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The DATAKOM model DKG-105 automatic Automatic engine starting and stopping
mains failure unit is a microprocessor based Gas engine support
digital unit offering all functions needed for the Automatic mains failure monitoring
automatic control of a genset. Automatic load transfer
The unit fits into a standard 72x72mm panel Automatic shutdown on fault condition
meter opening and offers a very cost effective Test mode available
and space saving solution for the basic genset Survives cranking dropouts
control. Provision for energize to stop, preheat &
In automatic mode, the unit monitors 3 choke outputs
phases of the mains voltage and controls the Mains phases voltage limits checking
automatic starting, stopping and load transfer Generator phase voltage limits checking
of the generator. Once the generator is Delayed overspeed and underspeed alarm
running, the device monitors the internal Digitally adjustable low & high mains
protections and external fault inputs. voltage limits
DKG-105 provides a full set of digitally Digitally adjustable low & high generator
adjustable timers and threshold levels. Also the voltage limits
relay configuration is programmable, enabling Digitally adjustable underspeed &
the control of various types of engines, including overspeed limits
gasoline engines. The programs may be Digitally adjustable delay for speed alarm
modified by the customer via pushbuttons on Digitally adjustable timers
the unit, and do not require an external unit. Digital display of mains & generator
The parameters displayed on the unit are: voltages
-Mains voltages L1-N, L2-N, L3-N Digital display of generator frequency
-Generator voltage L1-N Plug-in connection system for easy
-Generator frequency replacement
The unit works on both 12 Volt and 24 Volt Low cost
gensets. Small dimensions
Standard panel dimensions, (72x72mm)
OFF: Mains contactor will be energized if AC Step control: 8 bit microcontroller.
mains are present. Mains voltage: 277VAC (Ph-N)
AUTOMATIC: The unit monitors the 3 phases of Mains frequency: 50/60Hz.
the mains and will start the generator and control Power System Type: TN or TT.
the changeover of mains and generator Alternator voltage: 277V-AC (Ph-N)
contactors if a mains failure on any phase is Alternator frequency: 0-100Hz.
detected. Measurement Category: CAT II
TEST: The unit will start the generator without a DC Supply Range: 9 to 33 V-DC.
mains failure, but the load will not be transferred 4 to 33 V-DC while cranking
until a mains failure occurs. (Also called Current consumption:
EMERGENCY BACKUP mode) 60 mA-DC typical (AUTO mode, mains OK)
PROGRAM: Used to program timers and 200 mA-DC max. (Relay outputs open)
operational limits Total DC Current Output Rating: 10A-DC.
Total AC Current Output Rating: 10A-AC.
Max. Current for each Terminal: 10A-RMS.
OUTPUTS Operating temp.: -20°C (-4°F) to 70 °C (158°F).
FUEL: Positive output relay used to control the Storage temp.: -30°C (-22°F) to 80 °C (176°F).
fuel solenoid. May also be programmed for Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing.
activate to stop (10 amps @28V-DC) Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 76mm (WxHxD)
START: Positive output relay used to control the Panel cutout dimensions: 68 x 68mm minimum.
engine starter solenoid. Weight: 240 g (approx.)
(10 amps @28V-DC) Accuracy:
AUXILIARY: Positive output relay activated by Phase voltages: 2% + 1v
any alarm condition. (10 amps @28V-DC) This Generator frequency: +/- 0.5 Hz
output can also be configured to control a stop Case Material: Flame Retardant High
solenoid, as a preheat or choke output or gas Temperature ABS (UL94-V0, 110°C)
engine fuel solenoid. Conformity (EU directives)
GENERATOR CONTACTOR: Outputs the -2006/95/EC (low voltage)
alternator phase voltage to energize the generator -2004/108/EC (EMC)
contactor. (10 amps @250V-AC) Norms of reference:
MAINS CONTACTOR: Outputs the mains phase EN 61010 (safety requirements)
voltage to energize the mains contactor. EN 61326 (EMC requirements)
(10 amps @250V-AC)

LOW OIL PRESSURE SWITCH: negative closing
switch input for low oil pressure protection.
HIGH TEMP SWITCH: negative closing switch
input for engine high temperature protection.
DC SUPPLY: 12 or 24 volts DC, (+) and (-)
R-S-T: 3 phase mains voltages.
G: Generator phase voltage.
NEUTRAL: Mains and generator neutral terminal.

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