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20th Century Furniture

& Decorative Arts
Sale 2531B December 18, 2010 Boston
20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts

specialist in charge

Jane D. Prentiss

General Inquiries:

auction 2531B
Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 10 a.m.
63 Park Plaza
Boston, Massachusetts

Thursday, December 16, 2010 12 to 5 p.m.
Friday, December 17, 2010 12 to 7 p.m.
Saturday, December 18, 2010 8 to 9 a.m.

absentee bidding

Tel: 617.874.4318
Fax: 617.350.5429

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cover : 745, 835, 836, 837, 853 ; frontispiece : 283 ; back cover : 12, 52, 226, 307, 344, 681, 775, 786, 845
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1. 3. 5.
Dedham Pottery Sang de Boeuf Vase Dedham Pottery Volcanic Glaze Vase Three Dedham Pottery Dinner Plates
Experimental glazed earthenware Glazed earthenware Decorated earthenware
Dedham, Massachusetts, c. 1900 Hugh Robertson, Dedham, Massachusetts, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1896-1929;
Red glaze with light iridescence almost c. 1900 1929-mid-century
volcanic with splash of green glaze on one Mouth and shoulder in thick green glaze Horse chestnut, azalea, and magnolia, all with
side of swollen cylindrical form, artist’s initials running and blending to charcoal gray at blue decorated borders on crackle ground,
HR for Hugh Robertson and pottery name on base, incised Dedham Pottery and artist’s former with blue Dedham mark; the later two
base, small glaze chip at rim, ht. 9 7/8 in. initials HR for Hugh Robertson, ht. 5 1/2 in. plates with registered below mark, dia. 9 3/4;
$800-1,200 $600-800 10, 9 7/8 in.

2. 4.
Chelsea Keramic Art Works Vase Three CPUS and Six Dedham Pottery Items 6.
Experimental glazed earthenware Rabbit decorated earthenware Eight Dedham Pottery Decorated Plates
Chelsea, Massachusetts, 1875-89 Chelsea (1891-95) and Dedham (1896-1929), Glazed earthenware
Experimental crackle glaze with oxblood Massachusetts Dedham, Massachusetts, 1896-1929
mottling on vasiform body with CKAW cipher Three dinner plates with crackle glaze Two plates decorated with turkey borders,
on base, ht. 7 3/4 in. decorated with rabbit border marked with the remainder decorated with ducks, grapes,
CPUS in a clover and the letter E; and four moths, irises, magnolias, and snow trees in
Note: This vase is influenced by the oxblood dinner plates with two cup saucers marked blue on crackle ground, blue pottery mark,
glazes of the Far East, in combination with the with the blue Dedham pottery mark, minor approx. dia. 8 1/4 in.
crackle glaze that became so popular later in damage to Dedham dinner plates, respective $700-900
the Dedham pottery line of wares. dia. 10; 9 1/2, 6 in.
$1,000-1,500 $800-1,200

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7. 8. 9.
Six Gustav Stickley Chairs Dedham Experimental Pottery Vase Dedham Pottery Rabbit Decorated Fruit
Oak Glazed pottery Bowl
New York, c. 1912 Hugh Roberston, Dedham, Massachusetts, Decorated glazed earthenware
Two arm and three side chairs with three c. 1900 Dedham, Massachusetts, early 20th century
horizontal back slats over mahogany-colored Brown, olive, and green drip glaze on bulbous Deep bowl with dark blue rabbit and foliage
leather seat covers with brass tacks, double- cylindrical form, incised Dedham Pottery rim border on crackle ground, blue Dedham
pinned side stretcher, original fumed finish, and artist’s initials HR for Hugh Robertson, Pottery mark with rabbit, bowl out of round,
branded mark, ht. 36 in. approx. ht. 7 1/2 in. three small rim nicks, ht. 3 7/8, dia. 9 1/4 in.
$1,200-1,800 $700-900 $300-400

Oxblood Pottery Vase in the Manner of
Glazed earthenware
Late 19th/early 20th century
Long neck on bulbous body in oxblood glaze
with recessed foot numbered 1855-32A 320,
ht. 18 1/2 in.

Gustav Stickley Sideboard
Oak and hammered copper
New York, c. 1912
Rectangular top with open plate rack over
three center drawers flanked by two cabinets
over one long drawer, ring stains on top
surface, ht. 49 3/8, wd. 56, dp. 21 7/8 in.

Provenance: Estate of a Rhode Island family.


Gustav Stickley China Closet
Oak, glass, and metal
New York, c. 1912
Rectangular top over a single door fitted with
twelve panes, original fumed finish, minor
damage, ht. 62 7/8, wd. 36, dp. 14 in.

Provenance: Estate of a Rhode Island family.


Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Plate
Decorated pottery 15. 16.
Decorated by Albina Mangini, Boston, Four Paul Revere Pottery Plates, Two Two Saturday Evening Girls Pottery
Massachusetts, c. 1921 Vases, and Two Bowls, Two Saturday Children’s Plates
Circular form with a blush-colored band Evening Girls Plates, and a Small Vase Decorated pottery
decorated with stylized flowers and “John,” Glazed pottery Decorated by Ida Goldstein and possibly Celia
lighter blue interior band, blush center back Boston, Massachusetts, 1924-40 Goodman, Boston, 1913 and 1911
and rim in dark turquoise glaze, artist’s initials Yellow glazed pottery, Paul Revere Pottery: Round plates, matte glazed, one decorated
A.M., 5-21, S.E.G., dia. 7 1/2 in. a matching bowl and small plate marked JW with incised trios of white geese on blue and
$250-350 and with black maker’s stamp, two matching white rim bands, marked S.E.G./I.G./1-13,
plates with white and thin black rim bands, the other decorated with incised white rabbits
marked 8-23 Mc, with impressed maker’s on green-blue and white rim bands, marked
mark, small bowl marked B, a small plate C.G./427-1-11/S.E.G., dia. 7 5/8 in.
14. marked 5/24/M, both with impressed maker’s $800-1,200
Eleven Saturday Evening Girls and Paul mark, two ovoid vases, the taller marked PRP
Revere Pottery Items 12-28, the smaller marked PRP 12-26; two
Glazed pottery Saturday Evening Girls plates with white and 17.
Boston, early 20th century thin black rim bands, marked I.J.S./S.E.G. Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Children’s
Matte blue glazed pottery, Saturday Evening 10-20; and a small unmarked vase, one PRP Milk Pitcher
Girls items include a matching bowl and plate, plate with hairline, ht. 1 1/2-7 3/8, dia. 2 Decorated pottery
matching cup and saucer and a small vase, 3/4-8 1/4 in. Decorated by Fannie Levine, Boston,
each with S.E.G. inscriptions; Paul Revere $800-1,200 Massachusetts, 1913
Pottery items include two plates, two bowls, Tapered vessel with matte glaze decorated
a small cylindrical vase, and a tumbler, each with a rim band of chicks, tan-colored glaze
with inscribed P.R.P. mark or impressed with white rim band, with black outlining,
maker’s marks, ht. 1 5/8-5 5/8, dia. 5-8 3/8 inscribed F.L./11-13/S.E.G. on base, ht. 4
in. 3/8 in.
$800-1,200 $200-250

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17A. 19. 21.

Paul Revere Pottery Decorated Bowl L .& J.G. Stickley Side Chair Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Child’s Milk
Decorated earthenware Oak and upholstery Pitcher
Boston, Massachusetts, April 1937 New York, c. 1912 Decorated pottery
“Jon Heller His Bowl” on outer interior band, Shaped back rests with two shaped vertical Decorated by Albina Mangini, Boston, 1914
interior decorated with a rabbit in green, slats centered by a wide flat vertical slat, slip Tapered oval form, matte glaze, decorated
cream, rust, and blue, outer bands in mustard cushion seat with later upholstery, shaped with incised trios of white geese against blue
and cream with black borders, pottery mark front legs with low side stretchers, minor and white bands on a green-blue ground,
and date on base, dia. 5 7/8 in. losses, ht. 36 3/8 in. inscribed 10-14/S.E.G./AM, kiln glaze
$400-600 $400-600 imperfection on handle, ht. 4 1/4 in.

18. 20.
Gustav Stickley Bookcase Six Saturday Evening Girls and One Paul 22.
Oak Revere Pottery Item Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Pitcher and
New York, 1907-12 Glazed earthenware Saucer
Galléry top over two doors each fitted with Boston, Massachusetts Decorated pottery
twelve panes of glass, exposed tenons on All in green glaze including two salts, three One decorated by Fannie Levine, Boston,
side panels, paper label on back with address plates, a saucer with artist initials TM, and 1911
of the New York offices, wear, ht. 56, wd. 59 a small PRP vase with drip glaze, all with Green-blue matte glazed pitcher and bowl
3/4, dp. 13 in. pottery mark, salts with artist initials FR, some both decorated with incised rabbits on the rim
$4,000-6,000 with date marks, respective dia. 1 3/4, 1 3/4, bands, the pitcher inscribed S.E.G./F.L./255
7 1/2, 7 1/2, 8 1/4, vase ht. 3 in. 9-11, the bowl indistinctly inscribed 494-9-
$400-500 11/S.E.G./Iva, hairline on pitcher, light reddish
glazing imperfection on bowl center, pitcher
ht. 2 3/4 in.

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Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Teacup and
Saucer 19
Decorated earthenware
Decorated by Fannie Levine, Boston, 1914
Matte yellow glazed pottery decorated with
incised swimming white geese, the bowl and
creamer marked FL/S.E.G/7/14, ht. 2, dia. 5
7/8 in.

Arts & Crafts Chandelier
Brass and slag glass
United States, early 20th century
Ceiling cover and short chain suspending
a square center with monk’s heads in relief
with four arms radiating and suspending four
lanterns each fitted with a single socket and
caramel slag glass panel sides, panel with
break, ht. 16 in.

Arts & Crafts Gustav Stickley Dining Table
New York, c. 1912
Circular top on pedestal base with buttress 28. 29A.
supports on radiating feet, large paper Arts & Crafts Table American Encaustic Tile and a Paul Revere
craftsman label, top wear, apron veneer loss, Oak Pottery Plate
dia. 54 in. Early 20th century Art pottery
$1,000-1,500 Thick, rectangular, overhanging top with Zanesville, Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts,
corbel supports, canted sides with cutouts c. 1895-1935
and shaped openwork fitted with a median Faience tile depicting a landscape with a
26. shelf, losses and wear, top thickness 1 1/4, stone bridge, buildings, and a tree in blue,
Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Creamer, ht. 30 5/8, wd. 35 7/8, dp. 24 7/8 in. green, rust, olive, brown, and off-white,
Small Bowl, and Teapot $400-600 impressed pottery cipher on reverse and
Decorated pottery paper label “Raised outline scene no. 8362
One decorated by Fannie Levine, Boston, Decoration 91,” dia. 5 3/4; and a green
glazed Paul Revere pottery plate with pottery
ink mark on reverse, dia. 6 1/4 in.
Matte yellow glazed pottery decorated with 29.
white and thin black rim bands, the bowl and Six Saturday Evening Girls Pottery Plates
Note: Sold to benefit the Framingham
creamer marked FL/S.E.G/5/14, the teapot Decorated pottery
Historical Society.
marked 2-15/S.E.G. and a line over a B, ht. 2 Boston, Massachusetts, early 20th century $250-350
1/4-4 3/4 in. All decorated with a band of stylized lotus
$300-500 in white with incised outline in black on blue
ground, some initialed JMD, S.E.G. 7-20, dia. 30.
7 1/2 in. Roycroft Sideboard
27. Mahogany, glass, and metal
Two Arts & Crafts Dining Chairs Note: The consignor believes that these New York, c. 1906
Oak plates were decorated by Lilly Shapiro, and Rectangular back fitted with a beveled mirror
Early 20th century that the initials belong to the person for whom over rectangular overhanging top, panel
One with three horizontal back slats, black they were made. sides, the front with center cabinet with two
leather upholstered spring seat, over lower mosaic glass doors, flanked by a short drawer
stretcher; the other with two vertical back Provenance: Descended in the Shapiro over wood cabinet door all over long bottom
slats with black leather seat, double side family. drawer with Roycroft emblem, hammered
stretcher, ht. 36 1/2 in. $600-800 hardware, raised on shaped foot, ht. 58 1/2,
$200-300 wd. 66, dp. 26 in.

Provenance: From a Maine estate.


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31. 32. 33.

Roycroft Arts & Crafts Dining Table and Two Arts & Crafts Architectural Columns Heinz Art Table Lamp
Six Chairs Oak Mixed metals
Mahogany United States, early 20th century United States, c. 1920
New York Cylindrical form, some seam separation and Domed shade with openwork panels of
Circular top with five additional leaves, raised
loss to molding on mounts, column only ht. flowers and vines, cloth backing missing, on
on four posts with shaped support on cross
brace, ht. 30 1/8, dia. 54, each leaf 10 5/8; 75, mount 5 1/2 in. three-arm spyder, single socket with narrow
accompanied by six side chairs with four $300-500 neck on bulbous base with conforming silver
horizontal back slats with later upholstered overlay decoration, the whole in patinated
seats, ht. 38 1/4 in. verdigris finish, maker’s label on base, approx.
ht. 14, dia. 12 in.
Provenance: From a Maine estate. $300-500

31 (partial)
34. 38
Adirondack-style Five-light Antler
Late 19th/20th century
The branches and body composed of
intertwined deer antlers, electrified, lg. approx.
33 in.

Arts & Crafts Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware
Decorated ceramics
New York, 1908-09
Fallowfield Hunt pattern: salad bowl ht. 3 5/8,
dia. 9, pitcher, repaired, ht. 6, four bread and
butter plates, dia. 6 1/4, and eleven salad
plates, dia. 7 1/2; six Town Crier pattern
luncheon plates, two with nicks, dia. 8 1/2;
and a Village Life pattern covered sugar, ht. 4
in., all with Buffalo Pottery mark, most signed
by decorator.

Arts & Crafts Metalwork Pedestal
Square cut-corner top on cylindrical pedestal
with vertical strapwork raised on bulbous
base with four scroll feet, dark patina, wear,
dent on base, ht. 21 5/8, top 12 in.

Arts & Crafts Pottery Jardinière and Floor
Glazed earthenware and wrought iron
Ohio, early 20th century
Standard glaze decorated with brown open
petal flowers with green leaves raised in a
tri-leg twisted wrought iron floor stand, glaze
wear, total ht. 34 3/8, jardinière ht. 8 1/4, dia.
12 in.

Roycroft Arts & Crafts Server
New York
Plate rack on rectangular top over single 39
drawer, lower median shelf, shaped foot,
Roycroft mark, ht. 38 7/8, wd. 43 7/8, dp.
22 in.

Provenance: From a Maine estate.


Pair of Roycroft Arts & Crafts Armchairs
Mahogany and leather
New York
Five vertical slats on back rest, square
arms, and legs tapering to shaped foot,
lower stretchers, red leather seat with tacks,
Roycroft branded mark on apron, minor wear,
approx. ht. 44 in.

Provenance: From a Maine estate.

Rookwood Pottery Vellum Tile Plaque
Glazed and decorated pottery
Decorated by Fred Rothenbusch, Cincinnati,
Ohio, 1917
Landscape scene of trees and pasture in
mulberry, blue, cream, rust, and orange,
pottery and date mark on back with V for
vellum, signed with artist’s initials l.r. on front,
framed, surface crazing, overall ht. 15, wd. 17
7/8; sight ht. 9, wd. 12 in.

Fulper Arts & Crafts Pottery Lamp
Glazed art pottery and leaded slag glass
Flemington, New Jersey, 1922-28
Glossy gray-streaked glazed domed pottery
shade with a border of blue and caramel
slag glass segments on a pottery base with
columnar shaft flaring to base, with blue and
brown streaked glaze, black vertical ink stamp
40 mark on underside of base, overall ht. 17 in.

44 Jugtown Pottery Vase
Glazed pottery
Seagrove, North Carolina, 1922-59
Sloped shoulder on vase tapering to base,
mottled matte turquoise glaze, impressed
circular JUGTOWN POTTERY mark on base,
ht. 5 3/4 in.

Provenance: Descended in the family of

Grace Corbett Reed, an Arts & Crafts weaver
from Reading, Massachusetts, and a member
of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts.

Jugtown Pottery Mug
Glazed earthenware
Seagrove, North Carolina, 20th century
Glazed in rusty-brown, impressed circular
maker’s mark, ht. 3 7/8 in.

Marblehead Pottery Tile
Decorated pottery
Marblehead, Massachusetts, early 20th
Depicting a galleon at sea in cream, brown,
blue, and green glaze, impressed ship cipher
on reverse, crazing and edge chips, 5 7/8 x
5 3/4 in.

Grey Gables Studio Sign
Painted wood
United States
Black frame with Arts & Crafts lettering on
both sides, house on one side, landscape
decoration on the other, ht. 13, wd. 16 1/8 in.

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Roycroft Arts & Crafts Bookcase/China
Closet 45
Mahogany, glass, and metal
New York
Overhanging rectangular top over two
cabinet doors and side panels in a mosaic
of diamond- and lozenge-shaped glass with
hammered copper hardware, Roycroft mark,
shaped foot, some glass damage, approx. ht.
55 1/2, wd. 52, dp. 21 1/8 in.

Provenance: From a Maine estate.


Pair of Roycroft Arts & Crafts Cabinets
Mahogany and mosaic glass
New York
Each with a rectangular overhanging top,
upper case fitted with a clear glass mosaic,
with lower wood panels on all sides and
cabinet door, interior fitted with three shelves,
hammered copper hardware and Roycroft
branded mark, ht. 40 1/4, wd. 27, dp. 22
5/8 in.

Provenance: From a Maine estate. 50A


Handel Table Lamp
Glass and bronze
Meriden, Connecticut, early 20th century
Domed shade with textured exterior, interior
painted in a landscape design, single socket
with acorn pull, signed on rim Handel, 6150
and artist’s initials H.H., unmarked base, base
missing felt, ht. 14 1/8, approx. dia. 6 3/4 in.

Arts & Crafts Decorated Box
Iron and Oak 49. 50A.
Purportedly made by Captain Fletcher Abbott, Arts & Crafts Fulper Pottery Bowl and Eight Roycroft Desk Items
c. 1891 Flower Frog Metalwork
Tooled and riveted strapwork and mounts on Glazed earthenware East Aurora, New York
lidded rectangular form, ht. 4 3/4, wd. 8, dp. Flemington, New Jersey, early 20th century Hammered copper with brass finish with
7 1/2 in. Bowl in green drip glaze raised on tripod feet; embossed quatrefoil decoration, an inkwell
flower frog in the form of a Native American in with glass insert, calendar stand, letter
Note: Abbott purportedly made this for his a canoe on rocks, fitted with holes in rocks for opener, pen rest, and four blotter paper
niece Katherine Fay, it descended to Jessie flower stems, in olive green glaze, edge nicks, corners, impressed maker’s marks, inkwell
Fay and F. Sargent, c. 1938. both marked Fulper in a rectangle, bowl dia. ht. 2 1/2, dia. 2 1/2-9 1/2; accompanied by a
$200-300 10 1/2, flower frog lg. approx. 7 1/2 in. hammered copper inkwell with cover, lacking
$200-250 glass insert, ht. 1 3/4, dia. 4 3/4 in.
Quaint Arts & Crafts Stand 50.
Oak Gustav Stickley Double-door Bookcase 50B.
Model 4600, Grand Rapids, Michigan, early Oak Roycroft Metalwork Pitcher
20th century New York, c. 1902-03 Hammered copper
Galléry top over two open shelves with three Rectangular gallery top with through tenons East Aurora, New York
vertical slats at back and two at sides, Quaint over two double doors divided by sixteen Wide mouth with spout and handle, slight
mark on base, minor loss and stains, ht. 30, panes, with ring pulls, dark finish, Stickley rippling at rim, impressed Roycroft mark on
wd. 15 1/2, dp. 12 1/2 in. mark with red joiner’s compass, approx. ht. base, ht. 4 3/4 in.
$300-500 56, wd. 36, dp. 12 1/4 in. $300-500

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Ernest Batchelder (1875-1957) Two Tiles
Los Angeles, early 20th century
Square tiles with relief decoration bisque fired
with blue glaze in the recessed areas, one
depicting a man on horseback, the other a
stylized flower, impressed BATCHELDER LOS
ANGELES on the reverse, 3 7/8 x 3 7/8, 2
3/4 x 2 3/4 in.

Rookwood Pottery Scenic Vellum Vase
Decorated earthenware
Decorated by Lenore Asbury, Cincinnati,
Ohio, 1922
Open mouth with bulbous shoulder tapering
towards base, tree and waterscape in colors
of blue, cream, and green, pottery, date mark,
and artist’s initials, numbered 2033C and V
for Vellum, some crazing, ht. 12 1/2 in.

Rookwood Pottery Scenic Vellum Vase
Decorated earthenware
Decorated by Fred Rothenbusch, Cincinnati,
Ohio, 1920
Landscape decoration with a stream in
cream, blue, and greens with earth tones,
on tapering cylindrical form with inverted
52A. shoulder, pottery and date mark, artist’s
initials, shape 1652D V for vellum, paper label
Arts & Crafts Even Arm Settle Hammered Copper Vase
Born collection, numbered 41, crazing, ht. 9
Oak and black leather upholstery Vasiform body with large angular double
1/2 in.
Probably L. & J.G. Stickley, New York, early handles, ht. 13 1/8 in.
20th century $200-300
Even rail over sixteen vertical back and five
vertical side slats, long slip cushion seat 59.
accompanied by two pillows, raised on four 53. Pair of Rookwood Pottery Panther
square posts with beveled shaped tops, legs Weller Zona Pattern Pottery Jardinière Bookends
ended out, ht. 34, wd. 76, dp. 31 in. Decorated glazed pottery Glazed earthenware
$1,200-1,800 Zanesville, Ohio, c. 1920 William Purcell McDonald, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Decorated around the sides with molded 1925
maidens, vines, and garlands of flowers, Blue-gray panthers resting within the pages
52. matte glaze in shades of brown, pink, and of a stylized book, pottery and date mark,
Russell G. Crook Decorated Vase blue, on a shaded green ground, hairline, ht. numbered 2564, artist’s monogram within
Stoneware 9 in. glaze, ht. 5 5/8, wd. 5 1/2 in.
Wayland, Massachusetts, 1906-12 $400-600 $600-800
Decorated with deer grazing in a forest in
mottled cobalt blue and slate gray glaze 60.
on cylindrical form swelling toward base, 54.
Rookwood Decorated Pottery Vase
inscribed RC on base, imperfections and Saturday Evening Girls Vase
Possibly Jens Jensen or W.E. Hentschel,
glaze hairlines created in the firing, ht. 11 7/8 Glazed pottery
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1935
in. Boston, 1917 Decorated with ivory birds and blue and
Matte blue glazed elongated oval form, brown branches in matte glaze, pottery and
Note: Russell G. Crook is listed as a sculptor, inscribed S.E.G./5-17/RB on base, ht. 6 1/4 date mark and “S” for special, artist’s initials
plaster modeler, and potter. He exhibited in. illegible, ht. 4 in.
extensively at the Boston Society of Arts $125-150 $400-600
and Crafts from 1899-1927. He was also
a member of the Wayland Massachusetts
Society from 1906-1912, where he was 55. 61.
known for his animal decoration on Saturday Evening Girls Wall Pocket Two Rookwood Pottery Vases
earthenware. There are two examples shown Pottery Decorated earthenware
in Earliest Reflections, Furnishings From Fannie Levine, Boston, Massachusetts Cincinnati, Ohio, 1905 and 1919
the family of Edwin B. Sears, a catalogue Triangular form in yellow glaze, signed S.E.G., Including a yellow glazed vase decorated by
published by the Society for the Preservation artist’s initials FL, 7-23, ht. 6 in. Ed Hurley with flying birds, crazing and rim
of New England Antiquities (Historic New $150-200 hairline; and a wax resist vase in blues and
England), p. 27, and also a piece in the greens decorated by LJ- (the last initial hidden
by glaze), both with pottery and date marks,
Newark Museum collection.
respective ht. 6 1/2, 5 in.

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67 69

62. 63. 64.

Celia Laighton Thaxter (1835-1894) Bowl J. & J.G. Low Arts & Crafts Tile Frieze Six Paul Revere Pottery Cups and Saucers
Decorated ceramic Glazed earthenware Glazed earthenware
New Hampshire, 1880-87 Massachusetts, late 19th/early 20th century Boston, Massachusetts
Round center bowl with wide mouth, interior Comprised of seventeen pieces in turquoise All in sea green glaze with whitewash border,
decorated in mint green, exterior decorated blue glaze with Tempis Fugit center panel, painted GS in black in the border, three
with olive branches and Greek inscription pottery mark on back, one with chip, each pieces damaged, cup ht. 2, saucer dia. 5 1/2
from Sophocles, raised on circular foot signed approx. 6 in. sq. in.
and dated by the artist 1888, rim chip, ht. 4, $400-600
wd. 10 in. Note: Purportedly made by Lily Shapiro for
$2,000-3,000 Gladys Shapiro.

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65. 68. 72.

Ten Paul Revere Pottery Items W. J. Walley Wall Pocket W. J. Walley Pottery Vase
Glazed pottery Glazed earthenware Glazed earthenware
Boston, early 20th century Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1908 Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1908
Seven mostly small bowls with matte glaze in Oval mouth on swollen conical form with Hand-thrown tapering cylindrical form
shades of red, orange, green, gray, and blue; five ribbed leaves in green-brown glaze, accented by four loops pulled from rim to
two small round blue glazed plates; a green- impressed WJW and S, lg. 11 in. shoulder in blue-gray striated glaze on red
blue glazed saucer, each with inscribed, $600-800 clay body, impressed WJW on base, chip to
stamped, impressed maker’s mark or paper edge of one loop, ht. 9 1/2 in.
maker’s label, small red bowl and saucer with $400-600
minor rim nicks, ht. 1 3/8-3 1/8, dia. 3 3/8-7 69.
1/2 in. W. J. Walley Pottery Mug
$800-1,200 Glazed earthenware 73.
Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1904 W. J. Walley Pottery Vase
Hand-thrown carved organic form with five Glazed earthenware
repeating leaf elements, stem as handle, Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1908
Nine Paul Revere Pottery Vases, Bowl, and
overall green-brown glaze over red clay, Round mouth on narrow-shouldered tapering
impressed WJW on base, ht. 6 in. cylindrical form, complex glaze coloring in
Glazed pottery
Boston, early 20th century $800-1,200 brown, rust, and green-gold, impressed
Five vases: two matte glazed, one in pink, one WJW, ht. 8 1/2 in.
light blue, and three glossy glazed, one dark $600-800
blue, one blue streaked, the other mottled 70.
turquoise and dark blue; three matte glazed Weller Pottery Coppertone Line Vase
plates: one dark blue-gray, one maroon, Glazed pottery 74.
and a small purple glazed plate; and a round Zanesville, Ohio, second quarter 20th century W. J. Walley Pottery Vase
dark blue glazed bowl, each marked with an Tapered oval form with mottled matte green Glazed earthenware
inscribed, black stamped, impressed maker’s glaze over brown, inscribed Weller Pottery on Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1905
mark or paper maker’s label, purple plate with base, ht. 6 in. Open mouth on gently flaring cylindrical form
two rim chips, ht. 3 1/4-7, dia. 3-9 3/4 in. $100-150 in textured green-brown glaze, impressed
$500-700 WJW on base, ht. 9 3/4 in.
67. Fulper Arts & Crafts Vase
W. J. Walley Pottery Vase Glazed art pottery 75.
Decorated earthenware Flemington, New Jersey, 1922-28 W. J. Walley Pottery Lamp
Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1905 Flaring body on a squat base with four vertical Glazed earthenware
Round mouth on swollen shoulder with columns on the sides, dark matte green Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1910
incised leaf and trailing vine decoration in glaze, black vertical ink stamp mark, retains Aladdin lamp form with handle in mottled
green and brown glazes on red clay body, an old Phillips auction hang tag, sale 673, lot green drip and rust glazes on red clay body,
impressed WJW on base, ht. 7 1/4 in. 172, ht. 8 3/8 in. impressed WJW on base, ht. 5 1/2, wd. 8 in.
$400-600 $300-500 $400-600

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78 83

76. 79. 82.

W. J. Walley Pottery Vase Large Van Briggle Center Bowl and Figural Artichoke-form Pottery Jardinière
Glazed earthenware Flower Frog Glazed pottery
Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1908 Glazed art pottery America, early 20th century
Cylindrical form with textured green-brown Colorado Springs, mid-20th century Round form with molded lapped leaves
glaze on red clay body, impressed WJW on Matte turquoise glaze on flower frog depicting around the sides, shaded matte green glaze,
base, ht. 6 in. a nude woman feeding a goose, which rests unmarked, ht. 7 7/8 in.
$300-500 on an oblong shallow bowl, marked AA/Van $250-350
Briggle Art Pottery Colo. Sp’gs., overall ht. 9,
bowl dia. 15 1/4 in.
77. $800-1,200 83.
W. J. Walley Pottery Vase Rookwood Pottery Scenic Vellum Vase
Glazed earthenware Decorated earthenware
Sterling, Massachusetts, c. 1908 80. Decorated by Fred Rothenbusch, Cincinnati
Tapering cylindrical form with four shallow Pair of Van Briggle Candlesticks Ohio, 1901
buttresses in blue glaze on red clay body, Glazed pottery Woodland landscape decoration with a
impressed WJW on base, ht. 9 3/4 in. Colorado Springs, Colorado, mid-20th century stream in cream, blue, green, and earth
$600-800 Tulip blossom double candlesticks in Persian tones, on tapering cylindrical form with
rose glaze, incised maker’s marks, ht. 4 5/8, inverted shoulder, pottery and date mark,
lg. 6 5/8 in. artist’s initials, shape 1660A, V for vellum on
78. $250-350 base, crazing, ht. 16 in.
Large Van Briggle Three Graces Vase $1,500-2,500
Glazed art pottery
Colorado Springs, c. 1987 81.
Matte turquoise glaze on buff-colored clay, Van Briggle Pottery Arts & Crafts Vase 84.
marked AA Van Briggle Art Pottery Colo. Glazed pottery Rookwood Pottery Vase
Spgs. Colo. and LS for finisher Loretta Short, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1918 Decorated earthenware
ht. 16 5/8, base dia. 10 1/2 in. Round squat bowl decorated with leaves in Decorated by Matt Daly, Cincinnati, Ohio,
$2,000-3,000 relief, blue streaked glaze, incised AA pottery 1897
mark and 1918, ht. 2 3/8, dia. 6 1/4 in. Large green glazed double-handled vase with
$400-600 white petaled floral decoration, gilt highlights,
shoulder with flesh-colored glaze drip at rim,
pottery and date mark, numbered 339BW
signed MAD/S, no visible restoration, ht. 13

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Weller Pottery Louwelsa Line Jug
Decorated pottery
Zanesville, Ohio, late 19th/early 20th century
Flattened oval vessel decorated in glossy
glaze with a raspberry cane, impressed half
circle mark, crazing, ht. 5 3/8 in.

Weller Dickensware Jardinière
Decorated pottery
Ohio, 1897-98
Wide mouth on bulbous olive green glazed
body decorated with chrysanthemum-type
flowers in rust, orange, and cream, marked
Dickensware Weller 204, approx. ht. 9, dia.
11 in.

Two Weller Dickensware Second Line
Pottery Vases
Decorated glazed pottery
Decoration attributed to John Herold,
Zanesville, Ohio, 1900-05
85. 89. Glossy blue on blue glaze vases, an elongated
Rookwood Pottery Turtle-form Flower Frog Weller Louwelsa Line Portrait Vase oval form depicting a cavalier, with impressed
Glazed pottery Decorated pottery half-circle DICKENSWARE WELLER mark on
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1930 Decorated by Levi J. Burgess, Zanesville, base, and a tall cylindrical form depicting a
Molded turtle figure on pierced base, matte Ohio, 1905-07 portly gentleman, the base unmarked, ht. 11
green glaze, impressed Rookwood flame Elongated oval form decorated with a three- 1/2, 10 5/8 in.
mark and XXX over 2994 on base, ht. 2 7/8 quarter bust-length portrait of a cavalier,
in. signed L.J. Burgess on side, impressed Provenance: Descended in a Massachusetts
$125-150 circular Weller Louwelsa mark, X, and 277 on family.
base, rim restored, ht. 13 7/8 in. $800-1,200
Rookwood Pottery Vase 94A.
Glazed earthenware 90. Weller and Roseville Pottery
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1921 Rookwood Standard Glaze Jug Molded glazed pottery
Shallow shoulder on cylindrical form with Decorated pottery Ohio, early 20th century
incised geometric decoration in yellow glaze, Decorated by Kataro Shirayamadani, Octagonal Weller jardinière decorated around
pottery and date mark 2393, ht. 9 in. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1893 the sides in low relief with Classical figures on
$300-500 Tall handled vessel narrowing at the mouth, a rose-colored ground, impressed WELLER
glossy glaze decoration with stalks of dark on base, hairline on rim; and a maroon glazed
orange day lilies, the base marked with Mayfair pattern Roseville pottery corner wall
87. impressed Rookwood flame monogram, pocket, raised mark on side, ht. 9 1/4, 8 1/4
Elfriede Jungk (German, b. 1889) 564C W, and inscribed Japanese signature of in., respectively.
Woodblock Print the decorator, ht. 9 3/4 in. $200-300
Tree in Bloom by a Lake
Signed “E. Jungk” in color pencil l.r., sight 94B.
size 9 1/4 x 11 in., framed. 91. Five Niloak Pottery Vases
Condition: Not examined out of frame. Weller Louwelsa Arts & Crafts Jardinière Multicolored clay
$400-500 Decorated pottery Benton, Arkansas, 1909-49
Ohio, 1896-1924 Mission swirl pattern developed by Charles
Yellow open-petaled poppies on a shaded Hyten, respective ht. 4 3/4, 4 5/8, 4 5/8, 5
88. moss green and brown ground, impressed 1/2, 6 1/8 in.
Rookwood Tankard/Pitcher Equestrian Louwelsa Weller on base, crazing, some $400-600
Taho scuffs, ht. 11 1/2, dia. 13 in.
Decorated pottery $500-700
Matthew Daly, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1900 94C.
Standard glaze decorated with a portrait, Five Niloak Pottery Vases
marked with artist’s initials MAD, pottery Multicolored clay
and date mark, numbered 564B, and titled Benton, Arkansas, 1909-49
Equestrian Taho on base, ht. 11 1/4 in. Mission swirl pattern developed by Charles
$2,000-3,000 Hyten, respective ht. 4 3/8, 5 1/2, 4 3/4, 6
3/8, 8 1/2 in.

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94D. 95. 96.

Four Niloak Pottery Vases Limbert Arts & Crafts Sideboard Charles Gordon Harris (American, 1891-
Multicolored clay Oak and copper 1963)
Benton Arkansas, 1909-49 Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan, c. 1904
Mission swirl pattern developed by Charles Rectangular mirrored back framed by a gentle Wickford Harbor/A Rhode Island
Hyten, respective ht. 8 1/4, 5 1/2, 5, 4 3/4 in. arch with square posts over rectangular top Landscape
$400-600 with two cabinet doors flanking three center Signed “C. GORDON HARRIS” l.r., titled in
drawers over long drawer, original finish, with pencil on the reverse.
hammered copper pulls, branded Limbert Oil on canvasboard, 12 x 14 in., framed.
mark in cutlery drawer, age-typical wear, ht. Condition: Minor surface grime.
38, wd. 54, dp. 21 in. $300-500

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Arts & Crafts Bookcase
96 c. 1912
Two glass doors with mullions at top, with
copper pulls, interior fitted with four shelves,
faint number on back, ht. 56 3/4, wd. 35 1/2,
dp. 12 in.

Boudoir Lamp
Reverse-painted glass and patinated metal
Base attributed to Pittsburgh Glass and Lamp
Co., early 20th century
Domical shade reverse-painted with a
landscape scene in shades of green, yellow,
and earth tones, with Phoenix paper label,
over single socket, ribbed patinated metal
standard, circular base with wreath edge,
base weighted, approx. ht. 14, shade 7 3/4 in.

Arts & Crafts Dresser
Oak and glass
England, c. 1910
97 The center composed of a rectangular framed
dressing mirror, the top of each side with a
mosaic glass ornamentation over a single
drawer, fitted with drawers and compartments
below, hammered copper hardware, some
97. 98. surface wear, ht. 63 1/2, wd. 48, dp. 19 3/4
Charles Gordon Harris (American, 1891- Pair of L. & J.G. Stickley Rocking Chairs in.
1963) Oak and upholstery $1,000-1,500
Fayetteville, New York, early 20th century
Winter Afternoon Crest rail over five vertical slats with flat arms,
Signed “C. GORDON HARRIS” l.r., identified spring cushion seat, white decal The Work of 100A.
on a label from the Providence Art Club, L. & J.G. Stickley, approx. ht. 32 3/8 at rest, H-back Side Chair Attributed to Gustav
Providence, Rhode Island, affixed to the wd. 26 in. Stickley
reverse. $500-700 Oak and natural fiber
Oil on canvasboard, 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 in., New York, early 20th century
framed. H-shape back splat with cord seat, double
Condition: Minor surface grime. side stretcher, numbered 719, ht. 32, wd. 16
$300-500 3/4 in.

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101. 102A. 104.

