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MIPL Branch Evaluation & Recommendation


Name of Party & Business place: _____________________

Expected Business / call per month: ___________________

Evaluation by Branch Sales / Service Manager

Yes /No
Sr. No Criteria (For sales & Service)
Background check of Proposed Channel Partner from Market regarding business
creditability & financial health.
2 Physical verification regarding office and residential address
3 Meet all the partners/ directors of the Channel Partner

Sr. No Criteria (For Service) out of 10
1 Technical competency / Service experience
2 Manpower availability
3 Workshop
4 Tools & equipment
5 Telephone, Computer & Internet
6 Financial strength

Validation of documentation – We have verified the documents, declaration given by Channel Partner & it is correct
to the best of my/our knowledge. The market feedback of this channel is also very positive.

Remarks if any:

Proposed by Recommended by

Branch Sales / Service Manager Regional Sales / Service

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(On Letter Head)



The Branch Manager,

Midea India Private Limited

Sub: Application for Channel Partner Enrolment.

Dear Sir,

We are glad to inform you that we, <your company name>, are interested in applying for channel partner enrolment
with Midea India Private Limited.

I have read and understood the general terms and conditions and agree to comply with the company policies.

I confirm our Office/Shop address to be:

<Office address>

And the service centres address to be:

<Your Service Centre address>

We look forward to a fulfilling partnership.

Thanking you



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(This form should be duly filled and submitted along with documents mentioned in Appendix A)

Details of Applicant:

Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________________

Address of Principle Place of business/ Registered Office: ______________________

____________________________________________________________________ Affix recent photo

City: ___________________________ State: ________________Pin: ___________

Phone: _____________________________________ Fax: _____________________

E-Mail: _____________________________ Website: ________________________

Year & Date Founded: _________________________________________________________________________

Firm’s Registration No (With Registrar of Firms) _____________________________________________________

Company Registration Number: __________________________________________________________________

(As allotted by Registrar of Companies)

Details of Company/Firm/HUF:

1) Form of Organization:

Sole Private Limited

Partnership Limited Company HUF
Proprietorship Company

2) Name & Address of Proprietor/ All Partners/All Directors/Karta (Attach brief resume and residential
address proof)

Name: __________________________________Father’s Name________________________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________Address:_____________________________________________

Ph.: _____________________________________Email: ______________________________________________

Name: __________________________________Father’s Name________________________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________Address:_____________________________________________

Ph.: _____________________________________Email: ______________________________________________

Name: __________________________________Father’s Name________________________________________

Date of Birth _____________________________Address:_____________________________________________

Ph.: _____________________________________Email: ______________________________________________

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Registration Details:

1) GST Registration
GSTIN: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________________________
GSTIN: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________________________
2) PAN ____________________________________________________________________________________
3) Service Tax Registration No. _______________________________________________________________
4) ESIC No.________________________________________________________________________________
5) PF No. __________________________________________________________________________________
6) Registration/License Number under Shops Establishment Act / Municipal Act. _____________________
Note: - All the above registration details must be completed by the dealer at the time of Application

Business Details:

1) About Current Business

Shop (Owned or Rented):______________________Residence (Owned or rented) _____________________

Description of Business:____________________________________________________________________

Area/Address of Service workshop: ___________________________________________________________

# Number of Employees:

Technician/ Engineer: _________________________ Back Office:__________________________________

Do you provide service to other brands too? If yes then mention the name of brands:


Your strategy for customer satisfaction:




Manpower Information (Attach separate list, if required as per below format)

S.No Name of Employee Profile Experience Qualification

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Equipment details

S.No Description Status(√/x)

