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Every great advance in

natural knowledge has

involved the absolute rejection
of authority.

- Thomas H. Huxley
We live in a Newtonian
world of Einsteinian
physics ruled by
Frankenstein logic.

- David Russell
Once the game is over,
the King and the pawn go
back in the same box.

- Italian Proverb
Idleness is not doing
nothing. Idleness is
being free to do

- Floyd Dell
If one synchronized
swimmer drowns, do
they all drown?

- Bucky Katt
What's the point of
havin' a rapier wit if I
can't use it to stab

- Jeph Jacques
Just remember that
optimism looks exactly
like doing nothing.

- Scott Adams (Wally)

In the great kitchen of
life, I am the food
processor, not the

- Bucky Katt
In heaven all the
interesting people
are missing.

- Friedrich
It is no measure of
health to be well
adjusted to a profoundly
sick society.

- Krishnamurti
Personally I'm always
ready to learn, although I
do not always like being

- Winston Churchill
Anything too
stupid to be said
is sung.

- Voltaire
I don't know if
God exists, but it
would be better
for His reputation
if He didn't.
- Jules Renard
Opportunity is missed by most
people because it is dressed
in overalls and looks like

- Thomas A. Edison
There are only two ways
of telling the complete
truth - anonymously and
- Thomas Sowell
Every generation imagines itself to
be more intelligent than the one
that went before it, and wiser than
the one that comes after it.

- George Orwell
By all means marry;
if you get a good
wife, you'll be happy.
If you get a bad one,
you'll become a
- Socrates
What luck for
rulers that men
do not think.

- Adolf Hitler
It is the mark of an
educated mind to be
able to entertain a
thought without
accepting it.
- Aristotle
I'm not sure I want popular opinion
on my side - I've noticed those with
the most opinions often have the
fewest facts.

- Bethania McKenstry
In matters of style, swim with the
current; in matters of principle,
stand like a rock.

- Thomas Jefferson
I would rather be exposed
to the inconveniences
attending too much liberty
than to those attending
too small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson
The best way
out is always
- Robert Frost
The more things a
man is ashamed of,
the more respectable
he is.
- George Bernard
The significance of man is
that he is insignificant and
is aware of it.

- Carl Becker
"The finest steel has to go
through the hottest fire."

- John N. Mitchell
Too many people are
thinking of security
instead of opportunity.
They seem more afraid of
life than death.

- James F. Byrnes
Americans will put up with anything
provided it doesn't block traffic.

- Dan Rather

I just need enough to tide me over until I

need more.

- Bill Hoest
The squeaking
wheel doesn't
always get the
grease. Sometimes
it gets replaced.

- Vic Gold
There are lots of ways of being
miserable, but there's only one way
of being comfortable, and that is to
stop running round after
happiness. If you make up your
mind not to be happy there's no
reason why you shouldn't have a
fairly good time.

- Edith Wharton
How much easier
it is to be critical
than to be
- Benjamin
A synonym is a word you
use when you can't spell
the word you first thought

- Burt Bacharach
Where all think
alike, no one thinks
very much.

- Walter Lippmann
Since we cannot know all
that there is to be known
about anything, we ought
to know a little about
- Blaise Pascal
Education is the ability to listen
to almost anything without
losing your temper or your self-

- Robert Frost
Talent hits a target no
one else can hit;
Genius hits a target no
one else can see.

- Arthur
"Some people spend an entire
lifetime wondering if they
made a difference in the
world. But, the Marines don't
have that problem."

- Ronald Reagan
Love is the feeling you
have when you care about
something as much as you
do your motorcycle.
- Sonny Barger, Hell's
Politics is not everything, but
Everything IS politics
Michael C. Richards
"Poetry is the revelation of a
feeling that the poet believes to
be interior and personal but
which the reader recognizes as
his own."

Salvatore Quasimodo
"Philosophy is the
childhood of the intellect,
and a culture that tries to
skip it will never grow up."

Thomas Nagel
Technical skill is mastery of
complexity while creativity is
mastery of simplicity.

E. C. Zeeman
"A great truth is a truth
whose opposite is also a
great truth."

Thomas Mann
"It is a mathematical
fact that the casting of
this pebble from my
hand alters the centre
of gravity of the
Thomas Carlyle
"I think that only daring
speculation can lead us
further and not
accumulation of facts."
Albert Einstein
"Freedom is always and
exclusively the
freedom for the one
who thinks differently."
Rosa Luxemburg
The man who says what
he thinks is finished and
the man who thinks what
he says is an idiot.

Rolf Hochhuth
"The true lover of knowledge
naturally strives for truth, and is
not content with common opinion,
but soars with undimmed and
unwearied passion till he grasps
the essential nature of things."

"All our knowledge falls
within the bounds of
possible experience."

Immanuel Kant
"You never learn from
success. Success you
take as the natural
order of things."

David Ivor Young

"Solve the problem yourself or
accept a fate you may not like...
from this perspective, the ethic of
personal responsibility gains

Noel M. Tichy
"He who doesn't
take risks, doesn't
drink champagne."

Alexander Lebed
"You have to know
how to accept
rejection and reject
Ray Bradbury
"The trouble with life isn't that
there is no answer, it's that there
are so many answers."

Ruth Benedict
"If one does not know
to which port one is
sailing, no wind is

Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)
"Success is always
something that you
have to recover from."

Marsha Norman
"Only when he has ceased
to need things can a man
truly be his own master
and so really exist."
Anwar al- Sadat
"A man always has two
reasons for what he does -
a good one and the real

John Pierpont Morgan

"One would think that the
earth was the road Of the
body, that the sea was the
road Of the soul."

Juan Ramón Jiménez

"We wander but in the end
there is always a certain
peace in being what one
is, in being that
completely. The
condemned man has that
Ugo Betti
"To send light into the darkness
of men's hearts - such is the
duty of the artist."

- Robert Schumann
"Painting is poetry which is seen
and not heard, and poetry is a
painting which is heard but not

Leonardo da Vinci
"The core reductive mistake is...
the idea of a single fundamental

Mary Midgley