Arts & Crafts-style Screen Newcomb-Macklin-type Standing Frame Art Nouveau Pottery Jardinière
Oak and natural fabrics Giltwood and glass Ceramic
United States, late 20th century Early 20th century Europe, late 19th/early 20th century
Three rectangular hinged panels in dark-finish Rectangular mirror framed in a border of Reticulated green lustre shoulder, body
oak, below a framed burlap panel depicting flowers and stylized leaves, swivel-mounted decorated with yellow flowers on green
a stylized flower, embroidered in tan, cream, on decorated vertical supports raised on scroll ground, form no. 20811, mark not legible, ht.
and rust, tear to textile in back, ht. 68 3/4, legs, marked on back Love to Mary Christmas 11, approx. dia. 15 1/2 in.
each panel wd. 22 1/4 in. 1912, ht. 15, wd. 10 7/8 in. $400-500
$350-550 $400-600

102. 103. Two Josef Hoffman (1870-1956) Cubist
Arts & Crafts Pottery Umbrella Stand Arts & Crafts Cabinet Armchairs
Glazed earthenware Oak Painted wood and cloth webbing
New England, early 20th century Early 20th century Manufactured by Wittmann, Austria, 20th
Wide overlapping modeled leaves in thick Rectangular overhanging top above a century
brown glaze alternating with white flowers compartment with shelf and a single door Cube form with even arm over seven vertical
with trailing stems, ht. 22, dia. 11 in. fitted with a pipe rack, cutout base, finish side slats and six back slats within a white
$300-500 has been lightened top front and sides, some painted framework, with white webbing, brass
separation, ht. 29 7/8, wd. 26, dp. 17 1/8 in. mfg. plate, ht. 26 3/4, 24 1/8, 24 1/2 in.
Note: This design was originally for the
Pukersdorf Sanatorium.

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105 106

Pair of Amphora Art Pottery Vases
Decorated and glazed earthenware
Austria, c. 1900
Elongated oval vases with openwork floral
modeled handles, decorated with stylized
branches over polychrome anthemion leaves
and vines, and ribs dotted with white glaze
jewels, on an unglazed taupe ground, marked
on bases with impressed crown, Amphora,
Austria, 1502, and circular stamp, unobtrusive
firing cracks under rim of one, ht. 17 3/8 in.

Two Art Books
Richard Seewald and Christian Fürchtegott
Gellert, Fabeln, Berlin: Verlag Fritz Gurlitt,
1920, broken spine; Walter Friedlaender, ed.,
The Drawings of Nicolas Poussin: Catalogue
Raisonné; London: The Warburg Institute,
1939, in a clamshell portfolio box.

Arts & Crafts Candlestick
ht. 14 1/4 in.
111 $200-225

106. 107. 110.

Josef Hoffman (1870-1956) Table Reinhold Merkelbach Art Pottery Marblehead Pottery Vase
Painted wood Glazed decorated pottery box Decorated pottery
Manufactured by Wittmann, Austria, 20th Grenzhausen, Germany, 1909-14 Marblehead, Massachusetts, early 20th
century Covered round container, cover with bud finial century
Octagonal form top over square lower and incised small hearts, container decorated Cylindrical form, matte dark blue exterior
shelf, four square leg supports joined by on the sides with beading and columns of with dark gray stylized floral rim border with
base stretchers, in white finish, minor wear, scrolled devices, dark blue and gray glazes, elongated stems, partial impressed ship
manufacturer’s label, ht. 28 3/8, dia. 27 5/8 impressed circular maker’s mark, small chip cipher and oval paper maker’s label on base,
in. on interior rim, ht. 5, dia. 4 3/4 in. ht. 4 1/4 in.
$400-600 $500-700 $300-500

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111. 114. 117.

German School, 20th Century Two Rookwood Pottery Vases Amphora Art Nouveau Vase
Decorated and glazed pottery Glazed earthenware
View of Trees by a Stream One decorated by Harriet R. Stafer, Austria, early 20th century
Signed “A. Dand...” in pencil l.r., inscribed Cincinnati, Ohio, both 1888 Shaped square rim and bulbous dimpled
“-Handdruck-” l.l. Egg-shaped vases, one horizontal with two shoulder over waist with four protrusions
Color woodblock print, sight size 9 1/4 x 6 supporting feet, decorated with a spray of on bulbous base, glazed with poppies
1/2 in., framed. daisies on a pale shaded green and pink in iridescent rose, green, and white with
Condition: Not examined out of frame. ground, impressed Rookwood flame mark gilt highlights, impressed AUSTRIA and
$400-500 and inscribed HBS over a W on the base; AMPHORA marks and model numbers and
the other upright with tripod feet, decorated old 1989 Christie’s East auction labels, sale
with a branch of white apple blossoms on a 6929, lot 226, on base, ht. 15 1/8 in.
112. pink ground, with impressed Rookwood flame $1,000-1,500
Newcomb Decorated Pottery Vase mark, minute chip at top of upright vase, ht. 3
Glazed earthenware 1/2, 5 1/4 in.
New Orleans, Louisiana, potter Joseph Hunt, $300-500 118.
c. 1930 Amphora Pottery
Decorated with moss oaks in relief on shaded Glazed earthenware vase
blue ground with white moon, Pottery mark 115. Austria, early 20th century
NC, potter’s initials JH, shape no. 236, Rookwood Pottery Pitcher Raised rim on bulbous shoulder with
date code SC6, indistinct decorator’s mark, Glazed pottery reticulated circular protrusions over columnar
accompanied by original paper label, ht. 6 Cincinnati, Ohio, 1886 body issuing four columns all joining at base
1/2 in. Glossy glazed pitcher in graduating shades of in iridescent rose and turquoise with dark blue
$3,000-4,000 blue, impressed ROOKWOOD 1886 132 S on “jewels” and gilt highlights on a mottled gold
base, crazing, ht. 7 1/2 in. ground, impressed crown and AUSTRIA and
$200-300 AMPHORA marks and model numbers on
113. base, ht. 11 7/8 in.
Newcomb Pottery Decorated Bowl $1,000-1,500
Glazed pottery 116.
New Orleans, Louisiana, potter Joseph Meyer, Amphora Art Pottery Vase
c. 1917 Decorated pottery 119.
Wide mouth with relief decorated floral Trnovany, Czech Republic (Turn-Teplitz, Art Nouveau Vase
shoulder in blue, green, and cream glaze, Bohemia Austria), early 20th century Decorated pottery
marked on base with NC Pottery mark, Vase with simulated liquid overflowing the rim, Austria, early 20th century
potter’s initials, date code IW6, and shape over flared body with applied grape clusters, Tapered oval form decorated with band of
no. 258, indistinct possible decorator’s mark, vine, and leaves in full relief, twelve openwork holly and oval “jewels” in relief on a raised gilt
ht. 4 in. vine-like devices around the base, iridescent spider web over a green ground, the base
$1,800-2,200 blue, green, pink, and creamy white glazes marked Holly, Terex, Austria, ht. 6 3/4 in.
with gilt highlights, raised triangular EDDA $600-800
mark and impressed maker’s marks, small
tendril and leaf edge losses, ht. 8 1/2 in.

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121 Amphora Art Pottery Jardinière
Decorated ceramic
Czechoslovakia, early 20th century
Dark blue glazed rim over the sides with black
outlined polychrome glazed stylized flowers
in relief on a mottled matte gold-colored
ground, black oval printed maker’s mark and
impressed 15 135 17 model numbers, ht. 6
5/8 in.

Amphora Art Pottery Vase
Decorated ceramic
Austria, c. 1900
Bowl-shaped vase with four openwork
blossoms over four arms extending to base,
decorated with blue and yellow scallops and
foliage and blossoms on a creamy white
ground, impressed marks including a crown,
AMPHORA, AUSTRIA, and 11670 over 67,
ht. 4 1/8 in.

Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel Amphora
127 Art Pottery
Decorated glazed pottery
Austria, 1899-1905
Vasiform body with gilt cobra figural handles,
the body decorated with grape leaves and
clusters, red ink stamp and impressed
maker’s marks, ht. 10 in.

Art Nouveau Pottery Vase
Decorated glazed pottery
Made for Liberty & Co., England, early 20th
Aqua cylindrical vase with stylized flower
stalks in relief around the sides in glossy
green-blue glazes, impressed Made for
Liberty & Co. on base, some glaze losses
around the rim, ht. 4 5/8, dia. 6 3/8 in.

Avon/Wheeling Potteries Vase
Decorated glazed pottery
Avon Faience (Vance)/Wheeling Potteries Co.,
Tiltonville, Ohio, 1880-1908
Double-bulbed vase with slip-trailed floral and
120. 121. incised lapped leaf decoration in glossy blue
Art Nouveau Vase Richard Riemerschmid for Reinhold and white glazes, the base inscribed Avon,
Glazed porcelain Merkelbach WP--Co. 129-1005, ht. 7 1/2 in.
Alexandra Porcelain Works, Ernst Wahliss, Glazed stoneware $300-500
Vienna, Austria, 1899-1918 Grenzhausen, Germany, first quarter 20th
Shaped rim on double-bulbed body, modeled century
with leaves and openwork branches, Covered globular vessel with three feet, raised 126.
iridescent rose, blue, and green glaze with floral garland decoration in dark blue and tan, Art Nouveau Jardinière and Two Pedestals
gilt highlights, red stamped maker’s mark on impressed marks REINHOLD MERKELBACH Ceramic
base, and old December 1988 Christie’s East GRENZHAUSEN 3097, two hairlines on cover, Europe, late 19th/early 20th century
auction labels, sale 6723, lot 194, in interior, ht. 11 in. Wide-mouth jardinière hand-painted with a
ht. 10 in. $1,200-1,800 peacock and flowers in earth and jewel tones,
$800-1,200 glaze loss at base; accompanied by two
pedestals in conforming tones with stylized
floral decoration, ht. 12, 23, 23, jardinière dia.
12 in.

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132 135

127. 129. 131.

Arts & Crafts Teakettle on Stand Three Arts & Crafts and Art Deco Tea Arts & Crafts Teakettle on Stand
Copper and brass Servers Hammered silver-plated metal
F. & R. Fischer, Göppingen, Germany, early Metal, natural fiber F. & R. Fischer, Göppingen, Germany, early
20th century Late 19th/early 20th century 20th century
Half-oval-form teapot with turned wooden A hemispherical copper body teakettle with Half-oval form teapot with turned wooden
finial on the cover, cane-wrapped upright brass spout, cane-wrapped handle, and finial on the cover and cane-wrapped upright
brass handle suspended over a copper cover with turned wooden finial, on a four- handle on a circular stand with vertical rod
burner with brass support on a sinuous legged bronze stand supporting a glass supports, with conforming burner, impressed
bronze-patinated tripod stand, impressed burner, impressed BENSON maker’s mark manufacturer’s mark on base of teakettle,
manufacturer’s mark on base of teakettle and on teakettle base; a WMF hammered brass minor dent on burner, overall ht. 13 3/4,
burner, minor dents on teapot, overall ht. 19 teakettle with cane-wrapped handle, on a teakettle ht. 8 1/2 in.
1/4, teakettle ht. 9 in. tripod stand with brass burner, impressed $250-350
$250-350 maker’s marks on kettle and burner; and an
Art Deco arched-form copper teapot with
green Bakelite finial on cover and handle, chip
Arts & Crafts Mantel Clock
128. on finial, ht. 12 1/4, 13 1/2, 5 in., respectively.
Copper and inlaid oak
Nine Arts & Crafts and Art Deco Teakettles $300-500 Germany, early 20th century
and Pots Stepped rectangular top on oak case with
Metal, ceramic contrasting geometric wood inlay designs
Various makers, early 20th century 130. and borders, embossed copper clock dial
Two octagonal silvered metal electric Pair of Jarvie “Alpha” Candlesticks with incised Arabic numerals, over faceted
teakettles designed by Peter Behrens, with Brass colorless glass panel, key-wind brass clock
wooden finials and woven cane-covered Chicago, c. 1905 mechanism marked LENZKIRCH, with brass
upright handles, a white ceramic teapot with Flared rim on drip pan over slender bobeche, pendulum, ht. 18 1/4, wd. 10 1/2, dp. 6 1/2
conforming hammered silver-plated metal cylindrical stem with base knob on circular in.
tea cozy by WMF, three similar bulbous-form foot, signed in script in metal, some wear, ht. $800-1,200
electric teakettles with hammered surfaces 11 3/8 in.
and woven cane-wrapped upright handles, $700-900
one copper, one brass-washed, and one 133.
silver-plated, and three circular squat-form Pair of Art Nouveau Door Handles
teakettles one copper, and two brass with Cast metal
brass swing handles, electric kettles not Early 20th century
currently working, ht. 3 1/2-9 in. Vertical design composed of ribbed and
$800-1,200 shaped flowing curves in mirror form, lg. 11

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134. 137. 139.

Josef Hoffmann Trinket Box for Wiener Watcombe Terra-cotta Pitcher and Eduard Stellmacher Teapot
Werkstatte Tumbler Decorated earthenware
Brass and ebonized wood Terra-cotta, silver mounts Stellmacher Potterie, Czech Republic (Turn-
Vienna, Austria, early 20th century Possibly Christopher Dresser, England, c. Teplitz, Bohemia Austria), 1905-12
Shaped rectangular brass box with hinged 1875 Squat round form with arched upright handle,
domed lid, with ebonized wood paneled Molded terra-cotta, silver mounted and with decorated on the side with a spotted leopard
interior, impressed JH Wiener Werkstatte ribbed banding, a pitcher with hinged cover, on a green ground, raised pottery marks, ht.
marks on base, several minor dents, ht. 2 7/8, ht. 8 1/2; and a tumbler, ht. 4 3/4 in.; printed 6 3/4 in.
wd. 4 1/4, dp. 2 3/4 in. marks. $150-250
$300-500 $200-300

135. 138. Three Pieces of Arts & Crafts Metalwork
Eva Maria Marcus (German, 1889–1970) Three Inkwells and Two Inkstands Copper, brass, and mixed metals
Pottery Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) brass jug
View of a Pine Forest, c. 1910 Boston, Germany, Austria with wood handle, manufactured by Henry
Signed “Eva Maria Marcus-” in pencil l.r. Saturday Evening Girls pottery inkwell, matte Ferncomb, minor dents, ht. 8 1/4; a William
Color woodcut, sight size 8 1/2 x 11 1/4 in., green glaze, inscribed S.E.G. and T.M. .2.17, A.S. Benson (1854-1924) copper and brass
framed. maker’s initials and date on base, ht. 1 3/4, hot chocolate pitcher, ht. 9 1/2; and a Laurits
Condition: Not examined out of frame. wd. 3 3/4, dp. 2 5/8; Christian Neureuther Christian Eichner (1894-1967) patinated metal
for Waechtersbach Ceramics inkwell with covered box, ht. 3, wd. 7 1/2, dp. 3 1/2 in.
N.B. Jewish painter and graphic artist Eva lift-off domed cover, on a rectangular tray $300-350
Maria Marcus studied at the Royal Art School with molded compartments for pens and
in Berlin with Emil Orlik and Lovis Corinth. desk articles, black glaze with white borders,
$150-250 impressed factory mark on base of inkwell, 140A.
ht. 4 3/4, wd. 9, dp. 6; Paul Revere Pottery Arts & Crafts Brass Bowl
inkwell, square form with lift-off cover, molded Hammered and incised brass
136. well, matte blue glaze, paper maker’s label, C.G. Hellberg, Insjön, Sweden, c. 1905
WMF Arts & Crafts Teakettle on Stand retains old Skinner auction sticker for auction Oval bowl with applied handles with incised
Hammered copper and brass 1608, lot 505, ht. 2, dia. 3 7/8; Wiener and embossed ornamentation, raised on a
Germany, early 20th century Werkstatte square inkwell with canted rim, domed circular foot, impressed maker’s mark
Globular teakettle with raised concentric decorated with orange and blue brushed with shield, crown and crossed arrows county
circular ornaments on sides, wicker-wrapped lines on a pinkish-white ground, impressed mark, ht. 1 3/4, dia. 6 1/2 in.
brass handle, brass knop and tripod support KWK mark and numbered 319, lacking cover, $300-500
on a circular hammered copper base with ht. 9 1/2; and an Art Deco inkstand, fluted
removable burner, impressed WMF mark on architectural form with lift-off cover on inkwell,
teakettle base, overall ht. 13 1/4 in. green, black, and white glazed stripes,
$250-300 impressed molded numbers on base, ht. 4
1/2, wd. 8 1/2, dp. 5 in.

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141. 144. 147A.

Arts & Crafts Figural Tile Art Nouveau Art Pottery Vase Moorcroft Pottery Center Bowl
Glazed pottery Decorated pottery Decorated glazed pottery
Early 20th century England, early 20th century England, c. 1925
Square white clay tile depicting the figure of a Red glaze with incised grasses and butterfly Round footed bowl decorated in the Pansy
man wearing a robe, inscribed DOCTOR in an on bulbous form tapering to base, recessed pattern on a dark blue ground, impressed
arch, 4 x 4 in. foot, ht. 9 3/8 in. Cobridge factory mark and painted signature,
$200-250 $400-500 minor crazing at bowl center, ht. 4 1/2, dia.
9 3/8 in.
142. 145.
Two Eduard Stellmacher Vases Pilkington Royal Lancastrian Bowl
Decorated earthenware Decorated pottery 147B.
Stellmacher Potterie, Czech Republic (Turn- England, early 19th century Pair of Crown Ducal Vases
Teplitz, Bohemia Austria), 1905-12 Lobed bowl decorated with a band of flowers Decorated earthenware
A flared vase with two angled handles, and vines in red, orange, and brown lustre England, early 20th century
decorated on the side with a girl and a white glazes, faint impressed factory marks and Tapered cylindrical forms, model 115,
goose on a mottled olive green ground, painted R mark, ht. 2 7/8, dia. 9 3/8 in. decorated with polychrome flowers and
stamped gilt pottery mark on base, ht. 8; and $300-500 leaves in relief on a brown sponge-decorated
a squat vessel with two dark blue entwined ground, black stamped Crown Ducal Ware/
handles decorated with a white flower England surmounted by a crown mark on
blossom on a leafy branch on a green ground, 146. base, ht. 8 7/8 in.
raised pottery marks on base, ht. 5 in. Moorcroft Pottery Center Bowl $300-500
$500-700 Decorated glazed pottery
England, c. 1925
Round bowl decorated in the Eventide 148.
143. landscape pattern, impressed Cobridge Ruskin Pottery Vase
Moorcroft Pottery Vase factory mark and painted signature, hairline on Glazed earthenware
Decorated glazed pottery underside of base, scratches to bowl center, United Kingdom, 1898-1935
England, c. 1920 ht. 4, dia. 10 1/8 in. Double handles on baluster form vase in
Tapered oval vase decorated in the $500-700 sea green, magenta, and purple high fire
Pomegranate design on a dark blue ground, reduction glazes, impressed Ruskin on base,
impressed Cobridge factory mark and painted ht. 14 1/2 in.
initials, small hairline on base edge, ht. 5 1/8 147.
in. Moorcroft Pottery Candlestick Note: Ruskin pottery was known for its high
$400-500 Decorated glazed pottery fire techniques. The pottery closed in 1935,
England, c. 1925 and with its closing the glaze recipes were
Pansy decoration on a dark blue ground, destroyed.
impressed factory mark, ht. 8 in. $250-350

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150 152


148A. 151. 154.

Stella R. Crofts Horse Sculpture Art Nouveau Figural Inkwell Three Arts & Crafts Inkstands and Two
Glazed ceramic Painted cast metal Inkwells
England, 1926 Late 19th/early 20th century Metalwork
Depicting two horses and a colt on a Cast in the form of a woman in a flowing United States and Europe, early 20th century
rectangular base, signed and dated on base, dress, covered inkwell, lacking glass insert, Copper and pewter rectangular double inkwell
old loss to one ear, ht. 7 3/4, wd. 4 1/2, lg. paint losses, ht. 4 3/4, wd. 5, dp. 4 in. with riveted joinery, hinged lid opening to two
9 1/2 in. $200-250 removable hammered pewter inkwells, ht.
$700-900 2 1/4, wd. 10 1/4, dp. 6 3/4; G.F. Schutzt
brass inkwell, small spherical form with hinged
152. lid, the exterior engraved with stars, maker’s
149. Art Nouveau Inkwell marks on base GESETZLICH/G.F. SCHUTZT
Art Nouveau Inkwell Cast bronze and anchor trademark, lacking glass insert,
Cast patinated metal Late 19th century ht. 2, dia. 2; Forest Craft Guild inkwell
Late 19th/early 20th century Cast in the form of a boy on a dolphin, with with hinged domed lid with relief design
Cast in the form of a woman’s head with lift-off cover and glass insert, ht. 4 1/2, wd. 5 centered with a pink hardstone cabochon
long flowing hair, with floriform hinged cover, 1/2, dp. 2 1/2 in. on a rectangular dished stand, with glass
gilt and bronze patination, model no. 4131, $300-350 insert, impressed Forest Craft Guild on base,
lacking glass insert, ht. 2 5/8, wd. 9 1/4, dp. ht. 2 1/2, wd. 11 3/4, dp. 4; Forest Craft
5 3/4 in. Guild square inkwell with hinged lid with two
$150-200 153. square windows on each side, on a square
Art Nouveau Figural Candlestick dished base, glass insert, impressed Forest
Patinated cast bronze Craft Guild on base, ht. 2 1/2, wd. 5, lg. 5;
150. H. Sibeud, France, late 19th/early 20th and a rectangular copper inkstand with two
Art Nouveau Influenced Steamboat century cylindrical inkwells with hinged lids, ht. 4 1/2,
Inkstand Cast in the form of a woman in a flowing wd. 10 1/2, dp. 5 3/4 in.
Molded metal gown reclining on a lily pad, her arms $1,025-1,475
Possibly WMF, Germany, early 20th century embracing the flower, gilt and verdigris
The stand with two inkwells with hinged lids, patination, brass insert, inscribed H. Sibeud
a pen holder in the funnel, some gilt highlights on leaf edge, ht. 3 1/4, wd. 6 in. 155.
on vessel, lacking one glass insert, ht. 4 1/2, $250-350 Bernard Gussow (American, 1881-1957)
wd. 5 3/4, lg. 10 3/4 in.
$600-800 Figures at the Beach
Signed “B. Gussow” l.r.
Watercolor and graphite on paper, 7 3/4 x 12
1/4 in., framed.
Condition: Not examined out of frame.

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156. 158. 161.

Royal Doulton Pottery Vase Minton Art Nouveau Vase Frederick Rhead for Bursley Ware Vase
Glazed earthenware vase Glazed art pottery Decorated pottery
England, early 20th century England, early 20th century England, c. 1930
Narrow raised neck with everted rim on Tapered body on a round base, decorated Hexagonal rim and tapered oval body, floral
tapered oval body, tan and brown glazes over with elongated scroll and drapery devices in decoration in the Baghdad pattern in blue,
blue with a garland of rose and blue flowers relief in green and tan on a glossy blue-green tan, rust, and green, blue stamped maker’s
around the shoulder, impressed pottery marks ground, the base stamped Minton LTD/No.1, mark on base, ht. 5 in.
and inscribed decorator’s initials, ht. 12 in. ht. 7 1/2 in. $300-500
$600-800 $400-600

156A. 159. Bretby Art Pottery Vase
Doulton Bottle Mettlach Pottery Pitcher Molded glazed pottery
Glazed earthenware Decorated glazed earthenware England, late 19th/early 20th century
England, c. 1900 Germany, early 20th century Elongated oval form from the Clanta Line,
Mottled blue and green glazes to the body Decorated with incised stylized trees in blue, model no. 2346, with simulated hammered
with raised and stylized foliate designs, tan, and creamy white glaze, impressed matte bronze body with oval scroll devices in
impressed mark, ht. 9 1/4 in. maker’s mark on base, ht. 6 3/8 in. relief, ht. 10 1/2 in.
$150-200 $300-500 $200-250

157. 160. 163.

Frederick Rhead for Bursley Ware Vase Renzo Palmerini (American, 20th/21st English Pottery Vase
Decorated pottery Century) Decorated glazed pottery
England, c. 1930 Possibly Poole Pottery, England, early 20th
Hexagonal rim and body decorated in the Portrait Bust of a Woman century
Amstel pattern with birds, butterflies, and Signed “R. PALMERINI-” on the reverse. Tapered oval form decorated around the
flowers in shades of blue, tan, rust, and Carved marble, approximately 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 x shoulder with a stylized grapevine and
green, black stamped maker’s mark on base, 5 1/2 in., mounted to a marble plinth. undulating blue ribbon, bordered by purple,
ht. 8 in. $500-700 green, and blue stripes, inscribed M.B. 1926
$400-600 in an impressed rectangle, ht. 9 1/2 in.

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164. 165. 166.

Two Bourne Denby Danesby Ware Pottery Kayserzinn Art Nouveau Inkstand and Dish Two Art Nouveau Blotters and an Inkwell
Vases Molded pewter Brass and glass
Glazed pottery Germany, late 19th/early 20th century Late 19th/early 20th century
England, c. 1930 Inkwell cover molded in the form of a Blotters with curvilinear brass framework;
Electric blue streaked glaze vases, one ovoid, woman’s head with her hand covering her square glass beveled-edge inkwell with
the other with flared rim and molded base, mouth, on shaped oval stand, ornamented rectangular brass undertray with pierced
stamped Danesby Ware, Bourne, Denby, and with stylized flowers in low relief, with milk handles, tiny nicks to glass, respective lg. 6
England in black on the bases, ht. 8 1/2, 8 glass insert, oval Kayserzinn mark and 4333 1/4, 6 1/4, 11 in.
1/4 in. model number on base, surface wear, ht. $400-600
$200-300 5 3/8, wd. 11 3/4, dp. 7; together with a
shallow dish with floral decoration in low relief,
marked ORIVIT Germany on base, ht. 1 3/4, 166A.
dia. 8 5/8 in. Art Nouveau Table Lamp
$300-500 Cast and patinated bronze and art glass
Continental, probably Austria, late 19th/early
20th century
The base cast in the form of sea monsters
with raised arm suspending a shaped
iridescent oilspot decorated glass shade,
overall ht. 13 1/8 in.

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167. 169. 171.

American School, 20th Century Arts & Crafts Cambray Box Claret Jug, Possibly Christopher Dresser
Copper and enamel for Hukin & Heath
Misty Landscape by a River England, c. 1920 Glass, silver plate, and ebony
Signed and dated “HW JACKSON ‘50” l.l., Rectangular copper cigarette box in dark England, c. 1885
inscribed “Painted by HW JACKSON” on the patina with blue-green enamel plaque on Colorless glass body with cut base, silver-
reverse. lid, cedar lining, marked Cambray ware plate mounts with ebony handle, marked with
Oil on canvas, 25 x 30 1/4 in., framed. trademark on base, ht. 2 3/8, wd. 7 1/4, dp. an impressed 3, ht. 10 in.
Condition: Craquelure. 4 3/4 in.
$400-600 $600-800 Note: For a similar example see Christopher
Dresser 1834-1904, by Michael Whiteway,
p. 99.
168. 170. $300-500
Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) Kardofan Arts & Crafts Tea Caddy in Archibald Knox
Candlestick Design 171A.
Red painted tin, metal, and wood Metalwork Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) Teapot,
Richard Perry and Son, England Jenning Brothers, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Possibly for Hukin & Heath
Cup form on cylindrical stem on domed foot c. 1920 Silver-plated metal
in red paint with metal mounts and wood Relief decorated with stylized trailing floral England, late 19th century
handle, maker’s and manufacturer’s marks, design marked JB 2765 on base, ht. 4 1/2, Teapot with turned wooden finial on cover
paint loss, ht. 5 3/4, wd. 5 3/4 in. wd. 4 1/2 in. and angled handle, with impressed H & H
$600-800 $400-600 factory marks and model number 2024, ht.
6 3/4 in.

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172. 173. 174.

R. Taupin d’Auge Art Nouveau Inkstand Four Metalwork Inkwells Goberg Arts & Crafts Box
and Two Inkwells Pewter, glass, silver plate Brass and cedar
Cast bronze; glass and metal England, Germany, late 19th/early 20th Covered box with hammered raised designs
France, Europe, late 19th/early 20th century century with fluted trim, interior fitted with a cedar
The stand with pinecone-form inkwell with Including a Liberty Tudric inkwell with square liner, impressed Goberg, ht. 3, wd. 6 1/4, dp.
hinged lid and oak leaves surrounding the hinged lid on square dished base ornamented 3 3/4 in.
pen rest, inscribed R. Taupin d’Auge on with round and rectangular plaques of $300-350
edge, remnant of paper label on the reverse blossoms and scrolls in low relief, ceramic
inscribed Made in France, lacking glass insert, well insert, impressed TUDRIC and numbered
ht. 2 3/8, wd. 5 3/4, lg. 10 3/4; globular 0141, ht. 3 1/4, lg. 6 1/8; Walter Scherf for 175.
molded light green glass inkwell with brass Osiris inkwell, triangular form decorated with Liberty & Co. Mirror
mounted hinged cover, on a square lobed stylized flower stalks in low relief, each set Hammered and enameled sterling silver
base with petal-form cutouts, ht. 3 1/2, dia. with a round green-blue glass cabochon, Birmingham, England, early 20th century
4 3/4; and an Art Nouveau round iridescent hinged domed lid centered with a similar Round, handled mirror with hammered
blue glass inkwell mounted with hinged cabochon, fitted with a pottery insert, the surface, the back decorated with an
copper cap, lacking glass insert, ht. 2 1/4, interior marked OSIRIS/1021/ISIS, ht. 2 3/4, undulating wreath of polychrome enameled
dia. 5 1/4 in. dia. 3 1/2; Kayserzinn inkstand with low relief flowers, hallmarks on edge, wd. 5 3/8, lg. 11
$800-1,200 water lilies and a dragonfly, with two inkwells in.
with hinged lids, embossed KAYSERZINN $300-500
4256, lacking both glass inserts and one
hinge pin, ht. 4 1/2, wd. 13 1/2, dp. 8 1/2;
and a WMF silver-plate inkstand incorporating
pinecones and branches, pen rest, and
inkwell with hinged cover and glass insert,
engraved inscription on edge, impressed
maker’s marks on base, ht. 2, wd. 7 1/4, dp.
2 1/2 in.

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Lots 178-184

176. 177. 179.

Two Arts & Crafts Covered Boxes and a Art Nouveau Pitcher with Four Tumblers Egyptian Revival Belt Buckle
Footed Dish Embossed copper and brass Blue glass and enameled gilt-metal
Metalwork Gebrüder Bing, Nürnberg, Germany, late Early 20th century
Germany, early 20th century 19th/early 20th century Two-part buckle with blue enameled gilt-metal
Oval brass box with copper wash on lift- Elongated tapered cylindrical copper vessels, framework with raised wirework designs with
off cover, with cast bronze finial with bird the pitcher with hinged lid and brass handle, set with six small oval blue glass cabochons
motif, the sides of the box ornamented with lower raised band with round bosses, and large rectangular mottled blue glass
embossed vertical bands of stylized flowers, ornamented on the sides with Art Nouveau cabochon, 1 x 3 1/4 in.
on ball feet, impressed NMK (New Munich designs in relief, the tumblers with conforming $250-350
Arts and Crafts) mark on base; an octagonal designs, impressed maker’s mark on bottom
shallow footed dish with fluted rim, the bowl of pitcher, dents, ht. 16, 4 1/2 in.
and foot with hammered surface, impressed $250-350 180.
NMK mark on base; and a small round brass- Two Shoe Buckles
washed metal trinket box with copper rod Enameled copper and mosaic
finial on cover with embossed zigzag border, 178. Late 19th/early 20th century
impressed K.H.W. Wörle München mark on Belt Buckle, Possibly Cornelius Saunders Shaped rectangular buckles, beaded
base, ht. 5 3/4, 1 1/2, 4 in., respectively. Enamel, silvered metal, and faceted glass openwork copper ornamented with enameled
$300-500 England, early 20th century bluebirds flanking an oblong plaque with
Round two-part buckle with silvered millefleur segments with green enamel
metal geometric-incised surround set with borders, one lacking buckle fastener, 2 1/2 x
rhinestones bordered by a transparent purple 1 7/8 in.
enameled and engine-turned band, the $500-600
whole centered with a faceted square green
glass stone, the fastener with impressed CS
maker’s mark, lacking one small rhinestone,
dia. 2 5/8 in.

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Lots 185-192

181. 184. 187.

Liberty & Co. Belt Buckle Belt Buckle English Arts & Crafts Brooch
Enameled sterling silver Silvered metal and green hardstone Pewter and glazed earthenware
Birmingham, England, 1910 Attribution to Birmingham School of Art and Possibly Ruskin Pottery, Birmingham,
Two-part buckle depicting a stylized blossom Design, England, late 19th/early 20th century England, early 19th century
with blue-green, blue, and white enameling on Two-part buckle with silvered metal frame Elongated oval pewter brooch set with an oval
the hammered silver surface, 1 5/8 x 3 1/4 in. applied with raised wirework beading, scrolls, blue glazed pottery plaque, 1 3/8 x 2 5/8 in.
$700-900 and ropetwist designs, centered with a $125-175
rectangular light green hardstone cabochon,
1 x 1 5/8 in.
182. $250-350 188.
Art Nouveau Belt Buckle Belt Buckle
Sterling silver with enamel and colored glass Enameled nickel silver
185. Early 20th century
Late 19th/early 20th century
Art Nouveau Bat-form Belt Buckle
Two sterling silver devices decorated with Round slightly domed shield design with
Nickel silver and colored glass
semi-oval bands of blue and green enamel hammered surface, blue enamel accents,
Early 20th century
set with two oval green translucent glass two-part buckle, the back marked ALPACCA,
Lozenge-form buckle with stylized bat figure
cabochons, the devices not hinged but with dia. 3 in.
centered with an oval purple glass cabochon,
looped attachments for fabric attachments, the back marked ALPACCA, 2 1/8 x 3 3/8 in. $400-600
marked sterling, each 1 5/8 x 1 7/8 in. $400-600
186. Art Nouveau Iris Belt Buckle
183. Belt Buckle Silvered metal
Art Nouveau Mistletoe Belt Buckle Nickel silver and hardstone Late 19th/early 20th century
Gilt and silvered metal and faux pearls Early 20th century Sinuous foliate framework ornamented with a
late 19th/early 20th century Two-part rectangular buckle with radiating single iris blossom, 2 1/4 x 3 in.
Two-part buckle with gilt-metal framework lines from domed center centered with an $300-500
adorned with silvered metal mistletoe leaves oval green hardstone cabochon, the fastener
with faux pearl berries, lacking three berries, marked ALPACCA, stone with very small
two berries replaced, 2 5/8 x 3 1/4 in. surface abrasions, 3 x 2 3/8 in.
$300-500 $300-500

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190. 194. 198.

German Art Nouveau Belt Buckle Art Nouveau Ink Stand WMF Art Deco Inkstand
Silvered and gilt metal and colored glass Cast brass Silver-plated metal
Late 19th/early 20th century Late 19th/early 20th century Possibly Peter Behrens, Germany, early 20th
Two-part buckle with sinuous foliate silvered Shaped stand with stylized berries in relief, century
and gilt metal set with two round and an oval inkwell with hinged lid, and pen rest, indistinct Ornamented with a band of small concentric
green glass cabochons, marked G.S. Co. and maker’s marks on base, inkwell lacking glass squares incorporating a pen rest and inkwell
GES. GESCH on fastener, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. insert, ht. 2, wd. 8 3/4, dp. 4 in. with hinged cover, impressed maker’s marks
$500-700 $250-350 on back of base, scratches, lacking glass
insert, ht. 1 1/2, wd. 8, dp. 4 1/4 in.
191. 195.
Art Nouveau Scarab and Papyrus Belt Tiffany Studios Zodiac Pattern Inkwell
Buckle Bronze dore
Silvered metal and hardstone New York, early 20th century 199.
Late19th/early 20th century Octagonal inkwell with hinged lid and glass Design Attributed to Josef Hoffmann
Two-part buckle in the form of a scarab insert, impressed Tiffany Studios New York Painted metal and glass flower baskets
centered on an open blossom surrounded by 842 on base, gilt wear, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 4 1/2 in. Possibly Austria, c. 1905
stalks of papyrus, with oval green hardstone $400-600 Waisted square and elliptical baskets with
cabochon, 2 3/4 x 3 1/2 in. reticulated grids, painted creamy white, the
$300-500 elliptical basket with conforming colorless
196. glass insert, paint losses, one lacking glass
Tiffany Studios Bookmark Pattern Inkwell insert, ht. 10 1/2, 7 in.
192. Bronze dore $800-1,200
Art Nouveau Belt Buckle New York, early 20th century
Enameled sterling silver Octagonal inkwell with hinged lid, impressed
Birmingham, England, 1909 “Tiffany Studios New York 864” on base,
Two-part stylized floral buckle, the blossom retains an old Christie’s auction label on the 200.
highlighted with blue and green enamel, base, gilt wear, lacking glass insert, ht. 3 1/2, Art Nouveau Basket
indistinct maker’s mark, 2 1/8 x 2 3/8 in. dia. 4 1/2 in. Silver and glass
$500-700 $600-700 Probably Continental, late 19th/early 20th
Sinuous reticulated forms and flowers in low
193. 197. relief on footed basket with upright handle,
Two Pendants and a Ring Art Nouveau Inkwell fitted with a colorless glass liner, indistinct
Silver and stone Cast bronze maker’s marks with 800, ht. 7, dia. 5 3/8 in.
Mexico, 20th century Early 20th century $400-600
Two Mexican silver pendants, one a cruciform Triangular form with hinged lid with stylized
ornamented with five small round tiger’s- blossom in relief, milk glass insert, the back
eye cabochons, the other a freeform dished with molded mark JB 395, ht. 2, wd. 4 1/2,
plaque centered with an applied animal figure, dp. 4 1/2 in.
dia. 1 1/2, 2 3/8; and an unmarked freeform $125-175
silver ring set with a faceted purple stone.

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201. 202. 203.

Manner of Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, Henri Riviere (French, 1864-1951) Decorated Metalwork Tray
1824-1904) Copper and brass
Home from the Field Decorated with a landscape and birds in
Portrait of a Woman Signed “Henri Riviere” within the matrix l.l. and the Japanese style on the rectangular form,
Bears signature “J.L. GÉRÔME” within the sealed within the matrix l.r. signed FCH, lg. 16 1/2, wd. 12 3/8 in.
cast on base. Color lithograph, sight size 21 x 32 in., $600-800
Bronze with green patina, approximately 13 framed.
1/2 x 4 1/2 x 6 in., mounted to a marble Condition: Not examined out of frame.
plinth. $400-600
Condition: Surface abrasions.






