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Version 2.3
Updated June 2018

Dear OPN Partner,

Congratulations and welcome to Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

A key component of our success formula to win against the competition is to help our partners offer innovative value to
our joint customers. The Oracle PartnerNetwork program is the framework to provide resources and benefits to help you
sell, integrate, implement and develop solutions with Oracle products and services.

This “Program Guide” is designed to help pave your way to some of the initial benefits and resources you’ll need to be
successful. In this document, you will also find important links and guidance to help you navigate our OPN Portal and
Oracle Partner Store.

We encourage you to fully leverage all the resources available to you. Engaging effectively within the Oracle
PartnerNetwork can open new business opportunities and allow you to deliver more value to your customers.

We look forward to a bright future together.

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

For Authorized OPN Member Use Only


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Get Started > OPN Program

With Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Oracle is transforming the way our members develop their businesses. OPN offers members
access to partner-specific training, resources, go-to-market tools, and support. These valuable benefits enable partners to specialize
and be recognized for their particular expertise. Multiple program offerings are available for your company to showcase your specific
business proficiencies and differentiate yourself in the market—all with the goal of increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.
Open new business opportunities and deliver more value to your customers by taking advantage of all that OPN offers.

Oracle PartnerNetwork allows Oracle partners to participate at the level that best matches their business model. Partners can select
their level and type of engagement with Oracle. They can elect to become deep experts in one solution area or offer a range of solutions.
All business models are recognized—and rewarded—in OPN.

Platinum is the highest level in OPN and is designed for Oracle partners that
have attained at least five qualifying specializations, Oracle Exastack Optimized
or Ready applications, or Oracle Validated Integrations. OPN members at the Oracle PartnerNetwork Program Levels
Platinum level are recognized for their expertise across a broad range of
products and technologies, and earn exclusive promotion and dedicated

Gold level OPN members are eligible to develop, sell, and implement the full
stack of Oracle products and solutions. Gold is the level most partners choose
to join and is the first level at which partners can qualify for specialization. These
partners develop skills by taking advantage of the extensive training, sales, and
marketing resources available at this level.

Partners at the Silver level can resell and develop products available through
the Oracle 1-Click Ordering program, as well as Oracle Platform as a Service
and Infrastructure as a Service. By providing a cost-effective yet scalable way
for partners to join OPN, Silver level membership helps partners quickly
become more competitive and enables them to grow their businesses by
publishing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Get Started > Key Requirements & Benefits

OPN Program requirements are listed on this page. The most relevant are listed below:

Level Fee Competency Criteria

Achieve either combination of 5:
• Qualifying Specializations, Oracle Validated Integrations or Oracle Exastack Optimized designations
Platinum US $9,995

• Oracle Exastack Ready or Oracle Exastack Optimized designations with at least 1 being Optimized
Gold US $2,995 -
Silver US $500 -

In order to access all benefits available to Oracle PartnerNetwork members, please review the pages below:

• OPN Benefits Table

- Enablement
- Development
- Marketing
- Sales
- Support
- Specialization, Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle Exastack Ready and Oracle Exastack Optimized

• OPN Cloud Designation Benefits Table

• Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Benefits Table

• Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Benefits Table

Get Started > User Registration

In order to access all of the OPN member benefits, employees at your company must complete a user registration process to gain
access to:
• OPN member-only resources
• OPN Competency Center
• Oracle Partner Store (Manage Membership, Deal Registration and Ordering)

1) Click here to begin user registration steps (not required for Company Administrator, only for new users)

2) Select “New User” in order to set up an Oracle Account for the first time, or use “Sign In” if you already have an Oracle account
3) Complete the email account verification process
4) Once redirected to the Oracle Partner Store complete the steps to register for access by associating your personal Oracle account
to your Company’s OPN account

5) Select “Register for Access” and provide your OPN member “Company ID” (Partner Administrator must provide this number) in
order to complete registration

Get Started > Partner Business Center

Oracle Partner Business Consultants are stationed around the globe to provide you with around-the-clock support.

Highly-skilled Partner Business Consultants, located in four business centers around the world, are available to support partners’ daily
needs, while helping them stay abreast of the latest Oracle partner and technology offerings and new opportunities to develop, deploy
and sell Oracle technology.

