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Digital Re-print - November | December 2010

Global milling industry profiles 2010/11

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COMPANIES OPERATING IN THE MILLING INDUSTRY Company profiles 2010/11 Company profiles 2010/11

Buhler Expert Twin-screw extrusion and drying technologies for the food & feed industries
In introducing twin-screw cooking-extrusion technology in the 70s, Clextral has been playing
150 Years Buhler - from the local iron foundry founded in 1860 to the global corporation.
a major role in the food and feed processing. To serve both pet food and fish feed booming
Buhler delivers leading technology and solutions for processing grain into safe and healthy
markets, Clextral answers with higher capacities extruders to meet mass production require-
finished products. Buhler stands for straight forward and cutting-edge solutions. State-of-the-art
ments for mature core markets, and with small and medium flexible production lines dedicated
process technology, innovative plant engineering and a deep knowledge of the related processes
to high added-value products for niche production.
maximize both quality and product yields. But there is even more to it: Buhler know-how also
Value added pet food products such as treats, bi-colored, co-extruded, moist and semi-moist,
enables customers to create the most cost - and energy-efficient process solutions from stand-
Perfection in grain milling – a highly demanding task. premium and super premium, nutritional, functional and so on, can all be extruded in Clextral
Antares sets new standards for round-the-clock milling. The
self-contained roll pack and reliable product feed ensure
alone machines to complete plants. Twin-screw extrusion compact lines ranging from 300 to 1000kg/h. High capacities can be achieved together with high
plants & equipment for
precise and consistent flour. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed
thanks to clever insulation, integrated product inlet aspiration Innovation. One of the key terms in this connection is innovation based on the art of engineer- flexibility and the guarantee of consistent product characteristics: quality nutritional value, higher
the food & feed industries
and stainless steel lining. Antares – The New Art of Milling. ing. Without an additional healthy dose of enthusiasm and persistence, the spirit of discovery starch gelatinization for increased digestibility, large variety of raw materials to increase the levels
so typical of Buhler would never have thrived. Time and again, this spirit has enabled the and values of recipes. High capacity lines for pet food are now standardized for “standard“ pet
organization to roll out firsts in the global marketplace, for example in the field of roller mill food (10 to more than 16T/h output).
development. For micro & macro fish feed processing, Clextral has developed an expertise in production at high
Quality leadership. This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent quality targets capacities. Clextral upgraded BC 160 twin-screw extruder represents the most performing tool
which are defined in an open dialog with our customers so that promised performance is with up to 30 T/h final fish feed which is the highest capacity ever reached on this type of pro-
achieved and the edge in confidence can be further increased. duction. This expertise and process skill has been transferred to the production of large range of
Focus on solutions. Focus on solutions means to center all efforts on our customers’ profit- products from micro to macro pellets (diameters ranging from 0.5 mm diameter to over 35 mm).
ability. This requires an understanding of and a capability to improve their complete value chains In addition to the perfect mastering of this twin-screw technology for animal feed, Clextral’s
and thus to offer our customers an edge in performance over pure equipment manufacturers. unique designed Rotante dryer achieves complete homogeneity of drying with less energy
consumption.Clextral designs and supplies turn-key lines, advanced process solutions and the
Global reach. Buhler has been a global player for many decades, with a multicultural team and
services associated to twin-screw extrusion and drying technologies for the food and feed
a local presence extending across all the major markets of the world. This edge in availability,
processing industries as well as for the pulp paper, plastic & chemicals and bio-sourced materials.
whose significance will further increase in the future, pays off in the results it allows to be
Clextral SAS – 1 rue du Colonel Riez – F-42700 Firminy – France
Phone : 33 4 77 40 31 31 – Fax : 33 4 77 40 31 23 –
The solution behind the solution.
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Chief Industries UK Ltd

