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ACT 1 {has the define premise}

-Stuntman/person is the lead character
-He is dangerous
-First attempt is changing a lightbulb without a step ladder

ACT 2 {provides tension, presents obstacles, mirror moment, defines problem, not young
stuntman anymore, dark moment when he hurts himself}

-He gets injured by fixing the lightbulb dangerously by swinging the hammer on his nose

-when he is seen next he has a bandage on his nose

-he fixes a toilet and slips on the water leaving a bandage on his back

-he feels old after struggling to get back up

-he fixes a window outside by installing it but it is weakly attached

ACT 3 {provides closure, resolves problem,resolution}

-Realising he is too ‘old’

Finally changes the bulb with a step ladder ( the ‘correct’ way)

-By this point he is injured (multiple times)