Contact your local representative identified on this page. You can engage with the Partner Business Center via phone, chat and email.

Additionally, you can use the Search Answers option to find specific
answers regarding OPN membership, programs, marketing, sales,
training and technical topics.

Get Started > Cloud Business Builder

The OPN Cloud Business Builder is the single-source for partners to build their cloud business with Oracle and monetize their OPN
membership. The website offers information, tutorials, how-to guides, videos and other resources to help partners refer, resell, develop,
integrate, architect and implement Oracle Cloud.

Visit the OPN Cloud Business Builder site here.

Market > OPN Member Logo

As a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, you can leverage the Oracle brand for added marketing reach and power. You may use logo
branding that Oracle has developed exclusively for partners as well as Oracle product images in the form of Oracle-provided product
photography and product packaging images (box shots).

OPN members may leverage the power of the Oracle brand by using OPN logos intended for a variety of marketing materials including
collateral, web sites, advertising, stationery, business cards, and signage. Use of Oracle logos is subject to the Oracle PartnerNetwork
Agreement and the Oracle PartnerNetwork Policies.

Download OPN membership logos here or follow the steps below.

1) Go to the OPN Competency Center:

2) Go to “Company Credentials” page and then “Company Logos”

Additional Resources
• Logo and Advertising Template Guidelines
• Third Party Usage Guidelines
• Oracle PartnerNetwork Style Guide for Oracle Product Name References

Market > Membership Certificate

Need proof of your OPN membership to participate in a Public Bid or RFP? As an OPN member you can download your membership
certificate from the OPN Competency Center.

Download your OPN certificate here or follow the steps below.

1) Go to the OPN Competency Center (from > Training > Logos & Certificates)
2) Access “Company Credentials” page and then select “Company Certificates”

3) Print your certificate or download in PDF format

Market > Press Release

If you have just joined Oracle PartnerNetwork or attained a specific designation and would like to let your customers know about your
recent achievement, you can leverage OPN press release templates.

All press releases mentioning Oracle or its products must go through

a formal approval process. This ensures that content referencing
Oracle is accurate and in accordance with Oracle policies and that
Oracle trademarks and brands are protected.

Before you develop your press release, please review the

requirements and leverage the templates and tips for developing
announcements related to your OPN Program achievements.

Some of the templates available for partners include:

• Joining Oracle PartnerNetwork
• Upgrading to new member level
• Achieving Specialization
• Achieving OPN Cloud designation
• Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer
• Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider
• Oracle Validated Integration
• Oracle Exastack Ready
• Oracle Exastack Optimized
• Listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace
• FastConnect

Market > Solutions Catalog

Oracle has established a system of preference that helps our customers quickly find the right partner with the expertise they need.
The Solutions Catalog is an Oracle-hosted online directory that provides customers, prospects, and Oracle employees with instant
access to OPN member solutions and services worldwide.

Showcase your company's solutions, services, and areas of expertise including specializations, distribution rights and other
differentiating designations via the Oracle PartnerNetwork Solutions Catalog. Available from, this mobile-ready site is
visited by over 30,000 customers, partners and Oracle employees worldwide in search for partners and solutions that meet their

All active members in the OPN program receive a baseline listing in the OPN Solutions Catalog. The OPN Solutions Catalog draws
information from your company membership profile in the Oracle Partner Store to create this basic listing; however, partners are
strongly encouraged to expand their profiles with additional details such as company overview, solution profiles, events and
customer success stories.

Key Resources
• User Guide: Solutions Catalog Profile Manager
• Best Practices Guide: Managing Your Profile
• Partner FAQ: Solutions Catalog

For more information, please visit our Solutions Catalog Partner Resource Page.

Market > Marketing Kits

Oracle Marketing Kits are designed to support you to quickly and easily create your own demand generation programs and accelerate
growth opportunities. Streamline your marketing efforts using Oracle Partner Marketing Kits and the Oracle Marketing Automation

You can find marketing kits for Oracle SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a
Service) products and solutions, as well as for on-premises applications and technology products.

