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Score on Topic/Idea Development:_____/60_______ + Score on Standard English Conventions:_____/40_______ = __________Total

Malden High School Long Composition Rubric / Research Paper Name:________________________________________

Topic/Idea Development: 60%

Criteria 6 5 4 3 2 1
Topic and Idea Writer presents an Writer presents an Writer presents an Writer presents a Writer does not Writer does not respond
Development insightful and appropriate thesis appropriate thesis thesis that respond to the to the prompt and
appropriate thesis that that fully responds that responds to basically responds prompt and/or demonstrates little or no
fully responds to the to the prompt the prompt (when to the prompt demonstrates understanding of the
prompt (when (when applicable) applicable) and (when applicable), limited topic and/or the text.
applicable) and and demonstrates demonstrates fair but demonstrates understanding of
demonstrates good understanding of limited the topic and/or
sophisticated understanding of the topic and/or understanding of the text.
understanding of the the topic and/or the text. the topic and/or
topic and/ or the text. the text. the text.
Organization Writer uses careful, Writer uses logical Writer uses logical Writer uses basic Writer uses little Writer uses no
subtle organization organization that organization. organization. organization. organization.
that effectively effectively
presents his/her presents his/her
argument. argument.
Evidence and Writer uses carefully Writer uses strong, Writer uses Writer uses some Writer uses few to Citation not done
detail chosen, relevant relevant details to relevant details to basic supporting no supporting properly.
details to insightfully support his/her support his/her details. details.
support his/her argument. argument. Please try again.
argument. Does not varies Does not varies
Varies and Varies and and / or integrates and / or integrates If I accept paper as such,
Varies and integrates integrates integrates evidence enough. evidence enough. it will have to be
evidence. evidence. evidence. considered technically
plagiarized and will
receive a zero.

Style & Standard English Conventions: 40%

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Standard English Writer demonstrates control Writer’s errors do not Writer’s errors interfere Writer’s errors seriously interfere
Conventions of sentence structure, interfere with with communication. There with communication. Writer has
grammar and usage and communication. There are are too many errors relative little control of conventions.
mechanics few errors relative to length to length.
Language Writer uses rich, effective Writer uses appropriate Writer uses simplistic Writer uses basic vocabulary and
vocabulary and a variety of vocabulary and some vocabulary and/or sentence sentence structures.
sentence structures. variety in sentence structure. structure, or does not use
vocabulary properly