204. 207. 210.

Joseph Heinrichs Tray Shreve & Co. Bank Georg Jensen Sauce Boat
Silver on copper Sterling silver Sterling silver
New York, early 20th century San Francisco, early 20th century Harald Nielsen, Denmark, 1945-77
Oval form with hammered silver border Barrel bank with hammered texture and Ovoid bowl with spout, ebony handle with
and handles over copper, marked Joseph strapwork with “marie” monogram on side, leaf and bead decoration at joint, maker’s
Heinrichs New York, Pure Copper Sterling hallmarked, ht. 3 in., approx. 3 troy oz. mark Dessin HN, numbered 547, with handle
Silver, some scratches in well, lg. 26, wd. 16 $300-500 approx. 13 troy oz., ht. 3 1/2 in.
5/8 in. $300-400

208. 211.
Georg Jensen Ice Bucket and Tongs Jens Quistgard Torn Flatware Service with
205. Sterling silver and crystal Serving Pieces
Arthur Stone Footed Bowl Bucket designed by Johan Rhode (1856- Sterling silver
Sterling silver 1935), tongs c. 1945, Denmark Designed in 1962 for Dansk, Denmark
Gardner, Massachusetts, 1931-37 Sterling handle on circular vessel faceted on Including ten spoons, ten luncheon knives,
Footed bowl with chased rose design lower section radiant-cut base, beaded oval eight butter knives, eight hors d’oeuvres
executed by Edward Billings, marked with mark and designer’s mark for Johan Rhode in forks, ten dinner forks, ten salad forks,
initial B, ht. 2 1/4 in., approx. 7 troy oz. a beaded oval; acorn tongs with beaded oval eleven knives, three serving spoons, and a
$1,000-1,500 mark, ht. 7 1/2, lg. 5 3/4 in. serving fork, hallmarked, approx. 60 troy oz.,
$1,500-2,000 excluding knives.

Georg Jensen Footed Bowl 209. 212.
Sterling silver LaPaglia for Georg Jensen Small Dish Georg Jensen Silver Flatware and Serving
Denmark, 1933-34 Sterling silver Pieces
Bowl on pedestal with wire and bead Mid-20th century Sterling silver
decoration, raised on circular foot, marked GJ Shallow oval bowl with bud and beading, Denmark, c. 1952
in a box and numbered 485, 925.9, ht. 4 in., raised on oval foot with openwork blossoms, Rose (Lily of the Valley) pattern including five
approx. 12 troy oz. marked Georg Jensen Inc./U.S.A./L.P./ spoons, eight dinner forks, eight dessert
$300-500 Sterling 117 on base, approx. 2 1/2 troy oz., forks, eight dinner knives with stainless steel
ht. 1 1/4, dia. 3 1/4 in. blades, serving spoon, ladle, and sugar
$200-250 spoon, Georg Jensen in a beaded oval mark,
approx. 48 troy oz. weighable silver, excluding

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213. 214. 215.

Anton Michelson Flatware Service and Georg Jensen Acorn Flatware and Serving Georg Jensen Serving Cactus Serving
Serving Pieces Pieces Spoon
Sterling silver and stainless steel Sterling silver Sterling silver
Denmark, mid-20th century Johan Rhode, design date 1915, Denmark, Gundorph Albertus design 1930, Denmark,
Twelve each of dinner and butter knives c. 1933-34 20th century
with stainless blades, dessert and dinner Including six dinner and four luncheon forks, Marked Georg Jensen Sterling Denmark,
forks, and soup and teaspoons, with twelve six soupspoons, eight teaspoons, six dinner approx. 4 troy oz., lg. 8 7/8 in.
additional teaspoons, two large spoons, a and four luncheon knives, one server, one $250-350
meat fork, a fish fork, a cake server, and a salad set, boxed, GJ hallmark in box, approx.
ladle, approx. 108 troy oz. weighable silver, 51 troy oz., excluding knives.
excluding knives. $1,000-1,200


216. 219. 222.

Georg Jensen Ladle Georg Jensen Footed Bowl Five Silver Accessories
Sterling silver Sterling silver Mid-20th century
Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1959, model no. A Georg Jensen bottle opener in sterling
Leaf and bead on stem, elongated bowl, 180B and stainless steel; CKS Sterling square
marked 141 Georg Jensen in a beaded oval, Linear decoration on rim edge of hammered ashtray; Ortega Mexican silver notepad,
Sterling Denmark, lg. 8 in., approx. 2 troy oz. bowl with leaf and bead decorated stem monogrammed HJK; Towle sterling silver
$150-200 raised on stepped circular foot, impressed pen; and a twelve-sided ashtray in smoky
blue glass with .925 silver rim with HJK
Georg Jensen in a beaded oval on base, ht. 4
monogram, respective lg. 6 1/8, 6 3/4, 6 1/8,
3/4 in., approx. 10 troy oz. 4 3/4, dia. 5 in.
217. $600-800 $300-500
Georg Jensen Beaded Flatware and
Serving Pieces
Sterling silver 220. 223.
Georg Jensen design date 1916, Denmark, Pair of Georg Jensen Pomegranate Art Nouveau Liberty & Co. Case and
post 1945 Candelabra Bookmark
Including nine knives, six dinner forks, Sterling silver Enameled silver and nickel silver
four salad forks, four dessert forks, eight Design date 1919 by Georg Jensen, 1945-51, Liberty & Co., Birmingham, England, 1909
tablespoons, five soupspoons, five teaspoons, Denmark Rectangular cigarette case with slightly
a ladle, a serving spoon, two demitasse Marked Georg Jensen & Wendell A/s, 925.9, domed hinged lid ornamented with sinuous
spoons, two butter knives, and four salt 324, Sterling Denmark on base, one with strands in relief accented with green-blue
enamel, Liberty & Co. hallmarks and date
spoons accompanied by four salts with edge wear at base rim, ht. 8 1/2, wd. 9 1/2
mark for 1909, 3 3/8 x 3; and a nickel silver
cobalt liner, surface wear, beaded oval mark, in., approx. 75 troy oz.
bookmark/letter opener depicting a pensive
approx. 66 troy oz. $6,000-8,000 woman in ancient costume walking in a
$800-1,200 landscape, marked ARGENT on the reverse,
3 3/4 x 7/8 in.
221. $500-700
218. Gorham Mixed-metal Cup
Georg Jensen Tumbler Copper and silver
Sterling silver Early 20th century 224.
Denmark, 1925-32, no. 127B Undulating rim on hammered copper Sterling Silver Covered Box
Beaded rim on hammered body raised on cylindrical form with applied branch and Hammered silver
circular foot with leaf and bud band, marked berries on one side and a figure resting with a Unger Brothers, Newark, New Jersey, 1872-
Georg Jensen in an oval surmounted by a parasol on the other, hallmarked Gorham and 1914
Rectangular box with hinged slightly domed
crown, ht. 3 1/8, approx. 5 troy oz. 280 on base, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 2 in.
lid, hammered surface on cover and sides,
$250-350 $200-300
impressed maker’s mark and Sterling on
base, ht. 1 1/4, wd. 3, lg. 4 3/8 in., approx.
4 troy oz.

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225. 228. 232.

Arthur Stone and Georg Jensen Spoons Arthur Stone Flatware Service, Approx. Porter Blanchard Chop Set
Sterling silver Fifty-eight Pieces Sterling silver
1912-37, 1910-25 Sterling silver California
Stone demitasse spoon executed by Charles Gardner, Massachusetts, 1912-37 Approx. lg. 10 1/4 in., 6 troy oz.
Brown, lg. 5; Georg Jensen round small acorn Comprised of six: dinner knives, luncheon $300-400
spoon, hallmarked GI in a beaded oval, 4 in., knives, butter spreaders, dinner forks,
total approx. wt. 1 troy oz. luncheon forks, salad forks, tablespoons,
and soupspoons; eight teaspoons, and two 233.
serving spoons, monogrammed, salad forks David Carlson Martini Spoon
Provenance: Eliot Family.
and butter spreaders executed by George Sterling silver
Erickson, marked E; the remainder by Charles Gardner, Massachusetts, early 20th century
W. Brown, approx. 65 troy oz. weighable Long-handled spoon, lg. 1 1/4 in., approx. 2
silver, excluding knives. troy oz.
225A. $200-300
Hans Hansen (1884-1940) Silver Ladle
Sterling silver
Denmark 229. 234.
Ripple pattern with oval bowl on arched Arthur Stone Bowl Porter Blanchard Tumbler
handle with stepped tip, maker’s mark, lg. 9, Sterling silver Sterling silver
wd. 4 3/8 in. Gardner, Massachusetts, 1908-37 Possibly Gardner, Massachusetts
$200-250 Circular form with banded rim and foot, Stone Hammered cylindrical form, ht. 1 3/4, approx.
mark and T for Herbert Taylor silversmith, ht. 2 troy oz.
2, dia. 5 1/4 in., approx. 7 troy oz. $100-150
226. $200-250
Shreve & Co. Silver Pitcher
Sterling silver
230. Shreve & Co. Salt & Pepper Shakers
San Francisco, c. 1910
Arthur Stone Gravy Ladle Sterling silver
Fourteenth century pattern, baluster with Hammered texture, ht. 2 in., approx. 1 troy oz.
hammered surface on applied circular base, Sterling silver
Gardner, Massachusetts, 1912-37 $100-150
shaped rim with upswept handle, applied
Executed by Charles W. Brown, lg. 6 1/2 in.,
strapwork, ht. 11 1/2 in., approx. 35 troy oz.
approx. 2 troy oz.
$3,000-5,000 235A.
Arthur Stone Porringer with Child’s Fork
and Spoon
227. 231. Sterling silver
Twelve Shreve & Co. Spoons Pair of Arts & Crafts Candlesticks Gardner, Massachusetts
Sterling silver Sterling silver Circular form porringer with pierced handle,
Hammered teaspoons with pierced Early 20th century some spotting, made by Herbert Taylor 1908-
monogram D, hallmarked Shreve & Co. Candle cup on turned and tapered standard 37; accompanied by a child’s spoon with
Sterling, lg. 6 in., approx. 12 troy oz. with applied leaf decoration at base, raised elephant at tip and a fork with a bunny at the
$700-900 on domed circular foot, ht. 5 3/8 in., approx. tip, made by George Blanchard, 1906-09,
10 troy oz. all with Arthur Stone mark with hammer and
$300-500 Sterling, respective wd. 7 7/8, lg. 4 1/8 in.

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Cranbrook Academy Covered Vessel
Sterling silver
Michigan, c. 1945
Architectural form with hexagonal lid with 244
tapering finial, the body in the form of a
hexagonal tower, each panel composed of
five stylized windows in the vertical, marked
sterling with conjoined CA on base, ht. 9 in.,
approx. 11 troy oz.

Arthur Stone Flatware
Sterling silver
Gardner, Massachusetts, 1912-13
Comprised of two luncheon knives, ten salad
forks with mark of Charles W. Brown, two
luncheon forks with mark of George Ericson,
and three butter spreaders with mark of
Edward Billings, all with Stone and maker’s
marks, approx. 16 troy oz. weighable silver,
excluding knives. 245

Williams Spratling Box 246
Sterling silver and shell
Diagonal inlaid segments with circular silver
accents on lid, silver case with conforming
applied accents, Spratling mark with 30
below, ht. 1 1/2, wd. 3 1/2, dp. 2 5/8 in.

242. 245.
International Sterling Vision Flatware
Two Decorative Mexican Silver Trays Gilt Decorated Box Attributed to John G.
Sterling silver
20th century Doebler
20th century
Square form with a repoussé fruit and foliate Metalwork
Comprised of twelve teaspoons, twelve
design in the center, dia. 11 7/8 in., approx. Early 20th century
knives, twelve dinner forks, twelve salad or
40 troy oz. Floral and bird motif in an openwork ormolu
dessert forks, four tablespoons, and a butter
$200-300 decoration with gray metal backing, ht. 3 1/8,
knife, approx. 55 troy oz., excluding knives.
wd. 8, dp. 4 3/4 in.
243. Provenance: Descended in the family of John
Los Castillo Mixed-metal Plate G. Doebler, a metalworker for Caldwell & Co.
Mexico, mid-20th century $300-500
Three Silver Accessories
Circular form with brass copper and silvered
Sterling silver
metal pie-shaped segments, marked Los
Castillo Taxco Hecho en mexico 95 on rim, 246.
Georg Jensen lily condiment jar cover, GJ
dia. 6 1/2 in. Crouching Metalwork Cougar Sculpture
mark 2 C; a small lily spoon, GJ mark; and
$400-500 on Plinth
a Danish silver comb mount with a dolphin,
Patinated copper
hallmarked and CI numbered 150B, 3 troy oz.
In the style of Antoine-Louise Bayre
244. Sculpture lg. 6 7/8, wd. 3 in.
Decorated Box Attributed to John G.
Doebler Provenance: Descended in the family of John
Metalwork G. Doebler, a metalworker for Caldwell & Co.
International Silver Revere Bowl
Early 20th century $300-500
Sterling silver
Classical raised motifs on exterior, interior
20th century
of lid with Bacchus and grapevines, interior
Traditional hammered form with shaped
lined, dark patinated copper, ht. 3 3/4, wd. 247.
circular foot, marked International Sterling
10 1/8, dp. 5 7/8 in. Caldwell & Co. Floor Lamp
numbered 211 Bsc in a rectangle,
Bronze and red enamel
Reproduction after Paul Revere about 1790
Provenance: Descended in the family of John New York, early 20th century
on base, small dent, ht. 5 1/2, dia. 11 in.,
G. Doebler, a metalworker for Caldwell & Co. In the Asian manner, single socket on
approx. 40 troy oz.
$300-500 stylized tree trunk standard, raised on circular
decorated base, ht. 66 in.

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248. 251. 254.

Arts & Crafts Silver-plated Compote Pair of Marie Zimmermann (1879-1972) Tiffany Studios Eleven-piece Desk Set
Probably Continental, early 20th century Metalwork Vessels Bronze dore
Shallow circular bowl ornamented with a band Silver plate New York, early 20th century
of brass-washed repoussé rose blossoms, New York All in the graduate pattern, including a desk
fitted with a colorless glass liner, raised on Circular lids with damaged and partial finials, lamp with glass inserts, no. 413; a frame,
four similarly decorated columns on a stepped originally fitted with a crystal ball on an ivory no. 1804; two inkwells both no. 1801; stamp
circular base, CH in a triangle maker’s mark wafer, bulbous body raised on a turned stem box no. 1797; covered box, no. 1799; rocker
on base, ht. 10 1/2, dia. 9 1/2 in. joined to circular foot, artist’s cipher and blotter, no. 1802; pen tray, no. 1798; blotter
$600-800 impressed name, approx. ht. 8 1/2 in. ends, no. 1706; and a notepad, all with the
$400-600 exception of the notepad marked Tiffany
Studios New York.
249. $5,000-7,000
Silver Egg Cup Stand 252.
20th century Tiffany & Co. Silver Frame
Six-cup stand centered with a D-shaped Sterling silver and glass 255.
handle, impressed H&H and an eagle maker’s New York, 1906-07 Tiffany Studios Planter
marks on base, ht. 7 1/2 in. Rectangular frame decorated at corners with Bronze verdigris
$400-600 small flower and leaves, possibly Winthrop New York, early 20th century
pattern, marked Tiffany & Co. 16540s sterling Round form with decorative border,
silver 4429 925-1000 M. monogram, metal insert, originally with a dore
250. $400-600 finish, minor dents, marked Tiffany Studios,
Art Nouveau Knife Holder New York, 1701, ht. 3 3/4, dia. 10 1/2 in.
Nickel silver $600-800
F.W. Quist Metallwaarenfabrik, Esslingen, 253.
Germany, late 19th/early 20th century Jugendstil Punch or Soup Bowl
Sinuous-shaped stand ornamented with Silver plate 256.
leaves and fruit in low relief, with slots for six Europe, c. 1906 Tiffany Studios Letter Holder
knives, maker’s mark on underside of base, Double-handled cylindrical form with lid, relief Bronze verdigris and slag glass
ht. 10 1/2, wd. 6 in. decorated, accompanied by a glass liner, New York, early 20th century
$400-500 marked on base metal OX 1/0 R, fabricator’s Grapevine pattern with broken green slag
mark not legible, approx. ht. 10 1/8, dia. 10 glass panels, marked Tiffany Studios New
in. York, 1008, ht. 6 1/4 in.
Literature: Accompanied by an auction
reference from Ketter Kunst Munchen, Nov. 9,
1996, lot 515.

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256A. 259. 263.

Tiffany Studios Zodiac Pen Tray Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp Base Tiffany Studios Lion Paperweight
Verdigris bronze Bronze dore Bronze
New York, early 20th century New York, early 20th century New York, early 20th century
Rectangular form decorated with the signs Single swivel socket within harp, swollen Figural lion at rest in verdigris patina, marked
of the scorpion and a fish, marked Tiffany cylindrical standard raised on three spade Tiffany Studios New York, approx. lg. 5 in.
Studios New York, and having old Christie’s feet, marked Tiffany Studios New York 423, $800-1,200
label, some patina loss, lg. 10 in. ht. 55 1/2 in.
$300-500 $1,200-1,800
Tiffany Studios Indian Pattern Note Holder
260. Bronze dore
257. New York, early 20th century
Tiffany Studios Shade Tiffany Zodiac Inkwell
Bronze dore Two hinged plates accompanied by an
Dore metal American Malting Co. notepad, New York,
New York, early 20th century
New York, early 20th century note holder marked Tiffany Studios New York
Octagonal form with scroll decoration and
Reticulated domed shade in the Pine Needle 1188, lg. 7 1/2, wd. 4 1/2 in.
crab on lid, marked Tiffany Studios New York
pattern, impressed mark, aperture dia. 2, $600-700
R42 on base, ht. 2, dia. 4 1/8 in.
shade 6 1/4, ht. 3 1/2 in. $300-500
Tiffany Studios Metalwork Picture Frame
258. Bronze dore and glass
Large Tiffany Studios Chinese Pattern
Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp New York
Bronze verdigris Decorative trailing vine border in relief on
New York, early 20th century rectangular framework, back with folding
New York, early 20th century
Single swivel socket on harp, swollen stand, marked Tiffany Studios New York
Four decorated sides with cut corners, hinged
cylindrical standard raised on three spade 1884, 10 1/2 x 8 1/4, sight 8 7/8 x 6 7/8 in.
lid, glass liner, marked Tiffany Studios New
feet, marked Tiffany Studios New York 423 on $400-600
York 1753, ht. 4 1/8 in.
base, ht. 54 3/4 in. $600-800
$1,200-1,800 266.
Two Tiffany Furnaces Bowls
262. Bronze dore and enamel
Tiffany Studios Bookmark Pattern Inkwell New York, 1897-1928
Bronze dore A footed bowl with green and yellow enamel
New York, early 20th century border and a wide bowl, the rim decorated
Octagonal form with glass liner, marked with petals accented in blue enamel, both
Tiffany Studios New York, 864, ht. 2 3/4, dia. with foundry mark and Louis C. Tiffany
4 1/8 in. Furnaces Inc., numbered 519 and 405,
$300-500 respectively, some wear, ht. 2 1/2, 1 1/4, dia.
7 3/8, 10 in.

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267. 270. 274.

Louis C. Tiffany Furnaces Metalwork Tiffany Studios Desk Lamp Tiffany Studios Table Lamp
Candlestick Bronze verdigris Blown glass and bronze verdigris
Enameled bronze, bronze, and art glass New York, early 20th century New York, early 20th century
New York, late 19th/early 20th century Rectangular shade with decorated borders on Pine needle decorated bronze shade with
Candle cup with green glass blown into shaped standard with cut-corner decorated green blown glass liner, suspends over a
a metal grid, cylindrical stem raised on base, marked Tiffany Studios New York, single socket within a harp joined at stem
domed variegated green, blue-green, and 36358, ht. 13 3/4 in. to ribbed circular base, raised on ball feet,
gold enamel base, marked Louis C. Tiffany $1,200-1,500 marked Tiffany Studios New York 419 on
Furnaces Inc. 10 D on base, ht. 13 3/4 in. base, ht. 12 3/4, aperture rim 1 7/8, shade
$2,500-3,500 dia. 6 1/4 in.
Planter In the Manner of Tiffany Studios $3,500-5,500
Copper and slag glass
268. Early 20th century
Louis C. Tiffany Furnaces Inc. Candlestick Wide mouth on tapering ten-sided form fitted 275.
Bronze dore, glass, and enamel with grapevine pattern copper decoration over Tiffany Studios Table Lamp
New York, late 19th/early 20th century green slag glass, beaded borders, circular Favrile glass and bronze verdigris
Flared peach, red, and gold enamel rim base, the whole fitted with a liner, patina New York, early 20th century
on candle cup, cylindrical transparent red wear, some cracks in slag, ht. 8 1/4 in. Green iridescent favrile glass shade, marked
glass stem with breaks visible, repaired, with $200-300 L.C.T. Favrile on aperture rim, minor rim nick,
conforming enamel ring at base of stem, base with single socket within harp joined to
raised on circular dore base, marked Louis C. circular ribbed base with ball feet, marked on
Tiffany Furnaces Inc., no. 41, ht. 12 1/8 in. 272. base Tiffany Studios New York 410, ht. 13,
$800-1,200 Pair of Tiffany Studios Gothic Bookends aperture dia. 3 1/2, base rim 7 in.
Bronze metalwork $2,500-3,500
New York, early 20th century
269. Rectangular forms with linear decoration in
Art Nouveau Candelabra Table Lamp the form of a Gothic arch, marked Tiffany 276.
Bronze and art glass Studios New York 1007, ht. 5 5/8, wd. 4 5/8 Handel Lamp with Quezal Shade
Early 20th century in. Verdigris metal and art glass
Cylindrical standard in the form of a leafy Early 20th century
stem with four arms radiant, each terminating Single adjustable socket on C-shaped
in a bud surmounted by green glass floriform 273. arm joined to shaped foot, domed shade
shade blown into a metal frame and fitted with Tiffany Studios Counterbalance Floor decorated in a spiral of gold and green
a single socket, the whole raised on a circular Lamp iridescent glass, marked Quezal on aperture,
base with petal decoration, ht. 17 1/2 in. Bronze aperture dia. 2 3/8, shade dia. 6 7/8, ht. 13
$3,000-5,000 New York, early 20th century 1/2 in.
Domed bronze shade with decorative border $800-1,200
over single socket with counterbalance
adjusts, cylindrical stem raised on four spade
feet, marked on foot Tiffany Studios, New
York, 468, ht. 54 1/2 in.

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273 274


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277. 278. 279.

Tiffany Art Nouveau Pottery Vase Tiffany Art Nouveau Pottery Vase Moorish Chandelier Attributed to Tiffany
Unglazed earthenware Glazed and unglazed earthenware Studios
New York, 1904-14 New York, 1904-19 Verdigris bronze and metal
Wide mouth, bulbous shoulder decorated with Unglazed white exterior decorated with fern New York, early 20th century
petaled flowers and vines, the body with a fronds, interior in green glaze, incised and Verdigris ceiling cap with hook holds a
spirally striated surface, incised and conjoined conjoined LCT monogram with incised 7 dome-shaped fixture suspended on chain,
LCT monogram, rim rough with some below, some brown staining on white exterior, the single-socket fixture having bead and
hairlines, ht. 3 7/8 in. ht. 7 7/8 in. ropework border with beaded chain and gold
$300-500 favrile glass prism pendant, chain adjusts,
Note: It is purported that greater than half of approx. ht. 29-32 in.
all Tiffany pottery made was unglazed with $4,000-6,000
a white clay exterior and a glazed interior. It
is possible that some may have received an
exterior glaze as a special order for Tiffany’s

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Attributed to Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898)
Three figural pre-Raphaelite stained leaded glass windows
England, c. 1850s
One rectangular and two square segmented leaded glass panels,
each centered with a stained glass image of a female poetic figure
including Roseline by Thomas Lodge, Thekla by Coleridge, and Oriana
by Tennyson, with a portion of the poetic inscription beside the figure,
the images surrounded by geometric segments of colorless glass with
colored borders, (one segment cracked), 14 3/4 x 22 3/4, two 14 3/4
x 14 3/4 in.

Provenance: Reportedly from a New York Library.

Literature: See The Stained Glass of William Morris and His Circle,
by A. Charles Sewter, Yale University Press, New Haven and London,
1974, p. 160 for sketches for similar windows, and a similar window by

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Floriform Glass Vase in Tiffany Glass and Decorating
Co. Mount
Art glass and bronze
New York
Opalescent and gold iridescent glass with green pulled
feather design, base tip loss where it fits into verdigris
bronze petal socket, cylindrical stem on circular foot,
marked on bronze base Tiffany Studios, New York, 1686,
and no. 43, also with Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co.
mark, total ht. 17 1/2 in.
281 $3,000-5,000

Tiffany Paperweight Daffodil Vase
Art glass
New York, early 20th century
Wide mouth on waisted cylindrical form internally
decorated with stylized daffodils with red centers and long
282 green blades, button pontil, marked L.C. Tiffany Favrile
7251K, ht. 9 3/8 in.

Tiffany Studios Daffodil Table Lamp
Patinated bronze and mosaic glass
New York
Conical shade in the daffodil pattern over three sockets
raised on circular base with relief decoration supported by
four paw feet, shade marked Tiffany Studios, New York
inverted, no. 1497-25, some heat checks in glass normal
for its age, base marked Tiffany Studios New York, no.
359, ht. 25 1/4, shade dia. 20 in. Also see inside front cover

Provenance: From a Maine estate.


Floor Lamp with Steuben Aurene Shade
Patinated metal and art glass
New York, early 20th century
Steuben gold aurene bell form shade over a single socket
on goose neck, cylindrical standard joined to weighted
ribbed base metal in verdigris finish, shade with Steuben
mark, ht. 45 1/2, aperture 2 1/8 in.

Durand Art Glass King Tut Table Lamp Base
Art glass and ormolu metal
Vineland, New Jersey, early 20th century
Vasiform lamp of lustrous gold pulled and hooked designs
over blue-green, mounted on a four-footed gilt-metal base,
gilt-metal finial and lamp components, with shade, overall
ht. 27 in.

Durand Cut Glass Table Lamp Base
Art glass and ormolu metal
Vineland, New Jersey, early 20th century
Vasiform lamp of transparent lustrous gold glass with
pulled feather designs in blue and white, mounted on a
four-lobed gilt-metal base with leaf borders, gilt-metal finial
and lamp components, with shade, overall ht. 25 in.



285. 287A. 290.

Tiffany Favrile Vase Mosaic Glass Sample Attributed to Tiffany Tiffany Favrile Compote
Iridescent glass Studios Art glass
New York, early 20th century Art glass and metalwork New York, early 20th century
Wide undulating rim on cylindrical body with New York, early 20th century Colorless bowl with dimpled glass radiating
four prong feet, signed L. C. Tiffany-Favrile In the acorn pattern in green and caramel- from the center, ribbed stem on circular green
7517H, ht. 4 1/4 in. colored glass, illegibly numbered on foot marked L.C.T. Favrile 15 on base, ht. 5
$400-600 metalwork, lg. 9 1/4 in. 1/4 in.
$300-500 $400-600

Tiffany Favrile Decorated Glass Vase 288. 291.
Art glass Tiffany Favrile Carafe with Stopper Tiffany Favrile Pastel Compote
New York, early 20th century Art glass Art glass
Rolled rim with decorated shoulder on New York, early 20th century New York, early 20th century
vasiform body with decoration at base, Gold iridescent body with prunts, base crack, Circular plate with yellow-green stretched rim
polished pontil, signed L.C.T., B2219 on base signed L.C.T. U6323, button pontil polished, with opalescent lines radiating from center,
rim, ht. 8 1/2 in. ht. 10 1/2 in. cylindrical stem raised on circular foot,
$1,000-1,500 $300-500 marked L.C. Tiffany Favrile 924, ht. 3 7/8, dia.
7 7/8 in.
287. 289.
Tiffany Gold Favrile Decorated Bowl Tiffany Opalescent Compote
Art glass Art glass 292.
New York, early 20th century New York, early 20th century Tiffany Pastel Compote
Large bowl with undulating rim, interior with Opalescent rim on transparent green body Art glass
etched leaf and vine decoration, polished with twisted stem raised on circular foot with New York, early 20th century
pontil, base rim signed 1283 L.C.Tiffany- opalescent foot rim, rough pontil, signed Yellow pastel curved rim with branch
Favrile, also having a Tiffany paper label, dia. L.C.T., ht. 3 3/4, dia. 6 3/4 in. decoration in bowl, on spiral stem with domed
9 1/2, ht. 3 1/8 in. $300-500 opalescent foot, marked L.C.T. Favrile 1840
$800-1,000 on base, ht. 7 3/8 in.

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Art Glass Footed Compote
294 New York, early 20th century
Undulating rim on green stained glass
decorated stem raised on circular foot, rough
pontil, ht. 5 5/8 in.

Tiffany Favrile Candlestick
Art glass
New York, early 20th century
Oval stretched rim in transparent turquoise
glass raised on circular foot, partial L.C.T.
Favrile mark visible, ht. 3 3/4 in.

Large Tiffany Favrile Vase
Gold iridescent glass
New York, early 20th century
Vasiform, rough pontil marked 1631J L.C.
Tiffany Favrile, ht. 10 in.

Tiffany Gold Favrile Goblet
Iridescent glass
New York, early 20th century
Oval bowl with knob at base on shaped
hollow stem raised on circular foot, inscribed
L.C.T. K1618 on base, ht. 7 in.

293. 294. 298.

Tiffany Studios Art Glass and Metalwork Tiffany Studios Table Lamp Turtleback Wall Lamp Attributed to Tiffany
Bowl Mosaic art glass and bronze Studios
Pastel glass and gilt-bronze New York, early 20th century Verdigris bronze
New York, early 20th century Herringbone pattern mottled green glass New York, early 20th century
Wide pale green stretched rim with branches dome-shaped shade, marked Tiffany Studios, Four green iridescent art glass tiles set in a
of leaves decorating the interior, raised on leaf New York 1430-7, over single socket on bronze verdigris framework surmounted by
decorated bronze pedestal, signed Tiffany ribbed urn-form verdigris bronze base, a hip roof cap with cylindrical arm joined to
Studios New York on mount, ht. 4 1/8, dia. marked Tiffany Studios New York, D827, rectangular backing plate, two of the tiles
12 in. base ht. 20, shade dia. 16 in. have stable cracks, ht. 13 7/8 in.
$1,000-1,500 $6,000-8,000 $4,000-6,000


Tiffany Studios Lamp Base with Iridescent Glass Shade
Patinated bronze and art glass
New York, early 20th century
Converted oil font fitted with a single socket, marked Tiffany
Studios New York 24085 and cipher, fitted into squat bulbous
base, all in verdigris finish, the blown iridescent art glass shade
with dimpled sides in green and brown iridescence marked
L.C.T. S1039 on aperture rim, aperture 4, ht. of shade 8 1/2,
total ht. 15 1/4 in.

John La Farge (American, 1835-1910)

Study for Side Lancets of Facade Windows, Trinity Church,

Boston, c. 1880
Unsigned, stamped with La Farge’s personal seal in red
l.c., inscribed “Trinity Church/side windows of W. Side” l.c.,
numbered “G 2218” on mount l.c., numbered “116” on a label
affixed to mount.
Watercolor and graphite, sheet size 6 11/16 x 2 in., framed.

Provenance: Estate of John La Farge, New York, 1910-11;

[sale, American Art Association, New York, 29-31 Mar. 1911
(864)]; purchase, Otto Weir Heinigke Sr., New York, 1911-d.
1915; his son, Otto Weir Heinigke Jr., New York, 1915-57;
purchase, Frederick L. Leuchs, Monterey, Massachusetts,
1957-84; Sean M. McNally, Ridgewood, New Jersey, private
collection, New Jersey.

Exhibitions: William Vareika Fine Arts, Newport, John La Farge:

An American Master (1835-1910), 14 Jul.-30 Sept. 1989, no. 38.

Note: Between 1880 and 1883, La Farge executed a tall, three-

lancet facade window for Trinity Church, Boston. The window
consists of a figure of Christ preaching in the central lancet,
with two flanking lancets of architectonic shapes in a Byzantine 300
style. According to Dr. James L. Yarnall, the present work is
a study for the side lancets, corresponding closely to the final
design of the two side lancets. It was the first folio in a portfolio
of drawings purchased by Otto Weir Heinigke Sr. at La Farge’s
estate sale in 1911.

We wish to thank Dr. James L. Yarnall for his assistance with

cataloguing the lot.

Mosaic Slag Glass and Bronze Table Lamp
Early 20th century
Pierced bronze heat cap over domed shade composed of gold,
brown, blue, and opalescent white lapped leaf segments issuing
striated yellow and white petal segments, over three sockets,
and round cushion-form bronze base with raised birds perched
on branches, partial Christie’s auction label on shade interior, ht.
20, shade dia. 18 in.

302. 301
Hanging Fixture with Tiffany Studios Glass Shade
Bronze and art glass
New York, early 20th century
Bronze collar with six wide-banded spokes and dark bronze and
verdigris patina supporting a two-tone opalescent yellow striped
and ribbed shade, inscribed LCT, and no. 8963, the two-socket
fixture suspended from a bronze “S” hook, total ht. 16, dia. 11
1/4 in.
305 306

307 308

303. 304. 304A.

Mosaic Glass Lamp Shade Quezal Floriform Art Glass Vase Twelve Quezal Shades
Early 20th century Decorated glass Art glass
Domed shade composed of transparent New York, 1902-24 New York, early 20th century
and opalescent glass segments with a Gold iridescent interior, exterior decorated Gold iridescent pulled feather decoration on
large central blossom of orange and yellow in greens and gold, polished pontil signed calcite, all signed on rim, aperture dia. 2 1/4,
segments over a band of opalescent white Quezal and numbered 745, ht. 5 1/4 in. ht. 5 in.
above six alternating blue and red blossoms, $225-325
with blue and puce geometric rim border, ht. Provenance: From a period Worcester,
3 3/4, dia. 14 3/8 in. Massachusetts, home.
$400-500 $2,800-3,200

54 additional information and photos at

Threaded Vase Attributed to Durand
Art glass
Vineland, New Jersey
Flared rim on trumpet form of blue glass with
webbing of threaded glass raised on circular
gold-colored foot, illegibly marked on polished
pontil, ht. 10 in.

Literature: See Durand The Man and His

Glass, by Edward J. Meschi.


Student Lamp, Probably Tiffany and
Manhattan Brass and Lamp Co.
Verdigris metal and iron
New York, c. 1879-1910 307. 309.
Double-arm student lamp with shade Bigelow & Kennard Table Lamp Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp
mounts, decorated with applied beadwork Mosaic glass and bronze Bronze verdigris
and rope decoration, probably decorated by Boston, Massachusetts, early 20th century New York, early 20th century
Tiffany Studios, marked on socket burners Geometric mosaic of mottled gold Single swivel socket within harp on swollen
Manhattan Brass Co. Pat. Dec. 2 77-May 20 glass with an abstract border in amber glass cylindrical standard raised on three spade
79, weighted base numbered 801, ht. 18 in. over three sockets on square standard relief feet, marked Tiffany Studios, New York, ht.
decorated and gently flaring to base, signed 54 1/8 in.
Note: The Manhattan Brass and Lamp on shade and base Bigelow Studios, Bigelow $1,200-1,800
Co. was located on 1st Avenue in New Kennard & Co. Boston, ht. 20, shade dia. 16
York City, the company liquidated in 1926. 1/8, in.
Tiffany bought bases from this company and $3,000-5,000
decorated them. 310.
$6,000-8,000 Tiffany Studios Linenfold Table Lamp
308. Bronze dore
Tiffany Studios Linenfold Table Lamp New York
Bronze and art glass Ten-sided linenfold shade in a dore finish with
306. New York, early 20th century gold linenfold glass, marked Tiffany Studios,
Bigelow & Kennard Table Lamp Sixteen-sided bronze verdigris shade fitted New York, 1938 Pat. Applied For on harp
Mosaic art glass and bronze with amber colored linenfold glass, marked with single adjustable socket joined to circular
Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1910 Tiffany Studios New York and numbered ribbed base, marked Tiffany Studios, New
Geometric domed shade with a floral apron 1931 over three socket standard, font marked York, no. 419 on base, corner nick to glass,
with undulating lower edge, signed Bigelow Tiffany Studios New York and numbered 165, ht. 13 3/4 in.
& Kennard on lower rim, over two sockets, fitted into bulbous verdigris base, with an $4,000-6,000
standard with a spiral of raised linear impressed 10 on base, restored patina, ht.
devices on ribbed and petaled circular base, 18, shade dia. 14 1/2 in.
unmarked, one replaced socket, ht. 20 3/4, $8,000-12,000
shade dia. 18 in.

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Two Tiffany Studios Candlesticks
Bronze dore
New York, early 20th century
Each with bobeche set in urn-form three-prong mount on
cylindrical stem joined to circular base with swirl pattern,
both marked Tiffany Studios, New York 1213, graduated
height, ht. 17, 18 1/4 in.

F. Barbedienne (1810-1892) Candlesticks
Paris, late 19th century
Openwork candle cup on cylindrical turned stem with
dragons raised on a platform base, both inscribed F.
BARBEDIENNE on rim of base, ht. 13 in.

“Greek Model” Lamp Base Attributed to Tiffany
Bronze verdigris
New York, early 20th century
Single socket with spyder on urn-form body held aloft by
four ribbed legs joined to platform base, ht. 10 1/2 in.

Note: This model in a larger version is identified as number

181 in the Tiffany album, for further information on this form
see The Lamps of Tiffany by Dr. Egon Nuestadt.