Partner Marketing Kits for demand generation activities include:

• Fast Start Documents: Background information on the marketing campaign with copy blocks and e-blast editable files.
• Demand Generation Basics: Files including e-blasts with corresponding source files, tele-prospecting scripts and
presentations, and social media links/copy blocks.
• Call-to-Action Resources: Documents including datasheets, analyst reports, white papers, videos, webcast replays,
e-books, etc. These are customer facing documents to be used by partners.
• Partner Sales Resources: Partner facing documents and presentations, battle cards, and competitive information.

Market > Demonstration Services

Oracle Demonstration Services provides demonstration environments based on availability of the requested environment to qualified
Oracle PartnerNetwork members, allowing partners to showcase the competitive advantages of Oracle products. Demonstration
environments are offered for demonstration and training purposes, and include Oracle's technology, applications, and cloud products.

To be considered for qualification to use Oracle

Demonstration environments, you must meet the
following criteria:
• Be a Silver with Cloud Standard designation, Gold or
Platinum level partner in good standing within the Oracle
• Agree to the terms of the Oracle Demonstration Services
Addendum. The Oracle Demonstration Services
Addendum can be executed online by the OPN
Administrator in the Oracle Partner Store using a click-
wrap, if available in country, or a signed hard copy of
agreement submitted by fax if not available by click-wrap.
Associate members must leverage an addendum signed
by their worldwide organization.
• Meet the product specific competency requirements listed
on the criteria page.

Following is a sampling of the demonstration environments are available for qualified OPN members to request access:

Software as a Service Platform as a Service On Premise

• CPQ Cloud • Platform as a Service (PaaS) • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
• EPM Cloud demonstration environments are • Oracle ATG
• ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, Sales available to partners by creating • Oracle E-Business Suite
Cloud and SCM Cloud Registrations at • Oracle Hyperion
• Field Service Cloud • Oracle Primavera
• Marketing Cloud Integrated Solutions • Oracle Technology Products,
• Oracle Transportation Management • End to End Integrated CX (CPQ including most of Oracle's Database
Cloud / Global Trade Management Cloud, Data Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Middleware Products
Cloud Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud) • Oracle Transportation Management /
• Planning and Budgeting Cloud • Fusion Cloud – Taleo Enterprise Global Trade Management
Service Edition Cloud
• Service Cloud • Fusion Cloud – CPQ Cloud
• Taleo Business Edition Cloud • Fusion Cloud – Planning and
• Taleo Enterprise Edition Cloud Budgeting Cloud Service
• HCM Cloud – Learning Cloud
(Release 11)

Please note that the above list is subject to change. Also note that acceptance to access Oracle Demonstration environments and use
of the Demonstration Services systems is subject to system availability and meeting the qualification criteria and such other criteria as
may be defined by Oracle from time to time. Also, acceptance to the Oracle Demonstration Services program does NOT guarantee
that your desired product environment will be available. Oracle will attempt to meet all partner requests, but, some product environments
are limited in capacity and will be provided on an "as available" basis.

Training > OPN Information Center

To assure all OPN partners have convenient resources to help “jump start” their business with Oracle, we designed a tool named “OPN
Information Center”.

This video-based training roadmap has been designed to help our partners speed through the steps necessary to become resell
authorized, access training, use marketing tools and achieve specialization and other designations.

A series of video-based training modules walk through the basics of our partner program to provide the foundation necessary to assure
you get a rapid start to monetizing your OPN membership.

Simply view each of the modules online and:

• Gain insights about our strategy and portfolio
• Find out how to access marketing & sales resources
• Review the steps required to become resell authorized
• Understand how to place orders and register deals
• Learn how to differentiate by achieving Specialization
• Get additional information about all of the topics covered in this guide

Training > OPN Competency Center

The OPN Competency Center is the entry point to many enablement resources. It is an intelligent training tool that allows you to
manage your Oracle training.

The home page is dedicated to the individual and allows not only access to training, but also enables you to download your
certificates, specialist logos and Oracle certifications.

On the Competency Center, users

can select from a variety of role-
based trainings available for most
Oracle products and services.

