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AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD Hexagon Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screws (Metric Series) ASME/ANSI B18.3.5M-1986 REAFFIRMED 1993 {FOR CURRENT COMMITTEE PERSONNEL PLEASE SEE ASME MANUAL AS-11 REAFFIRMED 2008 FOR CURRENT COMMITTEE PERSONNEL PLEASE E-MAIL SPONSORED AND PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS United Engineering Center 345 East 47th Street New York, N. Y.10017 Date of tmuance: Februsy 28, 1987 ‘This Standard will be revised when the Society approves the issuance of a new edition. There will be no addenda or written interpretations of the requirements of this Standard issued to this Edition. {any such patent rights, andthe isk of infingement of such rights. is entirely thir own responsibilty. Participation by federal agency representativels) or persons) atfiiated with industry isnot to be Interpreted as government or industry endorsement of this code or standard. 'ASME accepts responsibilty for only those interpretations isued in accordance with governing [ASME procedures and policies which preclude the iswuance of interpretations by individual ‘volunters. No art ofthis document may be reproduced in any form, in an electronic ratieval system or otherwise \witnout the prior written permission ofthe publisher. Copyright © 1987 by ‘THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Printed in USA FOREWORD (Tis Foreword is ot part of ASME/ANS! B18.3.5M-1986.) American National Standards Committee B18 for the standardization of bolts, screws, nuts, rivets, and similar fasteners was organized in March 1922 as Sectional Committee BIS, under the aegis of the American Engincering Standards Committee (later the American Standards Association, then the United States of America Standards Institute and, as of ‘October 6, 1969, the American National Standards Institute) with the Society of Automo- tive Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as joint sponsors. Subcommittee 9 was established in April of 1929 10 undertake development and oversee maintenance of standards covering socket head cap screws and set screws. In line with agen. ‘ral realignment of the subcommittee structure on April 1, 1966, Subcommittee 9 was redes- nated Subcommittee 3. Over the intervening years this activity has produced several ver sions of American National Standards covering inch series socket cap, shoulder, and set serews bearing the BI8.3 designation. At the December 4, 1974 meeting of American National Standards Committee B18, Sub- commitice 3 was assigned the task of preparing standards for metric series socket screw products paralleling that contained inthe latest ANSI B18.3 document. The Subcommittee \was also instructed to continue coordination with the International Standards Organiza- tion, ISO Technical Committee 2, and Working Group 3 under 1 tent possible, keep the proposals for metric standards under development in conformance with agreements reached therein. ‘Subsequent meetings of Subcommittee 3 held in February 1975 and January 1976 re- sulted in general agreement on the following basic principles to be considered in developing the metric version of the standard. (a) Toassure consumers continuity of performance integrity consistent with inch socket screw products, the metric standards should maintain the same quality levels as their inch counterparts. (b) To facilitate and expedite the processing, acceptance, and adoption of the metric ver- sions, proposals for the various product categories should be prepared as separate and com- plete product standards. (©) To promote understanding and assimilation during the transition t0 metric, the