Chief Industries UK Ltd, and Phénix Rousies Industries in France, are part of the Chief Industries
Inc. Group based in Nebraska, USA. Together, the Chief companies manufacture and supply a
comprehensive range of top quality grain storage silos, grain dryers, grain cleaners, conveyors
and ventilation systems for worldwide distribution. Consergra
Quality grain handling
Chief silos Chief Industries has over 50 years experience in grain handling systems, incorporating state-of- CONSERGRA, S.L. is a specialist in grain conservation, and manufactures the CONSERFRÍO®
Chief dryers Supplied to European DIN or ASAE/ASTM Standards
the-art design and manufacturing, supplying flat floor silos with capacities ranging from 30 to grain chiller. It’s a modern, highly energy-efficiency cooler which helps to conserve a wide variety
Grain. 30,000 tons, hopper bins with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 1,400 tons, and grain dryers capable of grains, seeds, oily and granulated perishable items stored in silos and warehouses. Its use,
It’s your business. independently of climatic conditions, prevents shrinkages of weight, rotting, insects damage and
of drying up to300 tons per hour. By designing complexes of a number of silos, the grain stor-
Which is why we never toxin build up. The conservation with the CONSERFRÍO® is natural and highly cost-effective,
underestimate the importance age and drying possibilities are infinite. Manufactured from high quality galvanized steel, Chief’s
of how it is handled. storage installations last for many years. the pay-back on the investment is extremely fast. Our units, installed all over the world preserve
If you need a partner with the millions of tons of grain every season. Our product range covers from 40 up to 500 ton per day,
expertise, technology and
manufacturing methods to Market activity has remained buoyant in 2010 with continuing worldwide demand for storage per machine. CONSERGRA, S.L. puts their 40 years experience at your service!
ensure that your storage plant
and drying facilities. In addition, a major port storage project in Pakistan has added further to
Now distributing
Marot rotary
is second-to-none in terms of
quality and processes, then the company profile. With it’s modern manufacturing facilities Chief has continued to take
look no further.
cleaners and advantage of the market conditions. That, together with the company’s reputation as a trusted,
You can trust in Chief.
spares no-nonsense, technically competent supplier, has placed Chief UK in a healthy position to look
forward to further success in 2011.
Beckingham Business Park, Tolleshunt Major
Maldon, Essex CM9 8LZ, UK
Tel +44 (0)1621 868944
Fax +44 (0)1621 868955

Grain &feed millinG technoloGy november - december 2010 | 25 26 | november - december 2010 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
Company profiles 2010/11 Company profiles 2010/11

Feed Management Systems

Feed Management Systems® Inc. a leader in providing integrated software solutions and services
for the animal feed manufacturing industry to manage their nutrition, feed formulation and
production needs. We offer real-time, integrated, scalable solutions leveraging the Microsoft® Perry of Oakley Ltd
technology you are familiar with today. Ensure the safety, quality and affordability of your feed
supply by integrating your data and managing costs. Perry of Oakley Ltd is a family owned designer/manufacturer of grain dryers and materials han-
Our products Brill Formulation® and Feed Ration Balancer® are used in over 67 countries by dling equipment. Everything available from Perry of Oakley is manufactured in their UK based
multi-national food conglomerates, mid-size feed manufacturers, universities, consultants, large purpose built factory.
producers, integrators, and micronutrient premixers. The grain driers are suitable for drying all cereal crops including maize, wheat, barley, oats and
Our global team provides the expertise and service you need locally to understand your chal- oil seed rape. The driers come in capacities of 10 tph to 150 tph and are in use worldwide.
lenges, assess your business needs and guide you through the process of applying the right The ranges of handling equipment offer specifications and capacities to suit on farm use to heavy
technology to achieve your goals and drive productivity and profits. duty commercial grain store applications and are not only limited to the handling of arable crops.
Learn more about our new enhancements to Feed Ration Balancer™ and Brill Formulation® Perry of Oakley can supply machines that will cope with any free flowing or partially free flowing
including new tools such as Smartlists, SQL Data Bridge and Microsoft Excel Interface, helping product for any industry in any capacity required.
manufacturers analyze and extend data across your organization. A full list of accessories including ducting, valves, cleaners and hoppers is available to make sure
Our software solutions help thousands of users everyday by: Perry of Oakley is a one stop shop for all your handling/drying needs.
• Increasing employee productivity Usually products are supplied through an extensive list of dealers, Perry of Oakley are happy
• Integrating data and formulation, production and financial operations to be contacted directly. Their team of engineers can provide information, advice and guidance
• Optimizing ingredients for profitable purchasing decisions - continuous mixed-flow driers
from day 1 of your project.
• Tracking and storing information for compliance needs - chain & flight conveyors Tel/Fax. +44 1404 891400/402
• Developing custom rations for multiple species for animal performance - screw conveyors Email.
- bucket elevators
• Responding to changing demands of business and supply chain
• Gaining visibility of real-time data to make decisions
- belt conveyors
- aspirator pre-cleaners
Contact us today at Dunkeswell Airfield, Dunkeswell, Devon, England, EX14 4LF
Tel/Fax. +44 (0) 1404 891 400/402 Email.