This includes the opportunity to:

• Follow or create role-based
Guided Learning Paths
• Sign up for courses
• Complete accreditation tests
• Earn “Oracle Specialist” titles

Training > Immersion Training

Oracle’s Immersion Training is now available to our OPN Partners. This is a modern learning engagement designed to provide the
building blocks to:

• Articulate the breadth and value of the Oracle portfolio and our Key Journeys to the Cloud
• Understand Oracle’s products in depth – from new offerings to new features and Oracle’s competitive advantages
• Know your buyers' needs and how to sell the value of the Oracle solutions
• Leverage the strength of the Oracle portfolio to help you win

Begin your training with the Oracle Cloud Story, then understand your buyer by studying the persona tracks, dive into solution tracks
to better understand how to position the benefits of the Oracle solution and finally complete the Industry track to tailor your
knowledge further. You may complete any or all of the training tracks on your own time frame and come back to track your progress.

How to Access

You can access the Immersion training on this page or navigate from the OPN Portal:
• > Training > Training by Products: FY18 Partner Immersion*

*Note: FY19 Immersion training will be available shortly.

Training > Partner Readiness and Enablement Platform (PREP)
PREP is the latest partner learning management system that was built to improve the quality of training delivery while also saving you
time. Whether you are new to Oracle Cloud and looking for training or just want to browse the latest offerings, PREP simplifies the
learning journey. New features include the following:

• Learning Advisor: Multiple step selections for

finding learning content based on job role and area
focus. Final selection output is a learning plan with
one or multiple badges.

• Search Engine: For partners who already know

what course or Guided Learning Path (GLP) they
want to access. Search by keyword and filter results
based on content type – badge, GLP or course.

• Transcript Page: Allows learners to keep track of

their training progress and organize their Oracle

• Social Learning: Built-in social network that

showcases content curated by community
individuals, based on interest level and activity
profile. This fills in where traditional learning ends,
with updates on products and best practices.

• Points, Badges and Leaderboards: Oracle Partner

Badges provide a prescriptive path for sales and
presales staff to build foundational knowledge and a
level of proficiency in subject areas that support their
success. All activity on PREP can be measured
through badges, gained by completing selected
GLPs, and points, gained through activity on the
social tab.

Come join the leaderboard at

Training > Education Discounts

OPN Members receive special discounts at Oracle University as well as other training services.

Partners at Silver level and above, receive the following discounts:

• 25% discount on OU services, except as noted, on all education products,
services and publicly offered courses through Oracle Education Centers
(cannot be combined with other discounts)
• 25% discount on all Oracle Learning Subscriptions, courses delivered in a live
virtual format and self-paced electronic study courses (cannot be combined
with other discounts)
• 35% discount on Oracle University Learning Credits when purchased during
the first 30 days of a new OPN membership or renewal of an existing
For information about these discounts, please access this page.

Additionally, OPN Members receive special global pricing for Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions. These subscriptions offer 24/7
access to complete sets of skill-based learning, skill checks and hands-on labs aligned to job roles and capabilities. Various options
are available:

• Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscriptions: All-inclusive 12-month subscriptions offering unlimited access to all Oracle Cloud
Learning Subscriptions for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, or all Oracle Cloud Services combined
• Solution-Specific Cloud Learning Subscriptions: Subscriptions focused on particular product areas

To access information on the pricing for Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions, access this page.

Training > Exam Vouchers

OPN members receive free assessment/exam vouchers per their membership level to support partner skill-building and specialization.
Gold and Platinum level OPN members are entitled to a 100% discount on the list price of a limited number of the Oracle Certification
production exams (discount does not apply to beta exams).

To receive the discount, you must provide an Electronic Voucher Number. Electronic vouchers are provided to the Partner
Administrators at partner companies on an annual basis by partner level as below:
• Gold partners receive 2 exam vouchers per year with an additional 2 vouchers provided when the company achieves
• Platinum partners receive 6 exam vouchers per year

Candidates should contact the primary administrator at their company to inquire about 100% vouchers. Oracle is not responsible for
distribution of these vouchers beyond to the primary administrator. Also, discounts must be applied at the time of scheduling your
Oracle Certification exam and 100% discount is not available on Oracle Database Oracle Certified Master exams.

OPN members may also purchase additional exam vouchers at a 25% discount.

If you need more information about these discounts please access this page.

