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● A team can consist of a maximum of 5 members.

● Students from different educational institutes can form a team

Showcase your robot building skills in a competition where your robot goes head to head with
others to determine who can build the strongest, toughest and the most ruthless robots. Join us
to find out whether your robot has what it takes to be called the ultimate winner.

Game Structure 

1. Two robots will face off in three round matches where each round will be of duration 4 minutes
and a 1.5-minute break in between the rounds for repairs if needed.
2. The winners of the qualifier matches will be declared as per the points they would achieve in the
two rounds.
3. Format of matches (Knockout or League) will be decided depending upon the number of teams
4. There ​may ​be a possibility that in a special case there may be more than 2 teams competing in a
match ​Special Cases ​are as follows:
● If there is a tie of scores between more than 2 teams.
● If the number of participating teams do not fit within the desired format.
5. The size of the battle arena is decided to be 10 feet x 8 feet with wedges on the border.

Robot Specifications 
● The dimensions of the robot should not exceed 60 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm at any point
during the match.
● The weight of the bot should be less than ​40kg (88.1849lbs) and more than ​20kg
(44.1lbs). Note that the weight of adapters and the remote controller will not be included
in these constraints.
● The power source of the robot cannot exceed 30V. 


1. Methods of mobility may include :

● Rolling (wheels, tracks or the whole robot).
● Walking (linear actuated legs with no rolling or cam operated motion).
● Shuffling (rotational cam operated legs).
2. Jumping and hopping is not allowed.
3. Flying (using aerofoil, helium balloons, ornithopters, etc.) is not allowed.
4. Any other method of mobility which leads the robot to lose contact with the ground is not
Control Specifications  
Both wired and wireless remote controls are allowed in the event.

● All wires coming out of the robot should be bundled as a single unit.
● The wires should be properly protected and insulated. The wire should be sufficiently long so as to
remain slack at all times during the competition.
● If the machine is controlled wirelessly the machine must have at least a four frequency remote
control circuit or two dual control circuits which may be interchanged before the start the match to
avoid frequency interference with the opposing team. The case of any interference in the wireless
systems will not be considered for the rematch or results.

Weapon Systems 
Robots can have any kind of flippers, wedges, lifting devices etc. as weapons.
Only the weapons mentioned above are allowed and inclusion of any other weapon is not allowed.

1. If a bot pushes other bot out of the arena it will gain 30 points. (Points of the team may be
deducted by the judges if any team’s conduct is not up to the mark)
2. If a bot completely immobilizes its opponent, it will be gain 15 points.

3. A robot will be declared immobile if it cannot display motion(this motion is respect to the whole
bot and not any given part) in a time period of 15 seconds. A bot that will be pushed is not
considered immobile.
4. In the case where no bot is immobilized, the bot with the highest points will win the match.
5. Points will also be given on the following basis:
a. Aggression (5,10,15 points): Aggression is judged by the frequency, severity, boldness,
and effectiveness of attacks deliberately initiated by the robot against its opponent. If a
robot appears to have accidentally attacked an opponent, that act will not be considered
b. The points will be given for the overall series of attacks on the opponent bot and not for
any single attack.
c. Damage (15 points): Through deliberate action, a robot either directly or indirectly
reduces the functionality, effectiveness or defensibility of an opponent. Damage is not
considered relevant if a robot inadvertently harms itself. Also, if a pressure vessel or a
rapidly spinning device on a robot fragments, any damage to the opponent will not be
considered "deliberate“.

Note: Robots cannot win by pinning or lifting their opponents. Organizers will allow pinning or
lifting for a maximum of 10 seconds per pin/lift then the attacker robot will be instructed to
release the opponent. If, after being instructed to do so, the attacker is able to release but does
not, their robot may be disqualified. If two or more robots become entangled or a crushing or
gripping weapon is employed and becomes trapped within another robot, then the competitors
should make the timekeeper aware, the fight should be stopped and the robots separated by the
safest means.

Organizers reserve the right to change any of the above rules. These changes will be
notified on the website and to the registered participants.

Certificates and Prizes 
E-Certificates will be given to all the participants. Hard copies of certificates will be given to the
winners. The Prize money will be awarded to the top 2 Winners via NEFT and will be processed
within 45 working days after receiving the Prize Money from Sponsors.
The Winners have to mail the following information (immediately after the announcement of
results) to ​

Subject: CLASH OF DROIDS ,team id-your position (example-CLASH OF DROIDS,CD002-2ndPosition)

Body of mail-
1. Account Holder’s Name
2. Account Number
3. Bank name and Branch name.
4. IFSC Code