau  A5-0069/1999
amendments 1, 2, 3 and 6: for
amendment 7: against
 Report: Rapkay  A5-0078/1999
recital A, paragraph 18 and amendment 7: for
 Report: Jonckheer  A5-0087/1999
amendments 1, 5 and 7: against

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

Mr Davies referred to the remarks he had made on 14 February 2000 (Minutes of that Sitting, Item 2) when
he had asked for the Declaration of Members’ Financial Interests to be made available over the Internet and
asked whether the Quaestors had reached a decision; he also called for a deadline to be set for putting the
document on the Internet, suggesting 1 April 2000 (the President informed him that the Bureau had
agreed in principle to the idea but that the Quaestors were still studying legal questions raised by the

4. Membership of Parliament

The President announced that the British authorities had informed her that Mrs Mary Rosamund Honeyball
had been appointed Member of Parliament to replace Mrs Green with effect from 17 February 2000 and
that the Spanish authorities had informed her that Mr Felipe Camisón Asensio had been appointed Mem-
ber of Parliament to replace Mr Fabra Vallés with effect from 1 March 2000.

She welcomed the new Members and drew attention to the provisions of Rule 7(4).

5. Documents received

The President had received:

(a) from the Council, requests for opinions on:
 Proposal for a Council directive amending Directive 68/193/EEC on the marketing of material for
the vegetative propagation of the vine (COM(2000) 59  C5-0090/2000  2000/0036(CNS))
referred to responsible: AGRI
opinion: JURI, ITRE, ENVI
legal basis: Article 37 EC
 Proposal for a Council regulation correcting Regulation No 2075/92 on the common organisation
of the market in raw tobacco (COM(1999) 704  C5-0094/2000  1999/0283(CNS))
referred to responsible: AGRI
opinion: BUDG
legal basis: Article 37 EC
 Proposal for a Council regulation amending Regulation No 3448/93 laying down the trade
arrangements applicable to certain goods resulting from the processing of agricultural products
(COM(1999) 717  C5-0095/2000  1999/0284(CNS))
referred to responsible: AGRI
opinion: BUDG
legal basis: Article 37 EC