Sell > Distribution Agreements

The Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) is a "one stop shop" for partner distribution activities and streamlines Oracle's existing
distribution documents. To distribute Oracle products, partners need the MDA and the addenda that govern what they distribute. The
terms specific to each distribution type are then added under the MDA using an addendum for distribution rights.

Most important Addenda to the Oracle Master Distribution Agreement:

Cloud Services Distribution Addendum (CSDA)

• Required for Cloud Services resale and executed online via Oracle Partner Store
• Partners must sign Public Sector Schedule if planning to sell to Public Sector

Full Use Distribution Addendum (FUDA)

• Required to resell Oracle Technology, Applications, Servers and Storage and executed online via Oracle Partner Store
• Least restrictive license offered by Oracle and grants the end user full rights to develop custom applications
• In certain regions (i.e. North America and Latin America) you may also need to sign a VAD Designation Letter (VDL)

Application Specific Full Use Addendum (ASFU)

• Typically, appropriate for ISVs, license is restricted to use with a specific application package, per the partner’s Application
Package Registration Form (APRF) and executed online via Oracle Partner Store

Embedded Software License Addendum (ESLA)

• Typically, appropriate for OEMs, provides restricted license for Oracle technology that is fully embedded in the partner’s
application package – requires an APRF and is executed offline

Proprietary Application Hosting Addendum (PROP HOSTING)

• Typically, appropriate for ISVs who host their own applications and is executed offline

Public Sector to MDA Addendum (PSA)

• For partners interested in working with Public Sector, covers FUDA, ASFU, ESL, and Prop Hosting (on premise) and executed
online via Oracle Partner Store
• In the case of Cloud Services, there is a separate Public Sector schedule for the CSDA

Sell > Resell Hardware and Software

There are a few basic steps you need to take in order to become authorized to resell Oracle products, as outlined below:

First, you need to identify which products you’d like to resell. Next, you should review the criteria on the specific Knowledge Zone since
the requirements may differ according to the specific product.

Visit the “Resell” tab on each Knowledge Zone to find the list of products as well as the detailed criteria to distribute them.

After checking the criteria, you must execute the

applicable distribution agreement (Master
Distribution Agreement with Full Use Distribution
Addendum or equivalent). If the requirements
include applying for resell rights, you may need
to apply once you have met all the criteria. Both
steps can be completed on the Oracle Partner

Once you have written confirmation from Oracle

that you have met the resell criteria for the
applicable Knowledge Zone, you will be
authorized to start reselling the products listed in
that Knowledge Zone.

Depending on your country and focus area, you

may select to work with a Value Added
Distributor (VAD).

Technology Products

For many of the Technology Knowledge Zones (including Oracle Database and Middleware portfolio), you will not be required to meet
additional criteria or apply for resell rights, as they will be automatically set up for you based on the execution of your distribution
agreement (MDA with FUDA Addendum).

Middleware, Applications, Servers & Storage and Engineered Systems

For resell rights not automatically set up, including some Middleware, Applications, Servers & Storage and Engineered Systems
products, you will need to review each specific Knowledge Zone to find the resell criteria. In most cases, you will need to be a Gold
level member or above, and fulfill specific competency criteria.

Sell > Resell Cloud Services

For partners interested in building recurring revenue selling Oracle Cloud services, the Oracle Cloud Resell program enables partners
to participate in the lifetime value of the subscription including add-on, upgrade and renewal opportunities. Learn how you can resell
Oracle Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service and monetize your Oracle partnership.

Key to this program is that Oracle contracts directly with the partner and the partner contracts directly with the end user, subject to a
legally binding end user cloud services agreement with Oracle. This allows the partner to bundle their services with the discounted
license costs and provide the end user with a single face to their application. With this strong relationship, the partner can provide
ongoing services, participate in upgrades, add-on’s and then at the end of the term the renewal. Also, partners can either select working
with Oracle directly or choose a two-tier distribution model and engage with a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) to purchase Oracle Cloud

To resell Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), your company must meet all of the following
• Be an Oracle PartnerNetwork Silver member (or higher) in good standing
• Valid OPN Agreement
• Valid Master Distribution Agreement (MDA)
• Valid Cloud Services Distribution Addendum (CSDA)

To resell Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS), your company must meet all of the following criteria:
• Be an Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold member (or higher) in good standing
• Valid OPN Agreement
• Valid Master Distribution Agreement (MDA)
• Valid Cloud Services Distribution Addendum (CSDA)
• Fulfill specific competency criteria which vary by product. Review the complete product list and resale competency criteria set
forth within each of the Knowledge Zones.

