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Knots and Bits

Advanced Music and Multimedia

Alex Bogdanov is an international art professional with a unique cultural experience in three different continents.
Brought up in a classical Russian musical environment he studied in Johannesburg´s School of Arts and School of
Design and Multimedia of San Sebastian. Upon finishing his studies he co-created the design studio Tresorg. Up
to present day he had coordinated and participated in numerous festivals, exhibitions, concerts and shows acting
under different monikers: tresorg-imagenacion for visual performances and R.mut as a musician. All of these
activities have pushed him to create a new project, Knots and Bits (DJ-VJ) which became an innovative ongoing
research, combining sound art and video filling the dancefloor with hours of audio-visual fun. His musical creations
range from deep house to minimal techno and experimental cinematic sounds created from the deconstruction of
audio. Visually covering the spectrum of synthesized atmospherics to the analog techniques building new narratives.
His works have been seen in many different places like Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Prague, and Budapest to
name a few.

All the information about booking or technical requirements

can be found on the website or requesting by email.

Booking - Europe
Elena Azzedin - +34627485682
Knots and Bits
Brief artistic curriculum.

* Audio Visual session with Robert Solheim “Session Encontrada“ at “Imagina” festival Spain.
* Audio Visual performance “Apagon-Analogico“ at “REC” International Cinema festival.
* European “Fake Hype” tour with “After Many Days” band.
* 16mm short film "Working Dead"

* ”Fragments” Graffity exhibition, video-sculpture and installation - Spain
* “Crossed Wires“ exhibition of video-sculpture and installations - Spain
* “Hammelin Machine“ standalone software used for writing “live” poetry on walls by projection.
* "Hidden" sound installation involving movement detection.
* "Medusa" audio visual performance carried out for the night of museums. Cartagena
* "Concept" Audio-visual coreographic background.
* “Incomunication“ Opening night audio-visuals for Audi MedCup.

* "Spoken World" visual poetry, and music for P-Lab (Laboratory of Poetry) - Spain
* "Line, a moving point " Contemporary dance and synthesis of real-time video.
* "The spirit of the dance" Video Installation for Mudanzas Modern dance festival - Spain
* "Poetry Machine" Software for live text projection, for the initiative "Je me souviens." - Spain