1 Gas Charging Board
2 R-22 Gas Cylinder
3 Cylinder Stands or wall brackets
4 1 Hp Vacuum Pump, 2 stage 1 phase or 3 phase
5 Electrical Gauge ( Ampere meter, Watt Meter, Volt meter, )
6 Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Set
7 CO2 / Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, 20 Lbs. with pressure regulator
8 Portable voltmeter, Ameter Fitted on Board
9 Bench Grinder – Cum – Buffer
10 Portable electric hand drilling
11 Megger or Avometer
12 Work Trolleys For WRACS
13 Work benches
14 Bench Vice
15 Steel Almirah for spares
16 Rack for units
17 Writing desk and chair
18 Leak detector – Halide Torch
19 Fastener Plier
20 Eyelet plier
21 Water Tank 3X4X2 (Deep)
22 Electro Soldering Iron – 35W
23 Electric Test Board / Test lamp
24 Blow Lamp
25 Double ended spanner Set
26 Compound gauge ( -30 to 150 PSIG )
27 Pressure gauge
28 Flat Noses plier 6”
29 Insulated Combination plier
30 Swaging tool
31 Pinching tool

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees:

1. That the sending of this application form to the Company or the retention of a completed form by the Company
does not in any way imply the Company’s consent to appoint the applicant as its sales and service dealer;
2. That this application does not in any way obligate the Company and this application may be accepted or rejected
at its sole discretion by the Company after review.
3. That Investments of any kind made by the applicant in the expectation of the acceptance of this application are
made exclusively on the applicant’s own responsibility and do not obligate the Company in any way.
4. That this application can be signed only by the Proprietor, Partner(s), Director(s) or Karta of the applicant.
5. That by signing this application form, the applicant agrees to unconditionally abide by the General Terms and
Conditions as annexed herewith as Appendix B;
6. Any material misrepresentation, whether intentional or unintentional, in the information stated by the applicant in
this form shall be grounds, notwithstanding anything contained in the General Terms and Conditions, upon which
the Company may immediately terminate the dealership granted to the applicant;

I, ……………………….…………., Proprietor / Partner / Director of M/s. ……………………………………………..……

…………………………………………………, do hereby certify that the statements contained herein are true. I
understand that false or incomplete statements herein or in any resume or documents are grounds for rejection of
this application or termination of Dealership that may be granted by the Company at a later date. I will immediately
report to the Company any material change in the foregoing information and financial data.

Date & Stamp:

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Documents marked (*) are mandatory.

1. Memorandum of Association and Certificate of Incorporation of Company (if applicable);

2. Partnership Deed & Partnership Registration Certificate (if applicable);

3. GST Registration Certificate*

4. PAN Copy*;

5. TIN (if applicable);

6. Service Tax Registration Certificate

7. Shops & Establishment Certificate/Municipal License

8. ESIC Registration*;

9. PF Registration

10. List of Authorized Signatory with their specimen Signature/s on letterhead

11. Board resolution\Power of Attorney in favour of Authorized Signatories on letterhead

12. Proof of address of Place of Business*;

13. Proof of permanent and current residential address of Proprietor/Partner/Karta* (Electricity Bill, Water Bill,

Passport, Driving License, MTNL/BSNL bill only)

14. Application Letter on your Letter Head as per Appendix C.

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1. TERM: compensate the Dealer/Dealer’s customer for

The Dealership shall remain valid unless terminated any loss, cost or damage associated therewith.
by either party in accordance with clauses of this 6.2 The Dealer shall accept delivery of the
General Terms & Conditions. consignment(s) as and when received and shall
not refuse to accept delivery of goods or any
2. PURPOSE: instalment thereof or return any instalment
This General Terms & Conditions- already delivered on ground of delay in
2.1 Authorizes Dealer to sell and service products 6.3 The Dealer shall inspect the goods immediately
manufactured, imported or assembled by Midea on arrival and shall within 7 days from the date
India Private Limited (“Company”) viz., air- of delivery give notice to the Company of any
conditioners, water dispensers, microwave matter or thing by reason whereof the Dealer
ovens or such other products as may be may allege that the goods are not in accordance
introduced from time to time (“Products”); with the contract. If the Dealer fails to give such
2.2 States the terms under which Company and notice, the goods will be deemed, to have been
Dealer agrees to do business together; accepted and the Dealer shall not be entitled
2.3 States the responsibilities of Company and thereafter to lodge any claim against the
Dealer to each other and to customers; Company.