di- ‘mensional symbols, designations, terminology, and basic formats of the metric standards should be kept similar 10 those used in the ANSI B18.3 document There sno present or proposed ISO document for hexagon socket flat countersunk head cap serews, and the work in ISO/TC2/WG3is proceeding slowly. Three different proposals have been submitted to WG3 for consideration and a draft document com! features of these proposals was circulated to the industry and many users. At the Subcom= ‘mittee meeting of May 1982, it was voted to submit this draft, as modified, as a proposed standard. It is noted that these screws are functionally interchangeable with those recently adopted by the United Kingdom as BSI 4168-1982, with the exception of the class of thread fit, with the U.S. document specifying class 4g6q in line with past practice. ‘The document was modified to suit the ASME/ANSI format and was submitted for letter ballot vote to ASME Committee B18 and for public review. It was granted recognition as an ‘American National Standard on April 8, 1983. AA periodic review of the standard, undertaken by the Subcommittee in 1985, resulted in agreement that the document should be revised to add corrosion-resistant steel and to incorporate by reference ASTM documents for the appropriate mechanical, chemical, and testing requirements for the hexagon socket flat countersunk head cap screw products. A proposal containing these changes, as well as editorial corrections, was prepared and bal- loted by leter ballot to ASME Committee B18. Following approval by ASME, the proposal ‘was submitted to the American National Standards Institute and designated an American ‘National Standard on September 25, 1986. ASME STANDARDS COMMITTEE B18 ‘Standardization of Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, Washers, and Similar Fasteners (te eto ha i of Camm ane to aperovat Stndard) OFFICERS Wn Ver can ‘kw tea, Secrary 0. tment, TRW Coens Tap 8 i, Gren Mascot [NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION 8 tvy Scot, We York 7. Wanna Woningraue Date Cop. Rabu, Prmayana NATIONAL FASTENERS OS TRBUTORS ASSOCATION ‘TUBULAR & MACHINE INSTITUTE ‘RM. Byme, Trade Association Management inc., Tarrytown, New York 4.6. Zorataky, Nationa vet & Manufacturer Co, Waupun, Wisconsin, U.S, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ‘ME. Tayler, U.S. Army Armament, Munitions & Chemical Command, Dover, New Jersey Long. A/temate, U.S. Tank Command, Warren. Michigan [A.Herskovte, Altemate, U8. Army Armament, Munitions & Chemical Command, Dover, New Jersey U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE {E Schwart. Defense Industiel Supply Center Philadelphia. Pennayivania [L Pleinch, iterate, Detense Indust! Supply Center, Phladelph, Pennsylvania INDIVIOUAL MEMBERS 'A.R. Brood, Lakewood, Ohio R.A. Flor, Chrys Corp., Detroit, Michigan 1. A. Gobb, Ford Motor Co, earboen, Michigan F-€. Graves, F.€. Graves Associates, Fifield, Connecticut 4.4; Nassua, Clark Eauioment Co, Battie Crook, Michigan PERSONNEL OF SUBCOMMITTEE 3 ~ SOCKET HEAD CAP AND SET SCREWS (B18) 4. Tsing, Chairman, Holo Krom Co., West Hartford, Conneticut FRM. Bye, Tubular Rivet & Machine lostitute, Westchester, New York ‘A. Mershovit, U.S. Army Armament R'& D Command, Dover, New Jersey K- E, McCullough, SPS Technologies, Jenkintown, Penneyivania LL Pleninch. Defense industial Supply Cente, Predeohie, Pernsyivania ELF. Welngrber, Westinghouse Electric Corp, R& O Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania C.J. Won Indust Fasteners institute, Cleveland, ON Foreword .....+ ‘Standards Committee Roster. 1 General 2 Dimensional Characteristics. 3 Material, Processing, and Figures 1 Forged Hexagon Socket. ..... 