Martha Jackson Cornwell (1865-1955) Bronze
Bronze and onyx
Pennsylvania, 1909
Cast of a young girl and a turtle on a rectangular base
raised on an onyx plinth, signed and dated, ht. 8, lg. 5 1/8,
3 1/2 in.

Tiffany Studios Table Lamp
New York
Domed shade over single socket within harp on raised
ribbed base, marked Tiffany Studios New York 424,
depatinated, small dent on socket cover, ht. 17 3/4, shade
dia. 7 3/8 in.

Student Lamp with Iridescent Art Glass Shade
Bronze verdigris, art glass, and cast metal
Early 20th century
Oil font on adjustable standard flanked by hoop with
two sockets illuminating a dome-shaped decorated gold
iridescent shade, shade marked 52892, aperture nick, the
whole raised on circular weighted base, dent, ht. 24 1/4,
shade dia. 9 3/4, aperture 4 in.




317. 318. 319.

Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Duffner and Kimberly Attributed Mosaic Mosaic Glass Shade on Handel Base
Mosaic slag glass and verdigris metal Glass Shade Mosaic glass and patinated metal
United States, early 20th century Art glass United States
Geometric shade comprised of sixteen panels New York, early 20th century Dome shade in a caramel slag glass in a
in striated green slag glass, lower border with Large dome in a geometric gridwork of green honeycomb pattern on a deep apron with
alternating segments of green and caramel glass, the apron with an X-shape band in green leaves and orange open petaled
glass over rectangular segments of caramel- gold-colored glass, ht. 12, dia. 19 in. at flowers terminating with undulating rim,
colored slag glass, unmarked, over three- bottom. unmarked; over two sockets with cylindrical
socket standard raised on ribbed base joined ribbed standard with foliate design at base
to stepped circular foot, cap and weighted Literature: Mosaic Shades Volume II, Paul supported by a circular foot, raised Handel
base in the manner of Duffner and Kimberly, Crist, The Duffner and Kimberly Co., p. 222, mark on base, ht. 29, shade dia. 21 in.
base no. 3108, ht. 23 1/4, dia. 18 in. bottom left illustration. $1,200-1,800
$1,500-2,500 $3,000-5,000

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Handel Lamp Base and a Mosaic Glass
Patinated metal and mosaic glass
United States, 20th century
Bronzed metal base with textured surface
and decorative bands the foot molded in
the form of a Chinese stand, impressed
Handel on base, with three replaced sockets;
accompanied by a large dome-shaped shade
decorated with water lilies predominantly in
blue, green, dark red, and caramel-colored
glass, a cap was soldered to aperture to
accommodate it fitting the base, ht. with
extensions 30 1/2, shade dia. 22 in.

324 Puffy Pairpoint Hummingbird Lamp
Silvered metal and art glass
New Bedford, Massachusetts, early 20th
320. 321. Reverse-painted shade with wreath decoration
Handel Lamp Base Handel Floor Lamp and puffy roses accented by a hummingbird,
Bronzed metal Patinated metal marked 1907, interior base rim chips, fitted
Meriden, Connecticut Connecticut, early 20th century over double socket on fluted standard raised
Cap over three-socket standard with acorn Single adjustable socket within harp on on leaf decorated base, base with Pairpoint
pulls raised on broad leaf decorated base, cylindrical standard joined to circular weighted mark and numbered E 3056, ht. 22, shade
impressed Handel mark, needs wiring, cap base, marked Handel, ht. 56 5/8 in. dia. 15 3/8 in.
ring dented, ht. 27 in. $400-600 $3,500-4,500

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Pairpoint Reverse-painted Table Lamp
Reverse-painted glass and patinated metal
New Bedford, Massachusetts, c. 1925
Bombay shade decorated with an autumnal
landscape, signed C. Durand and The
Pairpoint Corp., fitted over two replaced
sockets on ribbed standard with turned base
in green patina, minor nick to rim interior, ht.
21, shade dia. 15 3/4 in. 330

Literature: For base see Pairpoint Lamps,

Edward and Sheila Malakoff, p. 109.

Miller Lamp Company Table Lamp
Metal and slag glass
Meriden, Connecticut, early 20th century
Domed shade of gilt metal overlay
ornamented with water lilies, with eight
striated caramel glass panels supported on a
three-socket baluster-form bronze-patinated
metal base with molded leaf design with
medial beaded band, overall ht. 23 1/2, shade
dia. 17 3/4 in.

Miller Co. Zodiac Lamp Base
Cast metal
Meriden, Connecticut, early 20th century
Single socket with later white glass shade,
ribbed standard on Zodiac base, signed The
Miller Co. 30030, aperture dia. 5, ht. without
shade 20 1/2 in.

Steuben Shade on Roycroft Boudoir Lamp
Copper and art glass
New York
Shaded ribbed shade with brown linear band
decoration, Steuben fleur-de-lis mark, shade
aperture dia. 2 1/4, ht. 6 1/2; hammered 331
copper base fitted with a single socket,
Roycroft mark on base, ht. 13 1/2 in.

328. 329. 330.

Table Lamp Pair of Ormolu and Art Glass Wall Sconces Ceiling Lamp Attributed to Tiffany Studios
Bronze, ivory, and art glass Metalwork and art glass Favrile glass and bronze
M. Brose, Austria, early 20th century United States, c. 1930 New York, early 20th century
Domed iridescent green oilspot shade in the Scroll and leaf decorated framework, each Gold iridescent stretched glass rondel, and
manner of Loetz supported on a rustic tree- fitted with a gold iridescent cylindrical glass finial as shade, ropetwist border and lattice,
form shaft with two 18th century costumed liner, suspended from a rectangular glass wall below wide scroll leaf border with beaded
gilt-bronze figures with ivory heads, impressed mount, one with crack, approx. ht. 12, dp. border, opens to service double socket,
maker’s marks on base edge, cracks to ivory, 12 in. verdigris patina, restoration, unmarked, ht. 6,
overall ht. 19 1/2, shade dia. 15 in. $800-1,200 dia. 15 1/2 in.
$1,000-1,500 $6,000-8,000

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334 336

331. 334. 337.

Oscar Bach (1885-1957) Boudoir Lamp Loetz Metallin Art Glass Vase with Silver Loetz Titania Art Glass Vase
Brass and mica Overlay Decorated paperweight-style glass
New York, c. 1930 Art glass and silver Design by Leopold Bauer, Genre 2534,
Brass shade with grape and leaf overlay and Austria, 1905-20 Austria, 1906
two faces of Bacchus, over amber liner, held Green paperweight-style ribbed ovoid form Orange with green and silver glass decoration
by scrollwork arms joined to turned standard, with silver floral decoration at neck and with colorless overlay, polished pontil, ht. 8
ht. 20 in. shoulder, ht. 6 1/2 in. 1/2 in.
Note: This vase is the earlier version of the Literature: Das Bohmische Glass 1900-1950,
later developed Titania series by Leopold Vol. IV, pp. 104-109.
332. Bauer. $2,500-3,500
Art Deco Beaded Glass Lamp $1,200-1,800
Glass beads, molded glass, and gilt-metal
Czechoslovakia, early 20th century 337A.
Domed shade of red, green, and frosted 335. Ada Loumani Art Glass Vase
colorless glass beads resembling red and Art Nouveau Art Glass Vase Blown glass
white berries and leaves on diamond relief- Late 19th/early 20th century France, 1988
molded colorless glass and gilt-metal base, Diamond-shape rim and body in etched green Flared base tapering to cylindrical neck in
overall ht. 9 1/4, dia. 9 1/2 in. and colorless glass, floral decoration with gilt iridescent green glass with freeform iridescent
$700-900 highlights, polished pontil, numbered 19 in blue strands, indistinct inscribed maker’s
gilt, base wear and corner nick, ht. 11 7/8 in. mark and dated 88, ht. 9 1/4 in.
$300-500 $400-600
Art Deco Beaded Glass Ceiling Light
Glass and cast metal 336. 338.
Circular brass finish fixture with glass beads Art Deco Vase Bohemian Glass Bowl
covering dome centered by a metal cap and Silver overlay and art glass Art glass and bronze
finial, backing plate fitted with three leviton Early 20th century 20th century
sockets, some glass knobs missing, dia. 21 Square vase with pinched rim corners of Bowl with pinched rim on green iridescent
in. iridescent wavy line green glass, with Art body with polished pontil held by stylized floral
$200-300 Deco silver overlay, unmarked, ht. 3 3/4 in. bronze mounts joined to circular base, dia. 8,
$600-800 ht. 5 1/2 in.

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Art Nouveau Glass Vase
Pewter and art glass
Late 19th/early 20th century
Oval-form vase with simulated bat wing devices in relief 342
in iridescent blue glass, in a pewter mount, loss on rim of
pewter mount, minor scratches, ht. 6 1/8 in.

Art Nouveau Enameled Art Glass Vase
Enameled glass
Possibly Lobmeyer, Austria, late 19th century
Colorless glass with gilt rim, art nouveau decoration in blue
and red stained glass with white enamel outline on bowl,
stem, and circular base, unmarked, ht. 7 1/8 in.

Enameled Art Glass Trumpet Vase
In the manner of Moser, Austria, 1875-1925
Trumpet form with gilt highlights on transparent green
glass body with enameled white flowers on circular base,
unmarked, some gilt wear, ht. 14 5/8 in.

Gustav Gurschner (1873-1971) Art Nouveau Table Lamp
Bronze and glass
Bronze form of a female figure leaning against a tree trunk
with five branches terminating in shades which are blown into
the metalwork, marked Gurschner in the casting, ht. 24 1/8

Marble Pedestal
Europe, early 20th century
Octagonal top over ormolu mounted fluted, cylindrical column
the base decorated with a circular brass over a marble collar
the whole resting on an octagonal marble base, ht. 42 3/4 in.

Moser Cameo Glass Vase
Art glass
Czechoslovakia, c. 1925
Wide cylindrical form with decorative cameo borders framing
an etched African wildlife scene including giraffes and
rhinoceros and palm trees in red glass against a gold ground,
polished pontil, marked Made in Czechoslovakia Moser
Karlsbad, ht. 13 3/4 in.

Large Cameo Glass Perfume Attributed to Webb
Art glass and silver
England, early 20th century
Gorham sterling silver cap and fittings, monogrammed cap
on a long tapering red cylinder with a white overlay of flowers
leaves and trailing stems in relief, marked on cap Gorham
Sterling with hallmarks, tiny nicks on leaf edges, lg. approx.
10 in.



Thomas Webb & Sons Crystal Vase
Decorated crystal
England, 1906-35
351 Wide mouth on tapering form cut, faceted,
and raised floral decoration, base rim cut
center with etched Webb mark, some base
wear, ht. 11 7/8 in.

Webb Cameo Glass Bowl and Saucer
Art glass
England, early 20th century
Blue floral decoration cut to clear, Webb mark
on base of saucer, ht. 1 3/4, dia. 4 7/8 in.

Gabriel Argy-Rousseau (1885-1953) Lamp
Pâte de verre art glass
France, c. 1926
Orange brown and gold mottled glass in a
vasiform with two panels depicting a woman
346. 347. holding a vessel and two panels a screen of
Cameo Glass Vase Attributed to Webb Thomas Webb & Sons “Ivory” Cameo segmented circles, signed G. Argy-Rousseau
Art glass Glass Vase in the glass on the side, cast mounts fitted
England, c. 1910 Art glass with a double socket standard, ht. 26 in.
Cameo decorated with flowers, leaves, and England, c. 1890
three butterflies in white on a citrine ground, Narrow mouth on vasiform with trailing loop Provenance: Descended in an Upper East
rim may have been ground, ht. 11 5/8 in. handles the body carved with flowers and Side family.
decorated with brown stain, Thomas Webb
Note: For further information on British & Sons Limited mark on base, some crazing Literature: G. Argy-Rousseau, Les Pâtes de
cameo glass see British Glass 1800-1914, by visible at rim in the making, ht. 8 in. verre, catalogue raisonné by Janine Bloch-
Charles R. Hajdamach. $1,500-2,000 Dermant.
$3,000-5,000 $5,000-7,000

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Clement Massier (1844-1917) Plaque
Glazed earthenware
France, c. 1900
Large rectangular plaque with iridescent 356
metallic glaze depicting lilies, the artist’s name
inscribed on the reverse, 15 x 12 3/4 in.

Scailmont Art Deco Vase
Enameled art glass
Belgium, c. 1930
Flared rim and base decorated about the
side with red, white, blue, and green pendant
floral devices on a mottled pale yellow frosted
body, enameled Scailmont mark on base, ht.
10 1/4 in.
355 357

Three Art Glass Vases and a Bowl
Handwrought art glass
20th century
Cameo glass vase decorated with trailing
branches and leaves in orange and purple on
a mottled peach colored ground; a small blue
and pink mottled glass vase; a tall vase with
thin a long neck in brown a mottled green
bulbous base; and a green plate with white
faux craquelure with red radiating from the
center, all unmarked, respective approx. ht. 7,
4 1/2, 14, dia. 9 1/4 in.

Legras Enameled Art Glass Vase
Hand-decorated glass
St. Denis, France, early 20th century
Urn-form vase composed of mottled yellow
and orange, blue, white, and frosted glass,
enamel-decorated with an oval reserve with
pair of exotic birds perched on a branch,
bordered with dots and scrolls in blue and
white enamel, signed Legras in enamel on
lower side, ht. 15 3/4 in.
$1,000-1,500 357. 359.
Legras Enameled Art Glass Vase Legras Cameo Glass Rose Bowl
Hand-decorated glass Art glass
355. St. Denis, France, early 20th century St. Denis, France, early 20th century
Legras Art Glass Vase Square form decorated in a landscape of Pale rose frosted glass overlaid with dark
Enameled and etched glass trees in soft peach, and shades of green and rose acid-etched with pendant leaf and berry
St. Denis, France, late 19th/early 20th century brown, signed Legras in enamel on side, design, signed Legras on side, ht. 3 3/8 in.
Square form decorated in a landscape of small rim nicks, ht. 6 7/8 in. $400-600
trees with a mountain in the distance in soft $800-1,200
peach and shades of green and brown,
signed Legras in enamel on side, ht. 6 7/8 in. 360.
$500-700 358. Legras Cameo Glass Bud Vase
Legras Enameled Art Glass Vase Art glass
Hand-decorated glass St. Denis, France, early 20th century
356. St. Denis, France, early 20th century Tapered square vase of frosted glass overlaid
Legras Art Glass Vase Elongated neck on vase of mottled yellow with dark rose, acid-etched with pendant leaf
Enameled and etched glass and orange, and striated blue and white, and berry design, signed Legras on side, rim
St. Denis, France, late 19th/early 20th century and frosted glass, enamel-decorated with a cut down, ht. 7 1/4 in.
Cylindrical form landscape decoration with tall round reserve with a pair of swans on a pond, $300-500
trees in shades of green, brown, and orange bordered with dots and overlapped lines and
on etched glass surface, marked Legras, rim scrolls, in blue and white enamel, signed
nick, ht. 13 3/4 in. Legras in enamel on lower side, ht. 14 5/8 in.
$300-500 $800-1,200

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361. 364. 367.

Muller Fres Art Glass Vase Daum Pâte de Verre Figure Daum Nancy Bowl with Applied Insects
Cameo decorated glass Art glass and Jewels
Luneville, France Nancy, France, 20th century Art glass
Cameo decorated with ships and buildings in Figure of a woman holding her cloak in cast Nancy, France
a rose, burgundy, orange and rust, signed in shaded purple glass, signed on base, Daum Circular mouth on tapered square body
the cameo on the side Muller Fres Luneville, with cross of Lorraine and Nancy, ht. 10 1/4 with trapped metal foil within purple glass
ht. 12 3/4 in. in. with applied nuggets and insects on body,
$2,000-3,000 $4,000-6,000 without lid, signed Daum Nancy with Cross of
Lorraine France, ht. 3 1/2, dia. 5 1/4 in.
Large Legras Cameo Glass Vase 365.
Cameo decorated and hand-painted glass Daum Pâte de Verre Chameleon Dish 368.
St. Denis, France, 1920-30s Art glass Daum Cameo Glass Vase
Vasiform with wide mouth, cameo etched France, 20th century Art glass
decoration of purple leaves and vines with In the form of green chameleon cast in relief Nancy, France
hand-painted enameling on etched rose- on a broad leaf with purple edges, a butterfly Cylindrical swollen form etched with fruit
colored ground signed Legras in cameo at resting at the end of the leaf, polished pontil and leaves in green cameo on mottled pink
side, ht. 13 3/4 in. signed Daum France, lg. 8 in. ground, marked Daum Nancy with cross of
$800-1,200 $400-600 Lorraine in cameo at side, ht. 13 1/2 in.

Gallé Cameo Glass Vase 366. 369.
Art glass Art Nouveau Chandelier Daum Cameo Glass Vase
France, 20th century Gilt-metal and art glass Art glass
Relief decorated with etched trumpet-form Europe, early 20th century France
flowers and vines in blue on rose/orange Gilt fixture with ormolu bows, cutouts, shaped Round mouth on tapering square form with
ground, signed Gallé on side, ht. 3 3/4, dia. arms with five opalescent shades, one indented sides cameo decorated in a land
7 5/8 in. decorative element joint separated, ht. 32 in. and waterscape of reddish-brown glass cut to
$800-1,200 $3,000-5,000 orange ground, marked Daum Nancy with the
Cross of Lorraine, ht. 5 1/2 in.

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370. 371. 372.

Daum Cameo Glass Decorated Vase Gallé Cameo Glass Table Lamp Eight Dining Chairs in the Manner of Louis
Art glass Art glass Majorelle
Nancy, France, late 19th/early 20th century France, 20th century Walnut and leather
Interior of rim in opalescent glass, etched Domed shade and swollen stem multiple Carved floral crest, V-shape upholstered back
ground etched decorated in the cameo with layers etched with fruit, leaves, and branches splat and seat in red leather with brass tacks,
fine thorny branches, gold and red thistle in dark greens shaded to blue-green fruit, shaped legs with conforming floral decoration,
flowers at ends, gilt rim and foot, marked in orange background, brass fittings, cameo ht. 40 1/2 in.
gilt script on base Daum with the Cross of signature Gallé to shade and base, shade $8,000-12,000
Lorraine, Nancy, ht. 7 in. small rim nicks, new socket and rewired, ht.
$600-800 16 3/4, dia. 8 1/2 in.

Provenance: Descended in the family of a

Massachusetts gentlewoman.

367 with detail

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373. 376. 379.

Gallé Cameo Glass Vase Six Art Deco Animal Figures Gallé Cameo Glass Vase
Art glass Ceramic Art glass
France, 20th century Attributed to Metzler and Ortloff, Germany, France, 20th century
Oval body with flattened sides in frosted glass c. 1925 Spherical body with flattened sides and
layered with pale yellow and cased with rose, Three figural dogs in white with geometric elongated neck in layers of frosted and pink
acid-etched in a poppy floral motif with Gallé accents; a yellow ashtray mounted with two glass cased in purple-amethyst, acid-etched
inscribed on lower side, ht. 5 in. figural dogs, all marked Lanvin & Lauer Co., in a floral and leafy vine motif with Gallé
$800-1,200 New York; accompanied by a cat and a dog inscribed on lower side, ht. 8 3/4 in.
form stoppered bottle, all marked Made in $700-900
Germany, ht. range 5 1/2-7 1/4 in.
374. $250-350
Gallé Cameo Glass Vase 380.
Art glass Plaque Attributed to Henri Cros (1840-
France, 20th century 1907)
Emile Gallé (1846-1905) Pottery Vase
Flattened spherical form of red cased to Pâte de verre art glass
Decorated earthenware
opalescent glass etched with a leafy vine with France
Nancy, France, late 19th century
pendant berries, signed Gallé on side, ht. 3, Figure of a dragon in pink on white ground
Blue and brown mottled glaze with intricate
dia. 4 1/2 in. decorative border on rim, handle, side loop with a blue eye, rectangular form with shaped
$800-1,200 handles, and circular foot, signed E. Gallé edges, lg. 8 1/4 in.
Nancy on base, ht. 5 5/8 in. $1,200-1,800
Silver Overlay Table Lamp and Shade 381.
Glass, silver, enamel paint, and metal 378. Gabriel Argy-Rousseau (1885-1953) Vase
Europe, second quarter 20th century E. Gallé (1846-1904) Covered Pottery Bowl Pâte de verre art glass
Textured silver overlay on dome-top glass and Dish France
shade with geometric and bellflower Decorated earthenware Small globular vase decorated with low relief
decoration in silver and aqua, red, green, Nancy, France, late 19th century molded crossed branches of pendant berries
blue, and burgundy enamel over single Fan shape dish with handled decorated in the and leaves in translucent green, brown, and
socket, shaped standard raised on circular Asian manner with a butterfly, flowers with rose, on a frosted ground, signed G. Argy-
foot in conforming materials and decoration, lattice, stars and geometric devices in the Rousseau in the glass on the side, model no.
lamp and base go together though they borders in earth tones; accompanied by a 2473 on base, ht. 2 5/8 in.
appear to be missing the hardware that holds covered bowl with petal shape lid decorated $300-500
the shade aloft, ht. 10 1/2, dia. 7 in. with red and gilt flowers and a red landscape,
$1,500-2,000 both signed E. Gallé Nancy, some crazing on
the lid, respective lg. 12, ht. 3 1/4 in.

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377 378

384 388

382. 384. 386.

DeVez Cameo Glass Vase Richard Cameo Glass Vase Le Verre Francais Cameo Glass Pitcher
Art glass Art glass Art glass
Paris, France, late 19th/early 20th century Produced by Loetz, 1920-29 France, second quarter 20th century
Oval form with bulbed mouth, decorated with Black cameo decoration of a land and Angular red spot on swollen body with large
a shepherd and flock of sheep on a scenic waterscape with a building trees and a red poppies and brownish-red pods on
path, with pine cones around rim, cut in sailboat, background in red glass, signed mottled yellow ground with applied purple
cameo from puce to peach, signed DeVez in Richard in the cameo, ht. 13 3/4 in. handle, minor loss to fine tip, signed in cameo
cameo, rim ground, ht. 6 3/4 in. $1,500-2,000 Le Verre Francais, ht. 12 1/8 in.
$600-800 $400-600

383. Charder Cameo Glass Art Deco Vase 387.
Richard Cameo Glass Vase Art glass D’Argental Art Nouveau Cameo Glass Vase
Art glass Le Verre Francais line of Schneider Art glass
France, early 20th century Glassworks, France, c. 1918-39 France, early 20th century
Square mouth on waisted flattened round Wide mouth on bulbous bowl raised on Large reddish-brown flowers, buds, and
body, with mottled yellow and orange glass circular foot cameo decorated with stylized leaves cut to a caramel glass ground, signed
cased with frosted and black, acid etched orange fronds accented in green on mottled in the decoration DArgental with the cross of
with a floral design, inscribed Richard on white ground, marked Charder in cameo and Lorraine, ht. 12 7/8 in.
lower side, rim ground, ht. 5 3/4 in. etched France on base, ht. 4 1/4 in. $800-1,200
$500-700 $700-900

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388. 391. 395.

Cameo Glass Egyptian Revival Decorated Art Deco Pairpoint Lamp Daum Art Deco Vase
Vase Art glass and patinated metal Art glass
Art glass New Bedford, second quarter 20th century Nancy, France
Austria, late 19th century Inverted cone-shaped Wellesley shade, Green and mottled gray glass with applied
Red interior colorless overlay with fine acid reverse-painted in a geometric pattern of bands and prunts around body, signed Daum
cut Egyptian Revival figures, animals, and black, blue, and green on an etched surface, with cross of Lorraine and Nancy on base rim,
hieroglyphic’s in gilt against a black ground, signed on rim, over a single socket standard paper taped to base Lowry-Paris Park Ave
with decorative borders above and below, decorated with overlapping leaves, signed Gallérie, ht. 8 1/2 in.
and having two colorless glass loop handles Pairpoint C3804, finish wear to base, ht. 16 $300-500
at each side, ht. 5, dia. 4 in. in.
$1,000-1,500 $1,000-1,500 396.
Daum Nancy Glass Bowl with Majorelle
389. Mounts
392. Art glass and wrought iron
Art Deco Dining Table, Six Chairs, and
George de Feure Pâte de Verre Pitcher France
Molded glass Mottled glass blown into a framed gridwork
Amboyna wood and upholstery
France, early 20th century with floral masks, glass also with trapped
Comprised of a rectangular top dining Bulbous form with applied handle, shaded metallic accents, signed on base Daum cross
table with pull-out ends on U-shape base, green and amber frosted glass, with textured of Lorraine Nancy France L. Marjorelle, some
accompanied by six chairs with curved wood surface, maker’s name inscribed on base, ht. base wear, ht. 5 1/8, dia. 10 1/2 in.
backrest, geometric design upholstered seats 7 in. $1,000-1,500
in green, cream, burgundy, and black, raised $800-1,200
on four legs; a sideboard with a rectangular
top over two cabinet doors, centered by an
393. Daum Art Deco Vase
open compartment over three drawers with
Muller Fres Art Glass Vase Art glass
shaped chrome pulls, ht. 29, 33 1/4, 39 3/4,
Art glass Nancy, France
table closed wd. 63, sideboard approx. 72,
Luneville, France, 20th century Thick layer of green glass etched to a rough
dp. 35 3/8, 21 in.
Oval form with everted rim composed of textured surface with U-shape, zigzag, and
circular devices in relief, signed Daum with
layers of mottled puce, pale yellow, orange,
cross of Lorraine, Nancy, France on base rim,
rust, and frosted glass, acid etched Muller
paper taped to base, Park Ave Gallérie, ht. 8
390. Fres Luneville mark on lower side, ht. 8 1/8 in.
1/2 in.
Art Deco Table Lamp with Muller Fres $400-600
Art glass and wrought iron
Luneville, France 394. 398.
Mottled orange Muller Fres glass shade Muller Fres Art Deco Chandelier Schneider Art Deco Vase
over single socket held in scroll mounts, Molded glass and wrought iron Art glass
ring pattern side panels backed by cloth in France France, c. 1925
a conical form raised on three scroll shape Five triangular-etched glass shades with Ovoid form in mottled orange and white glass
feet, shade signed, accompanied by a non- geometric designs mounted in a wrought iron raised on opaque orange base, marked
matching cap and finial, cloth tears, approx. frame, signed “Muller Frères Luneville,” ht. 31, Schneider on side and France on base, ht.
ht. to finial 13 in. 12 in.
dia. 17 1/2 in.
$800-1,200 $300-500

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399. 403. 407.

Large Schneider Art Deco Vase Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces Modern Lalique Vase
Art glass Etched glass and brass Art glass
France, retailed by Ovington, New York England France
Vasiform in mottled pink shading to deep rose Frosted glass shades in architectural stepped Colorless heavy walled vasiform with applied
at base with black mottling, signed Schneider pattern over single socket with angular green leaf, paper label, ht. 14 1/4 in.
France and Ovington New York, also with u-shape mounts, glass marked in the mold
paper Ovington label on base, ht. 18 1/2 in. B.R.R.D. No. 791529, minor nicks on edges Note: Property sold for the benefit of the
$400-600 were they meet the mount, approx. lg. 11 Brooklyn Museum.
1/2 in. $200-250
Schneider Art Deco Bowl 408.
Twelve Lalique Figural Items and a Verlys
Art glass 404.
France, c. 1925 Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces
Art glass
Wide mouth with tapering sides in mottled Glass and metal
wine, green, orange, and cream-colored Fan form white glass shade over single socket
All etched colorless glass, a vessel in the form
glass, marked Schneider on side and France with gray metal stylized floral decorated
of two cuddling doves with wings extended,
on base, ht. 5 1/2, dia. 8 3/4 in. backing plate, lg. 12 in. ht. 8 5/8; four figural birds in various
$300-500 $250-350 positions, ht. 3 3/8, 2 1/2, 2 5/8, 1 3/4; two
joined female figures with arms overhead,
ht. 5 1/2; a ram on circular base, ht. 3 3/4;
401. a boar on circular base, ht. 2 3/4; three
Pair of Art Deco Wall Lights 405. feathered birds and a fish with tail swept up,
Silvered metal and alabaster Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces two birds and fish with nicks, ht. 2 1/2, 2, 4,
Orange demilune-shape variegated shades Metal and glass 3 3/4; all marked Lalique France; and a Verlys
supported by florets joined to V-shape fluted Each composed of a tubular post fitted with bowl decorated with kissing birds on each
wall mount with raised figural decoration, etched glass panels, fluted semicircular light side, ht. 4 1/2, wd. 6 1/2 in.
each fitted with a single socket, ht. 13, wd. shield with glass plate below, fitted with $1,000-1,200
10 1/2 in. a single socket, with smaller conforming
$700-900 decoration below, ht. 19 1/8, dp. 6 3/8 in.
$200-300 409.
Two Lalique Birds
402. Etched and molded crystal
Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces 406. France, fourth quarter 20th century
Etched glass and chromed metal Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces Molded form with etched feathers and
Rectangular wall plate with rounded top Glass and chromed metal features, both marked Lalique France, ht. 6
decorated with a stylized branch and berries Rectangular wall plaques with etched 7/8, 5 1/4 in.
terminating in a demilune shape chrome metal colorless glass panels relief decorated in $250-350
shade the interior fitted with two sockets, lg. a stylized bundled floral design bowing at
26 1/2, wd. 11 1/2 in. center, in a rectangular chromed metal frame,
$500-700 each fitted with a single socket for a tubular
shape bulb, lg. 17 7/8, wd. 7 in.

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407 R. Lalique Coquille Bowl
Molded art glass
France, c. 1924
Circular molded and etched form with
opalescence towards center, signed R.
Lalique in block, ht. 3 1/2, dia. 9 in.

Pâte de Verre Moth Medallion
Molded glass
Probably France, early 20th century
Shaped triangular plaque with spreadwing
moth in relief in green on a light amber
ground, minor edge chips, 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.

Lalique Glass Pendant
Molded glass
France, 20th century
Triangular pendant in amber glass with
pendant berry Sorbier design no. 1658,
with molded LALIQUE mark, 1 7/8 x 1 5/8

417 Lalique Glass Pendant
Molded glass
France, 20th century
Rectangular pendant in amber glass
molded image of a woman holding two
birds, the Colombes design no. 1659,
inscribed LALIQUE on the reverse, 1 1/2 x
7/8 in.

Lalique Doves Bowl/Vase
Art glass
France, 1980s
In the form of two cuddling doves with
wings extended, in etched colorless glass,
marked Lalique France on base, ht. 8 5/8

Degue Amber Glass Art Deco Shade
Molded glass
Circular stylized lotus flower pattern on
inverted domed shade with a dimple at
center, suspended on what appears to be
original cloth cord, marked Degue in the
mold, dia. 15 in.
410. 411.
R. Lalique Saint-Francois Vase Lalique Osmond Vase
Molded and etched art glass Crystal 418.
Catalogue Raisonné no. 1055, France, France Degue Amber Glass Art Deco Shade
1932-47 Etched and polished pattern with curved Molded glass
Flared rim on tapering form relief decorated fronds at base, marked Lalique France, ht. France
with birds and branches, marked R. Lalique 8 in. Conical form with molded flowers and
France on base, nicks to base rim, ht. 6 $400-600 geometric devices, signed in the mold and
7/8 in. France, nicks to upper rim not visible when
$400-600 mounted, dia. 15 in.

426A (partial)

419. 422. 424.

Art Deco Table Lamp Degue Art Deco Hanging Lamp Pair of Sevres Art Deco Two-arm
Art glass and wrought iron Molded art glass and gilt-metal Candlesticks
Europe France Glazed porcelain
Mottled orange and black dome-shaped Gilt metal hexagonal ceiling plate with floral France
shade over single socket on black wrought decoration suspending three rods terminating Low arched two-arm candlesticks on
metal scrollwork base, ht. 14 1/4, shade dia. in sockets and hardware suspending pink rectangular bases, deep turquoise glossy
19 in. etched glass shade with pinwheel decoration glaze, marked PM/Sevres on base, ht. 4 1/8,
$1,200-1,800 signed Degue in the mold, approx. lg. 20, lg. 8 1/4 in.
shade dia. 15 in. $200-350
Art Deco Table Lamp 425.
Art glass and wrought iron 423. Art Deco-style Chandelier
Degue Art Deco Hanging Lamp Art glass and wrought iron
Domed blue shade with confetti glass colors
Molded glass and gilt-metal Round ceiling cap suspending dark bronze
of white and green over single socket on rose
France patinated wrought iron frame with applied
and petal decorated base, ht. 14 1/2 in.
Gilt metal hexagonal ceiling plate with floral wrought grapevine and leaf devices
decoration suspending three rods terminating suspending a central light bowl with four
in sockets and hardware suspending amber matching mottled purple, pink, green, and
421. etched glass shade with stylized floral and frosted colorless glass shades with etched
Art Deco Metal Sculpture geometric decoration signed Degue in the Muller Fres Luneville signature, approx. ht. 39,
Patinated metal, brass, and pottery mold, approx. lg. 28, shade dia. 15 5/8 in. dia. 32 1/2 in.
c. 1925 $600-800 $1,000-1,500
Figure of a nude woman with arms upheld
with circular tray with pottery insert, figure
raised on a brass sphere joined to square
base, metal in green patina, ht. 25, base dia.
7 in.

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Art Deco Table Lamp
Etched glass and gilt-metal
Transparent glass panel with shaped top
over angular sides etched with a stylized
rearing horse and driver mounted in gilt-metal
electrified base, chip, ht. 10, wd. approx. 13
5/8 in.

Pair of Etched Glass Horse Head
20th century
Mounted on square black glass bases, ht. 7
1/4 in.

Dittmar Art Deco Table Lamp
Bronze and art glass
Dated 1928
Finial in the form of an armless man, on
cylindrical shade with mica inset with nude
figure dancing in the trees in a metal overlay,
raised on four buttress supports angled and
stepped to circular base, marked Dittmar on
base rim, 1928, ht. 22 1/2 in.
426. 428.
Art Deco Bar with Mirror Two Zsolnay Figural Pitchers
Mixed woods, chrome, and glass Ceramic 432.
France Hungary, 20th century Jean Cocteau Design Pottery Charger
Rectangular beveled glass mirror in chromed Modeled with a girl with a braid in her hair Glaze decorated earthenware
metal frame; bar with mirrored rectangular and a woman harvesting grain, iridescent Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
top, on lacquered and inlaid wood cabinet glaze, gilt five churches stamp on base, one Circular form in terra-cotta decorated with
mounted with chrome arm and seat rails, the with Christie’s East auction label sale 8183 lot figures and a dog in black with a geometric
other side fitted with two sliding glass doors 202, ht. 6 3/8 in. background in green, yellow, mint green and
over central compartment flanked by two $1,200-1,600 blue with red accents, signed on the front,
cabinets with shelving, globular chrome pulls, on back in black Edition originale de Jean
respective ht. 71, 46 1/8, wd. 47 3/8, 81 3/8, Cocteau Atelier Madelaine-Jolly, 3/15, also
dp. 1/2, 20 5/8 in. having an International art transport sticker,
$3,000-5,000 429. base rim pull, dia. 14 in.
Erica Karawina (German/American, 1904-
2003) Literature: For more information see Jean
426A. Cocteau, ceramiques by Annie Guedras.
Six Z-shape Machine Age-style Bar Stools Head of a Woman $4,000-6,000
Chromed metal and upholstery Signed “E. KARAWINA” within the cast on the
Round cream upholstered seat on reverse.
cantilevered double tubular support continuing Silvered bronze, 5 x 2 x 2 in. 433.
to circular base, with footrest, approx. ht. 32, Condition: Minor wear. Art Deco-style Burlwood Veneer Dining
dia. 15 in. Table
$800-1,000 N.B. A Hawaiian artist best-known for her Rectangular top raised on four square legs
work in stained glass, Karawina began her accompanied by two leaves with center
training at the School of the Museum of Fine support, ht. 29 5/8, lg. closed 72, each leaf
427. Arts, Boston, under sculptor Frederick Warren 21, wd. 44 in.
Art Deco Scarab Ornamented Lamp Allen, after emigrating from Germany in 1923.1 $700-900
Cameo-cut art glass and bronze 1. “Renowned artist Erica Karawina,” Honolulu Advertiser,
Probably Continental April 25, 2003,
Frosted orange glass double-bulbed shade article/2003/Apr/25/ln/ln45a.html 434.
layered with dark brown, acid-cut with a $300-500 Art Deco Cabinet in the Hollywood Style
border of scarabs, suspended from a bronze Mirrored glass and wood
base ornamented with flowers, minor nicks to United States, c. 1935
shade rim, overall ht. 15 in. Rectangular form with flat glass tray centered
$1,000-1,500 on top peach colored borders and having two
sliding glass doors, losses, ht. 33, wd. 33 3/4,
dp. 17 1/8 in.

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435. 436. 437.

Henrietta Herthel (1895-1969) Art Deco Sculpture Pair of Art Deco Toucan Figural Bookends
Oil on linen Resin Patinated metal
Boston, 1931 United States Frankart Inc., New York
Depicting an urban setting with horses and Cast in the form of two elegantly dressed White painted metal toucan figures on a base
figures on a track, figures on an observation figures dancing in satin finish raised on a with upright open oval framing the bird’s
tower, and distant buildings, signed and rectangular plinth, approx. ht. 16 1/4, wd. 9 head, raised FRANKART INC. mark on base
dated 1931 on l.r. reverse under backing 1/8, dp. 3 7/8 in. edges, minor paint losses, ht. 5 7/8, wd. 4
fabric, 46 1/2 x 30 3/4 in. $600-800 7/8, dp. 2 7/8 in.
Note: Henrietta Herthel was a high school art
teacher in Hyde Park, Boston.

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Jean Dupas (French, 1882-1964)


Signed and dated “Jean -Dupas -1924” within
the matrix c.l., inscribed “H. CHACHOIN IMP.
PARIS” within the matrix l.l. and “Sucres”
within the matrix l.r.
Color lithograph, sight size 23 1/4 x 15 in.,
Condition: Subtle toning, retouch with
restored skinning and abrasions to u.r.
quadrant, not examined out of frame.