The Dealer is responsible for effectively selling, 7.1 Prices are based on Company’s ruling prices
servicing and or otherwise, representing Company’s and are subject to adjustment up to time of
products in the area no force and effect whatsoever, delivery and the order is, therefore, accepted on
unless otherwise specifically agreed upon in writing the clear understanding that Dealer agrees to
by the parties hereto designated in the letter of pay on demand the enhanced price as aforesaid.
appointment. The Company reserves the right to 7.2 Payments are overdue from the date of invoice
revise the Dealer’s primary sales and service area at unless agreed to the contrary in writing. Payment
its sole discretion against invoice is payable through A/c Payee
Draft / Cheque in favour of M/s. Midea India
4. NON-EXCLUSIVITY: Private Limited at Gurgaon.
7.3 If the Dealer fails to clear outstanding dues within
The Dealer is appointed on a non-exclusive basis and the due date mentioned in the invoice, then the
the Company reserves the right to appoint additional Dealer shall be liable to pay interest @ of 24%
dealer(s) in the same area for the same products. per annum on such outstanding dues from the
date of invoice till the date of actual payment.
5.1 The Dealer shall submit online PO (Service
Team to explain procedure) Dealer will sell the products in the same conditions as
5.2 Purchase order once accepted by the Company they are received from Company and shall not alter,
shall be binding on the Dealer. remove or in any other way tamper with any of the
5.3 Any purchase order, or other selling or trader’s mark or any marks / numbers on the
purchasing form used in connection with the sale products.
and purchase of products or spare parts, shall be
subject to the provisions of this General Terms 9. AFTER SALES SERVICE:
and Conditions, and any terms thereof which are
inconsistent with the provisions of this General 9.1 Dealer agrees to maximize customer satisfaction
Terms and Conditions, shall be null and void and by providing courteous, convenient, prompt,
shall have no force and effect whatsoever, efficient and quality service to owners of
unless otherwise specifically agreed upon in Company products. All service will be performed
writing by the parties hereto. and administered in a professional manner and
in accordance with all applicable laws and
6. DELIVERY/DISPATCH: regulations, this Dealership, and the Service
Policies and Procedures Manual of the
6.1 Order will be accepted by the Company subject Company, as amended from time to time.
to availability of stocks. Should there be a delay
in delivery of the product for any reasons 9.2 Dealer shall maintain proper stock of spare parts
whatsoever, the Company will not be liable to and have adequate number of trained personnel

