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RS232 - RS485 converter 7XV57

Application The conductor cross section

The RS232 - RS485 conver- must be suitable for connecti-
ter allows the connection of on of ring cable lugs. The
up to 31 SIEMENS protection individual wires protruding
devices with electrical bu- from the screen should be
sable RS485 interface to a kept as short as possible. The
PC for office control. screen is connected at both
ends to the housing earth.
General data The protection devices are
connected to the bus in series
The converter is housed in an (neither point-to-point nor ring
expanded plug chassis. The connection). The screen
interfaces are connected to between the converter and
25pin female connectors. The the protection devices, or
RS485 interface is terminated between the protection devi-
with a termination resistor. ces, is connected at both
The auxiliary voltage is sides. Whenever substantial
supplied from a plug-in power cable lengths or high baud
supply unit attached to the rates are involved, a terminal
side. Auxiliary voltages of AC resistor of 220 Ohm should
110V or 220V AC allow ope- be applied between signal
ration with all common AC lines A and B at the last pro-
networks. tection device. Data trans-
Data transfer mission at a speed of 19.2
kbaud with a bus-length of up
The converter works accor- to approx. 1000m is possible.
ding to the master/slave
principle. In the idle state, the
RS232 interface is inactive Fig 1: RS232 - RS485 converter
while the RS485 interface is
switched to the receiving Delivery includes
mode. During communication supplied by the protection problems in special applicati-
the PC (master) sends data device are sent back by the ons. - RS232 - RS485 converter
to the RS232 interface, which converter to the RS232 inter- - plug-in PSU
face and on to the PC. Connections - 25pin adaptor socket / so
are transmitted to the protec-
tion device (slave) by the The PC is connected to the cket
No handshake signals are converter by means of a
converter at the RS485 inter- - connecting cable to the first
being processed during DIGSI cable e.g. 7XV5100-2.
face. After data transmission, protection device
communication. This means
the RS485 interface is once 7XV5100-7
that data sent by the PC are A twisted and screened cable
again switched to the recei- mirrored, which may cause with three cores is required
ving mode. Vice versa, data for the RS485-bus.

PC / Notebook RS232 <-> RS485 Relay 1 Relay 31

9 pol. Converter 7XV57 (7SJ600) (6MB525)
25 pol.
GND 27 27 R=220
5 7 Housing
B 28 (B) 28
3 2 10,11,19 (B)
A 29 (A) 29 (A)
2 3 21,22,23
6 13
7 25

Cable 7XV5100-2 Cable 7XV5100-7/BB

Adapter 25pol Power Supply

fig. 2. Protection devices connected to the RS485 bus

08/2000 1
Technical data / ordering data / conditions of sale and delivery

Technical data
Design plug chassis plastics
dimensions 63 x 54 x 16 mm (L x B x H)
degree of protection IP 20
Power supply power supply 110 or 220 V AC
via plug-in PSU
Electrical interfaces type RS 232 to RS 485
assignment see fig. 2
CE conformity, standards This procuct is in conformity with the directive of the Council of the Conformity is proved by tests performed by
European Communities on the approximation of the laws of the Siemens AG in accordance with the generic
Member States relating to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC standards EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-2.
Council Directive 89/336/EEC).

Selection and ordering data

Item Order No.:

RS232 <-> RS485 Converter 7XV570 0 - 0 0

plug-in auxiliary PSU 220 V / 50 Hz AC 0
plug-in auxiliary PSU 110 V / 60 Hz AC 1

With RS485 connecting cable for 7SJ6, 7RW6, 7SD6, 7SV6 A

With RS485 connecting cable for SIMEAS Q B
With RS485 connecting cable for SIMEAS T C

Without RS232 connecting cable A

With RS232 connecting cable 7XV5100-2 for PC/Notebook B

Conditions of Sale and Delivery

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Supply and Delivery Supply and Delivery weights are subject to change unless
for Products and Servics of the Electrical for Products and Servics of the Electrical otherwise stated on the individual pages
and Electronic Industry. and Electronic Industry of this catalog.
and to any other conditions agreed upon
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Prices do not include VAT (value added the date of delivery.
tax) which is calculated as a separate
item in accordance with the applicable
regulations and quotas.
Export Regulations
In accordance with present German and Export and re-export are therefore per- Subject to change. Relevant are the
US export regulations export licences missible without the approval of the criteria stated in the delivery note and in
(dated 02.96) are not required for the relevant authorities exept where current the invoice. An export licence may be
products listed in this catalog. German export regulations contain required due to country-specific applica-
country-specific restrictions. tion of the product.
Embargo data:
AG: N, AL: N, EC: N, ECCN: N

Responsible for Bereich

Energieübertragung und -verteilung
Technical contents: Klaus Müller, Geschäftsgebiet
Siemens AG, EV S V13, Nürnberg Zähler, Sekundär- und Netzleittechnik
P.O. Box 48 06 Wir bringen
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