Art Deco Andirons
Patinated metal
Split elongated and curled leaf blades with a
tong of tight stylized buds in silvered metal,
ht. 22, dp. 12 3/4 in.

Art Deco Boudoir Lamp
Patinated metal and art glass
Frankart Inc., New York, early 20th century
Black patinated metal in the form of a nude
woman seated on a plinth embracing a green
translucent glass globe, raised FRANKART
INC. mark on base edge, ht. 8 1/2 in.

Julius Dressler Art Pottery Vase
Decorated pottery
Austria, late 19th/early 20th century
Molded vase with four apertures to hold
flowers, unglazed exterior with incised stylized
moth, and floral decoration, incised geometric
438. 439. medial band, raised building mark with JDP,
Rudolf Knorlein (1902-1988) Ceramic Hagenauer: Four Figures and a Pair of repaired chip on one small opening, ht. 9 3/4
Sculpture Candlesticks in.
Glazed earthenware Bronze $400-600
Austria, c. 1930 Austria, retailed by Rena Rosenthal, New
Head of a woman with green looped hair, York, mid-20th century
black face with high color on neck on an oval Two African warrior figures, a figure of an 445.
plinth in green glaze, incised maker’s mark Asian man and a dachshund figure together Zsolnay Jardinière and Vase
under glaze, some losses, ht. 13 3/4 in. with a pair of candlesticks, all with impressed Decorated porcelain
maker’s marks, Asian figure lacking his Hungary, 20th century
Note: Knorlein was a sculptor and ceramicist burden, minor wear to patina, ht. 1 1/2-6 3/8 Reticulated grillwork on the vessels with floral
worked for the Wiener Werkstatte, Gmundner in. and foliate designs, the jardinière in gold,
keramik, and for Goldscheider. He was $300-500 pink, blue, green, with pink beaded rim and
famous for his new colors and glazes which cream-colored glossy glazed interior, with gilt
played a major design role in the West highlights, blue five churches and ZSOLNAY
German Goldscheider range. He also 440. PECS stamp on base, the vase glazed in
designed wall masks for Goldscheider. Glazed Earthenware Figure gold, cream, and green, with gilt highlights,
$800-1,200 Mid to late 20th century gilt five churches mark and 37 on base, ht. 7
Modeled as a standing nude woman holding 5/8, 8 in.
bouquets of flowers in her hands, ht. 16 1/2 $600-800

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Clarice Cliff Viscaria Design Vase
Decorated pottery
Newport Pottery, England, 1934-36
Globular form decorated with pink, yellow,
and gray flowers on sinuous green stems,
green maker’s stamp on base, minor specks
of glaze loss, ht. 4 1/2 in.

Clarice Cliff Bizarreware Branch and
Squares Design Vase
Decorated pottery
Newport Pottery, England, c. 1930s
Bulbous form with two V-shaped handles
in predominantly yellow, orange, green, and
creamy white, with blue rim band, black
maker’s stamp on base, minor specks of
glaze loss, ht. 4 1/2 in.

Two Boch Fres Pottery Vases with Ormolu
Glazed earthenware
Belgium, c. 1930
Flared rim in brown shading to blue drip glaze
with mint green interior, ormolu base mounts,
black ink Boch Mark on base, ht. 8 in.
Art Deco Vanity Set in Fitted Suitcase
Enamel, metal, plastic, cloth, and leather
Including mirror, comb, shoe horn, nail
file, five covered jars, and a brush with
green enamel decoration fitted in the top 452. 454.
compartment of a brown leather suitcase, Brevet Art Deco Travel Alarm Clock Art Deco Desk Clock
wear and minor losses, suitcase wd. 2 1 1/2, Boxed gilt-brass, enamel, and marble Bronze
dp. 14 in. Switzerland, second quarter 20th century Probably Continental, 20th century
$300-400 Red enameled brass bezel, engine-turned Heavy rectangular bronze case, copper and
dial, gilt-metal rose blossom supports on silvered metal dial centered with a silhouette
a rectangular black marble base, wind-up of two smoking chimneys and the joined
450. mechanism, the back of the case marked initials TZ, key-wind mechanism, ht. 5 3/8,
Richard Allmand Blow (American, 1904- Brevet with Swiss cross 112427 IMHOF/ wd. 3 5/8, dp. 2 in.
Swiss Made, in a tan leather-covered case $250-350
with hinged doors, ht. 2 1/2, lg. 2 5/8 in.
Untitled [Pyramids, Spheres, and Cube]
Ciphered l.r., signed, inscribed, and dated
“Richard Blow MONTICI ‘65” on the reverse.
Florentine pietra dura, 7 3/8 x 4 5/8 in., 455.
framed. 453. Coffee Table
Condition: Surface grime, minor abrasions. Art Deco Travel Clock Marble and ormolu
$200-400 Enameled sterling silver Third quarter 20th century
Swiss made, retailed by Shreve, Crump & Dog-bone-shape marble top striated with
Low Co., second quarter 20th century pink, gray, and white, over X-shaped end
451. Rectangular clock with arched top and bun supports, with four decorative legs joined by
Art Deco Desk Clock feet, decorated with blue enamel on engine- curvilinear stretchers in ormolu finish, approx.
Enameled sterling silver turned surface, with dark blue outlining, wind- ht. 20 1/8, wd. 47, dp. 27 in.
Birmingham, England, 1909 up mechanism, marked Sterling and Swiss on $300-500
Triangular clock face with Arabic numerals, base and Shreve, Crump & Low Co. on the
with lavender enameling on engine-turned dial, in original black leather case with hinged
surface with silver surround, Swiss movement, doors, lacking handle, clock ht. 1 7/8, overall
indistinct maker’s mark, ht. 2 1/4, wd. 2 1/2 ht. 2 5/8 in.
in. $1,200-1,800

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456. 458. 460A.

Dining Table and Two Chairs Attributed to Two Brno Armchairs Art Nouveau-style Table Lamp
Mart Stam (1899-1966) Leather and tubular steel Patinated metal and art glass
Tubular steel and painted wood Probably Knoll, fourth quarter 20th century 20th century
Bauhaus period 20th century Green/gray leather back and seat on tubular Three-light floriform lamp with reeded stems
Rectangular top dining table with tubular steel steel frame, leather wear, ht. 31 1/2, wd. 22 issuing three iridescent amber glass blossom-
loop legs, accompanied by two side chairs, 3/4, dp. 22 1/2 in. form shades with ruffled rims, the stems
top of table, chair seat and back in black issuing from a round foliate-decorated dark
painted wood, wear and losses, table ht. 30 Note: The design by Mies van der Rohe brown patinated metal base, accompanied by
5/8, lg. 62, wd. 30 1/2; chair ht. 33 in. originated in 1930 for the Tugendhat house in seven similar glass shades, ht. 23 3/8 in.
Brno, Czechoslovakia. $800-1,200
Note: Mart Stam was a Dutch architect, $400-600
urban planner, and chair designer. Stam was
extraordinarily well-connected, and his career 461.
intersects with important moments in the 459. Claudia Cebrian (Argentinean/American,
history of 20th century European architecture, Chromed Metal Cubist Coffee Table 20th/21st Century)
including chair design at the Bauhaus, the Comprised of four cubes, some surface wear,
Weissenhof Estate, the “Van Nelle Factory,” ht. 20 1/2, lg. 46 in. Lot of Two Works: Untitled [Calla Lilies]
an important modernist landmark building in $200-300 Both signed “C. Cebrian” in pen l.r.
Rotterdam, buildings for Ernst May’s Weimar Color photograph, sight size 25 x 35 3/4 in.,
Frankfurt housing project then to Russia framed.
with the idealistic May Brigade, to postwar 460. $300-500
reconstruction in Germany. Machine Age Four-piece Coffee Set
Enameled chromed metal
Property sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn Chicago Flexible Shaft Co./Sunbeam, 462.
Museum. Chicago Pair of Barcelona Chairs After Mies van
$800-1,200 Comprising a coffeepot, covered creamer der Rohe
and sugar bowl, and a round serving tray, Leather and chrome plated steel
of chromed metal with enamel black bands, Argentina, 1960s
457. black resin handles and finials, ht. 3 3/4-9 Black leather cushion seat with leather strap
Art Deco-style Wall Mirror 1/2, tray dia. 14 5/8 in. supports, x shape frame, leather loss and
Wrought iron and mirror glass $100-150 wear, buttons missing, approx. ht. 28 1/2,
France, 20th century wd. 29 1/2, dp. 28 1/2 in.
Arched rectangular form in a decorative iron $1,200-1,800
framework, ht. 45, wd. 21 1/2 in.

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Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Table
Glass and polished steel 472
Manufactured by Knoll
X-shape bar stock frame supporting a square
glass top, minor wear to glass, ht. 17, wd. 40,
dp. 40 in.

Three McClelland Barclay (1891-1943)
Gilt-metal and aluminum
20th century
Conical aluminum vases made by Dodge Inc.
with rolled rims, the tallest in rose-colored
aluminum, the smaller pair in gold aluminum,
mounted on tripod leaf-form bases with raised
McClelland mark, ht. 9 7/8, 6 3/4 in.

Romain (Erte) De Tirtoff (French, 1892-

Chinese Legend
Signed “Erte” within the cast on the base,
stamped “496/500 © 1988 SEVEN ARTS
LTD. LONDON DS” on the base.
Polychrome bronze, 22 x 6 x 8 in.
Condition: Minor wear to base.
$400-600 468. 471.
Jean Luce Dinnerware Millefleur Boudoir Lamp
Decorated porcelain Art glass and metal
466. Limoges, France 20th century
Albert Henry Atkins (American, 1899-1951) Seven teacups with octagonal foot and six The shade with domed cover with frosted
matching saucers with silver lustre and gray stamen-form finial on a globular body
Medallion for the Milwaukee Art Institute glaze, with mark for Jean Luce, teacup rim supported on a gilt-bronze footed base, ht.
Signed “A H ATKINS” within the cast l.r. dia. 4 1/4, saucer dia. 5 1/2; together with 9 1/2 in.
Bronze, 12 in. diameter. twelve bouillon bowls, with silver lustre and $300-500
Condition: Wear and oxidation. white floral designs, with indistinct impressed
$800-1,200 maker’s mark, some with imperfections, rim
dia. 4 3/4 in. 472.
$300-400 Art Deco Table Lamp
Four Frances Elkin (1888-1953) Loop Mica, bronze, marble
Chairs Magdeleine Anthouard, France
469. Marble ball finial atop a conical mica shade
Painted wood, upholstery, natural fiber
Spain Pair of Art Deco Candlesticks applied with cut-out and painted mica border,
Black paint finish, loop seat back, upholstered Silvered metal, and glass supported on a square base with chamfered
slip seat over woven natural fiber seat United States corners of tan marble applied with rectangular
support, shaped front legs with openwork, Flared rim interior with a candle well on
bronze plaques with etched figures of women
repaint and re-upholstered, minor loss, ht. 38 cylindrical standard in black centered by
draped in flowing gowns, bronze base,
1/2 in. colorless glass separated by silver metal
inscribed Magd. Anthouard on base edge,
colors, raised on a stepped circular base, ht.
overall ht. 21 in.
Provenance: A Brookline, Massachusetts, 15 1/2 in.
gentleman. $200-300

Note: This chair design was featured in

House Beautiful December 2009. Elkin 470.
incorporated her great eye for 20th century J. Bernardaud & Co.
design and architecture into her interior Seven decorated porcelain dinner plates
decorating business started in 1918 in Limoges, France
California. She was decorator of choice with Decorated in the center with a building on
the affluent in San Francisco in the 1930s, a hill, arched bridge, tree and shrubbery in
according to an Architectural Digest article red, black, white, and gilt on a creamy white
from 2005. It is speculated that this chair ground with cloud-line gilt border, green and
design, which is documented in two interior gilt backstamp factory marks, dia. 10 1/2 in.
commissions by Elkin, was inspired by her
love of architecture and classic design. Note: Sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn
$3,000-5,000 Museum.

online bidding at 77

Pair of Steuben Candlesticks
Corning, New York, 20th century
Curved rim on candle cup with multiple
turnings on stem with trapped bubble, raised
on domed circular foot, rough pontil, ht. 10
1/4 in.

Art Glass Vase Attributed to Carder
Acid-etched glass
Possibly Corning, New York, c. 1920s
Urn-form vase of cased colorless over red
glass acid-etched with three panels of stylized
eagle profiles, polished pontil, ht. 9 3/4 in.

Literature: Similar decoration can be found

in Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass:
American Classics, by Thomas P. Dimitroff,
Schiffer Publishing in association with the
473 Rockwell Museum, 1998, p. 146.

473. 475. Ten Steuben Glass Figures, Two Bowls, a
Akira Arita (Japanese/American, b. 1947) Framed Art Deco Ceramic Tile Picture Bell, and Two Ashtrays
Decorated glazed ceramic Art glass
Nike, 1978 Decorated by Beatrice A. Hoffman, New York Corning, New York
Signed and dated “AKIRA ARITA 1978” in Twelve square tiles with bright polychrome Swan with head down, ht. 3 5/8; swan with
pencil l.c., with labels from Staempfli Galléry, glaze decoration arranged to depict tropical head straight, ht. 5 1/4; dolphin, lg. 5 7/8;
New York, affixed to the reverse. fish and seabed vegetation, some loose mouse with red eyes, ht. 3; bunny, ht. 3 7/8;
Graphite on paper, sight size 44 x 56 1/2 in., tiles, with Architectural League of New York
framed. snail, ht. 3 1/8; pig, ht. 4; penguin, ht. 3 3/4;
exhibition label on the reverse, 19 1/2 x 25 frog, 2 1/2; two bowls, dia. 6 3/4; bell, ht. 4
Subtle rippling, not examined out of frame. 1/2 in. 1/2; and two ashtrays, dia. 4 1/4, 5 3/4 in.
$800-1,200 $1,000-1,500
N.B. The Osaka-born, New York-based artist
Akira Arita attended the Rhode Island School
of Design from 1966 to 1970, and was an
instructor of drawing at RISD from 1975 to 476. 481.
1981. He has held solo-exhibitions at the Two Framed Art Deco Ceramic Tile Carder Steuben Vase
Staempfli Galléry, Carnegie Institute, and Pictures Art glass
Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, among Decorated glazed ceramic Corning, New York, early 20th century
others. Decorated by Beatrice A. Hoffman, New York Flared rim on vasiform iridescent gold body,
$600-800 Each with four square tiles in bright signed F. Carder Aurene on base, polished
polychrome glaze decoration arranged to pontil, some wear, ht. 7 1/2 in.
depict tropical fish and seabed vegetation, $800-1,200
474. with Architectural League of New York
Four Art Deco Ceramic Tiles exhibition labels on the reverse, 13 1/4 x 13
Glazed ceramic 1/4 in. 482.
Decorated attributed to Beatrice A. Hoffman, $300-500 Steuben Strawberry Mansion Vase
New York Engraved and cut blown glass
Square tiles with bright polychrome glaze Corning, New York, 1932-36
decoration, three decorated with shorebirds 477. Named in honor of the restoration of the
and setting sun, one decorated with tropical Steuben Pelican historic Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia
fish and seabed vegetation, 6 x 6 in. Art glass in 1931, urn-form with applied handles, on a
$300-400 Corning, New York stepped square base, engraved with flower
Full-bodied colorless form, ht. 6 1/2 in. sprig and swag rim borders over a Federal
$150-250 eagle grasping floral garlands in its beak over
a round reserve, the bottom of the bowl with
cut ovals, ht. 12 5/8, dia. 9 1/2 in.

78 additional information and photos at

Steuben Owl
Art glass
Corning, New York
Stylized colorless full-bodied form, marked Steuben on base,
ht. 5 1/2 in.

Two Steuben Bowls
Corning New York, 20th century
Oblong form with applied wavy feet; and a wide circular form
with four scroll feet, ht. 5 1/2, wd. 9 5/8; ht. 4, dia. 11 in.

Daum Sculpture, Cyclops by Salvador Dali
Pâte de verre art glass
France, 1967
Blue abstract form with an eyeball at top signed Dali, also
signed in the casting, numbered 22/150, dated 67, approx.
ht. 19 3/4 in.

Twelve Steuben Water Goblets 479
Corning, New York, early 20th century
Vertical bowl, with trapped bubble stem on circular foot,
polished pontil marked Steuben, fitted in cloth bags in
original box, ht. 6 1/2 in.

Twelve Steuben Sherbet Dishes
Corning, New York, 20th century
Colorless glass bowl stem with trapped bubble on circular
foot, polished pontil, marked Steuben, in cloth bags, in
original box, ht. 3 3/4 in.

Seven Steuben Glassware Items
Colorless glass
Corning, New York, 20th century
Including a bowl raised on scroll feet at center, a plate with
scroll handle, a pitcher and open sugar, three ashtrays, two
with single applied rest, and one with double rest, most in
cloth bags, respective dia. 8, 9, 5 1/2, 5 3/8, 4, 5 1/2, 7 1/2

Steuben Stoppered Bottle
Art glass
Corning, New York
Hand-blown colorless glass, signed Steuben, ht. 7 7/8 in.

493 Steuben Bowl and Orrefors Vase
(partial) Art glass
Corning, New York, and Sweden, 20th
Steuben colorless glass bowl with three
horseshoe-shaped loops on base, Orrefors
flattened colorless glass vase with frosted cut
design of a little girl observing the moon and
stars, inscribed maker’s marks on bases, ht.
3 1/8 4 1/4, dia. 8, 6 1/2 in., respectively.

Josh Simpson: Paperweight and Globe
Art glass
Each a stylized view of the earth, the larger
494 signed on base and marked 10 42 01; the
smaller marked Josh, dia. 2 1/2; 1 1/2 in.

Debbie Tarsitano Paperweight
Art glass
Pink, blue and yellow petaled flowers with
green stems cased in colorless glass,
signature cane DT, dia. 2 3/4 in.

Paul Stankard Paperweight
Art glass
New Jersey
Pink petaled flower with leaves and buds on a
light blue ground, PS Mark, dia. 2 in.

497 496.
Rick Ayotte Paperweight
Art glass
New Hampshire, 1982
Handwrought, depicting a Warbler in an oak
tree with acorns cased in colorless glass,
signed Ayotte 1/50 82, dia. 3 in.

Tarsitano Paperweight
Art glass
Faceted form with cut base with hand-formed
strawberry plant cased in colorless glass, with
signature cane, dia. 2 3/8 in.
491. $300-500
490. Cobalt Glass Vase Attributed to Steuben
Nine Steuben Water Goblets Art glass
Art glass Corning, New York 498.
Corning, New York Handwrought with narrow mouth with ribbed Rick Ayotte Seagull Paperweight
Cylindrical goblet on turned stem, circular body forming sixteen panels, polished pontil, Art glass
foot, polished pontil, in original box, ht. 5 3/4 unmarked, ht. 6 1/4 in. New Hampshire, 1980
in. Seagull formed on a piece of driftwood
$300-500 Note: Purportedly one of two, the other was against a blue ground cased in colorless
sold to the Corning Museum of Glass. glass, signed Ayotte 5/75, dia. 2 1/4 in.
$400-600 $300-500

80 additional information and photos at

500 (partial)

499. 499A. 500.

Sculpture Attributed to Frederick Carder Carder Steuben Attributed Glass Bowl Custom Design Dining Table and Eight
Art glass Art glass Chairs
New York, early 20th century Possibly Corning, New York, c. 1932 Oak, upholstery, and transparent wash
Composed of two fanned faceted colorless Ruffled rim on square bowls, pale blue United States, c. 1947
glass segments with chamfered edges rising transparent glass with dark blue rim, polished Rectangular top with drop apron raised
from a square base, base corner chip and pontil, ht. 5 3/8 in. on thick plank leg supports cutout at base
wear, ht. 11 in. and joined by a single cross stretcher,
$500-700 Literature: Similar examples can be found accompanied by eight angular frame chairs
in Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass: with upholstered seats and backs, some
American Classics, by Thomas P. Dimitroff, wear, table ht. 29 1/2, wd. 44, lg. 84, chair
Schiffer Publishing in association with the ht. 31 in.
Rockwell Museum, 1998, p. 130. $800-1,200

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501. 504. 507.

Two Custom Design Armchairs Two Pre-War Custom Fabricated Chests Amorphic Custom Design Coffee Table
Oak and upholstery of Drawers Oak
United States, c. 1947 Hardwood c. 1947
Green upholstered seat and back with short c. 1940 Amorphic top in creamy yellow finish on four
arms on angular frame in transparent cream Both with rectangular tops, one with eight angular legs in transparent finish, ht. 19 1/2,
finish, ht. 34 1/2, wd. 22 5/8, dp. 23 in. blind drawers, the other with six drawers, in variable dia. approx. 47 in.
$400-600 a cream-colored wash finish that allows the $500-600
grain to transfer through, both ht. 29, wd. 48,
dp. 20 in.
502. 508.
Provenance: A Massachusetts family
Custom Design Rectangular Coffee Table Charlotte Pols (American, 20th/21st
interested in German design.
Glass, wood and metal Century)
c. 1947
Two-piece rectangular top centered by a Still Life with Pitcher and Loaf of Bread
rectangular tray in dark stain, the whole in 505. Signed and dated “POLS 50” l.r.
a natural wood frame with yellow painted Pair of Custom Pre-War End Tables Oil on canvasboard, 16 x 20 in., framed.
stretchers visible through the top, raised on Hardwood Condition: Surface grime.
four cylindrical white painted metal legs, some c. 1940
wear, ht. 17 1/8, wd. 23, lg. 47 in. Rectangular box-shape open-end Provenance: Through the estate of the artist.
$500-600 compartment raised on four cylindrical legs, in $200-300
a cream-colored wash that allows the grain to
show through, surface wear, ht. 24, wd. 24,
503. dp. 18 in. 509.
Two Custom Design Tables Floor Lamp
Oak Provenance: A Massachusetts family Brass
c. 1947 interested in German design. United States, c. 1975
Same design in two sizes, both comprised $400-500 Single socket over conical standard with ball
of a rectangular frame with open cabinets at accents, circular tray mid-way on standard,
each end, open at the center, raised on two 506. raised on four shaped tubular legs, Chapman
angular legs in transparent cream-colored Two Pre-War Custom Design End Tables socket, ht. 55 1/4 in.
finish, ht. 17 3/4, 17 3/4, lg. 43 1/4, 48, dp. Hardwood $200-300
22 3/4, 25 3/4 in. c. 1940
$500-600 Rectangular box-shape open-end
compartment raised on an inverted C-shape
frame and legs, in a cream-colored wash that
allows the grain to show through, surface
wear, ht. 17 1/2, wd. 17 1/2, dp. 25 7/8 in.

Provenance: A Massachusetts family

interested in German design.

82 additional information and photos at

Four Bakelite Napkin Rings, Doll, Fender
Guide, and Horse Head Pin
Second quarter 20th century
A green Scottish terrier dog and three green
bird napkin rings; a doll of multicolored and
shaped Bakelite segments, missing one eye,
a red wing-form fender guide, and a red and
clear horse head pin, dia. 2 1/2-9 1/2 in.

Raymor Dinnerware by Roseville
Designed by Ben Seibel, Ohio, mid-20th
Comprising six dinner plates, three white
508 and three brown; twelve cups, six white, six
brown; eight saucers, five chocolate, three
white; fourteen bread/salad plates, four
510. 512. chocolate, five white, five brown; three oval
Roseville Futura Seagull Lamp Vintage Patio Armchair and Lounge cereal bowls, two chocolate and one brown;
Art pottery Wire mesh and rubber six oval covered dishes, three with brown lids
Ohio, c. 1930 c. 1950 and three with white, a small serving dish and
Blue-gray and orange shaded ground with Sculptural wire mesh armchair on two curved a large rectangular platter; a large casserole
raised stylized seagull decoration fitted with spring legs and a lounge with petal shape with lid in chocolate, a smaller casserole
a single socket and raised on wooden base, wheels with rubber tires, in creamy yellow with lid in white; cruet set with stoppers;
with original finial, minor glaze nick at base, paint, bolt missing on one wheel, ht. 32 1/2, figure-eight shaped serving dish; and six corn
ht. 24 5/8 in. wd. 34; lg. 77, seat ht. 13 1/2 in. dishes.
$600-800 $400-600 $400-600

511. End Cabinet 516.
Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair Laminated hardwood Color Wheel and Angelo Testa Fabric
Plastic coated steel and upholstery c. 1947 Piece
United States, mid-20th century Rectangular top over single drawer next to Metal; fabric
Wire mesh frame with yellow upholstered slip open compartment, over two cabinet doors, Color wheel on platform, fabric depicting
cover, upholstery wear and stains, approx. ht. with clear plastic circular pulls, raised on four stylized animals in white on orange-brown
30, wd. 331/4, dp. 28 1/4 in. tapering cylindrical legs, in transparent cream ground outlined in black, color wheel ht. 7
$400-600 finish, ht. 24 1/4, wd. 24, 14 in. 1/4, fabric ht. 22 3/4, wd. 52 1/2 in.
$300-350 $25-45



517. 519. 522.

Rosenthal Atlantis Decorated Plaque Poul Hundevad Stool in Original Box Illums Bolighus Mobile Bar
Decorated porcelain Teak and leather Teak veneer, laminate, and glass
Signed Forchheimer, Germany, 20th century Denmark-Vandrup, 1959-60 Denmark, mid-20th century
Rectangular plaque decorated with a young Folding stool with leather seat cover, in Rectangular gallery top with black laminate
lady tending her plant with three cats in the original box with labels, never used, stool ht. surfaces, splits in the middle to reveal
background, green and gilt Rosenthal mark 20, wd. 18 3/4, dp. 14 3/4 in. bar storage with white laminate and glass
and titled Atlantis on the reverse, 12 3/4 x 9 $1,000-1,500 surfaces, raised on four legs with casters,
1/4 in. some wear, ht. 28 5/8, wd. closed 34 3/8,
$300-500 dp. 19 7/8 in.
520. $600-800
Two Flygsfors and Holmgaard Bowls
518. Art glass
Francis Jourdain (1876-1958) Attributed Sweden, mid-20th century 523.
Lounge Chair and Ottoman Holmgaard bowl in the Fionia design by Per Six Hans Wegner (1914-2007) Dining
Mahogany and natural fiber Lutken in pale blue glass signed by the maker Chairs
France, second quarter 20th century and dated 1957; a Flygsfors pink, purple, Oak and leather upholstery
Chair with continuous hardwood loop forming colorless, and white glass bowl in the Coquille Made by C.M. Madsen, Denmark, c. 1955
arms and legs, adjustable; ottoman with design by Paul Kedelv, inscribed Flygsfors 59/ Shaped back rail, black leather seats,
conforming legs, both with woven natural Coquille on base, ht. 4 5/8, 8 in. branded mark C.M. Madsen Fabriker, Haarby
fiber seating, ht. 30, wd. 27 1/2, dp. 33 3/4; $400-600 Denmark, Made In Denmark, design by Hans
ottoman ht. 10 1/2, wd. 24 3/4, dp. 24 3/4 in. J. Wegner, wear to seats and wood, ht. 30,
wd. 19 1/2 in.
Note: Francis Jourdain was predominantly 521. $2,000-3,000
known as a painter but was also an Hans Wegner Sofa
accomplished and influential designer. He Teak, upholstery, and metal
was a founding member of the Union des Denmark, c. 1955 524.
Artistes Modernes and exhibited regularly with Long rectangular teak back frame joined Danish Dining Table
the Salon d’Automne and with the Societe to the seat by two steel rods, slanted teak Rosewood veneer and oak
des Artistes Decorateurs. He had his own arm rest similarly joined to seat, tapered Model no. 6284, Denmark, c. 1958
furniture factory, Les Ateliers Modernes. See legs, repeating fan motif on salmon-colored Rectangular form raised on four legs with
French Artists of the 20th Century. upholstered back, seat, and arm cushions, ht. cross bar, shaped support, disassembles for
30 1/4, lg. 82, dp. 30 1/2 in. shipping, Danish control label, some surface
Property sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn $300-500 wear, approx. ht. 27 1/2, lg. 70 1/4, wd. 35
Museum. 3/8 in.
$1,500-2,000 $1,000-2,000

84 additional information and photos at

525. 531. 532.
Four Arpot Pottery Figural Birds Alvar Aalto Lounge Chair Alvar Aalto Desk
J. Claude de Crousaz, Geneva, Switzerland Birch and upholstery Birch and blue laminate
Large hen, a smaller fowl, and two doves, all Finland, design date 1936, purchased in 1947 Finland
in earth tones, some accented in a blue, all Deep taupe upholstered seat and back within Large rectangular top joined to two bentwood
marked Arpot on base, some chips, approx. a solid birch wood curvilinear framework, later legs; accompanied by two banks of
ht. 10, 6 1/2, 4 3/8, 4 in. re-upholstery, ht. 29, wd. 29, dp. 29 in. freestanding drawers, which fit under the table
$300-500 top, one bank with five drawers, the other
Note: Alvar Aalto is one of the great with two over a file drawer, wear, table ht. 28
designers of the 20th century. His work 1/2, lg. 72, wd. 35 3/4, drawer banks ht. 25
526. is part of the permanent collection at the 3/4, wd. 15, dp. 21 5/8 in.
Four Arpot Pottery Vessels Museum of Modern Art. The owners of this
Glazed earthenware chair recognized good design; it was bought Note: Client purchased at Design Research
Geneva, Switzerland as a wedding present for each other in 1947. in Cambridge, c. 1966.
Decorated wide mouth pitcher, cylindrical $800-1,200 $600-800
vase, tall covered pitcher, and a bowl, all
marked Arpot in glaze on base, ht. 6, 5, 8,
bowl dia. 9 in.

Jens Risom Design Sofa
Upholstery and hardwood
Mid-20th century
Re-upholstered in a nubby, cream-colored
wool fabric, with three loose back cushions
raised on rectilinear hardwood base,
upholstery needs cleaning, ht. 30 3/4, wd. 83,
approx. dp. 29 in.

Five Danish Modern Stacking Tables
Mid-20th century
Three graduated tables with label by P.
Jeppesen Mobelfabrik; and two other 530
graduated tables, all with rectangular tops on
tapering cylindrical legs, respective ht. 19 1/2,
18 3/4, 18, 18 3/4, 18 1/2, wd. 22 1/4, 19
1/4, 17 1/2, 20 1/2, 18, dp. 14 1/2, 13, 11
7/8, 13 1/4, 12 3/8 in.

Alvar Aalto for Thonet: Three Stacking
Laminated hardwood 531
Fourth quarter 20th century
Circular top on three bent legs, some wear,
approx. ht. 17 3/4, top dia. 14 in.

Norwegian School, 20th Century

Brunkberg Kyrkje
Signed and dated “H. Nordskog -62” l.r.,
inscribed and titled “H. Nordskog...” on the
Oil on Masonite, 18 x 21 1/2 in., framed
(under glass).
Condition: Not examined out of frame.

533. 535. 537.

Two Alvar Aalto High-back Lounge Chairs Four Alvar Aalto Stools Pottery Table Lamp
Birch and upholstery Wood Glazed earthenware
Finland Finland, 20th century Fourth quarter 20th century
Blue plaid backrest with small wings Each with a circular top on bentwood legs, Loop finial over two sockets on large bulbous
upholstery continues to seat within a birch one with natural wood top, three with black base with two applied handles in faux crackle
framework, ht. 38, wd. 24 3/4 in. tops, some wear, ht. 17 3/8 in. white glaze raised on circular wooden base,
ht. 32 1/2 in.
Note: Client purchased at Design Research Provenance: Property from the Estates of $75-125
in Cambridge, c. 1966. Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson.
$1,000-1,500 $100-125
Dining Table and Four Chairs
534. 536. Glass and wood
Alvar Aalto Trolley Martz Pottery Platter and Three Vases Fourth quarter 20th century
Birch and white laminate Glazed pottery Oval glass top supported on an X-shape base
Design date 1935-36, this cart a later 20th Gordon Martz, Veedersburg, Indiana, mid- with twelve slats interlacing eleven slats, the
century production 20th century conforming chairs with eight slats folding into
Two rectangular shelves, bentwood frame Large round platter, tall and short tapered nine slats, table ht. 27, lg. 49 3/4, wd. 40 in.
with large circular wheels, approx. ht. 22 1/2, cylindrical vases, and a globular vase, each $400-600
wd. 19 1/4, lg. 35 1/2 in. glazed with similar matte olive green and
$300-500 yellow brushed stripes, each inscribed Martz
on base, ht. 14 1/4, 8 3/8, 6 1/2, platter dia. 539.
13 in. Two Folding Lounge Chairs
$1,500-2,000 Hardwood
Possibly Scandinavian
Comprised of thirteen slats on tall back
continuing through seat raised on four legs,
approx. ht. 40 1/2, wd. 28 in.

86 additional information and photos at


540. 542. 545.

Two Folding Coffee Tables Eight Tomasa Oak Chairs Two Joseph Tripetti Figural Plaques
Hardwood and brass Homage to Paolo Uccello, Manufactured by Enameled copper
Possibly Scandinavian Simon, Italy, fourth quarter 20th century Manchester, New Hampshire, b. 1923
Composed of ten slats on rectangular top Composed of oak heartwood laths forming Rectangular plaques, one depicting a scene
supported by nine slats at each end, ht. 17 the back and seat, folds for storage, ht. 33 with fishermen and their catch of the day, the
1/4, wd. 48, dp. 16 in. 3/4, wd. 12 3/4 in. other depicting a monk holding a chicken,
$250-350 $1,500-2,500 both signed Tripetti, 12 x 16, 9 x 7 in.,
541. 543.
Two Hans Wegner Folding Chairs and Scandinavian Vase and Decanter
Ottomans Art glass 546.
Oak and cane Sweden, mid-20th century Two Hans Brattrud Scandia Lounge Chairs
Attributed to Johannes Hansen, Denmark, c.
Flared rim on vase with short neck and Wood and metal
bulbous body in mottled orange and colorless Manufactured by Hove Mobler, Norway, c.
Oak frame with original caned seats,
glass, signed with numbers on polished pontil, 1965
handholds to front of seat, ottomans with
partially legible; and an elongated decanter Body-conforming slat seat and back on
handholds, ottoman marked with metal
Johannes Hansen plate, one chair with loss with ball stopper in turquoise and light purple satin metal wire base, with black naugahyde
to support slide, minor fiber breaks on chairs, striped glass, ht. 6 3/8, 14 3/4 in. covers, with manufacturer’s tag, wear, ht. 41,
more fiber breaks on ottomans, approx. ht. $200-300 wd. 29, dp. 34 in.
30 1/2, wd. 24 1/2, dp. 29, ottoman ht. 17, $1,000-1,500
dp. 26 1/4, dp. 15 1/4 in.
Literature: Esbjoern Hiort, Modern Danish Hans Bolling for Torben Orskov: Three
Furniture, New York, 1956, pp. 62, 66-67; Duck Figures
“Hans J. Wegner,” Interiors, December Teak
1954, p. 56; Grete Jalk, Dansk Moebelkunst Denmark, 1950s
gennem, 40 aar, 1947-1956, Copenhagen, Depicting a hen and her two ducklings,
1987, pp. 102-103; Jens Bernsen, Hans J. pyrographic maker’s mark on bases, small
Wegner on Design, Denmark, 1995, p. 39; loss on hen’s bill, ht. 7 1/2, 3 5/8 in.
Noritsugu Oda, Danish Chairs, San Francisco, $400-600
1999, p. 110; Christian Holmsted Olesen,
Hans J. Wegner, Copenhagen, 2006, pp. 23,

online bidding at 87




547. 548. 549.

Borge Mogensen (1914-1972) Credenza Two Royal Copenhagen Vases by Jais Two Modern Pottery Vases
Teak Nielsen (1885-1961) Decorated earthenware
Denmark, c. 1958 Stoneware Denmark
Rectangular-top cabinet with two sliding Denmark One baluster form with opposing twisted
doors, interior fitted with three drawers on one Square form with incised figure of a man modeled handles, decorated on the sides
side and two shelves on the other side, raised with a halo holding a fawn, a bird, lamb, and with a brown painted stylized half-length
on four cylindrical legs, ht. 34 3/8, wd. 59, possibly a monkey; the other titled GLORIA man and woman on a creamy white ground,
dp. 18 1/8 in. IN- EX CELSIS DEO with incised religious indistinct inscribed maker’s mark; and a Royal
figures, both have mushroom gray-brown Copenhagen vase with flattened bottle-form
Note: Client purchased at Design Research, background color with dark brown contrast, and green geometric and linear patterns on a
Cambridge, Massachusetts. both with circular green marks and incised mottled dark green glaze, blue stamped mark
$600-800 JAIS, respective ht. 9, 8 in. and paper label, painted EL cipher, model
$500-700 3208, ht. 13 1/4, 7 1/4 in., respectively.

88 additional information and photos at


550. 551. 553.

Two Danish Modern Armchairs Peter Hvidt for France & Sons Corner Illums Bolighus Coffee Table
Teak, rubber, and upholstery Table Teak
Denmark, mid-20th century Teak and cane Denmark, 1960s
Curved backrest continuing at an angle to Denmark, c. 1962 Rectangular top with curved edge, raised on
arm, with woven rubber seat support with Shaped top shelf over lower cane shelf raised four oval form legs, each side with a single
loose cushion seat, raised on four legs, ht. 28 on four tapering cylindrical legs, France & stretcher, metal Illums Bolighus label, some
3/8, wd. 21 5/8 in. Sons metal label, approx. ht. 25 1/4, wd. 28 surface marks, ht. 22 1/4, lg. 48, wd. 31 3/4
$400-600 1/4, dp. 31 1/2 in. in.
Note: Illums Bolighus was the “Center of
Modern Design,” see Larry Weinberg’s article
552. “The Store and The Catalogue.”
Two Danish Modern Nesting Tables $400-600
Mid-20th century
Both with rectangular top on tapering
cylindrical legs, ht. 20 1/2, 19 3/4, wd. 25
1/4, 19 3/8, dp. 16 3/4, 14 1/4 in.

