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IB Psychology Lesson Plan — Danku YR 1 YL Week 19, Days 1-5

Weekday Monday 1/13 (A) Tuesday 1/14 Wednesday 1/15 Thursday 1/16 Friday 1/17
Topic Genetics & EOC testing – NCFE testing -
Sexuality no class no class
Objective Explain the role
SWBAT of genes and
epigenetics in

Administrative -Hand out packets

of studies and tell
them to add
Bouchard and
Caspi to it.
-print the three
studies for today
Subtopics -Bouchard et al
-Bailey and
Pillard (1991)
-Hamer et al
Guided -Epigenetics ppt
Instruction, -Intro to
Activities & epigenetics videos
Differentiation -work together to
complete the
evaluation of the
three studies
-Quizlet for unit
Skills & Use of -Google Slides
Technology -YouTube
-critical thinking
and evaluation

Homework -Read Ethical

Genetics and
Methods of
animal research
in InThinking
-Study key terms
and key studies
for the Biological