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Kerala Devaswom Recruitment Board

Mode of Examination and Syllabus

Name of Post : Clerk/Clerk cum Cashier in Kerala Devaswom

Recruitment Board

Category No : 13/2018

Mode of Test : Objective Type (OMR Valuation) Test

Medium of question : English (Except Part-III Regional Language)

Total questions : 100
Total Marks : 100

Duration of Test : 1 hour 15 minutes


Main Topics

Part -I - General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Renaissance in Kerala and

questions on computer awareness

Part-II -General English

Part-III -Regional Language. Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada

Part-IV -Quantitative Aptitude,Clerical ability, Mental ability, Test of

Reasoning and simple arithmatic

Part-V Temple affairs, Hindu culture & customs

Detailed syllabus based on Main Topics

Part -I

General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Renaissance in Kerala

Important International, National and Regional events in the field of Politics,

Science and Technology, Arts, Culture, Sports and Cinema. Eminent writers and
their works. Literary Awards

Modern India after Independance. Economy. Planning. Finance

Commission-Planning Commission- Atomic Energy commission. Five Year Plans,
Achievements in the field of Agriculture, Industry, Space Research and Space
Exploration, Telecommunication. Establishment of Institutions of National
importance. Modernization of Public Transport System. Mono and Metro
Rail.Banking Sector. IT Sector. Niti Aayog.

Salient features of Indian Constitution. Preamble – its significance and its

place in the interpretation of constitution. Fundamental rights. Directive Principles
of State Policy. Relation between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles.
Executive, Legislature, Judiciary at Union and State level. Other Constitutional
authorities. Central State relation. Administrative and financial services under
Union and State Government. Emergency provisions. Amendment provisions.

Basic physiography-India in General and Kerala in Particular. Art and Dance

forms of Kerala.

Kerala Renaissance. Sree Narayana Guru. Chattambi

Swamikal.Kelappan.Mannathu Padmanabhan and others. Women Emancipation.
Various revolts and Agitations. Anti-caste Movements. Temple Entry Movement.
Malabar rebellion of 1921. Left Movements. Awakening through Literature.
Important literary figures. Novel, Drama and poetry. Purogamana Sahithya
Prasthanam. Nataka Prasthanam. Library movement etc.

Social welfare, Social Security, Social Development Schemes. Measures,

Legislatations and Agencies of Central and State Governments. Pradhan Mantri
Awas Yojana. (Urban and Rural).Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. Atal Pension Yojana.
Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Beema yojana. National Nutrition Mission. National
Health Mission. Swatch Bharath Abhiyan. National Pension System. Akshaya
Project. Kerala Sate Literacy Mission. District Primary Education Programme.
Peoples Planning. Jana Maitri Police. Kudumbasree. Aardram. Athullyam. Akshara
Sagaram. Aswasa Kiranam. Nirbhaya. Karunya Suraksha etc.

Conservation and protection of Environment -International and National

Agencies. Important International Agreements on conservation and protection of
nature. Famous Environmental Activists in India and their contribution.
Environmental Acts and rules in India. United Nations Environment Programme.
International Union for Conservation of Nature. World Wild Life Fund. Green Peace.
National Bio Diversity authority. Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment.
Social Forestry. Haritha Kerala Mission. Green Protocol etc. Agencies and
Institutions for conservation and Protection of environment under State
Government- Aims, Objectives and Responsibilities.

Corruption. Factors contributing corruption. Anti corruption laws in India.

Constitutional provisions to control corruption. Lokpal, Central Anti Corruption
Bureau, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, State
Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau-constitution, powers, functions and

Democratic Decentralisation in India in general and Kerala in particular.

Method, Benefits and Objectives of Decentralisation. Local Self Governments -
Rural and Urban. Muncipal Corporations, District Panchayats, Grama Panchayats,
Composition, Powers and Functions. Co-operative Movement in Kerala-
Importance, Aims and Objectives.

Central and State Election Commissions, Composition-Powers and Functions.

Electoral Reforms. Electoral Politics. General Elections.