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558 559

Eight Hans Wegner Cow Horn Chairs
Teak, rosewood, leather
Made by Johannes Hansen, Copenhagen,
Denmark, c. 1958
Cow-horn-shaped backrest with rosewood
finger joints, black leather dipped seat raised
on four tapering legs with front and back
stretcher, metal label, some wear, ht. 46 in. 563

Note: Client purchased at Design Research,

Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Literature: Design Research, D/R: The Store

That Brought Modern Living to American
Homes, Chronicle Books.

Kristján H. Magnússon (Icelandic/
American, 1903-1937)

Untitled [View with a Dory by a Dock]

Signed and dated “K. Magnusson ‘25” l.r.
Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 1/4 in., unframed.
Condition: Loss to l.r. quadrant, craquelure,
minor canvas deformations.

N.B. Iceland-born Magnússon graduated

from the Massachusetts School of Art (now
MassArt) in 1926, and the following year, held
a one-man show at the Copley Society. He
also participated in the Pennsylvania Academy
of Fine Art Annual Exhibition of 1928. In 558. 561.
1929, Magnússon returned to Iceland Borge Mogensen Chest of Drawers Pair of Laurel Attributed Boudoir Lamps
where he continued to exhibit in Reykjavik, Teak Brushed steel and glass
Isafjordur and London. Magnússon suffered Denmark, mid-20th century United States, 1960s
an untimely death at the age of thirty-four, Tall rectangular form with four drawers over Sleek floriform design with white glass shades
shortly after he returned from a painting trip to three deeper drawers, Danish control mark, on brushed steel bases, one shade replaced,
Borgardfjord. stamped Made in Denmark, minor wear, ht. ht. 14 1/2 in.
$300-500 48 3/4, wd. 39 1/4, dp. 18 in. $300-500

556. 562.
Poul Hundevad Stool in Original Box 559. Pair of Illums Bolighus Armchairs
Teak and leather Borge Mogensen Fall-front Desk Teak and leather
Denmark-Vandrup 1959-60 Teak Denmark, 1960s
Folding stool with leather seat cover, in Soborg Mobler, Denmark, mid-20th century Black leather backrest and seat, some finish
original box with labels, stool ht. 20, wd. 18 Rectangular top over fall front, interior fitted wear on leather and arms, metal Illums
3/4, dp. 14 3/4 in. with two vertical and three horizontal letter Bolighus tag on one, ht. 29 1/4, wd. 24, dp.
$1,000-1,500 compartments and two drawers, over four 18 in.
drawers, Soborg Mobler label, ht. 48 1/2, wd. $200-250
39 1/4, dp. 18 in.
557. $800-1,000
William Horace Littlefield (American, 1902- 563.
1969) Hans Wegner (1914-2007) Valet Chair
560. Teak and brass
Apollo Kneeling Beside the Body of Mobelfabrik Blanket Box Attributed to Johannes Hansen, Denmark,
Hyacinthus Teak design date 1953
Signed and dated “Wm. H. Littlefield/Nov. Randers, Denmark Hanger form crest above a vasiform splat over
1932.” l.l., titled and inscribed “...ref. 1928” l.r. Rectangular form with paneled lid and sides, a hinged saddle seat and tripod base, with
Graphite on paper, sheet size 23 1/4 x 18 in., hinged lid with leather strap, fitted with lock brass fittings, seat raises to serve as a pants
framed. and key, marked A/s Randers Mobelfabrik, hanger, metal manufacturer’s tag and a hook
Condition: Subtle rippling, trimmed sheet, not branded and metal Danish control marks, ht. fitting missing, approx. ht. 37 1/4, wd. 19 in.
examined out of frame. 16 1/2, dp. 19 in. $1,500-2,000
$400-600 $300-500

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564. 567. 570.

Scandinavian Design Framed Mirror and Six Niels Moller Chairs Two Jens Nielsen Lounge Chairs
End Table Teak and leather Beech plywood
Hardwood J.L. Moller, Model 77, Denmark, design date Designed in 1966 for Westofa, Norway
Third quarter 20th century 1959 Demountable form of two-part construction.
Arched top on rectangular frame centering Two armchairs and four side chairs with
a mirror, fitted at base with a small shelf; black leather upholstered seats, circular Literature: Danish Chairs, Noristuga Oda,
and a rectangular-top end table with open manufacturer’s label, some upholstery loss, Kornisha Press, p. 203.
compartment raised on four square legs, ht. ht. 30 1/4, seat ht. 17 1/2 in. $800-1,200
44 1/4, wd. 22 1/2; table ht. 20 1/2, wd. 30, $1,000-1,500
dp. 29 1/2 in.
$250-350 571.
568. Abstract Fish-form Lamp Base
Dining Table, Possibly Karl-Erik Ekselius Wood and nylon string
565. (1914-1998) Mid-20th century
Cathrineholm Serving Plate Mixed hardwoods and veneer Abstract-form body fitted with a single socket
Enameled steel Sweden, 1960s and raised on a rectangular plinth, ht. 31 in.
Norway, 1950s Rectangular top over wedge-form tapering $200-300
Square dished plate with rounded corners, legs, accompanied by two leaves, JOC label,
green grid pattern enamel decoration, ht. 28 1/2, wd. closed 54, dp. 35 1/2, each
impressed CATHRINEHOLM NORWAY on leaf wd. 13 1/2 in. 572.
base, dia. 7 1/2 in. $800-1,200 Two Scandinavian Low End Tables
$150-250 Teak
Mid-20th century
569. Square top over lower shelf, raised on four
566. Kosta Boda Obelisk legs, approx. ht. 16 1/4, wd. 21 5/8, dp. 21
Two Studio Pottery Vases Art glass 5/8 in.
Glazed earthenware Sweden, 20th century $400-600
Both in the Asian manner of form and glaze, Three-sided obelisk, two sides cased with
one in crackle green glaze the other in purple dark gray decorated with intaglio engraved
glaze, on white clay bodies with recessed stylized flowers and foliage, inscribed KOSTA
foot, illegibly signed on base, impressed WC 5691 on base, minor scratches, ht. 12
marks, ht. 4 and 6 1/4 in. 3/8 in.
$300-500 $250-350

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Design Research Extension Dining Table
Scandinavia, mid-20th century
Two drop-leaf sections can be raised on
gate legs and joined by interlocking hardware
to form a banquet table or can be used
separately, shaped oval cutouts on ends,
raised on flat bar-shape legs, folds for
storage, accompanied by storage bar, ht. 29,
wd. 35 3/8, open lg. 56 3/4 each or 113 1/2
in. together.

Josef Albers (German/American, 1888-

Variant V 574
Signed and dated “A’66” in pencil l.r., titled
and numbered “...109-200” in pencil l.l.,
identified on a label from Graphics 1 and
Graphics 2, Boston, affixed to the backing.
Silkscreen, sheet size 17 x 17 in., Plexiglas
Condition: Good.

Josef Albers (German/American, 1888-

Variant II
Signed and dated “A’66” in pencil l.r., titled
and numbered “...109-200” in pencil l.l.,
identified on a label from Graphics 1 and
Graphics 2, Boston, affixed to the backing.
Silkscreen, sheet size 17 x 17 in., Plexiglas
Condition: Good.

Back-saver Bentwood Adjustable Chair
Laminated wood and black leather
Massachusetts, c. 1994
Black adjustable back and seat on curvilinear
wood frame, ht. 43, wd. 30 in.

Orrefors Ariel Bowl
Art glass
Edvin Ohrstrom (1906-1994), Sweden, c.
Deep red swirled stripe internal decoration
cased in colorless glass, signed Orrefors/
Ariel/233C/Edvin Ohrstrom on base, ht. 3,
dia. 4 3/8 in.

Dux Lounge Chair
Teak and upholstery
Sweden, retailed by Design Research,
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Eight back slats on angular frame with loose
blue cushions, ht. 26 1/2, wd. 29 in.

579. 582. 585.

Four Saints and Sinners Fabric Panels Revolving Bookcase Walter Lamb Coffee Table
Cloth Teak veneers Glass and bronze
Arundell Clarke Fabric, mid-20th century Mid-20th century Mid-20th century
Beige with black devices, two lined, wd. 54, Square top over three shelves fitted with Circular textured glass top on tubular base,
lg. 8 ft.; one lined, wd. 58, lg. 8 ft.; and one compartments on circular revolving base, ht. weather aging and wear to metal surface, ht.
unlined, wd. 44 3/4, lg. 8 ft. 6 in. 45, dia. 19 5/8 in. 17, dia. 48 in.
$200-300 $300-500 $200-300

580. 583. 586.

Pair of CH 25 Lounge Chairs Attributed to Walter Lamb “S” Chaise Verner Panton (1926-1928) Rocking Chair
Hans Wegner Bronze Leather and wood
Hardwood and cord Mid-20th century Designed in 1974 for Rosenthal
Denmark, mid-20th century Bronze tubular metal with natural verdigris Crescent shape with ribbed leather seat with
Cord seat on hardwood frame with shaped weathered finish, without cording, approx. ht. wood flanks, 32 x 25 x 40 in.
armrests, unmarked, ht. 28 1/2, wd. 27 1/2 32, lg. 63, dp. 25 in.
in. Literature: Verner Panton, Niels Jorgen
Note: Yacht cording is used to replace seat. Kaiser, 1986, illus. p. 67.
Provenance: Property from the Estates of $400-600 $1,000-1,500
Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson.
584. 587.
Walter Lamb Dining Table and Four Chairs Verner Panton (1926-1928) Cone Chair
581. Bronze, tubular metal, and glass Upholstery, sheet metal, and chrome
Orrefors Footed Plate Mid-20th century Probably manufactured by Fritz Hansen,
Art glass Circular glass top dining table with U-shaped Denmark
Sweden, mid-20th century loop supports joined to circular base, with Seat and back covered in coffee-colored
Round plate on cylindrical stem with blue four armless chairs, all with varying patina, fabric, cone-shaped seat, base raised on four
trapped bubble raised on circular foot, with used outside, roping needs replacement, chromed metal prong feet, ht. 33 in.
Orrefors label, ht. 5 1/4, dia. 12 in. respective ht. 28 1/2, dia. 42 1/4, chair ht. 32, $650-750
$200-225 dp. 22, wd. 18 in.

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Göran Hongell Cut Glass Vase
Göran Hongell for the Karhula glassworks,
Karhula, Finland c. 1933
Tapered cylindrical form of pale blue-
green glass with raised bands and cut star
spangles, signed on base, ht. 6 in.

Irene Valincius (German/American, b. 1948)

Lot of Two Works: Light Series: X and

Light signed and dated “I. Valincius 1995” in
pencil l.r., titled l.l., Twilight signed and dated
“I. Valincius 1995” in pencil l.r., titled l.l.
Monoprints on paper, sight sizes 23 x 19 in.,
both framed.

Irene Valincius (German/American, b. 1948)

Lot of Two Works: Study III and

Apprehensions V
Study signed and dated “I. Valincius 1997”
in pencil l.r., titled l.l., Apprehensions signed
and dated “I. Valincius 1996” l.r., titled l.l.,
monotypes on paper, sight size 23 x 18 3/4
in., both framed.

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591. 593. 595.

Pair of Poul Kjaerholm (1929-1980) PK 20 J.B. Leonard Bronze Sculpture Eight Scandinavian Design Chairs
Lounge Chairs Cast bronze on polished slate Hardwood and leather
Leather and steel France Made by FDB, Denmark, mid-20th century
Denmark Patinated bronze of two flying gulls Curved upholstered backrest leather covered
Brown leather upholstered sling seat with skimming the crest of a wave, mounted on an seat rest, raised on four cylindrical legs,
attached headrest on a flat polished steel oval polished slate base, signed JB Leonard, foil manufacturer’s label, five in red leather,
frame, base in the form of an elongated C, numbered 137, and Marcel Guillemard three in green leather, some wear, and minor
leather wear, unmarked, approx. ht. 35 1/2, foundry mark on base edge, ht. 15 1/2, wd. splitting, ht. 29, seat ht. 15 1/2 in.
wd. 31 1/2, dp. 30 in. 10, lg. 24 1/2 in.
$1,000-1,500 Note: Proceeds to benefit the Concord Free
Note: Client purportedly purchased in Paris in Public Library Corporation.
the early 1970s. $800-1,200
$1,000-1,500 594.
Ten Scandinavian Design Chairs
hardwood and leather 596.
592. FDB, Denmark Ekstrom Rocking Chair
Louis Chervin (French, 1905-1969) Curved upholstered backrest leather covered Hardwood
seat rest, raised on four cylindrical legs, foil Sweden
Gravelines manufacturer’s label, all in green leather, Curved crest over nine spindles with arms,
Signed “Chervin” l.l., titled and inscribed some wear, and minor splitting, ht. 29, seat upholstered seat, one rocker repaired, ht. 42,
“LOUIS CHERVIN. 57 rue du Chevalier de ht. 15 1/2 in. 24 1/2 in.
la BARRE PARIS...Louis Chervin/Octobre $200-300
1952...” on the reverse, with stamps from Note: Proceeds to benefit the Concord Free
Galerie St. Placide, Paris, on the stretcher and Public Library Corporation.
cross brace. $1,000-1,200
Oil on canvas, 9 3/4 x 28 3/4 in., framed.
Condition: Minor surface grime.

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597. 599. 602.

Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Six Eames DCW Chairs Charles and Ray Eames LCW Chair
Molded hardwood and leather Laminated wood Laminated walnut plywood
Paris, Mobilier International Edition, c. 1975 United States, c. 1952 Herman Miller, Zeeland, Michigan, mid-20th
Some bookmatching on shell, brown leather Molded plywood seat and back with natural century
upholstery, black prong base, Mobilier label face veneers, ht. 27 3/4 in. Molded plywood backrest and seat, approx.
on both pieces, minor wear, ht. 32 3/4, wd. $1,200-1,600 ht. 26 1/2, wd. 22, dp. 22 1/2 in.
32 3/4, ottoman ht. 17, wd. 26 1/2 in. $400-500
Charles and Ray Eames LCW Chair 603.
598. Laminated plywood Charles and Ray Eames: Four Chairs and
Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Mid-20th century a Table
Rosewood and leather Molded natural finish birch plywood backrest Metal, laminate, and upholstery
Manufactured by Herman Miller, fourth quarter and seat with rubber shock mounts, approx. Herman Miller, mid-20th century
20th century ht. 26 1/2, wd. 22, dp. 22 1/2 in. Wire chairs in white with bikini slip seats, Eiffel
Brown leather in rosewood shell, $600-800 Tower base; round white laminate top raised
manufacturer’s label, black prong on round post joined to two four-prong legs,
base, ht. 32 3/4, wd. 32 3/4, ottoman ht. 17, respective ht. 32, 29 1/4, dia. 42 in.
wd. 26 1/2 in. 601. $800-1,200
$800-1,200 Charles and Ray Eames LCW Chair
Laminated plywood
Herman Miller, Zeeland, Michigan, mid-20th
Molded plywood backrest and seat, minor
nicks, approx. ht. 26 1/2, wd. 22, dp. 22 1/2

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604. 605. 606.

Charles and Ray Eames Rocker with Eiffel Eames Aluminum Group Chair Four Charles Eames DCM Chairs
Tower Base Aluminum and leather Molded plywood and metal
Fiberglass, metal, wood United States, fourth quarter 20th century Evans Products Co., c. 1948
Herman Miller, Zeeland, Michigan, mid-20th Green leather seat on aluminum frame with Molded plywood seat and back raised on
century swivel base and four prong feet, wear, ht. 33 tubular metal legs, heavy wear, one damaged,
Yellow molded fiberglass seat with arms on 3/4, wd. 22 in. three with Evans products label, ht. 29 in.
metal Eiffel Tower base with wood rockers, $250-350
manufacturer’s paper label, ht. 26 3/4, wd. Provenance: Property from the Estates of
25 in. Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson.
$400-600 $100-200

Charles Eames Shell Armchair
Fiberglass and metal
Herman Miller, Zeeland, Michigan, c. 1960
Gray fiberglass shell raised on four metal
rod feet, some wear and damage, paper
label, ht. 31 1/4, wd. 24 3/4 in.


Pair of Eames Armchairs
Molded fiberglass, steel, latex rubber
Herman Miller, Zeeland, Michigan, c. 1975
Gray molded fiberglass with dark gray latex
rubber seat covers, raised on tubular metal
legs, marked Herman Miller in the mold, some
wear, ht. 31 1/2, wd. 25 in.
George Nelson Bench
Black painted wood
Design date 1946, United States
Rectangular top with open vertical slats on
rectilinear base, ht. 14 1/8, dp. 18 1/2 in., lg.
6 ft.

Provenance: A Cambridge, Massachusetts,

gentlewoman; purchased by the consignor
c. 1952.

Drop-leaf Dining Table in the Manner of
George Nelson
Mid-20th century
Rectangular form of variegated grain with two
deep drop leaves with wood hinged joints
raised on eight legs, unmarked, ht. 29 1/2,
wd. closed 18, open 70, dp. 40 1/4 in.

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table
Mixed hardwoods
610 United States, 1952
Circular top with four crutch-shape legs joined
by cross-stretchers, some stains, ht. 17 1/2,
dia. 36 in.

Note: The consignor recalls purchasing this

609. 612. table at Herman Miller on Fifth Avenue in New
Pair of Charles Eames LCW Lounge Chairs Mid-Century Modern Fabric York City in 1952.
Molded plywood Cloth $800-1,200
Evans Products, c. 1947, probably Linen panel with starburst and geometric
manufactured in Michigan devices in shades of green, orange, and
Bentwood seat and back on curved legs, brown on natural ground, wd. 48 1/2, lg. 8 616.
both with Evans Products label, one repaired, ft. 5 1/2 in.; red, chartreuse, and black linear Framed Tile Coffee Table
bolts visible through seat back, otherwise decoration on green ground, wd. 47 1/2, lg. 5 Ceramic, wood, and metal
Mid-20th century
age-typical wear, both approx. ht. 26 3/4, wd. yd. 15 in.; and square devices in black, gray,
The tile mosaic depicting an angular view of
22 in. red, and cream with yellow and green linear a dock, sailboat, and the skeleton of a boat
$600-800 devices, tear on selvage and some bleeding, in earth and water tones, with primary color
wd. 48 1/2, 18 yd. 2 ft. accents, mounted in a beveled wood frame,
$400-600 stained gray, the whole supported on four
610. metal rod loop legs, some wear, hairline, ht.
Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman 13, wd. 19 1/2, lg. 43 3/4 in.
Black leather and rosewood plywood $150-250
Herman Miller, mid-20th century
Rosewood shell with black leather seat,
leather wear, raised on five prong feet, paper
label, ottoman having four prong feet, ht. 32
1/2, wd. 32 1/2, ottoman ht. 16 1/4, wd. 26

Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Black leather and rosewood plywood
Herman Miller, fourth quarter 20th century
Black leather seat and back within a
rosewood plywood shell, some wear to
leather, one button missing, gray Herman
Miller label, ht. 32 1/2, wd. 32 1/2, ottoman
ht. 16 1/4, wd. 26 in.

Provenance: Property from the Estates of

Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson.


Harvey Probber Credenza
Hardwood, laminate, brass
Fall River, Massachusetts, c. 1968
Rectangular top with two sliding doors with brass
metal track, adjustable shelves, raised on pen
platform with brass rod legs, ht. 34 1/2, lg. 42, dp.
18 in.

Harvey Probber Table
Terrazzo, brass, and walnut
Fall River, Massachusetts, 1960s
Hexagonal green terrazzo top with interior brass
band raised on three curved walnut legs, ht. 17 1/2,
top at widest point 21 3/4 in.

Curtis Jeré Wall Sculpture
Copper, brass, and patinated metal
United States, 1975
Composition of finely cut leaves on bent rod
branches, signed and dated C. Jeré 1975 on one
leaf, lg. 51 1/4, wd. 28 3/4 in.


Curtis Jeré Tennis Players Wall Sculpture
Copper, bronze, brass, and patinated metal
United States, mid-20th century
Depicting two cast bronze tennis players on a
court with trees, lighting, and fence, signed C
Jeré on verdigris fence panels, ht. 26, wd. 52
1/2 in.

Flock of Seagulls Wall Sculpture Attributed to
Curtis Jeré
Painted metal
United States, late 20th century
Composition of white-painted cut and molded
sheet metal seagulls in flight, paint losses, ht. 22
1/4, wd. 55 in.

Wall Sculpture
Brass sheet metal and rods
Probably United States, mid-20th century
Central cruciform design of joined brass cubes
on thin radiating brass rods, signed Dexter on l.r.
side of cruciform, 42 x 42 in.


Pine Needle Wall Sculpture
Copper and brass
Possibly Curtis Jeré, mid-20th century
Welded in the form of a pine branch
suspended in a rectangular openwork frame
of copper tubing, ht. 48 1/4, wd. 29 1/2, dp.
6 in.

Eero Saarinen Tulip Armchair
Aluminum, paint, and upholstery
Manufactured by Knoll, mid-20th century
Orange-red upholstery on molded shell raised
on white pedestal base, needs restoration,
paint loss and new upholstery, ht. 32 1/2 in.

Eero Saarinen BR51 Stool
Cast metal and upholstery
Mid-20th century
Red circular upholstered top on white
pedestal base, ht. 17 1/4, dia. 14 1/2 in.

623. 624. Eero Saarinen Coffee Table
Attributed to Curtis Jeré Sunburst Wall Light Walnut and painted cast metal
Copper, brass, and patinated metal wall Hammered copper and brass Knoll Associates, New York, mid-20th century
sculpture United States, mid-20th century Circular walnut top with beveled edge on low
United States, late 20th century Radiating molded and hammered copper and white cast metal base, paper label, wear, ht.
Composition of cut and molded geese in flight brass rays, 32 x 27 in. 15 1/4, dia. 42 in.
applied to a background of thin radiating rods $300-500 $300-500
in the form of an oval, 20 x 37 3/4 in.




629. 630. 631.

Richard Schultz Petal Collection Table Armless Lounge Chair Eileen Gray Adjustable Side Table
Painted wood and aluminum Upholstery and chromed steel Chrome and glass
Design date c. 1960, United States, fourth Possibly Florence Knoll, mid-20th century Circular glass top in tubular chromed metal
quarter 20th century Purple upholstered seat and back resting on frame, approx. ht. 21-35 1/2, dia. 20 in.
Circular top comprised of eight radiating black metal seat rail, double bar legs, ht. 31, $500-700
petals in white paint on cylindrical standard wd. 35, dp. 28 1/2 in.
with eight radiating prongs at base, approx. $400-600
ht. 20, dia. 16 in.




632. 633. 634.

Florence Knoll Bench Two Modern Benches Pair of Wassily Chairs
White leather and steel Aluminum and upholstery Leather and tubular steel
Designed in 1954, fourth quarter 20th century Fourth quarter 20th century Designed by Marcel Breuer 1925, fourth
Tufted white leather seat with buttons on Semi-oval backrest in brown upholstery raised quarter 20th century
rectilinear metal frame, ht. 16 3/4, wd. 18 3/4, on curvilinear supports, leather cordovan Rust leather strip seat suspended on a tubular
lg. 60 in. bench seat raised on canted angular steel frame, ht. 29, wd. 31, dp. 27 1/2 in.
$1,000-1,500 aluminum legs joined by curved aluminum
side stretchers, one with stain on backrest, Note: Named after the artist Wassily
approx. ht. 37 3/4, wd. 47, dp. 25 in. Kandinsky.
$1,000-1,500 $800-1,200

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Henry Dreyfus Thermos and Undertray
Enameled paint, aluminum, and glass
American Thermos Bottle Co., Norwich, Connecticut
Streamlined design in turquoise enamel, some wear, ht. 5
3/4; oval tray, lg. 9 1/4, 6 5/8 in.

Eight Mies van der Rohe BRNO Chairs
Upholstery and polished steel
Manufactured by Knoll
Seat and back in rust fabric supported by flat metal bar
frame, ht. 31 1/2 in.

Warren Platner (1919-2006) Lounge Chair
Steel and upholstery
Nubby burnt orange upholstery on steel rod frame, ht. 30
1/4, wd. 36 1/2, dp. 25 1/2 in. 641

Note: American Institute of Architects International

Award, 1966.

Warren Platner (1919-2006) Coffee Table
Steel and glass
United States, c. 1965
Circular glass top raised on steel rod base, chips to edge
of glass top, ht. 15, dia. 35 5/8 in.

Pair of Fireplace Tools
Brushed steel
Mid-20th century
Poker and a shovel fitted at an angle on C-shaped base,
ht. 28 1/4 in.

Pair of Turned Aluminum Candlesticks
Possibly Sweden, mid-20th century
Heavy aluminum sticks with spiral-turned shafts on
cylindrical bases with ring turnings, impressed A.
Johnson on the bases, ht. 10 1/2 in.

Victor Vasarely (French, 1908-1997)

Deuton, 1966
Signed “Vasarely-” in pencil l.l., numbered #102/138” in
pencil l.l., titled on the backing.
Silkscreen, approx. 7 1/2 x 6 3/4 in., framed.
Condition: Not examined out of frame.
$200-300 643


642. 643. 644.

Dining Table Arthur Umanoff Wine Tower Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928)
Glass, chromed metal, and granite Leather, iron, and wood
Fourth quarter 20th century Mid-20th century Woodcut Series
Circular glass top rests on chromed metal Rectilinear vertical iron frame slung with nine Signed “Donald C. Kelley” in pencil l.l.,
disk over four tubular supports joined to double leather straps serving as bottle holders identified on the backing and purportedly
circular granite base, approx. ht. 29, dia. of over two butcher block cutting and serving titled and signed on the reverse.
glass 54 1/2 in. surfaces, with twenty-one double leather Acrylic and woodcut on paper, sheet size 44
$400-500 straps below, ht. 5 ft. 6 in., wd. 13 3/4, dp. 1/2 x 29 1/2 in., framed.
10 7/8 in. Condition: Loss l.l.
$1,200-1,800 $300-500

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Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928)

Figural Abstraction
Dated and signed “March-10 Donald C.
Kelley” in red crayon l.l.
Ink on paper, sheet size 29 x 22 in., framed.
Condition: Subtle rippling, not examined out
of frame.

Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928)

Signed “D.C. Kelley” in pencil l.l., identified on
a label affixed to the reverse.
Gouache on paper, sight size 29 3/4 x 21 1/2
in., framed.
Condition: Subtle rippling, not examined out
of frame.

Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928)

Horse and Rider

Signed and dated “Donald C. Kelley 05”
in pencil l.l., titled l.c., numbered “1/2” l.r.,
identified on a label affixed to the reverse.
Monoprint on paper, sight size 24 1/2 x 19
in., framed.
Condition: Good.
650. 653.
Christian Liagre for Holly Hunt Sofa Inflatable Floor Lamp
648. Leather and hardwood Chromed metal and fabric
Vico Magistretti “Carimate” Dining Set Early 21st century Italy, c. 1975
Black enameled wood, stained wood, Two cushion seat on continuous back Cylindrical form, set in circular chromed metal
upholstery with flat arms in red leather, the whole base, inflates by switch, approx. ht. 61, dia.
Cassina, Italy, third quarter 20th century encompassed by a dark hardwood frame and 17 1/4 in.
Including a table with stained wood grain top raised on conforming legs, Christian Liagre $200-300
on four cylindrical black legs, two arm and for Holly Hunt label, ht. 31, wd. 96 1/2, dp.
four side chairs in conforming black finish 35 1/2 in.
with brown upholstered seats, paper label, $2,500-3,500 654.
structurally sound, some scuffs to finish, table Modernist Lamp
Plastic and chrome
ht. 29 3/8, wd. 51, dp. 33 1/4; chairs ht. 29
5/8, wd. 22 3/8 in. 651.
Square body with smoky plastic panels joined
Pair of Charles Polluck Lounge Chairs
to chrome framework, interior fitted with a
Note: The design “Carimate” was named Leather, chromed steel, and enameled metal
plastic cylinder shielding two sockets, ht. 36,
after a golf club. Knoll Associates, 320 Park Ave, New York dia. 9 3/8 in.
$1,000-1,500 Sling seat in brown cowhide with black $250-350
cushion, wear, ht. 28, wd. 25, dp. 26 in.
649. 655.
Pair of Charles Pfister Lounge Chairs Three Modernist Desk Lamps
Leather 652. Enameled metal
Design date 1971, manufactured by Knoll Two Lounge Chairs Fourth quarter 20th century
Even arm with seat and back cushions all Leather and steel An Italian Veneta Lumi lamp with red
covered in soft gray leather, ht. 26, wd. 29 Argentina, fourth quarter 20th century enameled adjustable shade on a disc base;
1/2, dp. 29 1/2 in. Beige leather cushions supported by an adjustable lamp with white-enameled
$1,800-2,400 strapwork on X-shape base, ht. 29, wd. 31 trumpet-form shade on a tubular chrome
1/2 in. shaft continuing to square base; and a gray-
$600-900 enameled lamp with tubular frame, ht. 15 3/4,
22, 10 3/4 in., respectively.

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656. 658. 659.

Pair of Walter Von Nessen Tall Table Rougier Bedroom Furniture Suite Biltrite Desk
Lamps Brazilian rosewood veneer, black enamel, and Rosewood veneer, leather, chromed metal
Hardwood and chromed metal metal Canada
New York Canada, fourth quarter 20th century Rectangular black leather top flanked by
Dual socket on metal standard joined to Comprised of a wardrobe fitted with two pull-out writing surfaces over a single drawer,
square wood shaft with linear metal inlay cabinet doors over two half drawers with raised on flat metal bar legs with rosewood
raised on square chromed metal base, paper three long drawers below raised on chromed veneer facing, ht. 29, wd. 72, dp. 32 in.
label, some wear, ht. 42, base dia. 8 in. metal rectangular base, ht. 64, wd. 31 7/8, $800-1,200
$800-1,200 dp. 20; a ten-drawer low dresser with black
rectangular top, each side with two half
drawers over three long drawers in rosewood 660.
veneer on conforming base, ht. 32, wd. 64, Convertible Ottoman/Game Table
657. dp. 20; and a headboard with drop-down Wood, metal, leather
After Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) compartments faced with black enamel with 20th century
attached side tables each with two drawers Near square top, one side fitted with chess
Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective/Exhibition faced in rosewood veneer, ht. 12, bed wd. or checkerboard, converts to a black
Poster 62, with side tables 109, dp. 16 in., all with upholstered seat, interior cabinet fitted with a
Inscribed “...THE MUSEUM OF MODERN chromed metal square pulls, nicks and small metal sleeve, exterior wood, raised on rollers,
ART, NEW YORK, MAY 22-SEPTEMBER 16, veneer losses. ht. 18 5/8, wd. 16, dp. 15 7/8 in.
1980” l.c. Offset lithograph, sight size 55 1/2 $200-300
x 33 in., framed. Provenance: Purchased at Moderama,
Condition: Toning, not examined out of Queens, New York.
frame. $2,500-3,500 661.
$300-500 Modernist Coffee Table
United States, third quarter 20th century
Oval glass top slides into canted cylindrical
support in faux cream finish, ht. 15, lg. 49
1/2, wd. 34 1/4 in.

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662. 664A. 667.

Square Coffee Table Lucite Table/Stool Charles Webb “Richardson” Sofa, Two
Rosewood and glass C-shape, ht. 17, wd. 26, dp. 15 3/4 in. Armchairs, and Ottoman
20th century $200-250 Cherry wood and Knoll fabric
Square glass top on plank side base with Retailed in Massachusetts, fourth quarter 20th
horizontal stretchers at top, ht. 16, wd. 39 century
1/4, dp. 39 1/4 in. Sofa and chairs with even arms and spindle
$300-500 665. side supports, accompanied by a freestanding
American School, 20th Century ottoman, all in cream-colored Knoll fabric, ht.
32, 32, 32, 15 1/4, wd. 92, 39 1/2, 39 1/2,
663. Pleasure Boating with Figures 28 1/4, dp. 32, 32, 32, 24 1/4 in.
Elena Borstein (American, b. 1946) Indistinctly signed l.r. $1,000-1,500
Enameled painting on copper, 7 5/8 x 9 5/8
Amorgos II in., in a period carved giltwood frame.
Signed, titled, and dated “Elena $200-250 667A.
Borstein...1991” in pen on the reverse. Two Square Occasional Tables
Oil pastel on paper, sight size 14 3/4 x 18 in., Laminated wood and metal
framed. Mid-20th century
Condition: Good. 666. Square top over tubular metal frame, some
$300-500 Two Chairs in Carol Quartmaine surface stains, ht. 16, dia. 27 5/8 in.
Upholstery $200-250
Upholstery and wood
664. Mid-20th century
Modernist Bar Armless chairs, seat and back with later 668.
Lucite, mirrored glass, chrome, and laminate tone-on-tone cream fabric with gold lettering Isamu Noguchi-style Coffee Table
Rectangular white top with mirrored glass raised on four tapered legs with black paint, Hardwood, chromed steel
apron, Lucite median shelf fitted for glasses ht. 34 in. United States, fourth quarter 20th century
and sides fitted for liquor or water bottles, $600-800 Amorphic top raised on two continuous
chrome rod footrest, ht. 41, wd. 52, dp. 17 steel legs and wood blade-shaped support,
1/2 in. approx. ht. 17, dia. 50 in.
$400-600 $300-500

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Elena Borstein (American, b. 1946)

Lot of Two Works: Doorway IV and

Doorway V
Both signed, titled and dated “Elena
Borstein...1991” in pen on the reverse.
Oil pastel on paper, sight sizes to 15 1/2 x 10
in., framed.
Condition: Good.

Elena Borstein (American, b. 1946)

Lavender Gate II
Signed, dated, and titled “Elena Borstein
1992...” on the reverse.
Oil on canvas, 42 x 54 in., framed.
Condition: Good.

Provenance: Purchased from Nahan

Galléries, New York, 1992.
Elena Borstein (American, b. 1946)
669. 670.
Rose Alterman Abstract Figural Sculpture Monolithos IV, 1991
Lucite Occasional Table
Bronze Signed, titled, and dated “Elena
Third quarter 20th century Borstein...1991” in pen on the reverse.
Z-form with circular top on angular support Florida, 1968
Artist and date inscribed on brass plaque, the Oil pastel on paper, 40 x 60 in., framed.
joined to circular base, top dia. 15 7/8, ht. 21 Condition: Not examined out of frame.
1/2 in. sculpture mounted on a mahogany plinth, ht.
$225-275 39 in.
$600-800 Provenance: Purchased from Nahan
Galléries, New York, 1992.

(front and

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674. 676. 679.

B-52 Bomber Chair Jon Kuhn (American, b. 1949) Art Glass Six Kartell Chairs by Beylerian
Aluminum and leather Sculpture Molded plastic
United States Design C. Bartoli, manufactured in the United
Riveted aluminum shell with brown leather Jack Flash, 1991 States
seat cushions, minor wear, approx. ht. 33, Incised signature, date, and title “Jon Kuhn Three white and three red side chairs, ht. 28
wd. 20, dp. 24 in. 1991...” on the underside. 1/8 in.
Cut and bonded glass, 12 3/4 x 4 7/8 x 4 $300-500
Note: The B-52 Bomber is in its sixth decade 1/2 in.
serving America. Designed for long-range Condition: Good.
flights, the Bomber and the materials are 679A.
classics in aviation history. Provenance: Purchased from Heller Galléry, Joe Columbo Trolley and Two Anna
$2,500-3,000 New York, 1991. Castelli Stacking Storage Units
675. Black trolley signed in the mold, ht. 29; gray
Jacques Harold Pollard Lounge Chair cylindrical form fitted with three stacking units
Chicklet Chair Designed by Ray Wilkes
Leather and chromed steel with sliding door, ht. 26 1/8, dia. 16 1/2 in.
Upholstered frame
Italy, c. 1987 Manufactured by Herman Miller $300-500
Black leather zippered cushion rests on Gray tweed upholstered frame, ht. 27 1/2,
a folding chromed metal frame, stamped wd. 34 1/2, dp. 24 in.
cushion designed to be packed flat, ht. 28, $400-600 679B.
wd. 43 1/2, dp. 30 in. Two Joe Columbo Carts; Two Cubes and a
Parsons Table
Note: Pollard’s chair is often referred to as 678. Injection molded plastic
the “Stealth” chair for its sleek aviation design Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928) Italy
characteristics. Two carts, one in red, the other black, with
$2,000-3,000 Poppies shelves and swing-out trays; accompanied by
Signed “D.C. Kelley” in pencil l.l., titled and yellow and red stackable storage cubes, and
numbered “Poppies 5/10” l.c., inscribed a red Parsons table, wear, ht. 29, 27 1/4, 16;
and dated “etching 99” l.r., identified on the wd. 17, 13 1/4; dp. 16, 13 1/2 in.
reverse. $250-350
Etching on paper, sight size 21 1/2 x 16 3/4
in., framed.
Condition: Good.

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680. 681. 682.

Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997) Two Nana Dietzel (1923-2005) Chairs Lucien Rollin Art Deco-style Sofa
Yellow enameled fiberglass and metal Upholstery and hardwood
As I Opened Fire.../A Triptych, 1966, large Nana Dietzel Design for Odense, Denmark, Manufactured by William Switzer, c. 2005
open edition (Corlett, App. 5) mid-20th century High-back three-cushion sofa in the French
Unsigned, identified in text on the reverse of Curved back rest on circular seat with cutout Moderne style in camel-brown upholstery with
each sheet. base in “school bus” yellow, finish wear, dark hardwood frame and silver-capped front
Offset color lithographs on paper, sheet sizes approx. ht. 31, seat ht. 17, wd. 21 3/4 in. feet, manufacturer’s label, ht. 36, wd. 82, dp.
25 1/4 x 20 3/4 in., unmatted, unframed. $1,000-1,500 37 1/4 in.
Condition: Very minor handling marks and $1,000-1,500


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Two Art Deco Occasional Tables
Veneered and lacquered wood
United States
Both with circular tops in heavily grained
exotic wood veneer over conforming lower
shelf, one joined by wide fluted legs, the other
with a simpler shaped leg in black lacquer,
some losses, ht. 26 3/4, 21 3/4, dia. 30, 27
1/4 in.