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to service Company products and/or satisfy and loss/damage (direct, indirect or consequential)
resolve customer queries and complaints. caused to Company, due to any unlawful activity
9.3 To build and maintain consumer confidence and of the Dealer and/or its personnel, then without
satisfaction, Dealer will comply with Company prejudice to any rights and remedies available to
procedures for investigation and resolution of Company under any Law, the Dealer shall be
product-related customer complaints. liable to make good such loss/damage.
9.4 During warranty period, the Dealer shall be liable 10.7 The Dealer shall perform all its obligations and
to extend free service to the customers. In the Services, as per the directions enumerated
consideration for such free service to customers, herein and in accordance with such directions
the Company shall pay commission as may be issued by Company, from time to time.
communicated by the Company from time to 10.8 The Dealer shall at all times maintain a proper
time. However, after the expiry of the warranty record of name and address of each purchaser
period, the Dealer can charge the customers for of the product, date of purchase, serial number
the services rendered as per the rates fixed by of equipment, amount received from the
the Company from time to time. customer, amount due and payable to Company,
9.5 Replacement of defective parts/components amount paid to Company, all the data pertaining
during warranty period will be free of cost. to third party sales; and data pertaining to
Beyond warranty period, the Dealer can procure statutory forms collections and outstanding.
fresh parts/components from Company on
chargeable basis and charge the customer 11. NATURE OF RELATIONSHIP:
9.6 Company shall give free training to Dealer’s Nothing in this General Terms and Conditions shall
service engineers for a period of four weeks. create or deemed to create the relationship of
Expenses relating to travel, boarding and principal-agent, master-servant, employer- employee
lodging will be borne by the Dealer. or any other similar relationship between Company
and the Dealer or any personnel of the Dealer. In
10. OBLIGATIONS OF DEALER case of an accident of any Personnel of the Dealer
while on duty, such Personnel shall be deemed to be
10.1 The Dealer shall be responsible for providing its on duty of the Dealer and Company shall not be liable
personnel with adequate equipment and or responsible in any manner nor be liable to pay any
training, so as to enable them to provide effective monetary compensation in the event of death, or any
Services. disability whether temporary or permanent, in the
10.2 The Dealer shall be responsible and liable for event of any injury sustained by the Personnel of the
compliance with all statutory obligations in Dealer during performance of their functions or
respect of each of its personnel, deputed for the rendering Services under this General Terms and
purposes of servicing Company products and for Conditions.
any other purposes falling within the ambit of this
General Terms and Conditions. 12. PROPRIETARY OR CONFIDENTIAL
10.3 The Dealer shall comply with all applicable INFORMATION:
laws/rules/guidelines etc. The Dealer shall also
ensure that all such personnel of the Dealer are The Dealer shall not, at any time after execution of
in proper uniform and display their identity cards this dealership, divulge any information in relation to
at all times while dealing with the customers in the Company’s affairs or business and other records
any manner. furnished by the Company to the Dealer for its use
10.4 The Dealer shall maintain all requisite records, which will always be kept confidential by the Dealer
registers, account books etc. which are at all times and shall be returned to the Company
obligatory under applicable law in connection upon termination or earlier determination of the
with the sales and service of Company products. Dealership. Dealer shall ensure that such information
10.5 The Dealer shall be solely responsible for the is adequately protected and is not subjected to
acts/omissions of its personnel. It shall be misuse and is not available to any third party without
responsibility of the Dealer to ensure that- Company’s explicit permission in writing.
i. Its personnel are at all times, at their best
behaviour and adhere to the policies and
procedures of Company;
ii. The personnel wear proper uniforms and 13. WARRANTY:
carry valid identity cards, both of which shall
be issued by the Dealer; Company makes no representations or warranties,
iii. The personnel do not have any past police expressed or implied, with respect to the Products or
record. parts to be sold except as provided in its terms and
10.6 The Dealer shall ensure that its personnel do not conditions of sale and in Company's standard printed
indulge in unlawful activities. In case of any warranty certificates. The Dealer shall adhere to

