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Department of Education

Region X
Gov. A. Quibranza Prov’l. Gov’t. Compound
Pigcarangan, Tubod Lanao del Norte
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Listen carefully as I read the following sentences and Write R if the sentence implies
reality and M if it is made up.

______1. The sun winked at me as the day ended.

______2. At the end of the rainbow there’s a pot of gold.
______3. The Ampalaya taste bitter.

4. A VERB is
A. is a sentence that ask
B. an action word
C. a person, place, or thing
D. a describing word

Direction: Encircle the action words

5. Beautiful kind drinks above

6. Red circle tall jump

7. My beautiful friend lives in Ozamis City. Which is the name of place?

A. beautiful B. friend C. lives D. Ozamis City

8. The following are examples of .

girl, writer, country, language, city

A. proper nouns
B. civilized nouns
C. common nouns
D. pronouns

9. Which noun is not a common noun?

A. month
B. weekend
C. week day
D. December
10 Which word has a short /e/ sound?
A. pet
B. pie
C. pee

11. Which word has a short /e/ sound?

A. bad
B. bee
C. bed

12. Which word has a short a sound?

A. cap
B. cup
C. cape

13. Warm and cold are .

A. Synonyms
B. Antonyms

14. What is an antonym for the word "stop"?

A. slow down
B. go
C. eat
D. jump

15. Big and huge are:

A. synonyms
B. antonyms

Find the punctuation mark listed below.

16. Which symbol is a question mark?

A. !
B. *
C. ?
D. .

17. Which symbol is a Period?

A. !
B. *
C. ?
D. .
18. Choose the sentence that ends with a question mark.

A. How are you?

B. We are the champions!
C. Happy birthday to you!
D. We're going to the store.

19 A sentence that makes a statement is called a ______________

A. declarative sentence
B. interrogative sentence
C. exclamatory sentence
D. imperative sentence

Identify the type of sentence below:

20. What time did you feed the cat dinner?

A. declarative sentence
B. interrogative sentence
C. imperative sentence
D. exclamatory sentence

21. Janie helped Ronna roast hot dogs on the campfire. First, she put a hot dog on a
long stick. Next, she held the stick so the hot dog was just above the fire. After a few
minutes, she turned the hot dog over. Finally, she removed the hot dog from the fire
and placed it in a bun.

What did Janie do after she held the hot dog above the fire?
A. She removed the hot dog from the fire.
B. She put a hot dog on a long stick.
C. She turned the hot dog over.
D. She placed it in a bun.

22. Larry and Susan rode their bikes to the library. After parking their bikes in a rack,
they rushed inside to hear the librarian read a story. Next, they checked out some books
and placed them in their book bags. Finally, they rode their bikes back home. What did
they do just before riding home?

A. They checked out some books.

B. They put the books in their book bags.
C. They parked their bikes.
D. They read the books.
23. Read the sentences below. Decide what the correct order of events is. Choose the
letter that shows the correct order of events.

1. I don't want pizza again for a long time.

2. I ate ten pieces of pizza.
3. Later that night, I got sick.
4. I felt very full.

A. 4, 2, 3, 1
B. 1, 2, 3, 4
C. 2, 3, 4, 1
D. 4, 1, 3, 2

Last weekend Ella was so excited about playing on the beach. She played in the water, built
sand castles and picked up seashells. Because she forgot to put on sunscreen, she felt very hot at
the end of the day. Her skin was as red as fire and she couldn't stand to touch it. She was

24. What caused Elaine to get sunburned?

A. The beach was near her house.

B. It was raining outside all day.
C. She forgot to eat bananas before she went to the beach.
D. She forgot to put on sunscreen.

My ice cream was melting AS A RESULT OF the hot weather.

25. What is the cause?

A. The ice cream melted.
B. As a result of cold weather my ice cream melted.
C. I was standing in the rain.
D. The hot weather made my ice cream melt.

26. Which word means "the result of an action or cause"?

A. Effect
B. Image
C. Similar
D. Specific

Realizing the young girl couldn't swim, the onlooker dove into the cold, dark water to
save her.

27. Which word best describes the onlooker?

A. brave
B. angry
C. proud
D. silly
Mike put on shorts, a tank top, and sunglasses to go out to play.

28. What day is it?

A. Rainy day
B. Sunny day
C. Cold day
D. Windy day

29. Which word refers to the order of ideas or events in a story?

A. theme
B. sequence
C. setting
D. plot

30. Which choice refers to the sequencing of events by time?

A. setting
B. topic
C. plot
D. chronological order