Pair of Art Deco-style High Ottomans
Hardwood and upholstery
Fourth quarter 20th century
Rectangular upholstered tops in a cream-
colored simulated ostrich upholstery,
fluted skirts in cherry wood stain raised on
four tapering square legs with lower side
stretchers, ht. 23, wd. 25 1/4, dp. 19 in.

Modernist Floor Lamp
Brushed aluminum and granite
Square shaft surmounted by a circular glass
disk raised on a granite base with rough
edge, ht. 72 1/2, wd. of base 11, dp. 15 1/4,
shaft dia. 3 in.

Charles Polluck Gustavian-style Bookcase
Painted maple
Manufactured by William Switzer, c. 2005
Tall rectangular form with six shelves in black
crackle finish with X-shape side supports with
gilt accents, ht. 90 1/2, 44 3/4, dp. 17 1/4 in.

Note: Listed as among the ten “Terrific

Bookcases” by Elle Decor.

Charles Polluck Gustavian-style Bookcase
Painted maple
Manufactured by William Switzer, c. 2005
Tall rectangular form with six shelves in black
crackle finish with X-shape side supports with
gilt accents, ht. 90 1/2, 44 3/4, dp. 17 1/4 in.
Note: Listed as among the ten “Terrific
Bookcases” by Elle Decor.

683. 684. 688.

Lucien Rollin Art Deco-style Armchair Lucien Rollin Art Deco-style Armchair Metalwork Coffee Table
Upholstery and hardwood Upholstery and hardwood Wrought iron and glass
Manufactured by William Switzer, c. 2005 Manufactured by William Switzer, c. 2005 United States, c. 1971
Ribbed gray-on-camel upholstered cushioned Ribbed gray-on-camel upholstered cushioned The center of the iron base forged and
seat and back on dark hardwood frame seat and back on dark hardwood frame formed in the shape of a set of steer horns
with silver-capped front feet in the French with silver-capped front feet in the French joined by a loop, the iron continues to gently
Moderne style, approx. ht. 36 3/4, wd. 26 Moderne style, approx. ht. 36 3/4, wd. 26 bend to a resting point then curves up to
1/2, dp. 25 1/2 in. 1/2, dp. 25 1/2 in. support the rectangular glass top, ht. 16 1/2,
$800-1,200 $800-1,200 wd. 48, dp. 24 in.

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Joseph Jeswald (American, 1927-2009)

Signed “Jeswald” l.r., identified on a note from
the Montserrat School of Visual Art, Beverly,
Massachusetts, in the artist’s hand.
Oil on canvas, 50 x 47 1/2 in., framed.
Condition: Minor surface grime.

N.B. Joseph Jeswald trained at the

Academie Julian, Academie Fernand Leger
in Paris, and at Columbia University. He
was the founder and president of Montserrat
College of Art from 1970-1984, and
maintained a studio in Sarasota, Florida, from

Alexandra Nechita (American, b. 1985)

The Dove
Signed, dated, and numbered “Nechita 02
1/3 AP.” at the rear.
691 (partial) Blown and fused Murano glass, 14 1/2 x 11
1/2 x 7 1/4 in., set on a blown and fused
glass plinth.
Condition: Good.

689. 692. N.B. The work is one of an AP edition of

Hermès Leather Bucket Riccardo Scarpa (Italian, b. 1905) three, outside of the edition of 9.
Leather and brass tacks $1,000-2,000
France, fourth quarter 20th century Dancer
Brass tack studded leather collar, base and Stamped and numbered “SCARPA 6/8” on
swing handle, gilt impressed maker’s mark on the base. 697.
base, wear, ht. to top of collar 11 1/4 in. Bronze with a dark brown patina, 12 x 6 x 3 Kem Weber (1889-1963) Airline Chair
$75-125 3/4 in. Maple, steel, leather
Condition: Good. Design date 1934-35, Manufactured by the
$400-600 Airline Chair Co., Los Angeles, California
Arms in loop to legs, cantilevered seat loops
690. over a dowel in front, branded mark, approx.
Modern Drop-leaf Table ht. 29 3/4, wd. 25, dp. 32 in.
Rosewood 693.
20th century Joseph Piccillo (American, b. 1941) Literature: R.G. Wilson and D. Pilgrim,
Two demilune drop leaves supported by a exhibition catalogue, The Machine Age in
swing leg, ht. 29 1/2, wd. 52, dp. 36 in. Study-April 1975 America 1918-1941, Brooklyn, The Brooklyn
$300-500 Titled, dated, and signed “...joseph piccillo” Museum of Art, 1986, p. 46, ill. 2.5 for an
in pencil l.r., inscribed, titled and dated illustration of a chair of this design, and
“JOSEPH PICCILLO...” on the backing. American Modern 1925-1940: Design for a
Graphite on paper, 40 x 30 in., framed. New Age, Johnson, p. 139.
$400-600 $3,000-4,000
Seymour Nydorf (American, d. 2001)

Lot of Five Works: The Bathers, The 698.

Tragedies of War, and The Hanging Paul McCobb Cabinet and Low Table
Bathers signed and dated “Nydorf ‘4...” l.c., 694.
Maple and laminate
oil on canvasboard, 9 x 12 in.; Tragedies Varujan Boghosian (Armenian/American,
Massachusetts, mid-20th century
each signed and dated “Seymour Nydorf ‘42” b. 1926)
Rectangular-top cabinet fitted with partially
in pencil l.r., also signed and dated “Nydorf open compartment with one shelf and a
‘42” within the matrix l.l. or l.r., lithographs, Untitled [Figure] hanging drawer, with a smaller compartment
sight sizes to 15 x 1 1/2 in.; Hanging signed Initialed “VB” l.r. with one shelf, the laminated white door
“Seymour Nydorf” in pencil l.l., also signed Watercolor and ink on paper, sight size 11 x slides to conceal the smaller compartment;
and dated “Nydorf 44” within the matrix l.l., 7 in., framed. accompanied by a rectangular-top low table
numbered “15/15” in pencil l.r., lithograph, 9 Condition: Not examined out of frame. raised on four canted legs, cabinet with
3/4 x 6 3/4 in.; all framed. $400-600 designer’s mark; the cabinet could be hung
$400-600 on the wall or used with the base, respective
ht. 24, wd. 48, dp. 12; base ht. 10, wd. 48,
dp. 18 in.

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Russell Wright Pottery Planter
Glazed earthenware
United States, mid-20th century
Cylindrical form with yellow glaze, drain hole,
marked Russell Wright on base, ht. 6 1/8 in.

Pair of Harry Bertoia Diamond Lounge
Steel wire and rubber
Design date 1955
Diamond back wire mesh on continuous steel
rod frame with rubber mounts, fitted with
loose cushions, approx. ht. 27, wd. 44, dp.
31 in.

701. 702. 703.

Doris DeWitt Pogue (American, b. 1926) Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928) Reba Stewart (American, 1930-1971)

Beach Trees Lips, 2005 Untitled

Signed and dated “Pogue 49” l.r., identified Signed, titled, inscribed, and dated “Donald Signed “Reba Stewart” and inscribed
on labels including one from the Alabama C. Kelly...monoprint 05” in pencil beneath the “Butchkes” on the reverse.
Oil and encaustic on canvas, 44 x 32 in.,
State Fair Art Department affixed to the image.
stretcher. Color monoprint on paper, image size 15 5/8
Condition: Minor surface grime, alligatoring.
Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in., framed. x 13 7/8 in., framed.
Condition: Good. Condition: Not examined out of frame. Provenance: Through the collection of
$400-600 $200-300 Genevieve McMillan to a private New England

N.B. A copy of the exhibition catalogue Reba

Stewart: A Legacy, Massachusetts College
of Art, October 9-November 20, 2006,
accompanies the lot.


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704. 705. 706.

Four Mid-Century Bowls Modern Coffee Table American School, 20th Century
Enameled metal, pottery Polished steel and glass
California cloisonné bowl, Fantoni pottery Fourth quarter 20th century For the Bride without a Past...In the
triangular dish, an enameled bowl with blue, Square rectilinear polished steel frame with Kitchen and For the Experienced Home
copper, greens, and reds, and a yellow glass insert, ht. 17, wd. 36, dp. 36 in. Maker With An Eye on Her Budget/A Pair
bowl with black exterior in the manner of $200-300 of Stand-Alone Display Advertisements for
Cathrineholm, dia. 8, 4 1/4, 7, 7 7/8 in. Electric Cooking
$75-125 Unsigned.
Lithographs on chipboard, sizes 34 1/2 x 26
Condition: Surface grime/abrasions, minor
creases to edges.

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707. 710. 712.

American School, 20th Century Pontiac Hood Ornament Four Maria Maravigna (1899-2006)
Chromed metal and plastic Mushroom Groups
Save $52 a Year on Meat Alone/A Pair of 1950s Glazed ceramic
Stand-Alone Display Advertisements The face of Chief Pontiac cast in amber Winchester, Massachusetts, mid-20th century
Unsigned. plastic on the body of a streamlined design Four separate clusters of mushrooms, each
Color lithographs on chipboard, sizes to 37 chromed metal plane, mounted for display glazed according to their colors in nature, all
1/2 x 36 in. on a black painted metal stand, crazing and signed Maravigna with species classification
Condition: Surface abrasions, wear to edges. pitting, ht. 10 1/8, lg. 17 1/4 in. on the base, ht. 3 7/8-4 7/8 in.
Note: The Ottawa Indian tribe had a Chief Note: Maria Maravigna was known as “The
Pontiac, hence the automobile’s namesake. Mushroom Lady.” There is an exhibition of
708. $300-500 her work at the Harvard Fogg Museum in
Modernist Coffee Table Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1999, she
Marble, wood, and brass won an award from the North American
Mid-20th century Mycology Association for her contributions to
Kidney-shape marble top raised on four 711. the field.
tapering cylindrical brass legs, finish wear on Miriam Rogers Mosaic-top Table $250-350
legs, approx. ht. 15 1/4, lg. 59 1/4, wd. 24 Stone, grout, and plastic
1/2 in. United States, 1972
$600-800 Rectangular top in a mosaic of stones in 713.
earth tones set in a rectangular amber plastic R.M. Fischer (American, b. 1947)
frame, signed and dated 1972, approx. ht. 17
709. 1/4, wd. 27, dp. 16 1/8 in. Untitled [Lamp Sculpture]
Architectural Element Coffee Table $250-350 Unsigned.
Steel and glass Polyethylene, brass, and steel, approximately
Rectangular French ornamental balcony panel 21 x 9 x 9 in.
mounted in a steel frame with separate glass $800-1,200
panel cover, ht. 18, lg. 45, wd. 20 1/2 in.

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714. 718.
David Holleman (b. 1927) Mosaic Wall After Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-
Hanging 1997)
Earthenware, mortar, and wood
Mid-20th century Girl with Hair Ribbon/Exhibition Poster
Mosaic tile composition accented by painted Inscribed “Roy Lichtenstein/October 8,
tiles in a thin wood rectangular frame, signed, 1993-January 16, 1994/Solomon R.
ht. 63, wd. 15 in. Guggenheim Museum...” within the matrix l.l.
and l.r.
Note: David Holleman has executed large- Offset lithograph, sight size 29 x 26 3/4 in.,
scale commissions for public and private framed.
institutions, including Dartmouth College and Condition: Not examined out of frame.
the NY Board of Education. $200-300

Pair of Danish Modern Bronze
Andy Warhol Portfolio Litho Box
Mid-20th century Canvas and paint
Elongated candle cups over drip pans, with Titled 10 works and 10 painters, portfolio box
slender neck and tapered cylindrical body, only, ht. 25 1/2, wd. 21 1/4 in.
indistinct impressed maker’s marks to base $150-250
interior, ht. 9 3/8 in.

716. Marilyn Powers (American, 1925-1976)
Four Danish Modern Tables
Hardwood and hardwood veneers View of a Figure in a Landscape, Possibly
Denmark, mid-20th century Portugal
Three stacking occasional tables with Signed “POWERS” l.r.
rectangular tops on four tapered legs, legs Oil on canvas, 31 1/4 x 38 3/4 in., unframed.
removable for shipping; side table with Condition: Minor surface grime.
rectangular top over four tapered cylindrical $400-600
legs with open slatwork median shelf, some
stains and wear, approx. ht. 19 3/4, 17 3/4,
15, 20 7/8; wd. 23, 18, 14 1/8, 25 1/2; dp. 15
3/4, 15 5/8, 15 1/2, 21 1/2 in. 721.
$200-300 American School, 20th Century

Abstract Composition
717. Signed “Cochrane” in ink on the stretcher,
Alfred Milton Duca (American, 1920-1997) also signed and inscribed “Co..hrane...ON
GESSO” in pencil on the reverse, with a
label from Shoestring Galléry, Cambridge,
Signed “A. Duca” within the cast l.r.
Massachusetts, affixed to the reverse.
Bronze bas-relief, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in., mounted
Oil on canvas, 40 x 46 in., framed.
to a linen-covered panel.
Condition: Surface grime.
Condition: Good.
$200-250 $400-600

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Lebadang (Vietnamese, b. 1922)

Lot of Five Prints

Each signed “Lebadang” in pencil l.r., edition of 300.
Lithograph and intaglio, sizes to 29 1/2 x 21 1/2 in.,
two within a common frame, three individually framed.

American School, 20th Century

Old Orchard
Titled, dated and signed “...June, 1974/Joseph
Scannell” on the reverse.
Oil on canvas, 48 x 34 in., framed.
Condition: Minor surface grime.

Castle Armchair by Wendell Castle
Molded fiberglass
United States, c. 1968
White gel-coated molded fiberglass-reinforced plastic,
ht. 22 1/2, wd. 47, dp. 22 1/2 in.





725. 726. 727.

Sergio Castillo (Chilean, b. 1925) Onsem Figural Rock Sculpture Frank Morbillo (American, b. 1957)
Samurai Africa, 20th century Untitled
Stamped “Castillo” within the base. Hand-carved figure from a single block, Monogrammed and dated “FM 88” on the
Bronze, approximately 40 x 16 x 10 in., marked Onsem M. possibly for Matinya, ht. base.
mounted to a marble plinth. 17 in. Stainless steel and bronze, approximately
Condition: Minor surface grime. $500-700 17 x 15 3/4 x 6 1/2 in.
$700-900 Condition: Minor surface grime.

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728. 730. 733.

Five Latin American Art Books Israel Levitan (1912-1982) Sculpture Two Studio Pottery Vases in the Style of
Leopoldo Mendez, Bajo la linea del Ecuador: Carved wood Hamada
30 Grabados de Galo Galecio, Mexico: La America, mid-20th century Ceramic
Estampa Mexicana, 1946; Bernardo Ortiz Incised LEVITAN near base, ht. 12 5/8, dia. Late 20th century
de Montellano, El Sombreron: 40 Grabados approx. 11 1/2 in. One rectangular, decorated on the sides with
Originales de Alfredo Zalce, Mexico: $750-950 dark blue leaf devices and stripes on a light
Editorial la Estampa Mexicana, 1946; Ernst blue-gray ground; the other rectangular with
Fuhrmann, Mexiko III: Mit 99 Abbildungen, rounded corner edges, with brushed blue-
Germany: Folkwang-Verlag G.M.B.H., 1922; green glaze, ht. 8 1/2, 6 1/2 in.
Arthur Rothenberg (American, 20th/21st
Juan de la Cabada, 25 Prints of Leopoldo $800-1,200
Mendez, Mexico: La Estampa Mexicana,
1943; Leopoldo Mendez, 25 Prints of Jose Lot of Two Works: Untitled [Typeface
Guadalupe Posada, Mexico: La Estampa Compositions] 734.
Mexicana, 1942. Unsigned. David Leach Pottery Bowl
Condition: Galecio with minor wear to hard Found object collage (cork, wooden movable Decorated glazed pottery
cover, Zalce with wear to dust jacket; Mexiko type from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle), sizes to England, mid-20th century
with broken spine; Mendez with acid burn to 11 x 13 1/2 in., framed. Deep footed bowl, matte glazed in white with
hard cover, Posada with minor wear to cover. $250-350 brown rim, decorated with stylized flowers
$200-300 in gray and red, impressed artist cipher and
Lowerdown Pottery mark, ht. 4 7/8, dia. 7
731A. 1/2 in.
729. Three Kinetic Sculptures $700-900
Four Modern Art Books Iron and painted metal
Lloyd Goodrich, Max Weber: Retrospective Industrial design
Exhibition [Catalogue], February 5 to March All in the form of a spinning circular gear with 735.
27, 1949, New York: The Whitney Museum blades, mounted on a cylindrical pole joined Studio Pottery Soup Tureen
to a rectangular black painted base plate,
of American Art, 1949; James S. Plaut, John Glazed stoneware
gear ht. 21, 21, 25; wd. 17 1/2, 17 1/2, 19
Marin: A Retrospective Exhibition [Catalogue], United States, late 20th century
1/2 in.
Boston: Institute of Modern Art, 1947; Dor Flattened spherical form with applied
de la Souchere, Picasso in Antibes, London: molded handles and bulb and button-like
Lund Humphries, 1960; James Johnson devices, molded freeform cover, the side
Sweeney, Joan Miro, New York: The Museum 732. with impressed lettering “SOOP,” speckled
of Modern Art, 1941. Vivika and Otto Heino Vessel and blue-dotted creamy white and tan glaze,
Condition: Weber and Marin with wear to soft Stoneware indistinct inscriptions on base, ht. 10 in.
cover, Picasso in slipcase and dedicated “To Mid-20th century $200-400
Arthur on becoming ‘50’/Congratulations/...& Oval form with white and brown glaze,
Elsie Nydorf on the flyleaf, Miro with impressed mark on base, ht. 4 1/4, wd. 4
handmade dust jacket. 1/2 in.
$200-250 $300-500

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736. 740. 744.

Studio Art Pottery Covered Jar Pottery Vessel Attributed to Robert Pottery Vessel Attributed to Robert
Stoneware Archambault Archambault
United States, 1979 Stoneware Stoneware
Ovoid vessel with cover, matte glazed, sides Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1965
decorated with several blue-outlined figures Bulbous covered vessel with mottled brown, Spherical vessel tapered to base, with mottled
in erotic poses on a blue ground, indistinct green, and black matte glaze, ht. 6 1/2 in. matte brown dripped with brown glaze,
maker’s mark, ht. 11 in. $200-300 impressed maker’s mark on base edge, ht.
$300-500 11 1/2 in.
Pottery Bowl Attributed to Robert
Robert Archambault Pottery Vessel 745.
Stoneware Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Maynard Tischler (b. 1932) Large Studio
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Free-edge shallow round footed bowl with Pottery Vase
Vessel with sloped shoulder, bulbous body molded relief design at center, glazed in Art pottery
tapering to base, mottled dark brown dripped shades of brown with dark brown accenting Colorado, c. 1961
with dark brownish-green glaze, impressed the various textures, rim chip, ht. 3 1/4, dia. Large bulbous form with a short neck,
“A” maker’s mark on base, ht. 14 1/2 in. 16 in. sgraffito line decoration around body, ht. 21
$400-600 $200-300 in.

Note: Maynard Tischler is considered a

738. 742. master of clay. His work has evolved from
Robert Archambault Pottery Vase Pottery Bowl Attributed to Robert the classical to realist in form, and are
Stoneware Archambault included in private and museum collections
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Stoneware worldwide.
Spherical vessel with fluted panel sides and Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 $2,000-4,000
raised neck, mottled matte glaze in shades of Shallow round footed bowl with molded
cream, tan, ochre, and blue, impressed “A” vegetal relief design at center, glazed in
maker’s mark on base, ht. 10 1/2 in. shades of brown with dark brown accenting 746.
$300-600 the various textures, ht. 3 1/4, dia. 15 3/4 in. Robert Archambault Pottery Bowl
$200-300 Stoneware
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964
739. 743. Shallow bowl with molded window pane
Pottery Vessel Attributed to Robert Pottery Bowl Attributed to Robert design at center, mottled brown drip
Archambault Archambault glaze over celadon and gray glossy glaze,
Stoneware Stoneware impressed “A” maker’s mark on base, ht. 3
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 1/4, dia. 12 1/4 in.
Squat covered cylindrical vessel with inwardly Shallow round footed bowl with molded spiral $250-350
curved rim, mottled dark brown drip glaze, ht. design at center, glazed in shades of brown
7 1/4, dia. 12 1/2 in. with dark brown streaks, ht. 3, dia. 16 7/8 in.
$250-300 $200-300

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747. 750. 753.

Three Pottery Bowls Attributed to Robert Vivika and Otto Heino Vessel Studio Pottery Vessel
Archambault Stoneware Glazed earthenware
Stoneware California and New Hampshire, c. 1964 Mid to fourth quarter 20th century
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Flattened spherical form with small mouth, Bulbous vessel with a band of incised circles
Two deep bowls and a flared bowl, each with gray speckled glaze with brown streaks, with horizontal lines about the shoulder,
spiral turnings and turned feet, mottled brown inscribed Vivika + Otto on base, ht. 3 in. inscribed Turner on base, ht. 4 3/8 in.
and speckled bluish-black glazes, ht. 6, 5 $300-350 $100-150
1/4, 4 in.
751. 754.
Leonardo M. Nierman (American, b. 1932) Two Bowls Attributed to Bernard Leach
748. Studio pottery
Robert Archambault Pottery Vessel Joy England, 20th century
Stoneware Signed “Nierman” l.l., titled on the reverse. Deep round bowls, the interiors with mottled
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Watercolor and graphite on paper, sight size gray glaze, one with shallow rim chip, ht. 3
Squat cylindrical vessel with mottled brown 13 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., framed. 1/2, 3 3/4, dia. 8, 9 1/2 in.
drip glaze over matte gray, impressed Condition: Not examined out of frame.
maker’s mark on base, ht. 7 1/4 in. $400-600 Provenance: Reportedly purchased at Bonwit
$350-450 Teller.
749. Leonardo M. Nierman (American, b. 1932)
Pottery Vessel Attributed to Robert 755.
Archambault Genesis Ikebana Pottery Vase
Stoneware Signed “Nierman” within the pile l.l. Glazed stoneware
Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1964 Wall hanging, 70 x 47 in., with wall mounts 20th century
Bulbous lidded vessel with inwardly curved sewn into the reverse. Vase with two long cylindrical necks on a
opening, mottled blue and black glaze, ht. 5 Condition: Good. zigzag-inscribed cylindrical body and base,
1/4 in. $800-1,200 ht. 17 in.
$150-250 $100-150

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757 (partial)


756. 757. 758.

Charlotte Pols (American, 20th/21st Charlotte Pols (American, 20th/21st Charlotte Pols (American, 20th/21st
Century) Century) Century)

Lot of Two Works: View of a Storefront and Lot of Seven Works, Including Four Textile Lot of Four Jewish Family Scenes: New
The Cat Purrs Designs York, Interior, Israel, and Torah Study
Storefront signed and dated “C. Pols 1947” Most unsigned, one signed and inscribed New York signed and dated “POLS -’46” l.r.,
in pencil l.r., watercolor and graphite on “POLS...” in pencil l.r., another signed and oil on canvas, 18 1/4 x 24 in., framed; Interior
paper, sight size 11 3/4 x 17 1/2 in., framed; inscribed “Charlotte Pols 2BNA/Two-Dimen. signed and inscribed “Charlotte Pols 2BNA/
Purrs signed and dated “Charlotte Pols/ Design/Ms. Donato” on the reverse. Two Dimens.-Design/Ms. Donato/Spring
Feb. 13, 1942” in ink on the reverse, ink on Gouache on paper or illustration board, sheet 1950” in pencil on the reverse, gouache on
scratchboard, 7 1/8 x 9 1/4 in., unframed. sizes to 23 1/2 x 18 1/2 in., unframed. illustration board, 15 x 30 in., unframed;
Condition: Storefront not examined out of Condition: Handling creases. Israel signed “C. Pols” in pencil l.r., inscribed
“Documentary Textile Design-Israel” in pencil
frame, Purrs with bowing. $300-500
l.l., gouache on paper, sheet size 18 1/2 x 18
1/2 in., unframed; Torah unsigned, numbered
“5/8” l.c., lithograph, sheet size 13 x 20 in.,
Condition: New York with puncture to
l.r. quadrant, Interior not examined out of
cellophane, Israel with toning, tape hinged to
window mat, Torah with handling creases.

124 additional information and photos at

Charlotte Pols (American, 20th/21st

Lot of Three Figural Works

One signed and dated “C. POLS 1946” on
the stretcher, second signed and dated
“LASKIN FEB ‘55” on the reverse, third
Oil on canvas, sizes to 24 x 16 in., two
unframed, one framed.

Studio Art Pottery Vase
Glazed earthenware
20th century 763
Ovoid vessel with recessed foot, relief-
decorated with curlicues and dots, dark
turquoise matte glaze, ht. 15 in.

761. 762. 763.

Karen Karnes (b. 1925) Pottery Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table Isamu Noguchi Floor Lamp
Salt glazed stoneware Glass and walnut Paper, bamboo, iron
Vermont, c. 1972 United States, c. 1950 Retailed by Forthright George Kovacs, New
Large round bowl with everted rim, salt glazed Freeform glass top rests on two curved solid York, c. 1978
in shades of tan and brown, impressed wood legs that interlock to form a tripod, ht. Handmade Mino-gami paper globe made
maker’s mark on base edge, ht. 8, dia. 16 15 3/4, dp. 36, lg. 50 in. from the bark of a Mulberry tree, over a single
1/2 in. $600-800 socket on bamboo stem with a cast iron base
$600-800 in the form of a rock, ht. 6 ft.

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765 Vivika and Otto Heino Vessel
Mid-20th century
Narrow mouth on bulbous form with textured
surface in earth tones with brown deposits,
incised mark on base, ht. 3 1/4, wd. 5 in.

Four Vessels by Dr. Lawrence Jordan
Glazed earthenware
c. 1986-87
Decorated covered vessel and three large
vases all with stylized landscape decoration,
all with artist’s mark and dated, the last vessel
with some loss, ht. 14 1/4, 11 1/2, 11 1/2,
10 1/2 in.

Three Vessels by Dr. Lawrence Jordan
Glazed and decorated earthenware
Fourth quarter 20th century
Two relief-decorated tall vases and a bulbous
vase, ht. 15 1/2, 16 1/8, 8 7/8 in.

Brother Thomas (1929-2007) Porcelain
Vase with Box
Glazed ceramic
Vermont and Pennsylvania
Vasiform, with red glaze with blue crystals on
white porcelain body, artist’s mark on base,
glaze misses in the making, ht. 13 3/4 in.

Literature: The Porcelain of Brother Thomas,

The Path To The Beautiful, Godine/Pucker

Note: Brother Thomas (Thomas Bezanson)

works are included in museum collections
including the Museum of Fine Arts, and
private collections worldwide.

Raku Studio Pottery Vessel
United States, fourth quarter 20th century
Large bulbous vessel in black with incised
line decoration in white with metallic traces,
possibly signed Lauren 77 on base, nick on
rim interior, ht. 13 1/2 in.

764. 765.
Isamu Noguchi Floor Lamp Steven Montgomery (American, b. 1954) 771.
Paper, bamboo, and iron Thirteen Heath Pottery Plates and Two
Retailed by Forthright George Kovacs, New Double Duplex, 1995 Pottery Bowls
York, mid-20th century Incised signature “MONTGOMERY” on the Glazed earthenware
California, fourth quarter 20th century
Handmade paper globe, over a single socket underside.
Eleven plates with brown borders and various
on bamboo stem with a cast iron base in the Painted ceramic, approximately 6 1/2 x 6 x
glaze patterns in the center, dia. 9; two plates
form of a rock, ht. 6 ft. 16 1/2 in.
predominantly in blue, dia. 11, all Heath
$300-500 Condition: Very minor wear to edges.
pottery; and two large shallow bowls in blue
$1,000-2,000 glaze, one marked Dunn, dia. 15, the other
unmarked, dia. 17 in.

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772. 774. 775.

Two Carved Wood Sculptures Toni Morretto Sculpture Herman Miller Area Rug, Meinceke
Each in the form of a circular grindstone, ht. Glazed ceramic figural group Collection
33 1/4, 27, dia. 32, 26 in. Italy, late 20th century New Zealand wool
$500-700 Depicting a young lady weeping from the Copyright 1998, Mexico
report of her impending pregnancy by her Rectangular with black ground with teal circle
doctor, who is holding a scroll of paper with and opposing beige ground with cream lines
773. a sketch of a stork and baby, repaired, small and a red narrow line, signed on edge and
Peter Petrochko Wood Vessel loss, ht. 8 7/8, dia. 8 1/2 in. labeled, design no. 3I, item no. MC0103 69,
North American butternut $200-250 lg. 106, wd. 72 in.
1987-91 $600-800
Conical form with natural bark exterior, ht. 10
7/8 in.

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776. 780. 783.

Architect Custom Design Armchairs No lot. Irving B. Haynes (American, 1927-2005)
TPM, Maine, fourth quarter 20th century 781. Untitled [1-0395]
Scroll backrest with square arms and legs, Irving B. Haynes (American, 1927-2005) Initialed and dated “IH 04” in pencil l.r.,
board seat with scroll front, ht. 32 1/2 in. inscribed “HAYNES/NOV., 2004” in graphite
$800-1,200 Untitled [1-0391] on the reverse.
Initialed and dated “IH 04” in pencil l.r., Acrylic on paper, sheet size 18 x 23 7/8 in.,
inscribed “HAYNES/NOV. 2004” in graphite unframed.
777. on the reverse. Condition: Tack holes to corners.
Pair of Philippe Starck Royalton Hotel Acrylic on paper, sheet size 18 x 23 7/8 in.,
Cocktail Tables unframed. Provenance: Estate of the artist.
Structural steel, aluminum, and mahogany Condition: Tack holes to corners. $300-500
Circular tops over chromed metal tri-part
bases, ht. 20, dia. 16 1/4 in. Provenance: Estate of the artist.
N.B. Haynes attended Colby College in Taro Yamamoto (American, 1919-1994)
his hometown of Waterville, Maine, and
graduated from the Rhode Island School of Lot of Three Abstract Compositions
778. Two signed and dated “Taro Yamamoto
Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Painting in
Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table 72” l.r., the third signed and dated “Taro
1951 and a Bachelor of Science/Architecture
Hardwood Yamamoto 1972” l.r.
in 1953. Haynes established the architectural
Three circular tops on a triangular shape firm of Haynes & Associates in Providence Oil and coarse sand on paper, sight sizes 11
frame raised on three canted legs, ht. 13, 52 in 1968, and from 1973 to 2005, taught 1/4 x 15 1/4 in., framed.
7/8, dp. at widest point 36 in. Foundation Studies.1 Condition: Creases, scattered areas of
$600-800 toning, two with minor losses to paper l.l., not
1. examined out of frames.
779. $300-500
Edwin and Mary Scheier Pottery Vase and
Bowl 785.
Glazed and decorated earthenware Risaburo Kimura (Japanese, b. 1924)
Irving B. Haynes (American, 1927-2005)
Probably New Hampshire, mid-20th century
Ovoid vase decorated with sgraffito figures American City 87
Season of Brightness [1-0371]
and shields covered in a glossy mottled Signed and dated “Risaburo Kimura 1969” in
Monogrammed and dated “IH 04” l.r., also
blue, green, and brown glaze; round bowl pencil l.r., numbered and titled “28/100...” in
signed, dated, and titled “HAYNES NOV.
decorated around the side with a band of pencil l.l., identified on a label from Associated
2004...” on the reverse.
sgraffito fish, glossy mottled black and tan American Artists, New York, on the backing.
Acrylic on paper, sheet size 24 x 18 in.,
glazed exterior, shaded dark blue and green Silkscreen, sight size 22 1/2 x 16 1/4 in.,
interior, both with incised Scheier mark on framed.
Condition: Tack holes to corners.
bases, ht. 7, 4 1/8, bowl dia. 8 in. Condition: Subtle rippling, not examined out
$1,000-1,200 Provenance: Estate of the artist. of frame.
$300-500 $800-1,200

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Noriko Yamamoto (Japanese/American, b.

Untitled [60-4]
Titled, signed and dated “...NORIKO
YAMAMOTO 1960” on the stretcher,
identified on a label from Gump’s Galléry, San
Francisco, affixed to the stretcher. 786
Oil on canvas, 42 x 42 in., in a strip molded
Condition: Minor surface grime.
787. 788.
N.B. Yamamoto obtained her BA and MFA Marc Chagall (Russian/French, 1887-1985) Pair of Occasional Tables
at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Burlwood veneer
Oakland, from 1952 to 1957, where she The Circus With Yellow Clown/An Fourth quarter 20th century
studied with well-known Bay Area Abstract Exhibition Poster Rectangular top over lower median shelf
Figurative painters as Richard Diebenkorn and Inscribed “Marc Chagall Oeuvre Gravé/ raised on four square legs, minor wear, ht.
Nathan Oliveira. The black gestural strokes Berggruen...MOURLOT-1967 © 26, wd. 28, dp. 24 in.
of the present work both evoke the “flying BERGGRUEN” l.c., edition of 2000. $600-800
white” effect of Japanese calligraphy as well Color lithograph, sight size 33 3/4 x 21 3/4
as the spontaneous mark-making sought by in., framed.
Abstract Expressionists. Condition: Not examined out of frame.
$300-500 $300-500

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787 793 (partial)

789. 792. 795.

Freeform Wood Coffee Table Jonathan A. Kendall (American, 1939-2004) Josef Albers (German, 1888-1976)
Probably redwood
Free edge on natural base, ht. 14 1/2, wd. Two Relief-carved and Painted “Byzantine Lot of Four Works from Formulations-
64, dp. 32 in. revival”-style Wooden Plaques Articulations, 1972, edition of 1000
$500-700 One signed, titled, and dated “Byzantine City/ One with blindstamped initial “A” l.r.
The Termites/Kendall & McLeod/Summer 72 Silkscreens on paper, sheet sizes to 15 x 20
Provincetown, Mass.,” 32 1/2 x 11 1/2, 28 in., two framed, two unframed.
790. 1/2 x 11 1/4 in. Condition: Not examined out of frame.
Slab Wood Coffee Table Condition: Byzantine City with shrinkage $400-600
Mixed woods crack.
Top cut with heartwood exposed and natural $600-800
bark edges, lacquered finish, raised on a root- 796.
Southeast Asian School, 20th Century
form base, ht. 19, lg. 55, wd. 16 in.
$600-800 793.
Lot of Three Works: Owls and Siamese
Eight Dining Chairs by Stephen Swift
Cherry and upholstery
Owls both signed “KAMALA” l.r., mixed media
791. Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1995
and sgraffito on fiberboard, sizes 8 x 9 in.,
John Hollister Risley (b. 1919) Figural Two armchairs and four side chairs with framed; Siamese signed “M. N...” l.r., mixed
Wood Sculpture shaped comb over lollipop-shape back splat, media on scratchboard, 22 1/2 x 15 1/4 in.,
Relief carved oak, titled “Gossip” upholstered slip seat, raised on four tapered unframed.
Connecticut, 1947 legs, marked Stephen Swift 1995, ht. 42, wd. Condition: Owls good, Siamese with surface
Artist and title inscribed on an exhibition label 21, dp. 19 1/2 in. grime l.l.
affixed to the back, shrinkage cracks, 21 x $1,500-2,500 $200-250
33 in.

Exhibitions: Connecticut Academy of Fine 794. 797.

Arts, Forty-sixth Annual Exhibition, Avery Robert Warren Dash (American, b. 1934) Claudia Cebrian (Argentinean/American,
Memorial, Hartford, Connecticut. 20th/21st Century)
$800-1,200 Mostly Snapdragons
Signed and dated “Robert Dash 1974” l.r., Untitled (Lily)
titled and numbered “...51/100” l.l. Signed “C Cebrian” in ink within the image l.r.
Silkscreen, sight size 34 x 23 in., framed. Color photograph, sight size 39 3/4 x 29 1/2
Condition: Mat burn, not examined out of in., framed.
frame. Condition: Not examined out of frame.
$150-250 $300-500

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798 (partial)

798. 799. 800.

Claudia Cebrian (Argentinean/American, Spray Sculpture, Design Attributed to Emile Gilioli (French, 1911-1977)
20th/21st Century) Harry Bertoia
Stainless steel and slate Untitled
Lot of Three Works: Untitled [Lilies] United States, c. 1970s Incised signature “Gilioli” on the reverse.
Each signed “C. Cebrian” l.r. Comprised of stainless steel rods slightly Carved and painted marble, 65 1/2 x 31 x 8
Color photographs, sight sizes to 20 3/4 x 29 twisted where it is mounted into a slate base, in., set on a marble base.
1/2 in., framed. approx. overall ht. 36 1/2, block ht. 1 3/8, wd. Condition: Chips and restored chip, surface
Condition: Not examined out of frames. 6, dp. 6 in. abrasions, retouch.
$600-1,200 $1,000-1,500 $6,000-8,000

Charles Arthur Arnoldi (American, b. 1946)

Untitled, 2003
Signed, dated, and dedicated
BENEFIT” in pencil on the reverse.
Acrylic on ostrich eggshell, 6 x 4 in. diameter.
Condition: Minor smudge to graphite.

N.B. A benefit auction label for the present

work from Starwood Wasserman, The Shops
on Lake Avenue, accompanies the lot.

Joseph [Joe] E. Norman (African/American,
b. 1957)

No. 20, Trey Nine, Persian Road Suite,

Chicago, 1989
Signed “Norman” in pencil l.l., dated “89”
in pencil l.r., notations to the right margin.
Graphite on paper, sheet size 8 3/8 x 10 1/2
in., framed.
Condition: Tape hinged to backing mat.

