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Address -

User IDs and Passwords – One person can login with one username. Multiple login with same username
is not allowed.

area_name manno pword

SRIPUR sri_ano 123456
SRIPUR sri_ano1 123456
SATGRAM sat_ano 123456
SATGRAM sat_ano1 123456
KUNUSTORIA knt_ano 123456
KUNUSTORIA knt_ano1 123456
KAJORA kaj_ano 123456
KAJORA kaj_ano1 123456
BANKOLA bnk_ano 123456
BANKOLA bnk_ano1 123456
PANDAVESWAR pnd_ano 123456
PANDAVESWAR pnd_ano1 123456
MUGMA mgm_ano 123456
MUGMA mgm_ano1 123456
MUGMA mgm_ano2 123456
SALANPUR sal_ano 123456
SALANPUR sal_ano1 123456
KENDA knd_ano 123456
KENDA knd_ano1 123456
RAJMAHAL raj_ano 123456
RAJMAHAL raj_ano1 123456
JHANJRA jhn_ano 123456
JHANJRA jhn_ano1 123456
SP MINES spm_ano 123456
SP MINES spm_ano1 123456
SODEPUR sod_ano 123456
SODEPUR sod_ano1 123456
SONEPUR BAZARI son_ano 123456
SONEPUR BAZARI son_ano1 123456
KALLA HOSPITAL kch_ano 123456
KALLA HOSPITAL kch_ano1 123456
HEADQUARTER hqs_ano 123456
HEADQUARTER hqs_ano1 123456

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Sequence –

 Login
 First Add all the colonies.
 Add Quarters under each colony
 Add Quarter repair Photographs

How to Login –

 Click Login Button on Home Page.

 Click Admin/NO Login
 Enter username
 Enter password

How to add colony –

 After Login Go to Colony tab.

 Add colony are listed and displayed
 To add new colony click on ADD NEW Button.
 Area name is selected by default as per Login
 Colliery/Unit Name are listed in drop down.
 Choose the name of unit where the colony is to be added.
 Type Colony Name
 Click Submit.
 Added colony will be displayed in the list.

Add all the colonies one by one for all the units of your area.

How to add quarters under a colony –

 Go to Quarter tab
 Added quarters are listed and displayed in the list.
 To add a new quarter, click on Add New.
 Choose name of unit.
 Choose name of colony
 Choose type of quarter
 Choose sub type of quarter
 Type block number is numeric
 Type quarter number in numeric
 Click Submit.

How to Add Photographs –

 Go to Gallery Tab
 Add photographs are listed displayed for each quarter
 To add photographs click on add new.
 Choose name of unit.
 Choose name of unit.

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 Choose name of colony
 Choose type of quarter
 Choose sub type of quarter
 Choose block number
 Choose quarter number
 Type image description
 Choose category
 Choose file to select the photograph
 Click submit

Quarter Type and subtype are added in the system as per type and subtype known for adding additional
quarter type or subtype please call

Rakesh Tak Dy. Manager (Civil), ECL, Hq 9434795206

The portal is being made available for uploading of quarter details and photographs as per the directions
of ministry.

The portal is under development and additional details related to occupancy and repair done are to

Following details are to be uploaded for every individual quarter –

Name of Area
Name of Colliery
Name of Colony
Type of Quarter
Sub Type
Block No.
Quarter no.
Occupancy Status
Type of Occupant
Name of Occupant
Employee Code
Repair Status
Repair Required
Repairing Done
Date of Start
Date of Completion
Name of Contractor
Work Order ref.
Repair Cost

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For uploading from back end information to be provided in excel format as below

Colony Master –

Area Code Name of Area Unit Code Name of Unit Name of Colony

Quarter Master

Area Name Unit Name of Name of Type of Block Quarter

Code Code Sub Type
of Area Colliery Colony Quarter No. no.
Numeric Numeric
Bunglow Single Storied
only only
D Double Storied
C Triple Storied
B Four Storied
AC Sheet
CGI Sheet
LCH Equivalent
Others (Please

Note – Quarter number and block number to be in numeric values only.

Quarter Type and subtype are added in the system as per type and subtype known. Additional quarter
types or subtypes can be mentioned specifically which will be added in the system

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