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CareWatch Visit Management Solutions


agency the tools you need to better manage your
staff, provide a higher level of care to patients, and
allow your agency to run more efficiently. Our
system will streamline your processes and
significantly reduce paperwork, while increasing the
accuracy of your visit information if/when audited. HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORK?
Visit information is logged when the home health aide calls a
toll-free number for each arrival and departure from the
patient s home. This information is automatically updated on
a real time display at your agency and processed through a
QA tool. The primary design goals are ease of use, manage-
ment by exception and data accuracy. Neither administrative
personnel nor home health workers need to memorize or
refer to complex numeric codes to enter complete visit

Real-Time QA Visit Display

A great tool for schedulers.

Color codes help to quickly dis-

tinguish visit exception data

and identify visits that require

additional QA.

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CareWatch Visit Management Solutions


A variety of data collection options allow the system to be tuned to your
agency s needs. The system automatically collects the following information:
1. Date and time of arrival
2. Date and time of departure
3. Originating phone number, including payphones, cellular phones, private
numbers and unlisted numbers.
4. Employee ID
5. Patient ID
Additional data collection options include:
1. Mileage/Odometer Readings
2. Travel Time
3. Vitals
4. Patient Specific Plans of Care including ADLs and Multiple Patient Careplans
Features A series of reports provide convenient When and by whom?
answers to an agency s most Were caregiver visits made from
frequently needed information: somewhere other than the
Is the documentation complete patient s location?
and can we bill for the visit? Many agencies find the reporting
Is the documentation auditable? option especially helpful for obtaining a
How many times was a patient quick status check of an existing
seen last week? episode.

There are 4 primary types of voice messaging:
1. Individual Messaging
2. Group Messaging
3. Patient Specific Messaging (for critical care messages)
4. Broadcast Messaging
Management personnel can leave voice messages for an individual caregiver or
for all staff. This feature is useful for notifying staff of changes in schedule or
for alerting the entire staff to in-service training, severe weather, etc. New
messages are delivered the next time an employee calls into the system.


CareWatch understands that each agency has individual needs an special requests. Although we re confident our
system is compatible with 95% of an agency s needs, we are flexible in customizing features and making system
adjustments. This is one of the greatest distinguishing features between us and our competitors.

In addition, CareWatch is determined to maintain a personal relationship with each customer. Our training is
conducted in person and most support calls are answered by a live CareWatch agent.

ANI Visit Verification Licensed by Sandata Technologies, Inc. under U.S. Patent Nos. 5,646,839 and 5,255,183, 5,963,912