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DDI Development


About Us or Nice to Meet You

10+ years of 200+ projects 70+ employees 150+ worldwide

experience clients

90+ clients from the Attrition Customer Retention 15+ teams dedicated
USA and EU rate - 9% Rate - 86% to our customers’

Management Team

Roman Zhidkov Andrey Davidov Denis Grankin

CTO CEO COO/Head of Sales Department

Alexey Kutsenko Anna Zvada Anna Popova

Head of Marketing Department Project Manager Head of HR Department

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide

transparent IT services that drive
your business to success

Our Core Values

Business oriented

Result oriented
Process mind

Engaged in the client’s business


Expertise We Have

Fintech Logistics
Personal banking systems, e-trading platforms and Logistics platforms, procurement management
financial analytics that help achieve business goals systems, warehouse, inventory and document
and flourish your business management solutions that offer a genuine digital
alternative to manual processes.

LMS systems, learning portals, online courses and
e-learning analytics that provide more effective Applicant tracking systems and analytics,
learning environments. employee training and recruiting management
software solutions that improve recruiting,
onboarding and offboarding processes.

Custom CRM Development, CRM implementation E-commerce
and migration, CRM mobile applications and other
CRM solutions that drive revenue. Shopping and marketplace platforms, ecommerce
analytics, automation and ecommerce mobile
solutions that foster sales and increase
engagement with your target audience.
Booking and hotel management systems, booking
software solutions that optimize manual staff tasks
and streamline business processes.

Technologies We Use

PHP: Symfony Zend Yii Laravel

Python: Django Flask Pyramid

Databases: MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB

Frontend: HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Angular JS Bootstrap React.js Node.js

Mobile: Java React.native Objective-C SWIFT Open GL

Cloud solutions: Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google App Engine

Go: Gin

How we work

Engagement models Methodologies

Time and Material Kanban

25% 10%

Fixed Price Waterfall

15% 20%

Dedicated Team Scrum

60% 70%

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated team Hybrid team Team Relocation

in our office 50/50 in your office
DDI Development employees fully Our specialists work both in your Our engineers work in your offices.
take over the engineering, and you offices and in our development They are fully engaged in your
gain full control over their working centers. business process.

Time&Material and Fixed Price


Fixed Price Time&Material

We work on your project If you have tasks, our technical
according to the pre-approved experts can start realizing it and
time and budget. you pay only for the spent time.

Recruitment at DDI Development

1 Up to 180 000 candidates 2 Creating or extending your

for potential team dedicated team in 3-5 weeks

3 Gamification system 4 10 recruiters in staff

for tech specialists

Save up to $30 000 per year for each team member

Recruitment Office space Bonuses National Pension HR

and equipment insurance

Our Customers Say

‘‘DDI Development has been invaluable ‘‘I chose DDI Development software
technology partners in helping to develop company as my preferred outsource
and grow the Notesmaster network of partner because I am yet to find a tech
e-learning websites. We have found their partner who can deliver to the same
team dedicated, experienced and flexible professional high standard every time
in accommodating our needs and look without fail. Their communication skills
forward to a long a rewarding partnership are excellent; they are a pleasure to
as we expand.’’ work with through the course of projects
and they go the extra mile to ensure
the final delivery over-reaches the
clients’ expectations.’’ I look forward
Dean Dundas Josh Masters to working with this software
development company more in
the future.

‘‘DDI Development is the trusted software ‘‘DDI Development has helped us to

development partner for all our digital fix many of the problems on both the
projects. They empower us to focus less frontend and the backend of the site.
on project management and more on the They managed to fix the issues where
needs of our customers. Together we build other developers had failed. We found
complex SaaS platforms.’’ a perfect technical partner with DDI

Floris Hoppe Marco Dallatomasina


Our Customers Say

‘‘It has been a pleasure to work with DDI ‘‘It was a pleasure to work with DDI
Development during the last two years. We Development. They were great
have been staffed with fully operational & communicators and managed the project
qualified developers and have worked with well. On the whole, DDI Development has
them in a very trusting state of mind.‘‘ a very talented team, and I look forward
to working on future projects with them in
the future.‘‘

Florian de Miramon Paul Solomon

‘‘DDI Development has completed the project ‘‘Thanks to DDI Development company
on time with excellent results. for stepping up to the challenge and
I highly recommend this company.‘‘ deliver according
to expectations.‘‘

Chris Cabell Hakon Olav Dahle



Ukraine Estonia
Novgorodskaya St, 3 Tornimae tn 7 - 132,
Kharkiv, Ukraine Kesklinna district, Tallinn city,
Harju country 10145, Estonia

+38 050 403 88 21 +372 712 3532 ddi.development