Literature: Joseph Norman: 39, Trey Nine,

Persian Rd. Suite, Chicago (illus.).
N.B. Joseph Norman is presently chair
of Drawing & Painting at the Lamar Dodd
School of Art, University of Georgia, Athens,
and was previously an instructor at several
Rhode Island colleges from 1987 to 2000,
including the Rhode Island School of Design,
Providence. A copy of Joseph Norman:
39, Trey Nine, Persian Rd. Suite, Chicago
accompanies the lot.

Werner Pfeiffer (German, b. 1937)

Liber mobile: An Experimental Book, 1967,

edition of 130
Signed “Werner Pfeiffer” in ink and numbered
“119” on the colophon, published by the Pratt
Adlib Press, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New
Six double-page die-cut lithographs, sheet
sizes 19 3/8 x 27 7/16 in., within a hardcover
Condition: Minor creases/abrasions to
810 preface page, minor wear to hard-cover.

N.B. Werner Pfeiffer studied at the Staatliche

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart,
801. 802. and emigrated to the United States in 1961.
Michael Donnelly (South African/American, Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893-1983) He joined the faculty at Pratt Institute shortly
20th/21st Century) thereafter, and held positions as Professor of
Parler Seul, 1948, text by Tristan Tzara, Art and Director of the Adlib Press until 2003.
Lot of Two Images from the BLUR SERIES, published in 1950 by Maeght, edition of 250 (1) Pfeiffer has been the subject of numerous
2003 Signed “Miró” and “Tristan Tzara” in blue ink group and solo exhibitions, including Werner
Signed, dated, and titled “MICHAEL on justification page. Pfeiffer: Book Objects and Artist-Books,
DONNELLY 2003...” on the backing. Condition: Partial set of 32 printed leaves, presently on view through February 25, 2011,
Photographs mounted to aluminum backed some double-sided and creased as issued. at the Hirshland Galléry, Carl A. Kroch Library,
with a strainer, 70 x 54 1/2 in., mounted, $2,500-3,500 Cornell University.
unframed. 1.
Condition: Minor wear/disadhesion to edges. html
$600-800 $200-400

132 additional information and photos at

Todd Smith (American, b. 1947)

Square-Variables, 1972, edition of 250.

Twelve color lithographs, sheet sizes 16 x 16
in., in a clamshell portfolio box.
Condition: Staining to portfolio box.

Lot of Approximately Nine Works:

Philipp P. Fehl (American, 1920-2000),

War Images and Ephemera Related to
Karl Kraus’s Die letzte Nacht, c. 1944,
silkscreens and mixed media on paper, sizes
to 11 x 17 in., unframed; Charlotte Pols
(American, 20th Century), War Images of
Internment and Tragedy, c. 1942, mixed
media on paper, sizes to 10 1/4 x 8 in.,
Condition: Minor tears, staining, handling

Robert Petersen (American, b. 1945)

Untitled Flamingo
Signed and inscribed “Robert Petersen
January 27th 1982” in pencil l.r., numbered
and dated “A.P. 2/2. December 1980-” l.l.
Color lithograph with mixed media, 32 9/16 x
35 3/4 in., framed. 811. 814.
Condition: Not examined out of frame. Wade Zahares (American, 20th/21st Julio Ramis (Spanish, 1909-1990)
$300-500 Century)
Untitled [View of a Vaquero]
City at Night Signed “Ramis” u.r.
809. Signed and dated “ZAHARES 91” l.l. Gouache and ink on paper, sheet size 8 3/4 x
Douglas Navarra (American, 20th/21st Pastel on paper/board, sight size 29 x 73 in., 11 1/2 in., framed.
Century) Condition: Tack holes to corners, not
Condition: Not examined out of frame. examined out of frame.
$400-800 $400-600
Signed and dated “D. Navarra/1999” on
the reverse, also signed and dated “Doug
Navarra/1999” and identified on a label
812. 815.
from The Drawing Center, New York, on the
Jennifer Amadeo-Holl (American, 20th/21st American School, 20th Century
Mixed media (gouache and graphite) on found Century)
paper, 10 1/8 x 16 in., unframed. Abstract Landscape
Condition: Tape hinged to backing mat; God is in the Details Signed “DAMON” l.r.
intentional losses, creases, staining, and Titled, dated, and signed “...11/1995/ Oil on canvas, 28 1/4 x 36 in., framed.
toning. Amadeo” on the reverse. Condition: Good.
$200-400 Oil on canvas, 40 x 36 in., framed.
Condition: Good. Provenance: From the collection of artist and
$600-1,000 illustrator George Stavrinos.
810. $300-500
Benjamin Rowland, Jr. (American, 1904-
1972) 813.
Marta Palau (Mexican, b. 1934) 816.
Ganymede Hy Cohen (American, b. 1901)
Signed “BRowland” l.r., identified on a label Canoa de un Reno
from Doll and Richards Galléry, Boston, on Signed and dated “Marta Palau 68” l.r., titled The Town Center
the backing paper. on a label from Galeria Pecanns, Mexico D.F., Signed “Hy Cohen” in ink l.r.
Watercolor on paper, sight size 14 x 19 3/4 affixed to the backing. Watercolor and graphite on paper, sight size
in., framed. Color etching, sight size 11 1/2 x 18 1/4 in., 17 x 25 in., framed.
Condition: Subtle rippling, not examined out framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame.
of frame. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $200-300
Exhibitions: Cambridge Art Association,
Tenth Annual Spring Exhibition, Jury Award.

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817. 819. 820.

After Pablo Picasso (French, 1881-1973) Donald Castell Kelley (American, b. 1928) Mirko Basaldella (Italian/American, 1910-
Picasso/An Exhibition Poster Untitled [N.H. Series]
Inscribed “21.7.69. Picasso” within the matrix Signed and dated “D.C. Kelley 05” l.l., Untitled, c. 1960
u.l. and “...Marlborough-Saidenberg, New inscribed “N.H. Series” l.c. and “Mono print” Signed “MIRKO” in pencil u.l., inscribed
York, October 1971” within the matrix l.c. in pencil l.r., also signed and inscribed “MIRKO BASADELLA...GIFT TO POLLY AND
Color lithograph, sight size 37 1/2 x 21 in., “Donald C. Kelley...printed North Adams” in HUSON JACKSON ON THEIR WEDDING 4
framed. pen on the backing. FEBRUARY 1961” on the paper backing.
$250-350 Monoprint on paper/board, sight size 46 1/2 x Crayon on paper, sight size 11 5/8 x 9 1/4
35 1/2 in., framed. in., framed.
Condition: Tear to sheet l.l. quadrant, not Condition: Not examined out of frame.
818. examined out of frame.
Laets (Belgian, 20th Century) Provenance: Property from the estates of
N.B. Donald C. Kelley trained at the School
Huson T. and Polly F. Jackson.
of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, from
Vorticist Composition $250-350
1952 to 1957. During a two year period
Signed “Laets” l.r.
abroad, he met fellow Museum School alum
Oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in., framed. Cy Twombly in Mykonos, Greece. Kelley
Condition: Craquelure, minor abrasions. attended Yale School of Art and Architecture
$300-500 in 1960 where he received his Bachelors and
Masters degrees. He has had a number of
one-man and group exhibits in New England,
and several art residencies at the Wurlitzer
Foundation and The MacDowell Colony.

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821. 822. 823.

Jean Bertholle (French, 1909-1996) Gerson (Gus) August Leiber (American, b. Matthew Kolodziej (American, b. 1967)
Untitled [Abstract Composition] Forum IV Blues
Monogram signed and dated “JBERTHOLLE Pigeon Woman Signed, titled, inscribed, and dated
65” l.l. Signed and dated “Leiber ‘71, imp.” in pencil “MATTHEW KOLODZIEJ...1995” on the
Oil on Masonite, 6 1/8 x 11 3/16 in., framed. l.r., titled l.c., numbered “2-35” l.l. reverse.
Condition: Good. Etching, sight size 20 1/2 x 30 1/4 in., Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 in., framed.
framed. Condition: Minor craquelure.
N.B. A copy of the book Bertholle by Max- $200-300
Pol Fouchet, published by Editions Le Sphinx, N.B. Kolodziej completed a Bachelor’s
Paris, accompanies the lot. degree in Economics from the University of
$250-350 Chicago in 1988, and a Master of Fine Arts
in Painting from Rhode Island School of
Design in 1993. In 1995, Kolodziej received a
Fulbright scholarship to study prehistoric ruins
in England, and has since explored excavation
as a metaphor in his visual work. He is
presently Professor of Art at the University of
Akron, Ohio.

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824 (2)

825 (2)

824. 825. 826.

John Walker (British, b. 1939) John Walker (British, b. 1939) Susan Louise Shatter (American, b. 1943)

Lot of Two Works: 621-HA-IV and 621- Lot of Two Works: 621-HA-II and Terraced Hillside Study IV
HA-V 621-HA-III Signed and dated “Shatter ‘88” in pencil u.r.,
Each signed “Walker 94” in pencil l.r., titled Each signed “Walker 94” in pencil l.r., titled identified on a label from Obelisk Galléry,
l.c., and numbered “18/25” in pencil l.l. l.c., and numbered “18/25” in pencil l.l. Boston, affixed to the backing.
Color etching, sheet sizes 38 x 28 1/4 in., Color etching, sheet sizes 38 x 28 1/4 in., Watercolor on paper, 10 1/2 x 17 3/4 in.,
framed. framed. framed.
Condition: Good, deckled edges, not Condition: Good, deckled edges, not Condition: Not examined out of frame.
examined out of frames. examined out of frames. $300-350

N.B. The present works are two of five N.B. The present works are two of five
printed by the artist at the Massachusetts printed by the artist at the Massachusetts
College of Art for the Master Print Series. College of Art for the Master Print Series.
$400-800 $400-800

136 additional information and photos at




827. 829. 831.

Suzanne Ulrich (American, 20th/21st Peter Robert Keil (American, b. 1942) Jean Carzou (French, 1907-2000)
Munich, Starnberger Lake L’Arlequin
No. 520, 1999 Signed and dated “Keil 65” l.r., titled, signed, Signed and dated “CARZOU ‘59” l.r.
Color lithograph, sight size 25 x 18 3/4 in.,
Signed and dated “S.H. ULRICH” l.r., titled and dated “P.R. Keil BERLIN 65” on the
and dated “...8.9.99” l.l. reverse. Condition: Not examined out of frame.
Mixed media on paper, sight size 14 1/2 x 11 Oil on canvas, 21 3/4 x 27 3/4 in., framed. $400-600
in., framed. $400-600
Condition: Not examined out of frame.
$300-350 832.
830. Joseph E. Norman (American, b. 1957)
Peter Robert Keil (German, b. 1942)
Untitled [Slum Fantasies], 1990
Signed “J. Norman” in pencil l.r., dated and
Peter Plamondon (American, b. 1944) Boote am Wannsee inscribed “1990...” l.l.
Signed “Keil 59” l.l., titled, signed, inscribed Graphite on paper, sheet size 8 1/2 x 10
Shards and dated “...P. Robert Keil/Berlin ‘59” on the 3/8 in., framed. Condition: Tape hinged to
Initialed “PP” l.r., signed, titled, and inscribed reverse. backing mat.
“© Peter Plamondon...Acrylic” on a label Oil on Masonite, 16 x 20 in., framed.
affixed to the stretcher. Condition: Surface grime. N.B. A copy of the exhibition catalogue,
Acrylic on canvas, 13 x 16 in., unframed. $400-600 Joseph Norman: Slum Fantasies, Latin-
Condition: Good. American Portfolio, Drawings and Prints,
$400-600 January 12 to February 9, 1991, Hunt-
Cavanagh Galléry, Providence College,
Providence, Rhode Island, accompanies the

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833. 835.
George Alan Swanson (American, 1908- Gui de la Woven Wool Wall Hanging
1968) Wool, linen, and leather
Dated 1976
Lot of Two Male Nude Studies Two-panel wall hanging with a coarsely
One signed “G. SWANSON” l.l., the other woven natural creamy white wool panel with
signed and dated “SWANSON ‘37” l.r., each two round apertures placed over a natural
with a label from the Estate of George Alan dark brown woven wool panel with side
Swanson affixed to the backing. borders of brown leather strips, cloth label on
Graphite and watercolor on paper, sizes to 12 the reverse inscribed Gui de la © 1976, 68
1/2 x 9 1/2 in., framed. 1/2 x 37 1/2 in.
Condition: Not examined out of frames. $300-500

834. George Nakashima (1905-1990) Chest with
Kishio Murata (Japanese, 1910-1992) Eight Drawers
English walnut
Una Antigua Ciudad (Nara del Japon) New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1963
Signed and dated “K. Murata 1966” l.l., Rectangular top with free front edge, exposed
identified on a label affixed to the stretcher. dovetail joinery, sap streaks, over two banks
Oil on burlap, 15 x 18 in., framed. each with blind drawer over three drawers,
Condition: Minor surface grime. marked slate 1824 on back, ht. 32, wd. 60
$250-300 1/8, dp. 21 1/2 in.

Provenance: Purchased from Nakashima by

the client. Accompanied by a copy of the
Nakashima price list to the purchaser.

138 additional information and photos at


837. 840.
Missoni Rug George Nakashima (1905-1990)
Wool Lounge Chair
T & J Vestor, Cee, Spain Hardwood
Series of interlocking shaded triangles New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1954
in shades of red, black, and brown, Back rest with twelve spindles, shaped
approx. 105 x 139 in. armrests, later loose cushion seats,
$800-1,200 approx. ht. 30 3/4, wd. 29 1/2, dp.
31 in.
Provenance: From the family who
George Nakashima (1905-1990)
Settee commissioned the work.
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1954 $2,500-3,500
Armless spindle back with later loose
cushion seats, ht. 31, wd. 47 5/8, dp.
31 1/4 in.
Literature: Nature Form and Spirit: The George Nakashima (1905-1990)
Life and Legacy of George Nakashima, Ottoman
p. 92. Hardwood
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1954
Provenance: From the family who Platform with breadboard ends raised
commissioned the work. on tapering cylindrical legs, without
$6,000-8,000 cushion, ht. 10 3/4, wd. 24, dp. 24
1/8 in.

839. Provenance: From the family who

George Nakashima (1905-1990) commissioned the work.
Lounge Chair $800-1,200
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1954
Back rest with twelve spindles, later
loose cushion seats, approx. ht. 30 3/4,
wd. 23 1/2, dp. 31 in.

Provenance: From the family who

commissioned the work.

837 (detail)




844 with detail

842. 843. 844.

Early George Nakashima (1905-1990) George Nakashima (1905-1990) Dining George Nakashima (1905-1990) Free Edge
Coffee Table Table Wall Cabinet
Black Walnut Walnut Walnut
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1952 New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1952 New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1966
Free beveled edge rectangular form with Rectangular top with three butterfly joints Rectangular top with free edge and overhang,
center grained and tapered legs fitted with raised on four tapering cylindrical legs, ring over sliding doors with central compartment
a shelf on underside suspended by dowels, stain on top and some scratches, ht. 28 1/2, flanked on one side by another compartment
one dowel missing and loss on one leg, ht. 14 wd. 72, dp. 40 3/8 in. fitted with a lower drawer, the other side fitted
1/4, wd. 20 3/8, lg. 66 1/4 in. with two shelves, approx. ht. 18, wd. 66, dp.
Provenance: From the gentlewoman who 12 in.
Provenance: From the gentlewoman who commissioned the work.
commissioned the work. $12,000-18,000 Note: Accompanied by a copy of the original
$10,000-15,000 sketch to purchaser.

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Mary Ogden Abbott (1894-1981) Wall Sculpture
Relief-carved stained and burnished giltwood panel
Concord, Massachusetts
Shaped low-relief carved wood panel depicting a stalking mountain lion amidst rockery
and cactus, ht. 41 1/2, wd. 33 in.

Provenance: Family descent.

Note: Mary Ogden Abbott was a widely traveled artist, hunter, and equestrian. She
was born and lived most of her life in Concord, Massachusetts. She attended the
School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, graduating in 1917. She spent eight
years in her twenties traveling with her mother across the country, backpacking in the
Grand Canyon and Montana, and traveled abroad to the Far and Near East and then
through Europe.
She was a landscape painter painting views of the American West, the western
Himalayas, and Mexico. She also carved wooden doors, including a pair of teak doors
which were hung at the entrance of the Department of the Interior in Washington,
D.C. Her drawings were illustrated in the journal Appalachia and in travel books,
and her works have been exhibited at the Addison Galléry of American Art, Andover,
Massachusetts, the Currier Galléry, Manchester, New Hampshire, the Concord Art
Association, Concord, Massachusetts, and the Fitchburg Art Center, Fitchburg,

144 additional information and photos at

Woven Wool and Linen Wall Hanging
Late 20th century
Elongated rectangular weaving in natural
creamy white wool yarns interrupted with
bands, swags, and cascade of earth-toned
linen threads, 108 x 27 in.


George Nakashima (1905-1990) Tall Chest
English walnut
New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1963
Rectangular top with sap streak and exposed
joinery and mitered corners, blind top drawer
over six drawers, marked Slate 1822 on back,
ht. 54 3/4, wd. 36, dp. 20 1/8 in.

Provenance: Client purchased at Nakashima


848 850

George Nakashima (1905-1990) Stool
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1949
Thick shaped top on three tapering cylindrical
legs, ht. 12, lg. 20 1/2 in.

George Nakashima (1905-1990) Sideboard
Walnut and grass cloth
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1947
Rectangular top with two sliding grass-cloth-
covered sliding doors, each compartment
fitted with slide-out drawers with open
compartment fitted with a plywood shelf, the
back also covered with grass cloth, allowing
for use as a room divider, replaced grass
cloth from Nakashima, approx. ht. 33 5/8,
wd. 54 1/4, dp. 19 in.

Provenance: Consigned by the couple that

commissioned the piece at the time of their
849 wedding.

848. 849. George Nakashima (1905-1990) Cabinet
George Nakashima (1905-1990) Three- Nakashima Chair Walnut and grass cloth
drawer Chest Cherry New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1947
English walnut New Hope, Pennsylvania Rectangular form with dovetail joints with
New Hope, Pennsylvania, c. 1963 Curved comb over six spindles, triangular seat sliding doors fitted with replaced Nakashima
Rectangular top with sap streaks and raised on three spindle legs, marked Selden Studios grass cloth, ht. 29 1/8, wd. 40 5/8,
exposed joinery and free front edge over blind 17” on underside of chair, ht. 27 1/4 in. dp. 12 1/8 in.
top drawer over three drawers, marked Slate
#1824, ht. 32, wd. 36, dp. 21 1/2 in. Property sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn Provenance: Consigned by the couple that
Museum. commissioned the piece at the time of their
Provenance: Purchased at Nakashima by the $1,000-1,500 wedding.
current consignor and family. $1,000-2,000

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853. 854.
M. Nunez Del Prado “Torso” Sculpture Francisco Farreras (Spanish, b. 1927)
White onyx
La Paz, Bolivia Estelas
Abstract torso in an elongated, horizontal Initialed, numbered and inscribed “f.f. 84/300
form raised on a black plinth, ht. 12, lg. 20 in. serie” l.r.
Anodized and chromed steel, 11 3/4 x 11 3/4
Note: Purchased at the Art Collectors x 2 in.
Galléry, 1972, accompanied by an exhibition Condition: Minor surface imperfections.
catalogue with biographical notes, exhibition $800-1,200
held at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills,

148 additional information and photos at



Reba Stewart (American, 1930-1971)

San Juan Harbor

Signed and inscribed “...REBA STEWART...”
on the strainer.
Oil on linen, 18 1/2 x 12 in., framed.
Condition: Good.

Provenance: Through the collection of

Genevieve McMillan to a private New England

N.B. A copy of the exhibition catalogue,

Reba Stewart: A Legacy, Massachusetts
College of Art, October 9 to November 20,
2006, accompanies the lot. 856

856. 857. 858.

Marina Stern (American, b. 1928) Latin American School, 20th Century Lazzaro Donati (Italian, b. 1926)

Untitled Lot of Two Still Lifes La Regina di Valle Felice

Signed and dated “Marina Stern 1966” on the Each signed “M. MANUEL” l.r. Signed “DONATI” l.l., also signed, inscribed
reverse. Oil on Masonite, sizes to 18 1/2 x 35 1/2 in., and titled “LAZZARO/DONATI/FIRENZE 68...”
Oil on canvas, 35 x 40 in., unframed. both framed. in pen on the reverse.
Condition: Minor surface grime. Condition: Minor surface grime. Oil on panel, 27 1/2 x 19 3/4 in., framed.
$200-400 $300-500 Condition: Good.

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859. 860. 861.

Philip Burhnam Hicken (American, 1910- American School, 20th Century Peter Sedgley (British, b. 1930)
Untitled Looking Glass No. 6, from Looking Glass
The Red Cliff Signed and dated “Elsasser 69” l.r. Suite
Signed “hicken” l.l. Encaustic on panel, 36 1/8 x 55 1/4 in., Signed and numbered “Peter Sedgley 38/75”
Oil on paper, sight size 17 1/2 x 26 in., framed. l.c., identified on a label from Harcus/Krakow
framed. Condition: Minor surface abrasions. Galléry, Boston, on the backing, published by
Condition: Not examined out of frame. $500-700 Editions Alecto.
$300-500 Silkscreen, sight size 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 in.,
Condition: Not examined out of frame.

150 additional information and photos at


William Horace Littlefield (American, 1902-

Lot of Two Works: Abstraction II and

Abstraction II signed, dated, and inscribed
“Wm. H. Littlefield/Nov. 24 1951...based
on a theme of Bonnard” on the backing,
oil on canvasboard, 8 x 5 in.; Untitled
monogrammed and dated “WL 12/16/68”
in pen l.l., also signed and dated “Wm. H.
Littlefield 12/16/68..” on the backing, mixed
media on paper, 10 x 8 in.; both framed.

Lot of Four Prints:

Gladys M. Baker (American, 20th Century),

Eve-Adam, signed “Gladys Baker” in pencil
l.r., titled l.l., color lithograph; Harold Lewis
(American, b. 1918), Farmer and his Wife,
signed “Harold Lewis” in pencil l.r., titled l.l.,
lithograph; American School, 20th Century,
The Two Whores, signed “Natalie Berg” in
pencil l.r., titled l.l., color lithograph; American
School, 20th Century, Creatures on a
Journey, signed “K. Sanbo...” l.r., lithograph;
sheet sizes to 12 1/4 x 19 in., unframed.

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Finn Pedersen (Danish, b. 1944)

Initialed and dated “F.P. 68” l.r., identified on
a label affixed to the reverse.
Oil on canvas, 20 1/2 x 26 3/4 in., framed.
Condition: Minor losses.

Aaron Fink (American, b. 1955)

Pink Rose
Signed and dated “A... F... ‘00” l.r., identified
on a label from Alpha Galléry, Boston, affixed
to the backing.
Gouache on paper, 20 x 12 in., framed.
Condition: Not examined out of frame.


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867 (2)

866. 867.
Katherine Porter (American, b. 1941) DeHusch Margolies (American, 1899-1965)

Untitled Lot of Two Abstract Compositions

Signed “KPorter” in pencil l.l. Signed and dated “De Husch Margolies 41”
Mixed media on paper, sheet size 19 x 24 in., and “De Husch Margolies 42” in pencil l.r.,
framed. respectively.
Condition: Tack holes to corners, not Mixed media on paper, 15 1/2 x 19 1/2 in.,
examined out of frame. both framed.
$300-350 $300-500

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Mark Cooper (American, 20th/21st Century)

Lot of Seven Works: Mask

Signed “Cooper ‘95” in pencil l.r., titled l.l.
Color etching, 25 x 21 in., each framed.
Condition: Not examined out of frames.

N.B. Mark Cooper received his MFA from Tufts University,

and is presently a professor at the School of the Museum of
Fine Arts, Boston, and an instructor at Boston College.

154 additional information and photos at

870 (partial)

869. 870.
James Hansen (American, 1951-1977) Lot of Four Works:

Dance of Life James Chan Leong (Chinese/American,

Signed and dated “James Hansen 1990” l.r., b. 1929), Untitled [Abstract Composition],
inscribed “Trial Proof” l.l. and titled l.c. signed “...LEONG” in pencil l.r., inscribed
Color etching, sight size 34 3/4 x 24 1/2 in., “EGET TRYKK [private press]” in Norwegian
framed. l.l., color lithograph, sight size 22 x 12 in.;
Condition: Not examined out of frame. Hjördis Lindblad (Swedish, 1909-1971),
$300-600 Two Birds, signed and dated “Hjördis
Lindblad 56” in pencil l.r., color lithograph,
sight size 15 x 21 1/4 in.; Dolores Loeb
(American, 20th Century), Two Park Views,
both signed and dated “D. LOEB ‘62’“ l.r.,
ink on paper, sight sizes to 9 1/4 x 16 in.; all

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871. 872.
Henry Schwartz (American, 1927-2009) American School, 20th Century

Torah Tired of Winter? It’s Spring at Filene’s

Signed and dated “Schwartz 53” l.l., titled and Unsigned.
identified “...OIL” in a typewritten label affixed Silkscreen on Masonite, 14 3/4 x 21 in.,
to the frame. unframed.
Oil on paperboard, 40 x 30 in., framed. Condition: Crack to l.r. quadrant, surface
Condition: Bowing to the support, abrasions.
craquelure, alligatoring, abrasions, surface $100-200

156 additional information and photos at


873. 873A.
Four Bruno Capacci Decorated Tiles Six Bruno Capacci Decorated Tiles
Raku ceramic Polychrome decorated ceramic
Each relief decorated and incised with stylized Italy
figures of a bird, an elephant, possibly a All with highly stylized figures including one
lion, and fish, raku fired clay with red glaze with a bird, another a butterfly, and two 6 in.
highlights, Capacci on reverse, dia. of each 6 tiles marked DA SS on back, and including
x 13 1/2 in. four 10 1/4 x 5 1/8 in. tiles, all signed Capacci
$200-300 on front.


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Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale
1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and
Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed
the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a
lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot.

2. All property is sold “as is,” and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with
respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of
description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made
at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability.

3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed
bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot
for sale.

4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the
purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of
the date of sale.

Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If
any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and
the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three
days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after
deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser.

5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank
authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check
until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the
drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases.

6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of
all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without
limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b)
offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to
pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale.

7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such
purchaser for such item.

8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within
the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that
include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of
licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute
cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots.

9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number.
Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and
other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of
Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston.

10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus
10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on
property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15%
of the final bid over $200,000.

11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person,
through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid.

12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or
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13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or
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connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any
federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or
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Revised September 29, 2009

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Assistant: Sara C. Wishart
Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher
Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid
Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss
Couture - Kerry Shrives
Discovery Sales - Kerry Shrives
Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Harry B. McNabb, Melissa Riebe
European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid
Assistants: Stuart P. Whitehurst, Sara C. Wishart
Fine Wines - Marie Keep
Jewelry - Gloria Lieberman
Assistants: John Colasacco, Julie Khouri
Auctioneers and Judaica - Kerry Shrives
Appraisers of Antiques Modernism: 1896–Present: Art Glass, Pottery, Metalwork & Furniture -
and Fine Art Jane D. Prentiss
Museum & Collections Services - Martha Hamilton
63 Park Plaza Musical Instruments - David Bonsey
Boston, MA 02116 Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards
617.350.5400 Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney
Fax 617.350.5429 Assistant: Chris Barber
Silver - Stuart G. Slavid
274 Cedar Hill Street Assistant: Sara C. Wishart
Marlborough, MA 01752 Toys & Dolls - Kerry Shrives
508.970.3000 Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, David Bonsey, Robert C. Cheney,
Fax 508.970.3100 Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep, Gloria Lieberman,
Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney, Stuart P. Whitehurst

Exhibitions & Marlborough: Warehouse Manager - Jonathan Dowling, 508.970.3280
Property Manager - Samuel Combs, 508.970.3262
Property Distribution
Boston: Kerryn Murphy, 617.874.4329

Property Distribution Manager - Jessica R. Lincoln, 617.874.4308

Finance Department Marlborough: Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, 508.970.3269

Accounts Payable - Kathleen Hayes, 508.970.3268
Credit Supervisor - Joe Monteyro, 508.970.3266

Subscriptions Marlborough: Karen Skinner, 508.970.3240

Service Departments Appraisal & Auction Services - Patricia Walker King, Beth Zwicker, Leah Skowron,
Shannon M. Ames
Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten
Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney
Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn
Gallery Assistant: Katharine E. Hampson
Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison
Consignment Services - Megan J. Blomgren, Carol Zeigler
Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey
Institutional Relations - L. Emerson Tuttle
Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey
Information Technology & Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives
Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Melissa Riebe
Managing Director - Marie C. Keep
Marketing & Public Relations - Catherine Riedel, Karen Skinner,
Katherine Gargolinski
Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak
Receptionists - Marlborough: Carol Tran
Boston: Hadley Dinardo
Transportation - Eric Jones
Assistants: Mark McCaffrey, John Williams

Directions to Skinner’s Boston Gallery/63 Park Plaza, Boston, MA
Telephone: 617-350-5400
From the West:
Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to the Prudential/Copley exit located in the Prudential tunnel.
Once on the exit ramp, stay in the right hand lane and follow the signs for Copley.
The ramp exits onto Stuart Street. Drive straight through five sets of lights and take a left onto
Charles Street South. Take your first left off of Charles St. South onto Park Plaza.
Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.
From the South:
Take 93-N to Exit 20 for I-90 W toward Worcester. Follow signs for Chinatown/South Station.
Bear left at the fork to continue towards Kneeland Street. Turn left onto Kneeland Street. Kneeland
Street becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza.
Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.
From Logan Airport:
Take the Ted Williams Tunnel. Take Exit 25 toward South Boston and bear left at the fork in the
ramp. Bear right onto B St. Turn left onto Northern Ave which becomes Seaport Blvd. Turn left
onto Surface Rd. Turn right onto Kneeland Street which becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto
Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza.
Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.
From the North:
Take I-93 South towards Boston. Take exit 26 towards Storrow Drive.  Merge onto MA-28 South
via the ramp on the left. Turn left onto Beacon Street. Turn right onto Arlington Street. Turn
left onto Boylston Street. Turn right onto Hadassah Way. Skinner is on the right at 63 Park Plaza.


INDOOR PARKING GARAGES The Taj Hotel Parking Garage Motor Mart Garage
2 Newbury Street 26 Park Plaza
City Place Parking Garage Located three blocks from Skinner, (Same building as Legal Sea Food)
Transportation Building valet drop-off and pick-up Up to 1 hr/$8, 1 to 2 hrs/$12,
12 Charles Street Up to 24 hrs/$42 2-3 hrs/$16, 3-12 hrs/$20, 12-24
Located at the end of Park Plaza hrs/$31, weekends up to 3 hrs/$8
Underground multi-level garage
All day–closes at 2:30am Back Bay Garage
First hr/$5, after 2 hrs/$14 222 Berkeley Street OUTDOOR PARKING LOTS
(entrance off St. James) (recommended for trucks)
AllRight Parking One block from Skinner
Boston Common Garage All day/$35, evening Pin Stripe Parking
Located on Charles Street, on the (5pm-7am)/$10 Arlington Street
Common, two blocks from Skinner 617-338-7984
1 hr/$6, up to 24 hrs/$25, All day/$14, after 6pm and
Evenings (4pm-10am)/$10 Radisson Hotel Parking Garage weekends/$10, overnight/$15
Stuart Street (near intersection of
The Four Seaons Hotel Charles)
Parking Garage Two blocks from Skinner Billy’s Parking
200 Boylston Street 1-2 hrs/$12, 2-3 hrs/$16, 3-12 222 Stuart Street
Adjacent to Skinner, valet drop-off hrs/$18, 12-24 hrs/$31 617-423-7781
and pick-up, up to 24 hrs/$30 8am-5pm/$18, after 5pm/$20



Boston Harbor Hotel Nine Zero Hotel The Back Bay Hotel Eliot Hotel
70 Rowe’s Wharf 90 Tremont St. (formerly Jurys) 370 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02110 Boston, MA 02108 350 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 800-654-2000 617-772-5800 Boston, MA 02116 Tel: 617-267-1607
Fax: 617-345-6799 Tel: 617-532-3800
Radisson Hotel
Fairmont Copley Plaza 200 Stuart Street Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro The Park Plaza
138 St. James Avenue Boston, MA 01740 25 Charles Street 64 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116 Tel: 617-482-1800 Boston, MA 02114 Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-267-5300 Fax: 617-451-2750 Tel: 617-723-1133 Tel: 617-457-7488
Fax: 617-375-9648 Fax: 617-426-2000
The Ritz-Carlton,
Boston Common The Colonnade
Four Seasons 120 Huntington Avenue
200 Boylston Street 10 Avery Street
Boston, MA 02111 Boston, MA 02116
Boston, MA 02116 Tel: 617-424-7000
Tel: 617-351-2036 Tel: 617-912-3315
Fax: 617-912-3375 Fax: 617-424-0968

The Liberty Hotel Taj Boston

215 Charles St. 15 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02114 Boston, MA 02116
617-224-4000 617-536-5700

Marriott Copley Place Westin-Copley Plaza

110 Huntington Avenue 10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116 Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 800-228-9290 Tel: 800-228-3000
Fax: 617-236-5885 Fax: 617-424-7483


FINE DINING Scampo McCormick and Schmick’s Seafood

The Liberty Hotel Restaurant
215 Charles St. 36 Columbus Ave
Aujourd’hui 617-536-2100 617-482-3999
Four Seasons Hotel, 200 Boylston Street Lydia Shire’s latest restaurant, featuring Fresh seafood offerings that change
(between Arlington & Charles Streets) Italian fare produced in an open kitchen daily.
617-351-2071 upstairs at the Liberty Hotel.
New American.
Summer Shack
Troquet 50 Dalton St.
140 Boylston St. 617-867-9955
617-695-9463 Jasper White serves well-executed seaside
Royal Sonesta Hotel
French restaurant and wine bar perched favorites in a casual Back Bay setting.
5 Cambridge Parkway
at the edge of the Boston Common and
the theatre district.
Mediterranean restaurant with great
views of the Charles River and Boston
skyline. Via Matta
79 Park Plaza Au Bon Pain
617-422-0008 26 Park Plaza (across the street from
Davio’s Elegant Italian fare and beautiful wines Skinner) or 431 Boylston Street (at
75 Arlington St. in a vibrant dining room - the best of Berkeley Street)
617-357-4810 Italy in Boston’s Back Bay creates an 617-338-8948
Northern Italian steak house. unforgettable experience. Casual café offers quick service.

MODERATE Davio’s To Go
Grill 23 & Bar 10 St. James Galleria Atrium
161 Berkley Street (Stuart Street) 617-357-4810
617-542-2255 Aquitaine Casual Italian take-out lunch spot with
Great steak, seafood, wine list, and 569 Tremont Street daily special pastas, soups, and salads.
service. 617-424-8577
Parisian bistro style fare.
310 Stuart St.
L’Espalier The Bristol Lounge at Four Seasons 617-574-8888
774 Boylston St. Hotel American comfort food served with
617-262-3023 200 Boylston St. classic cocktails in a casual setting.
French dining in an elegant townhouse 617-338-4400
with a wonderful prix-fixe menu. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in an
elegant yet comfortable lounge setting Parish Café
with views of the Boston Public Garden. 361 Boylston St.
No. 9 Park American restaurant with seasonal
9 Park St. East Ocean City outdoor seating features sandwiches
617-742-9991 25-29 Beach St. created by renowned local chefs.
Barbara Lynch’s bistro showcases 617-542-2504
inspired French and Italian influenced Outstanding Chinese food restaurant
food and wine on Beacon Hill. highlighting seafood dishes with a full- Piattini
service bar. 226 Newbury Street
Italian wine bar with an eclectic menu;
Lala Rokh on Beacon Hill specializes in Italian-style tapas.
85 High St.
97 Mt. Vernon Street
Features a modern French menu
Authentic regional Persian cuisine, The Upper Crust
focusing on seasonal ingredients
hand-selected wine list, knowledgeable 20 Charles Street
accompanied by a thoughtful wine list.
waitstaff. 617-723-9600
Gourmet thin crust pizza.

SKINNER catalogue subscription form
Prices effective JULy 1, 2010. Catalogue subscription price includes quarterly brochure. Subscription effective
one year from date processed. No refunds for previous subscriptions. Renewal notice will be sent one month prior to expiration.
Subscriptions do not include Discovery, Estates, and other special sales. Post-auction prices are available online at

please check the appropriate boxes: U.S./Canada Foreign (payable in U.S. dollars only)

Quarterly Brochure No charge No charge

Included with catalogue subscription

American Furniture & Decorative Arts $120 $143

European Furniture & Decorative Arts $120 $143

American & European Paintings & Prints $120 $143

Fine Jewelry $120 $143

20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts $60 $73

Asian Works of Art $60 $73

Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets $18 $25

American Indian & Ethnographic Art $60 $73

Fine Books & Manuscripts $30 $36

Fine Ceramics $60 $73

Fine Musical Instruments $60 $73

Science, Technology & Clocks $60 $73

Fine Wines $60 $73

All Above Departments $750 $915


ma residents 6.25% sales tax


MasterCard/VISA # Exp. Date

Signature Check enclosed

Name___________________________________________ Business Name

Mailing Address _____________________________________________________

City_______________________________ State________ Zip______________

email address________________________________________________ Tel: ( ) _____________________________

Please enclose payment with subscription form and mail or fax to:
Skinner, Inc., Subscription Department, 274 Cedar Hill Street, Marlborough, MA 01752 508.970.3100
Upcoming Auction

European Furniture & Decorative Arts

featuring Fine Ceramics

January 7 & 8, 2011

Boston, MA
Sale #2532B

for more information

call 508.970.3203 or

Wedgwood’s 20th Century

Keith Murray Designed Ceramics