Additional Resources:
• Learn more about OPN Agreements & Policies
• Execute FUDA and CSDA agreements on Oracle Partner Store
• Contact a Value-Added Distributor to transact Oracle Cloud Services in your country
• Resell: Increase Cloud resell margins with the OPN Incentive Program

Sell > Deal Registration

Register opportunities on the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) and leverage key benefits including engagement with Oracle's sales
organization, rebates on eligible transactions and compensation for referring business to Oracle as per the Open Market Model.

In order to submit a deal registration on Oracle Partner Store, please visit this page and select “New Deal Registration”.

Sell > OPN Incentive Program

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Incentive Program rewards partners with rebates for selling in the segments of the market where Oracle
needs selling capacity (Broad Market) and driving incremental revenue via registration. The program offers rebates to VARs for selling
Oracle on-premise and Cloud products, and is a great way for VARs to maximize returns by doing business with Oracle.

Registration rebate is based on the net revenue invoiced (provisioned in the case of Public Cloud services) by Oracle for Broad Market
transactions that are registered and approved under the OMM resale initiative. On-premise orders must include first year of Oracle

• Broad Market
• Registered and Approved
• Oracle Support (for hardware and software)


• OPN Incentive Program Registration Rebate Product List

• VAR Quick Reference Guide
• VAR Frequently Asked Questions
• VAR Briefing Presentation (Download Audio MP3)

Sell > Selling Tools

Oracle PartnerNetwork Sales Central delivers partner enablement materials that support partners through each phase of the sales
cycle. Find the sales play and offering that's right for you. Click on the sales play or offering to see the use cases and associated sales

Key Product Areas Available:

• Cloud Solutions
o Platform as a Service
o Infrastructure as a Service
o Software as a Service
• IT Infrastructure
o Engineered Systems
o Server & Storage Systems
o Infrastructure Software

Develop Solutions > Oracle Cloud Marketplace

With the proliferation of cloud, mobile, and social technologies, organizations want easy access to innovative, trusted business
applications. To meet this demand from customers and create new opportunities for partners, Oracle introduced the Oracle Cloud

Featuring thousands of applications developed by Oracle partners, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables Oracle Cloud customers to
easily browse, evaluate, and buy trusted business applications. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform Services, Oracle partners can quickly
build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle SaaS applications, and publish their applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
to reach Oracle customers.

Become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher

OPN partners must meet the following requirements when applying to become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher:
• Be an active Oracle PartnerNetwork member in good standing (Silver level or above)
• Complete a publisher application form

Additional resources and details about the process can be found here.

Key Partner Benefits

• Press Release: A one-time partner press release is available to partners whose
Oracle Cloud Marketplace listings are approved and published. Press release will
include an Oracle quote. Find out more information about the process here.

• “Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace Badge”: Download the badge and

promote your offering on your company website and business collateral.

Develop Solutions > Development Licenses

OPN members can access Oracle Technology software licenses free of charge for development and demonstration purposes.
Additionally, OPN members can qualify to access integration and demonstration licenses for Oracle Applications.

Oracle and its strong alliances with IT leaders combine deep industry knowledge, useful tools, expertise and innovative thinking to
ignite growth in your business. Collaborate with Oracle and enjoy valuable benefits including:
• Development licenses for Oracle Technology Programs
• Development resources
• Product support

Access Technology Software via Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and download Development licenses for technology programs
currently available to you via Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Develop Solutions > Certify or Validate Your Solution

Oracle offers a variety of initiatives that provide partners with streamlined processes and standards to certify or validate their solution,
application, integration or hardware with Oracle products.

Once published criteria are met and results are approved, qualified solutions are showcased on the OPN Solutions Catalog and/or
Oracle Cloud Marketplace, and the associated go-to-market benefits and logos are delivered.

