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Friday 3rd of December,
9am to 12.00 noon
Otamatea Christian School is a Private School nestled behind the Congregational Church
overlooking the beautiful rural community of Maungaturoto.

Our school provides a solid foundational Christian Education. The Year 13, Accelerated
Christian Education Certificate (A.C.E) is recognised by universities and higher learning in-
stitutes throughout New Zealand.

At Otamatea Christian School our desire is to build in students a life-long burning passion to
learn and grow spiritually. It is one thing to want children to be successful and quite another
to provide the academic and character training to ensure this accomplishment.

Our unique program consists of a mastery-based curriculum and materials that are phonics
based, self-instructional, character building and individually prescribed.

Whether the student is a high achiever, a moderately paced learner, or a slow learner, the
A.C.E. educational process begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. Indi-
vidualised programs of study make it possible for each student to master the subject matter
before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built.

We offer a Free Diagnosis and Prescription:

Is your child really mastering basic Math, English and Spelling skills? Could there be learn-
ing gaps that have not been identified? Successful completion of this diagnostic indicates
readiness for high school. Please phone the school to make an appointment for this diagnos-

Scholarships: These will be available to apply for in 2011.

We would welcome your visit on our open day or any enquiries you may have about the
school. Should you wish to arrange an alternative day to visit so that you can see our school
in action please do not hesitate to phone me on 4318-487.

Lynette Bell
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Maungaturoto Ambulance Station 1990, and had the great honour of becoming Commander of the
Phone 09 4318 403 Order of St John in 2000.
Contacts: Stephen Rosser, Maungaturoto Station Team
Manager, Trevor has been a most valued and respected member of the
Leigh Knightbridge, Assistant Team Manager Maungaturoto Station. To each of the station volunteers Trevor
has been both friend and mentor. He is a very dedicated man
Training Tuesday 7.30pm (during school term) who through his caring nature has provided thousands of hours of
service helping his community. He has done it quietly and will-
Callouts ingly with no thought of personal recognition. Trevor is a man of
We attended 63 call outs in October, which was down from 70 in principle, an honourable man and one who has gained wide re-
the previous October. 38 of these were medical calls, and 25 spect from those he has come in contact with.
were accidents. Once again, Mangawhai now being a transport-
ing station has impacted on our monthly figures. Being an Ambulance Officer is only one of Trevor’s outstanding
talents. He is well known around town for his baking skills. He
has been entering the local Paparoa A&P show for over 40 years,
entering his Limousin Stud cattle then moving to vegetables,
flowers and more recently adding preserves. During all this time
he was also on ambulance duty.

Trevor hosts the local 500 card club weekly in his home and fre-
quently supplies his famous cream cakes for supper. People of-
ten phone Trevor for advice when they are unsure what to do
with unwell family members. Trevor also joined the local bowl-
ing club and is still actively involved; he was recently given the
honour of being made a Life Member. He has been presented
with many local community awards, and a prestigious overseas
award, the Dix Penning Award for his contribution to Calla Lily

We would also like to pay special tribute and thank you to

Trevor’s late wife Yvonne, and his children Karen and Kevin for
their loyalty, support and dedication to both Trevor and the
Maungaturoto St John.
We all wish you well on your well earned retirement, and con-
gratulations on 55 years of dedicated service. Trevor has been
made a Life Member of Maungaturoto St John.

Trevor Brljevich’s Retirement Congratulations to Donna Vincent, who has recently completed
her National Diploma and is now a fully qualified Ambulance
On October 23rd, 120 people gathered at Maungaturoto Ambu- Officer. Donna has shown huge commitment to complete this
lance Station to celebrate Trevor Brljevich’s after being involved in a serious car accident 12 months ago and
outstanding contribution to our station. having to take 6 months off. Well done Donna, you are a very
valued member of our team.
Trevor was one of the original 13 foundation members that
formed the station in 1955, and has given 55 years service to the IMPORTANT NOTICE - Public Events
community in his capacity as an Ambulance Officer. Due to OSH and insurance regulations, our Public Events now
have to be logged on to the National Events Management Sys-
Trevor has seen many changes over the years, from when the tem. This means anyone requiring Ambulance or First Aid atten-
calls were put through the manual exchange and were responded dance at an event,
in in a Ford 500, to today’s highly technical equipment. must book this at least two weeks prior to the event (preferably
sooner than this). This can be done through Stephen at the sta-
Trevor has held many positions during these years. He became a tion, or our events coordinator Len Dunn on 4318 810.
Sergeant in 1956, Divisional Officer in 1970, and Divisional Su-
perintendent from 1980 to 1993. He gained his Instructors Cer- Open Day
tificate in 1985, and the list goes on. Trevor still holds the posi- On Saturday 4th December we are holding an open day, aimed at
tion of Chairman on the Otamatea Area Committee our new youth cadet division. The station will be open from
1pm, come along and see what it is all about!
Trevor was awarded Serving Brother in 1983, officer Brother in
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Phone Bus: 431 8545

After Hours: 431 8547
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Hurndall Wedding Gown acquired by the bride in her finery and this will then accompany the gown
any time it is exhibited.
The Kauri Museum
-Dennise Brownlie
Maungaturoto Opportunity Shop
Christmas Holiday Hours
Mondays 10am - 1pm
Wednesdays 10am - 3pm
Fridays 11am - 3pm
Closed from Wednesday December 27
to Monday January 10
Merry Christmas


The end of November again and the last newsletter of the calen-
dar year. Times flies, it doesn’t seem long since I was saying the
same words last year.

After a few early hiccups the renewal of the front green appears
to be coming along well. The contractors are confident it will be
equally as good as the other one.