Hydronix - Moisture Measurement

Increase profitability with Hydronix Moisture Measurement
Controlling moisture at the correct level throughout all stages of processing can be one of the
biggest problems for feed and grain manufacturers. Too wet, and the raw material can become
mouldy during storage or sticky during processing. Too dry and it will become brittle and turn
to ‘flour’ or dust. Either circumstance leads to waste and therefore directly impacts on profit.
Microwave moisture sensors are not affected by dust, colour or vapour arising from processing
Measure Moisture & and have proved to be the most cost effective, reliable and easy to use method of controlling
Reduce Cost moisture in grain and feed manufacturing.
About Schmidt-Seeger - Schmidt-Seeger GmbH –a member of the Buhler Group- ranks among
the world’s leading suppliers of professional technologies for the management of bulk products.
Raw materials are passed across the ceramic faceplate of the sensor which radiates an extremely Our customers include predominantly the grain and seeds industry, breweries and maltsters.
low powered electromagnetic microwave field. The resonant frequency of the material changes with However, our engineering and machines have also a good reputation in the building- and chemi-
variations in moisture content, and with 25 readings taken per second, the sensor detects changes in cal industry, at mash plants or at the storage of fertilizers. Furthermore we have clients within
moisture levels almost instantaneously. This allows adjustments to the water addition process to be the biomass processing and recycling business.
automatic and in real time.
A perfect system would have sensors positioned throughout all of the various elements of the About Buhler - Buhler is a global leader in the field of process engineering, especially production
processing plant. Hydronix have a range of sensors that can be positioned in a variety of dif- technologies for making foods and engineering materials. Buhler operates in over 140 countries
The Hydro-Probe digital microwave sensor ferent locations depending upon specific requirements. The Hydro-Probe is designed to be and has some 7500 employees worldwide. In fiscal 2009, the Group generated sales revenue
provides accurate, cost effective moisture control located in the neck of a bin, underneath the gate, or in the material on a conveyor, and takes of CHF 1.7 billion.
in feed meals, pellets, grain, cereal and pulses. readings as the material flows around the sensor. For applications with a high ambient tempera-
Suitable for bins, silos, conveyors and ture, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter can be mounted above belt conveyors. Finally for applications
chutes. Monitor and adjust moisture that use a screw conveyor, chute or mixer, the Hydro-Mix is a flush mounted sensor that
levels in real time. Not enables the material to pass across the faceplate.
affected by dust or Hydronix has over 25 years experience in moisture measurement, and is the original developer
of the digital microwave moisture measurement method.