Key Programs Available

Powered by Oracle Cloud

Powered by Oracle Cloud recognizes partner software solutions that run on Oracle IaaS or PaaS. A partner’s qualifying application
must be self "certified" or pass the verification process for Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle Cloud Jump Start Demo Labs, or
similar. Powered by Oracle Cloud badges may be used on the partner’s website and collateral to help customers recognize the
partner’s support for Oracle Cloud.

Integrated with Oracle Cloud

Integrated with Oracle Cloud badges recognize partner software solutions that integrate with Oracle IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS. A partner’s
qualifying application must be self “certified” or pass the verification process for Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle Cloud Jump Start
Demo Labs, or similar. Integrated with Oracle Cloud badges may be used on the partner’s website and collateral to help customers
recognize the partner’s support for Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Ready Program – Fast Track Application Listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Available to Oracle partners with an active OPN membership at Silver level or higher. Qualifying partners must have one or more
application products which support one or more of the Oracle Cloud compatible operating systems and/or technology products (see
list). By joining this program, an initial listing is created for you on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace under the corresponding Platform and
Infrastructure products and you may use the 'Oracle Cloud Platform Ready' logo on your website and collateral.

Oracle Exastack Optimized Program for ISVs

Leverage a scalable, integrated infrastructure to deliver tuned and tested applications optimized for high-performance. Test in the
Oracle Exastack Labs or remotely with Oracle performance experts to maximize efficiency of your applications with the Oracle Exadata
Database Machine, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle Database
Appliance and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Oracle Exastack Ready Program for ISVs

Oracle Exastack Ready applications are supported and ready to run with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic
Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Big Data Appliance,
Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Ready or the latest major release of their component products. Gain access to the Oracle Remote
Labs to test your application with the latest version of Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM.

Oracle Ready for IHVs

Get recognized for building, selling and supporting your server, system and/or hardware component products on the latest major
releases of Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and/or Oracle VM.

Oracle Validated Integration

If your company develops and sells a solution that complements and integrates with Oracle “on-premises” Applications (as opposed to
Oracle Cloud Applications), Oracle Validated Integration can provide your company with a strategic framework to work with Oracle as
well as maximize the visibility of your company's integrated solution(s) with Oracle customers.

Differentiate Your Offerings > OPN Cloud Program

The OPN Cloud Program is designed to help our partners accelerate innovation, lead business transformation and fully realize the
competitive advantages offered through Oracle Cloud.

The OPN Cloud program, with tiered designations, recognizes those partners that engage with Oracle and invest in Oracle Cloud,
offering them incremental and progressive benefits to complement and build on the existing OPN program levels. Partners are able to
differentiate their Oracle Cloud expertise and success with customers.

Qualification into these tiers is based on the following elements:

• Partner's Cloud Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) generated through referral and/or co-sell and/or resale transactions
• Cloud Specializations
• Applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
• Successful go-live Cloud implementations
• Repeatable cloud solutions
• Published Cloud success stories
• Dedicated Oracle Cloud focused resources

Key Resources

• Discover more about the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Cloud program

• OPN Cloud Program Datasheet (PDF)
• Step by Step Guide (PDF)

Differentiate Your Offerings > Specialization

Showcase your expertise and differentiate yourself in the market by achieving one or more of our 200+ product and solution
specializations. Specialized partners are recognized by Oracle and preferred by customers for their in-depth product and industry
knowledge and proven value-add.

To become specialized, OPN members at the Gold level and above must meet stringent, product-specific competency and business
requirements to include providing customer validations.

Key reasons your company should become Specialized:

1. Be preferred by customers: Customers want to partner with experts who can work with them to implement solutions specific
to their business needs.
2. Differentiate your business: Stand out from the competition through your proven in-depth expertise in Oracle solutions and
investment in certification.
3. Get recognized by Oracle: Get increased visibility with Oracle sales reps, who seek out partners with proven skills in Oracle's
products and solutions.

How to Achieve Specialization

Choose specializations that match your business value. Consider developing specializations in a range of complementary solutions
(e.g., Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud).