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Company's written policies as issued from time to immediately at its sole discretion without judicial
time relating to product warranties and service and to resolution by written notice to the Dealer without
Company's rules for returning any Product or part for prejudice to any other remedies that may be
repair or service. The Dealer agrees to indemnify, available to Company.
defend and hold harmless Company to the extent the
Dealer offers any additional warranty or makes 16. INDEMNITY:
statements or representations that create any liability
beyond Company's Limited Warranty. The Dealer The Dealer shall defend, indemnify and hold
hereby acknowledges that the Dealer is in receipt of harmless Company from and against any and all
current policy on warranty obligation and the said liabilities, obligations, claims, demands, causes of
policy forms part and parcel of this General Terms action, expenses, damages, losses including special,
and Conditions. incidental or consequential damages or losses, fines,
judgments, settlements and penalties, including,
14. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: without limitation, costs, expenses and attorneys'
fees incident thereto, arising out of, based upon, or
Dealers will have no right in trade mark or trade occasioned by or in connection with:
names of the Company or any of its affiliates,
subsidiary or group companies and shall not use such 16.1 violation of any laws or any negligence, gross
trademarks except as approved by Company. negligence or wilful misconduct by the Dealer;
16.2 a breach of this General Terms and Conditions
OF ETHICS: 16.3 damages or losses to persons or property, injury
to persons including death, or any liability arising
15.1 The Dealer acknowledges that the Company has out of any contract or written guarantees by the
granted this Dealership in good faith and in full dealer, arising from the purchase, use, sale,
reliance upon the representations made by the installation and commissioning (wherever
Dealer more particularly the representation that applicable and carried out by the Dealer) or
it is not named in any of the watch lists issued by services by dealer of Company Products and
the various countries around the world and that parts furnished by Company;
the Dealer has no commercial dealings, 16.4 any claims by government regulators or
relations, contracts or interests in any of the agencies for fines, penalties, sanctions,
Prohibited Countries viz., Sudan, Cuba, Iran, underpayments or other remedies to the extent
North Korea & Syria. In case these such fines, penalties, sanctions, underpayments
representations are found to be breached, or other remedies relate to Dealer’s failure to
Company shall have the right to immediately perform its responsibilities under this General
terminate the Dealership with no further liabilities Terms and Conditions;
or obligations on the Agreement. 16.5 Liability of any nature including tax liability.
15.2 The Dealer hereby agrees to unconditionally
adhere to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of 17. TERMINATION OF DEALERSHIP:
Company which is annexed herewith as
Annexure 1. By accepting this General Terms 17.1 Either party shall be free to terminate the
and Conditions, the Dealer agrees to render the Dealership without assigning any reason, by
Services as contemplated herein in a manner serving a written notice of 30 days on the other
consistent with both Law and good business Party.
ethics. 17.2 Company shall have the right, to terminate the
15.3 The Dealer warrants that it shall not give nor Dealership forthwith in any of the following
promise to give any sum of money, gift or any events :-
material favour or consideration to any official or i. If the Dealer defaults in making timely
employee of Company for the purpose of payments, commits a breach of the
winning the award of this Dealership. confidentiality clause and the intellectual
15.4 In case any employee of Company demands any property clause.
bribe/kickback in kind or cash, or indulges in any ii. If the Dealer becomes bankrupt or insolvent.
other unethical conduct, the Dealer shall 17.3 Upon termination, howsoever occasioned, the
immediately inform Company BPO at Dealer shall, at the request of Company return to it, without cost, all information or records
15.5 The failure of the Dealer to abide by the requested by the Company relating to the
provisions of this clause on Ethics shall be business of the Dealer for the products of the
deemed an incurable material breach of this Company. The Dealer shall also forthwith cease
General Terms and Conditions. Company may, to represent the Company in any manner
in such case, notwithstanding any other clause whatsoever whether in its advertisements or
or provision, terminate the Dealership otherwise. Upon such termination, the Dealer

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shall forthwith make the payment of all
outstanding dues to the Company as per the
statement of account forwarded to it by the
17.4 The termination of the Dealership shall not
discharge, affect or otherwise modify the rights
and obligations of the parties established or
incurred prior to the termination thereof.


18.1 All disputes between the Parties shall be decided

by way of Arbitration in accordance with the
Provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
18.2 The arbitration proceeding shall be held at
Gurgaon in English language and the arbitral
award shall be final and binding upon the


19.1 Force Majeure. Neither Party shall be liable for

any failure or delay in its performance due to
circumstances beyond its reasonable control,
provided that it notifies the other party as soon
as practicable and uses its best efforts to resume

19.2 Jurisdiction. This General Terms and

Conditions shall be governed and construed by
and in accordance with the laws of India and
subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts
of Gurgaon.

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This Code sets forth minimum workplace standards and business practices that are expected of any Supplier (service provider,
consultants, contractor or vendor) doing business with us, consistent with our company’s values.

The Code contains general requirements applicable to all Suppliers of Midea India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as
‘MIPL’). Particular Supplier contracts may contain more specific provisions addressing some of these same issues. Nothing in this
Code is meant to supersede any more specific provision in a particular contract, and to the extent there is any inconsistency
between this Code and any other provision of a particular contract, the other provision will prevail.

Conflict of interests: The employees and the Suppliers of MIPL should not have any personal or financial relation whether direct
or indirect amongst them that might conflict or appear to conflict with the employee’s or Supplier’s obligation to act in the best
interests of MIPL. Conflict of interest situations may arise in many ways. Any situation that creates, or could reasonably appear to
create, a conflict of interest should be avoided and disclosed by both the employees and Suppliers to MIPL.

