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Grades 1 to 12 School DIVISION OF CITY SCHOOLS - MAKATI Grade Level 12

Teaching Dates and Time TH (7:20 – 8:20) June 16, 2020 Quarter THIRD QUARTER

The learner...
A. Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of fitness and exercise in optimizing one’s health as a habit; as requisite for physical activity
assessment performance, and as a career opportunity.
The learner...
B. Performance Standards Leads fitness events with proficiency and confidence resulting in independent pursuit and in influencing others positively

C. Learning Competencies/ At the end of the period students are expected to;
Objectives 1. Relates health behaviors (eating habits, sleep and stress management) to health risks factors and physical activity assessment
Write the LC code for each performance
2. Recognizes the symptoms of excessive stress
3. Learn a few relaxation techniques to help lessen the stress
4. Participate in the discussion /activities

II. CONTENT Stress Management


A. References CG HOPE 4 , Wellness worksheets 12th Edition

1. Teacher’s Guide pages none
2. Learner’s Materials pages none
3. Textbook pages 34
4. Additional Materials from Journals and magazines
Learning Resource (LR) portal
B. Other Learning Resources Cardboards, marker,speaker,spotify

A. Reviewing previous lesson or Give 5 phrases where in you can say that you are achieving healthy self-esteem.
presenting the new lesson Examples:
I’m easy to like.
I’m pretty sure of myself.
My family and I have a lot of fun together
I’m a lot of fun to be with.
I’m doing the best work I can

B. Establishing a purpose for the On a ¼ sheet of paper, answer yes or no on the following questions.
lesson 1. Are you easily startled or irritated?
2. Are you increasingly forgetful?
3. Do you have trouble falling or staying sleep?
4. Do you continually worry about events in your future?
5. Do you feel as if you are constantly under the pressure to produce?
6. Do you use cigarette or alcohol to help you relax?
7. Do you often feel as if you have less energy than you need to finish the day?
8. Are you often disappointed in yourself or others?
9. Do you have recurrent stomachaches or headaches?
10. Are you concerned that you do not have enough money?

C. Presenting examples/instances Experiencing some of the stress-related symptoms or answering “yes” to a few questions is normal. However, if you experience
of the new lesson many stress symptoms or you answered “yes” to majority of the questions, you are likely experiencing the high level of stress. Take
time out to develop to develop effective stress-management techniques.
D. Discussing new concepts and Symptoms of Excess Stress
practicing new skills #1 1. Physical Symptoms
2. Emotional Symptoms
3. Behavioral Symptoms

Class will be divided into 3 groups; they will be given a marker and cardboard and list the possible symptoms and present
it to class.

E. Discussing new concepts and Major Life events and stress.

practicing new skills #2 What are your experiences over the past years wherein there has been a possible health impact of the various recent events or
changes in your life?
Home and Family
Personal and Social
5mins to be discussed by group. One event per group.
F. Developing mastery (leads to Lecture and Discussion about lesson.
Formative Assessment 3) - Interaction and changing of ideas of students – teacher; teacher – students; students – students.

Group Discussion

G. Finding practical applications Relaxation techniques can counteract the effects of chronic stress and can be used in stressful situations to help bring the body
of concepts and skills in daily back to its normal level of functioning.
living *Progressive muscle relaxation

H. Making generalizations and Answer the following questions:

abstractions about the lesson 1. What recreational activities can you suggest which will help lessening stress?
2. How will it help you cope up with stress?

I. Evaluating learning Get ¼ sheet of paper:

Short Quiz (10 numbers)
Identify the symptoms of stress on the following phrases, choose from physical, emotional, and behavioral stress.
1. Pounding heart – Physical
2. Depression -Emotional
3. Grinding of teeth -Physical
4. Crying – Behavioral
5. Problems communicating – Behavioral
6. Irritability – Emotional
7. Headaches – Physical
8. Social Isolation – Behavioral
9. Fatigue – Emotional Symptoms
10. Headaches – Physical

J. Additional activities for

application or remediation

-Lesson will validate by the teacher if need to reteach or proceeds to the next lesson.


A. No. of learners who earned

80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
C. Did the remedial lessons work?
No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson
D. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did this work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?

Presented by:
Marlyvic Suavillo
HOPE Teacher

Mrs. Gizelle Laud
Asst. Principal
Makati High School