The 3 steps required for each specialization are detailed below

• Step 1 – Check the specialization criteria in relevant Knowledge Zone (“Differentiate” tab)
• Step 2 – Review your progress and meet the specialization criteria (business and competency)
• Step 3 – Apply for specialization

• How to Achieve Specialization – Step by Step Guide
• Browse Specializations Catalog
• Resources for Specialized Partners
• Guide: OPN Specialization Benefits
Differentiate Your Offerings > Cloud Managed Service Provider

As part of the current industry trend toward datacenter transformation, many customers want to outsource their datacenters to public
cloud. These customers are looking for partners who can help migrate, run and manage any workload in the cloud. The Oracle Cloud
Managed Service Provider (MSP) program identifies and recognizes partners who have skills, tools and processes to build, deploy,
run, and manage Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Cloud Platform.

Participation in the Oracle Cloud MSP Program requires completion of a few steps as well as fulfillment of criteria. The steps are
described on the Overview page. Partners that are new to the Oracle Cloud MSP Program will have a “Momentum” period from the
execution date of their Oracle Cloud Manage Services Provider Amendment to the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement in order to meet
the Oracle MSP Revenue, Audit and Customer Reference criteria.

Program Activation Path

1. Meet OPN Membership & Competency Requirements

Partner must be a valid OPN member with an approved Cloud designation, and complete training and assessments outlined
in the Oracle Cloud MSP Criteria Table. See details

2. Complete Self-Assessment Technical Checklist

Submit your completed Oracle Cloud MSP Self-Assessment Technical Checklist for Oracle validation and approval.
See details

3. Execute Agreements & Begin to Transact

Execute one of the following agreements to begin transacting: Managed Services Provider Amendment to the Oracle Cloud
Services Agreement, or Managed Services Provider Schedule to the Oracle Cloud Services Addendum to the Oracle Master
Distribution Agreement. See details

4. Apply & Utilize Your Benefits

Partners may apply for the Oracle MSP Program after all criteria have been met. Once accepted into the program, refer to
the benefits table to start taking advantage of key benefits and branding available. See details

5. Complete 3rd Party Audit

Upon approval of the technical checklist and securing Cloud MSP customers, your audit with an Oracle designated 3rd party
may be scheduled. Once complete, a summary with outstanding actions will be provided, and the full audit report will be sent
to Oracle for final review and approval. See details

6. Meet Revenue, Customer Reference & Audit Criteria During Momentum Period
New Oracle Cloud Managed Service Providers will have a designated "momentum period" to complete the revenue, customer
reference and audit criteria. See details


• Brochure: Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program

• Brochure: Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Value to Customers
• Partner FAQ

Differentiate Your Offerings > Cloud Excellence Implementer

Differentiate your company in the market and gain demand advantage as an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI). Oracle Cloud
Excellence Implementer firms demonstrate their ongoing expertise and successful track record in Oracle Software as a Service Cloud
implementations, within specified geographies and Oracle Cloud Services Modules.

Recognized for providing superior customer experience through successful Oracle Cloud Services implementations, these highly skilled
OPN members receive the highest level of benefits and deep engagement with Oracle.

To be accepted into the CEI Program, a firm must be an OPN Gold level member or above and must meet the defined qualifying
competency and customer satisfaction criteria as published on the OPN Portal. Consulting firms meet the requirement to attain
Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer status for a specific cloud service module within a defined geography.

Initial CEI Program requirements include a designated project manager with a proven successful track record and a minimum number
of consultants at the cloud service module level who can deliver within the specific geography. Partners must also demonstrate a
minimum number of successful Oracle Cloud implementations completed within the previous twelve months.

Oracle is committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers during cloud implementations. Therefore, once a firm has
been accepted into the CEI Program, they must continue to meet a set of ongoing engagement skills and implementation success
criteria to retain their Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer status. Some of the recurring criteria that CEI firms must demonstrate to
remain in the program include: a specified number of Oracle consultants trained and certified in the current cloud service release, a
weekly self-assessment for all in-progress engagements, quarterly capacity and skills planning interlocks with Oracle, and a certain
number of implementations per year with excellent customer satisfaction scores, amongst other indicators.


• Brochure: Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementers

• Program FAQ
• Geography Definitions
• Oracle Cloud Service Modules

We are pleased to have you as a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

By partnering with Oracle, we aim to empower your company with significant resources to distinguish your offerings from
the competition, seize business opportunities, and increase your sales.

We truly believe the partner opportunity offered through OPN is exceptional and look forward to a successful partnership.

Thanks, and good selling!

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

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