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RIAU – 230 MW


Project Description:

Project name : PLTG /PLTMG (Gas Engine Power Plant) Riau

Project Off taker : Private (pulp company) and PT. PLN (2 separate off taker)

Power Plant Owner : PT Genco Indonesia and Partner

Project site : Riau - Sumatera Island

Capacity : 230 – 250 MW (in staging)

Stage 1 : 50 MW (Delivery : 5-6 month).. approx. Jan/Feb 2019

Stage 2 : 50 MW (Delivery : 5-6 month).. approx. Sep/Oct 2019

Stage 1a : 25 MW (Delivery : 3 month).. approx. Dec 2018

Stage 1b : 5 MW (Delivery : 3 month).. approx. Dec 2018

Stage 3 : 100 – 120 MW (Delivery 2020).

CF (Capacity Factor) : 80%. (minimum take or pay)

Contract duration : 5 - 10 years (extendable)

Natural Gas : Supplied by other partner

Running Operation : Baseload (24 hours/day)

Contract Price : in negotiation for final price

Engine Brand/Model : MTU Germany gas engine :

Qty : 18 – 40 units, Output @ 1.56 MW (Containerized) total 54 MW.

Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbine USA

Qty : 6 - 8 units, out put @ 25 MW total 200 MW

Operation & Maintenance : By PT Genco Indonesia and partner

Narration :

Currently PT Genco Indonesia and partner waiting for final confirmation from client. PT Genco and partner
have Gas Fuel in hand which drive the project. Gas Fuel is key factor. The GSA (Gas Supply Agreement is
signed with gas producer with long term contract delivery (more than 10 years). The gas fuel is available
for big volume quantity to supply to power plant.

Existing Power plant is running which supply the electricity to PLN regional Riau. By expanding the existing
power plant then to supply the power to pulp company as the new client. This client is expanding their
business by build 4 (four) new factory of rayon which need more power for production in due course. The
new 1st factory shall be commissioned by Dec 2018 which need power 50 MW. The 2nd new factory is in
building process and will be commissioned by Aug/Sept 2019 and need power 50MW more. The 3rd and
4th factory will be commissioned by 2020 and need additional power by 100 – 120 MW.

PT Genco Indonesia already submitted proposal to pulp company and ready to start the project
immediately after signing contract PPA agreement with pulp company. Fully supporting by Pratt &
Whitney GT manufacturer USA and MTU Gas Engine Germany, the projects are ready to go. PT Genco
Indonesia also have cooperation with local government (BUMD) which provided the local permit and
license and land for power station. End