Bribes: MIPL is committed to complying with anti-corruption laws that prohibit bribes, kickbacks, or other corrupt actions to obtain
or retain business or obtain any improper advantage. All Suppliers are expected to comply with applicable anti-corruption laws
while conducting business on behalf of MIPL. Suppliers are prohibited from directly or indirectly giving any form of bribe, kickback,
or other corrupt payment, to any employee of MIPL or any Govt. official. In case any MIPL employee seeks any bribe or improper
benefit, Suppliers are required to report the same to MIPL Business Practice Officer at the email ID given below.

Gifts and Entertainment: Employees of MIPL are prohibited from accepting gifts from suppliers. Therefore, Suppliers are required
to desist from giving any gift or anything of value to any MIPL employee.

Confidential information: Proper management and protection of confidential information is critical to the success of both MIPL and
Suppliers. MIPL respects and protects the confidential information of its Suppliers and expects the same from its Suppliers.
Confidential Information includes all information of which unauthorized disclosure could be detrimental to the interests of MIPL
whether or not such information is identified as Confidential Information. For example employee data, customer and supplier
identities and characteristics, agreements, marketing knowledge and information, sales figures, pricing information, marketing
plans and business plans, strategies, forecasts, financial information, budgets, software, projections, quality control and
manufacturing procedures, processes, formulas, trade secrets, innovations, inventions, discoveries, improvements, research or
development and test results, specifications, data, know-how, formats, plans, sketches, specifications, drawings, models and any
other information which by its nature is clearly confidential.

Accuracy of Business and Financial Records: MIPL relies on accurate information and reliable records to make responsible
business decisions. MIPL requires its Suppliers to likewise engage in honest and accurate recording, reporting and retention of
all financial and business records. Supplier shall make and keep books and records that accurately reflect the Supplier’s
transactions and dispositions with the Company. Supplier must record and report facts accurately, honestly and objectively.
Supplier shall not hide, fail to record, or make false entries. All financial books and records must conform to generally accepted
accounting principles.

Compliance Monitoring: The Supplier will allow MIPL and/or any of its representatives or agent’s access to its facilities and all
relevant records associated with the products and services provided to MIPL. The Supplier and MIPL will establish a mutually
agreeable date and time for access. However, risks to MI’s business may require immediate access to the products, services and
associated records and Supplier will accommodate MI’s access as required. Supplier also agrees to cooperate with MIPL to
investigate any allegations of wrongdoing, misconduct or corruption.

Application to Sub-Contractors: This Code also applies to the sub-contractor(s) to the Supplier, if any. The Code shall be cascaded
down to all sub-tier subcontractors. The Supplier is fully responsible for ensuring compliance by any such sub-contractor(s) as if
it were the Supplier itself.

Reporting potential misconduct: If a Supplier experiences or observes any unethical, illegal or otherwise improper business
conduct by a MIPL employee or anyone acting on behalf of MI, he should immediately report the matter to MIPL Business Practice
Officer at The Supplier’s identity shall be kept completely confidential and his relation with MIPL will not be
affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.

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(On Dealer’s Letter Head)

To Date:

Midea India Private Limited


Dear Sirs,

Sub: Declaration under Channel Partner Appointment

I / We hereby declare following with regard to our application for Channel Partner Code opening with Midea
India Private Limited

a) ESI No.: ………………………………………………………………/ Not Applicable

b) PF No .: ………………………………………………………………/ Not Applicable

c) Shops & Establishment Certificate*/Municipal License…………….. / Not Applicable

d) Details of our Sister concern already enrolled with Midea / Any Other Brand:

 ………………………………………………………………………..

e) Details of MIPL Staff / MIPL Staff’s relative directly or indirectly working with us in our company
business: -

 ………………………………………………………………………..

f) Our cheque signing authorities are:-

 Name :
 Designation
 Name :
 Designation:

g) Our Email ID for correspondence: - …………………………………………………………..

I / We further confirm whenever these confirmed details as above undergo any changes or become applicable,
I / We’ll immediately confirm in writing to Midea India Private Limited.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


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