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What  Makes  Us  Different?

Tools  and  Solu5ons

Let's  Strategize  was  established  to  show  clients  that  significant   Extensive  experience  in  complex  large-­‐scale  commercial  
business  performance  improvements  don't  always  require   enterprise  applica?ons  enable  us  to  deliver  solu?ons  that  make  
massive  changes.  Many  ?mes  clients  are  able  to  realize  goals   sense  for  both  the  users  and  the  business  process.  
through  collabora?on,  process  improvement,  and  user  friendly   Custom  Cloud  Applica5ons
technology  solu?ons.,  Enterprise  cloud  services
We  enable  client  success  by  enhancing  -­‐  and  at  ?mes  -­‐   Enterprise  Applica5ons
developing  new  business  processes  and  technology  solu?ons   Salesforce  CRM  ,  Siebel,  Sales  Force  Automa?on,  Campaign  
equipped  with  enduring  change  management  programs.     Management
Collabora?ve  Consul?ng  is  about  implemen?ng  the  right  industry   Content  Management
best  prac?ces  for  each  unique  client.  CRM  Content
Client  Collabora5on  Is  an  itera?ve  process  where  both   Business  Intelligence
organiza?ons  work  together  to  iden?fy,  develop  and  implement   QlikView,  BEx,  BusinessObjects,  Siebel  OBIEE,  Cognos
the  right  solu?ons  to  deliver  a  strategic  advantage.
The  Right  Solu5on  Is  an  adopted  solu?on.  By  our  user  audience   Products
we  deliver  relevant  solu?ons  that  are  clean,  simple  and  easy  to   Salesforce   CRM   Applica5on   that   allows   you   to   easily   create  
manage.   promo?onal   events   whether   it   be   in   retail   or   consumer  
packaged   goods,  your   users  will  enjoy  the  simplicity  design   and  
The  Right  Time  and  Reason  Is  beginning  with  the  end  goal  
func?ons.   Capture   event   dates,   spend,   products,   track   new  
then  iden?fy  when  and  where  measurable  change  is  actually   items   in   distribu?on,   capture   retail   audits,   and   calculate  
necessary.  At  ?mes,  small  changes  can  deliver  the  end  goal. projected  and  actual  event  ROI.

Services:    Right  Solu+on,  Right  Reason,  Right  Time Clients  (References  Available  on  Request)
Collabora5ve  Consul5ng Our   success   is   based   solely   on   our   client's   success.   We   are  
Let's  Strategize  has  developed  proprietary  frameworks  to  guide   extremely   proud   of   the   rela?onships   we   have   developed   with  
clients  through  a  successful  business  transforma?on  each  and   our  clients  and  welcome  the  opportunity  to  you.
every  ?me.  Our  goal  is  to  keep  it  simple,  capitalize  on  quick  wins,  
Mars   Chocolate   Created   an   effec?ve   and   efficient  
lay  out  a  vision  for  achieving  long  term  successes  and  help  build  a  
more  collabora?ve  and  efficient  work  environment. sales   team   with   streamlined   processes   and   the  
right  system  solu?ons,  the  Mars   Chocolate  is  more  
Business  Process  Analysis
produc?ve   and   collabora?ve   because   they   now  
We  offer  process  management  services  to  ensure  all  solu?ons   Recycle   Knowledge™   and   use   the   Let's   Plan™  
result  in  op?mized  ways  of  working. applica?on  on  Salesforce  CRM
 Workshop  facilita?on
 Process  architecture  development  and  design MARS   Petcare   U?lizes   the   Salesforce   CRM   Let's  
 Process  mapping Plan™   applica?on   to   capture   and   analyze   Retail  
 Change  management       condi?ons   to   ensure   their   products   are   fresh,   in  
stock  and  properly  displayed.
Program  and  Project  Management
MARS  Direct   successfully   leveraged  
Let's  Strategize  is  skilled  in  a  wide  range  of  proven  methodologies  
that  enable  our  team  to  provide  effec?ve  services  in  the  areas  of: to   manage   their   business   to   business   sales  
 Program  Management processes.
 Project  Management Dove   Chocolate   Discoveries   successfully   uses  
 Learning  &  Development  Programs Salesforce   CRM  call   center   and   Salesforce  Ideas  to  
 Human  Change  Methodologies capture  new  product  ideas  from  their  Chocola?ers.