Computer awareness

General English

Grammar and Vocabulary

A. Grammar

1) Question Tags

2) Tenses

3) Conjunction and Interjection

4) Abbreviations and Symbols

5) Interchange of sentences- Direct and Indirect speech- Active and Passive voice
Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences - Interrogative and Assertive
sentences – Interchange of Degrees of Comparison etc.

6) The Adverbs – Comparison of Adverbs, Formation of Adverbs-Position of Adverbs

7)Pronouns, Nouns that take only singular verb.

8) The Adjectives-Knowledge of Adjective, Adjectives used as noun, Correct use of


9) Prepositions, Words followd by Prepositions

10) The Superlatives

11) Subject verb- Agreement

B. Vocabulary

1) Words cofnused

2) One word substitutes

3) Words, Sentences, idioms and Phrases-Meaning

4) Change of Gender

5) Synonyms and Antonyms

6) Right word in Right Place

7) Spelling Test

8) Sentence Correction

9) Singular, Plural

10) Odd man out

Regional Language- പ്രാദേ ശിക ഭാഷ
Malayalam / Tamil / Kannada
A. വ്യാകരണം, പ സഞ്ചയം
Grammar, Vocabulary
1) വിപരീത പ ം, പര്യായപ ം
Synonyms, Antonyms
2) അ൪ത്ഥം, അ൪ത്ഥ വ്യത്യാസം
Meaning of words, Confused words
3) ഒറ്റപ ം
One Word substitute
4) വാക്യ ശുദ്ധി , പ ശുദ്ധി
Correction of Sentences, Words
5) ആഖ്യാനം, അന്വാഖ്യാനം
Direct and Indirect Speech
6) ശബ്ദ വിഭാഗം
Parts of Speech
7) സന്ധി വിഭക്തി, സമാസം,
Sandhi, Case, Composition of words
8) ചിഹ്നം,
9) നാനാ൪ത്ഥം
Different meaning of same word
10) ക൪ത്തരി പ്രദേയാഗം, ക൪മ്മണി പ്രദേയാഗം
Active and Passive Voice
11) ദേ.ാ ്യ രൂപം മാറ്റൽ
Question Tag
12) ആശയ വിപുലനം
Expansion of Ideas
13) നാമം, വിവിധ നാമ രൂപങ്ങൾ

Nouns, Different kinds of nouns

14) ക്രിയ, വിവിധ ക്രിയാ രൂപങ്ങൾ
Verb, Different forms of verb

B. വിവ൪ത്തനം

പ ങ്ങൾ, വാക്യങ്ങൾ, ശൈശലികൾ, എന്നിവയുടെട ശരിയായ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് -മലയാളം

മലയാളം-ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് വിവ൪ത്തനം
Correct translation of words, sentences, Idioms etc in Tamil/Kannada into English
and vice versa.


Quantitative Aptitude - Clerical ability, Mental ability, Test of Reasoning

and simple arithmatic

1) Blood relation Puzzle

2) Average

3) Percentage, ratio and Proportion, Decimels and Fraction

4) Profit and Loss, Area and Volume

5) Simple and Compound Interest

6) Time and Distance, Time and work

7) Sense of Direction
8) Progressions

9) Calendar and date

10) Clerical Aptitude

11) Series-Number series, Letter series

12) Odd man out

Part V

Temple affairs, Hindu culture & customs

Famous Temples in India. Great Indian Spiritual Leaders, Hindu Saints, Thinkers,
Philosophers- Their contributions and its social relevance. Hindu culture and
customs. Temples in Kerala-Deities, Peculiarities, Locations. Temple Festivals.
Special devotional and ceremonial functions in temples – its importance and social
relevance. Temple Arts. Temple Architecture in Kerala. Famous temple artists in
Kerala. Holy books of Hinduism - Vedas, upanishads and Puranas. Present day
administration of Temples in Kerala. Government efforts to revamp Temple
administration. Various Devaswom Boards, Devaswom Managing Committies.
Travancore-Cochin Hindu Religious Institution Act 1950. Kerala Devaswom
Recruitment Board -Formation,Powers and Responsibilities, Heirarchial set up.