Grain &feed millinG technoloGy

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november - december 2010 | 27 28 | november - december 2010 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
Company profiles 2010/11

A sure eye for top quality. Forget about time-consuming sampling and expensive
laboratory analyses. Buhler NIR systems constantly monitor the quality of the raw
materials and end products – throughout the production process. A change in
quality is sensed within seconds, and the problem corrected without delay. You
Sizer can look forward to optimal flour yields, uniform quality, and profitable production.
The Orbit pellet presses were first produced by Richard Sizer, a pioneering British company,

founded in 1899. The simple, robust designs have been continually improved to this day to meet
We’d be glad to show you some potential applications, ideally during a personal
pelleting solutions modern industry's demands for cost effective quality and efficiency. consultation.
Our comprehensive range of pelleting equipment along with our extensive range of spares,
makes us the obvious choice for any company looking to develop a robust, cost effective
Sizer....The future of pelleting operation
pelleting since 1899 Our efficient and robust Orbit pelleting presses are easy to install and adaptable for bespoke
The full range of Orbit Pelleting presses are used in industries as diverse as animal feed, maltings
industry, biomass, charcoal briquetting and flour milling. The range has machines capable of
Bühler AG, Grain Milling, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 66 11
producing between 200kg/hr and 10000kg/hr, depending on material.,
With extensive knowledge of Orbit, CPM and Simon Baron presses, you know you're in safe
hands with Sizer.
Our refurbishment service is available on or off site allowing you the flexibility needed to keep
you process running smoothly.
Whether you are looking for a pelleting press,
a full production line or just spare parts,
Sizer Pelleting Solutions makes a positive
difference financially and environmentally. online measurement
Telephone: +44(0)1709 724279 or email us:
Suzanne Birley: and control units
The parent company of Richard Sizer Ltd. Established 1899 Versatility. Monitors protein, mois-
ture, ash, and other ingredients in
grains, semolina, and flour.

Real-time monitoring. Introduces

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR ADVERTISERS IN 2010 corrective measures into the on-going
production process with no need to
wait for laboratory analyses.
Addcon Europe GmbH FrigorTec GmbH Reinhard Rüeter Maschinenbau
Agora Services Ltd FRITSCH GmbH Romer Labs UK Limited
Agromatic AG Hydronix Ltd Sanderson Weatherall Guaranteed product quality. Pre-
Alapala MACHINE Industry and Trade Inc Imas Satake Australia Pty Ltd cisely dispenses glue and other in-
Almex b.v. Insta-Pro International Satake Corporation gredients for uniform product quality.
Andritz Feed & Biofuel IntelScan Satake Europe Ltd
Arodo BVBA InVivo NSA SCE Speck detection. A digital camera
Baker Perkins Ltd Jacob Sohne GmbH & Co Schmidt-Seeger GmbH identifies and assesses specks.
Biomin Holding GmbH JCB Consulting Ltd Shandong Yingchun Steel & Silo
Braime Elevator Components Ltd JEFO Nutrition Inc Manufacturing Co Ltd
Buhler Jiangsu Hualiang Machinery Shanghai ZhengChang International
Buhler Sortex Ltd John Staniar & Co Machinery and Engineering Co., Ltd
Calibre Control JSConwell Ltd Silos Cordoba
Campden BRI Kiotechagil Sizer Ltd
CB Packaging Ltd Lambton Conveyor Ltd Stewart Inglis Limited
Cenzone Tech Inc Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH Suffolk Automation Ltd
Chief Industries UK Ltd Mathews Company Suncue Company Ltd
Cimbria A/S Maywal Limited Symaga SA
Clextral Muhlenchemie GmbH & Co KG Tapco Inc
Consergra Muyang TekPro Ltd
CPM Europe B V NABIM Tornum AB
Croston Engineering Ltd Obial Tramco Europe
Danisco (UK) Limited Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V TSC B.V
Detia Degesch GmbH Palm View Trade UNORMAK
Dinnissen BV Perry Bulk Handling VEGA Controls Ltd
Ehcolo A/S Perstorp Performance Additives Vigan Engineering
Extru-Tech Perten Instruments AB Vortex Valves Europe Ltd
Feed Management Systems R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd Wenger Manufacturing Inc
FES Consultants Ltd RDS Technology Ltd Westeel The solution behind the solution.
Forberg International Reclame Adviesbureau Wynveen International B.V

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