2 Broached Hexagon Socket... 3 Socket Edge Detail Tobles 1A Dimeaton of sce Counersk: Sects Seed Cap Sores. 1B Body and Grip Lengths... 2 Dimensions of Metric Hexagon 3A__ Dimensions of Hexagon Socket Gages . 3B ‘Thread Lengths for Lengths Not Tabulated in T Appendices 1 Formulas for Dimensions ..... MM Government Standard Items and Part Numbering System Ill Dimensions of Metric Threads for Socket Screw Products. IV Wall Thickness Gage. This page intentionally left blank. ASME/ANSI 818.3.581.1986 HEXAGON SOCKET FLAT COUNTERSUNK HEAD CAP SCREWS (METRIC SERIES) 1 GENERAL 1.3 Dimensions 1.1 Scope All dimensions in this Standard are given in mill- 1.1.1 This Standard contains complete general and dimensional requirements for Metric Series Hexagon Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screws of nor nal sizes from 3 mm to 20mm recognized as American National Standard. Also included are appendices cov- ‘ering formulas for dimensions, part numbering sys- tem and preferred sizes for government use, and thread dimensions. The application of these screws is. limited by their design as noted below. This product is designed and recommended for ap- plications where a flush seating socket head screw is desired. Wrenchability is limited by the socket size and. key engagement. Because of the head configuration, this product is not recommended where maximum fa tigue resistance is required. 1.1.2 The inclusion of dimensional data in ‘Standard is not intended to imply that all of the prod- ‘ucts described are stock production sizes. Consumers should consult with manufacturers concerning lists of stock production sizes. 1.1.3 Screws purchased for government use shall conform to this Standard and to the requirements of Appendix I. 1.2 Interchangeability Hexagon socket flat countersunk head cap screws ‘manufactured to this Standard are intended for struc- tural use. There isno ISO standard in existence for the ‘product at this time, and this design differs from and isnot interchangeable with many similar metric parts. Iis, however, functionally interchangeable with BS 4168-1982, and may be substituted for those parts. meters (mm) and apply before plating unless stated otherwise. 1.4 Options Options, where specified, shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer unless agreed upon otherwise by ‘manufacturer and purchaser. 1.5 Responsibility for Modification ‘The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for ‘malfunctions of product due to plating or other modi- fications, when such plating or modification is not ac- complished under his control or direction. {6 Terminology For definitions of terms relating to fasteners or to ‘component features thereof used in this Standard, re- fer to ANSI BI8.12, Glossary of Terms for Mechani cal Fasteners. 1.7 Designation Hexagon socket flat countersunk head cap screws ‘conforming to this Standard shall be designated by the following data in the sequence shown: (@) Specification (ASME/ANSI document) num ber followed by a dash; (®) Nominal size of screws (©) Thread pitch, preceded by x; ASME/ANS!818.3.5M-1988 (2) Nominal screw length, preceded by x; (©) Product name. If desired, the product name ‘may be abbreviated FCHS. () Material and property class. Alloy steel screws shall be supplied to property class 12.9 as specified in ASTM F 835M. For corrosion-resistant steel screws, the property class and material requirements shall be as specified in ASTM F 879M (see para. 3.1). () Protective finish, if required. Examples: gene cage weeny poowond oa wm 8180, “ymca Bone09 ut §) ures 'EE9 (ASy ed Bontoo oa wow pest Aowy ~ 8 (econ mada, (nd wt 6) € 80> WAL 914 OO. mon = Cos ud ree? ae pa howy ‘spo emer mone, 00 es po ne [NOUYDOWVONYLS