The ladies have been holding a series of their championships and

competitions. The first one was the Handicap Singles won by
Helen Nevill from Shirley Bird.

The Championship Pairs was won by Helen Nevill and Naira

Vaney from Shirley Bird and Judith Broome.
The Championship Triples were drawn teams with Naira Vaney,
Helen Nevill and Valda Mann winning from Beryl McKay, Ju-
dith Broome and Carolyn Van Pelt.

The Championship Singles was won by Helen Nevill from Naira


The Kauri Museum has a new acquisition which will be of The men haven’t played any more local events, but the Club has
particular interest to Maungaturoto people. It is the wedding been well represented at various tournaments and Centre events.
gown of Miss Annie Hurndall of Maungaturoto who married The Sevens team is lying second in its section going into the
Willian Rew in Auckland in 1904. final rounds on December 4th.

The gown is exquisitely made from cream silk. The skirt has a Several members played in various events at the New Zealand
waistline of 22 inches (56cm). The top is attached to the skirt Open in Auckland with Kevin Robinson fairing best in getting
with hooks. It consists of three layers and has ‘leg o’ mutton’ well through the early rounds of the singles.
sleeves, so named because they resemble a leg of mutton, with a At Labour Weekend the Dargaville Bowling Club held its cen-
tenary celebrations which were a great success. This is some-
large gathered top part attached to a tight fitting lower sleeve to
the wrist. The whole ensemble has inset lace and is also heavily thing we have to look forward to in four years’ time, so if any-
pin-tucked and shirred. body has photos, old memorabilia, newspaper clippings, etc, we
would love to hear from you.
Annie’s grand-daughters, Helen Ritson and Barbara Hope-Cross That’s about all for now so the Club would like to wish all its
donated the gown. members and supporters
They were thrilled to see the textile department at the Museum PEROUS NEW YEAR.
and left with the assurance of Registrar, Dennise Brownlie, that ***
the gown will be stored in temperature controlled, archivally FOR SALE
The Kauri Museum hopes to get a photograph from the family of PHONE ALBIE 431 8148
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We specialise in….
∗ Grading Driveways, Entranceways
CARPET & VINYL & Tanker Tracks
Preparing & Tar Sealing
Driveways, Entranceways,
Car Parks & Subdivisions
∗ Hot-mix Repairs,
Section Clearing,
Trevor Dempsey Cutting House Sites
& General Earthworks
Ph/Fax (09) 431-8888
Mob (027) 283-8039 For any enquires please contact
Richard Van Pelt
Mobile 027 452 8515 or
After hours phone 09 431 6094


• Design
• Plans
• Decks
• Additions
• Alterations
• New homes
30 years experience
New Housing
Quality workmanship
Farm Buildings
Concrete work Phone Tony
(09) 431 6964 or
Mobile 021 0566 076
Phone/Fax 09 431 6338 027 477 5340
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Community Trust Annual Public


Each year the Community Charitable Trust holds

a meeting to report to the community.

The Trust , over the last 20 or so years has developed

the Medical Centre , built the rest home, Taken over
the 13 unit retirement village , Built 8 OYO units and
established the money exchange. Over the last 12
months a new house was built which has been ex-
changed for the adjoining Anglican vicarage, this will
enable the Rest home to expand at some future time .

There are 12 trustees who meet regularly, a manager

is employed to run the Rest Home and village, Coast
to Coast Health , DHB Health Nurses , and the
physiotherapist rent the Medical centre from the
Trust, A teller is employed to operate the Money Ex-
change 3 days per week

Vacancies in the village occur from time to time, it is

essential that, anyone contemplating the purchase of
an OYO unit or a rental, should have make their
desires known to the Rest Home manager.
A name on the waiting list will ensure contact is made
Plans and costings are presently being prepared to
build another 6 own your own units within the c
omplex .

Details will be on view at the meeting that will be held

St John Hall Thursday 9th Dec at 7.30 pm

There are major changes happening with the amalga-

mation of PHO’s (they distribute funds for primary
health care) We will have an update of current situa-
tion and direction and also reports from the medical

Residents are encouraged to come along to support

this worthwhile community project, we welcome your
interest and constructive critique.

Don McKay
(Chairman of Trustees)
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If it’s concrete we do it
Full preparation and pour by RENTAL SCHEMES
experienced local team
Infant, Child & Booster Seats Available
Long or short term hire
Subfloors Sheds Driveways Patios We also have for purchase Child Harnesses,
Cowpads Locking Clips and Ext. Straps
For rental details Ph Karlene Storey
Also retainer walls and fences (09) 431 8890
Brand New Infant Seats Now Available for hire
1.6 Ton Digger Available & Light COFFEE/PLAYGROUP
Truck 1st Thursday of the Month
At the Plunket Rooms on Hurndall St in
Phil Keen Contractors Maungaturoto From 10am to Midday.
Please come along for a coffee and meet
other parents and caregivers.
027 659 2376 Toys and books are available for the children.

For further details Ph Jennifer (09) 431 6343

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Shop Open 7 a.m.—6 pm Weekdays
8 a.m.—5 p.m. Weekends and Public Holidays
Every car/ute Warrant of Fitness check for the months of
October and November 2010 will go in the draw to win a
full size mountain bike for Christmas!
Drawn December 1st

Workshop open for car and trailer WOF’s and all car, 4 x 4 and
Light Commercial servicing and repairs
We now have a scan tool for most vehicles, 1998 onwards to help
diagnose engine, ABS and airbag faults

24Hr breakdown and accident line

021 659 379
Phone 431 8174