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"Natural" Marriage -> for the perpetuation and stabilization of our society

-> biological facts of nature.

Compelling Reason for narrow definition^

Promote ("Natural Marriage"),
1. Creates children.
Encourages adequate replacement birth rate, productive young people to
contribute to society & provide security for the elderly.
2. Best raises children.
Children from nat mrg homes are 6 times less likely to commit suicide,
half as likely to become pregnant out of wedlock, and less likely to
drop out of HS.
3. Protects women.
who often give up or postpone their careers to have children from being
abandoned and harmed economically by uncommitted men.
4. Civilizes men.
Married men more likely employed, cause fewer crimes, less likely to to
be in jail. How often do married men roam the streets in gangs?
5. Lowers crime, poverty, and welfare - which reduces government spending and
Nat mrg. children homes 7 times less likely to live in poverty, 1/2
likely to commit crime, stronger academically and socially. Also healthier
physically and emotionally when they reach adulthood.

Same Sex Marriage

No benefits for society as a whole. It hurts us.
- changes purpose of the civil institution of marriage.
- centers on bringing up the next generation on raising children to become
good citizens.
- merely validates sex partners

Doesn't every child deserve a mom and dad?

What about natural marriages that DON'T create children?

Wherever same sex marriage is promoted

- schools subject your mandatory homosexual curricula.
- Your business and taxes fund homosexual relationships.
- Freedom of speech is gagged
- Religious Freedom is overruled

Permit (most relationships), Prohibit (Incest and Pedophilia)

What about Equality?

- Law already treats everyone equally.
Every citizen can marry someone of the opposite sex.

Is it fair?
Yes. Law treats all people the same, doesn't treat all behaviors the

No. This discriminates against behaviors.
What about tolerance?
"Same sex advocates need to be more tolerant."

Homosexual already tolerated (permitted). Can commit themselves to each other

until death do them part without government endorsement.

Only union of one man and one woman should be promoted because it alone is
the foundation of a civilized society.

"Natural marriage", defined as "by which a man and a woman establish between
themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to
the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring" is a very
dubious term as it is a Catholic one. The issue at hand is civil marriage. Right
off the bat, the video misses the point entirely.

Even if we were to humor that the video mistakenly replaced "natural marriage" for
civil marriage which is the relevant issue,
1. Children will be created regardless of the existence of marriage. That's
just biology. There is nothing to suggest that the invention of marriage has
increased birth rates.
2. The claim that it best raises children is not scientifically sound.