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1820 Dakota Drive Apt. 203 ‡ Fargo, ND 58102 ‡ (320) 582-2404 ‡

September 12, 2010

Mr. David Oahr

Administrative Assistant
Administration P.O. Box 200108
Helena, MT 59620-0108

Dear Mr. Oahr,

The Computer Systems Analyst position interests me because it is a direct application of what I have learned
throughout my coursework, as well as my work experience. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Management
Information Systems from North Dakota State University in December of 2012. I also minored in Accounting and
Computer Science. I possess the personal attributes that make me a great candidate for this job. I have a strong
work ethic which was enhanced as a result of my work experience prior to and throughout my college career. I am
a prominent leader and I also collaborate very well within teams. In addition, I have great interpersonal skills due
to my extensive communication with people at work and in other activities.

As well as personal skills, I have enhanced many of the skills necessary for this job through my education. While
achieving my accounting minor, I gained hands-on experience in working with PeopleSoft Financial software as
part of an Accounting Information Systems course. I learned many database architecture concepts, such as SQL,
through my work in Systems Analysis and Design. In this course, I was on a team that developed software
essential for fiscal records and reports. I gained extensive experience with PeopleTools software while writing
reports in a Cost Management Systems course. In an Information Systems course, I gained extensive knowledge of
Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word by building financial databases with this software. This knowledge will be
essential in this position.

In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in the classroom setting, my work experience has provided me with
additional attributes. My first work related experience came with an internship that I obtained with North Dakota
State University. In this internship, I worked with a team to enhance students¶ learning experiences. Our first
project was implementing and maintaining software used for the new Accounting Information Systems course.
We also performed maintenance on the school's websites. Possibly the best experience I had on the job was
presenting at an MIS conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This experience taught me just how important it is to be
able to work on a team and greatly strengthened my interpersonal skills. My most recent work has been with
Target Corporation where I hold the position of Business Systems Analyst. In this job, I received extensive hands
on work by being on a software development team. I was essential in the planning and analysis phases in the
development of new point of sale software. When the software was completed, I worked as a facilitator, helping
the cashiers with any issues they were experiencing with the new system. I was also involved in the maintenance
necessary for the system. I learned many principles and procedures that are part of developing a large computer
financial application system.

With my readiness to accept a challenge paired with my prior experience, I will be able to fulfill the Computer
Systems Analyst position exceptionally well. Thank you for your time to review my resume and cover letter, and I
look forward to speaking with you further about the position.


Tyler Schwantes
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