Siiv¥4 WuNNEICE BABHOY O4 ERLSAS S241 40 25N THMBNAD BML SEDVUNOOND LNBAINMIAOD BML "BLOM 38 LN3WNUBAOD WOd SWLI GUVONVIS ONRGADD WALSAS ONRIIGWAN LuVE ‘APPENDIX tit DIMENSIONS OF METRIC THREADS FOR SOCKET SCREW PRODUCTS (hia Aspen not prt of ASME/ANS! 818.3.5M-1986, and inchuded hee itmnnpoomaneans Comma Bae oe ew Tames om th Rew ‘nae | ts | miei | eae ratte ae | or | i | coon ed aes: [aeer] some | coe | somo | zen | ance Sin | 34s7| ome | See | 2800 | 38s | ise APPENDIX IV WALL THICKNESS GAGE (This Appendix is not part of ASME/ANS! 818.3.5M-1986, and is included here {or information purposes oniy.) To indicator Max. X= Across tats of contact member Max. ¥ = Chamfer on end of contact member GENERAL NOTE: With gage assembled as shown. set dial indicator to read dimension (ial indicator will now read hex wall drecty.) ‘Setting Prag TABLE IV-1 po] a | eo | c | & | ciety) [amety| smo] a | x |v ry 028 | 24|030| 20 | 2 e | 2 on ma o4s | 29] 030| 20 | 28 | 10 | 2 01 Ms oes | 35] 035| 28 | 28 | 12 | 3 02 Me 070 | 47|038| 28 | 30 | 12 | 3 oz ma ate} ss}os| 36 | 30 | 16 | 3 02 M10 162] 70} 080] 36 | 35 | 16 | 3 | 60] 02 mi 1.80 o6o| 36 | 40 | 20 | 4 | 80/02 mia 1.62 07] 36 | 45 | 22 | 4 | 100/02 mie 22 ovo] 36 | so | 24 | 4 | 100] 02 M30 22 10 | 36 | e | 25 | 4 | 120] 02 AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS FOR BOLTS, NUTS, RIVETS, SCREWS, WASHERS, AND SIMILAR FASTENERS ‘Small Solid Rivets Large Rivets Metiic Small Solid Rivets. ‘Square and Hex Bolts and Scr ‘Square and Hex Nuts... ‘Metric Hex Cap Screws. ‘Moti Formed Hex Screws Metric Heavy Hex Ser ‘Metric Hex Flange Screws. cs Metiic Hox Bolts. sense ose i Metric Heavy Hox Bolts. 222222 - ‘Matic Heavy Hex Structural Bolts 222200220. : Matic Hex Lag Screws : ooh Metric Heavy Hex Flange Screws. =o. sooc scot Metiic Hex Nuts, Style Ves s0eesscccesecseees oe 8 — Inch Series Metric Hex Flange Nu Matric Hox Jom Nuts. Metric Heavy Hex Nuts... ‘ Socket Cap, Shoulder and Set Screws Vinch Series) Socket Head Cop Screws (Metric Series), Metric Series Hexagon Keys and Bits ‘Hoxagon Socket Head Shoulder Serows (Metic Series). Hexagon Socket Button Head Cop Screws (Metric Series) « Hexagon Socket Fat Countersunk Head Gp Screws (Meic Sais) tie Saris Socket Set Scrows Round Hoad Bolts (Inch Seri Matric Round Head Short Square Neck Bolts. Metric Round Head Square Neck Bolts. Wood Screws, Sioned Heed Cap Screws, Square ond Sat Scrws, and Biotod Hoodies ‘Set Screws. Machine Screws and Mechine Screw Nuts Metric Thread Forming and Thread Cutting Tapping Screws Metric Machine Scr ‘Thread Forming end Thread Cutting Topping Screws and Metalic Drive Scrows {lnch Series) Genera Purpose Sem Tubuar Rivet, Full Tubular Fvets, Spt Rivets and Ri Fiver Cane « ‘Metric General Purpose Sem-Tubul levis Pins and Cotter Pins. ee Tape Pins, Dowel Pins, Straight Pi ind Spring Pins lnch Serio ‘Screw and Washer Assemblies Forged Evebolts ‘Mechanical and Performance Requirements for Prevaing Tora Type ‘Stoel Metric Hex Nuts and Hex Flange Nuts ‘Torque-Tension Test Requirements for Prevaling-Toraue Type ‘Stoel Metric Hex Nuts and Hex Flange Nuts Dimensional Reauirements for Pevating-Trave Type Steal Mei: Hex Nuts” ‘and Hex Flange Nuts. Inspection and Quaity Assurance for Highly Specialized Engineered ‘Applications — Metic Fasteners... =... : “516.22! 6.2-1972 (81983) siece s 1897 Wiad Sp18.6.7M.1985 818.6.4-1981 22.5 818:7-1972 (R1980) 818.7.1M-1984 8.2 19-1988 (R197), 818.10-1982 11-1981 (R1983), 1818.12-1962 (RI 818.13-1965 (RI ©, B18.15:1985, 818.16,1M-1979 (R1986), 818.16.2M-1979 (R1986) 818.16.9M-1982 '818.17-1968 (R198) + B18.18.1M-1982 18.2M.1982 8.18. 3M-1982 8.18.4M-1982 2118 21.1-1972 (R1983) 2M-1981 1965 (R1981), 818.23.1-1967 (R1975) 00130