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In response, to RFP issued by Karnataka Housing Board, M/s. STES Consultants India Pvt.
Ltd., having its head office at Hubballi and an office in Bangalore, has submitted the proposal to
extend consultancy services for the “Project Management Consultancy services for the proposed
construction of Government Polytechnic at Mundagod”.

We being the consultants, follow the principal services outlined by the BOARD with
duediligence and efficiency, as a part of responsibility for the services of the work by appointing
technical professionals as per the requirements of the BOARD.

Once the work is entrusted to us, we will deploy the necessary technical manpower to supervise
day-today work, to ensure proper execution, adhering to quality standardsand also set up a
laboratory to conduct necessary tests as per the standard specifications by the BOARD.

We will supervise the work and ensure that,

 The construction activities are as per schedule.

 The structure constructed is as per required standards on quality.

 The on-site difficulties like interpretation of specifications of work, engineering

drawings approved by the BOARD, are addressed suitably. Differences if any will
be sorted out in consultation with The Executive Engineer, The Asst. Ex.
Engineer and The Asst. Engineer.

 Daily work progress will be recorded. The measurements of various items of

work will be recorded, from time to time.

 Witness various quality tests and conduct independent tests too.

 Prepare photo documentation of activities, for record purpose.

 Day-today supervision including- Verification the details of Excavation as per the

structural drawing and approved layout drawings.

Checking the Foundation w.r.t soil reports and suitability of foundation

strata.Checking line, length and level of various members of structure and
confirming true positions and dimensions with respect to approved plan.
Checking provisions of reinforcement, proper shuttering, centering, laying of
concrete to true line, shape and size, checking quality of raw materials and
finished products, directing contractor to make good, observed bad workmanship
whenever encountered, safe and proper storage of materials like cement etc., safe
and proper disposal of waste material and debris.

Checking of quality of bricks, location & position of brick walls with respect to
plan, line, level and plumb of construction, joints thickness etc.

Checking of grade of mortar for plastering, workmanship, finishing of surface,

true line, level and plumb of finished plastered surface etc.

It is a known fact that curing of cementitious material is very important. We will

be very particular that curing will be done meticulously.

Confirmation of positions of various sanitary and electrical fittings, confirmation

of quality and make of material being used, slopes and water tightness of joints

All flooring and related works will be checked with respect to size, shape, line
level etc. During the painting, it will be confirmed that, the paint is of approved
make and quality.

We prepare planning, scheduling and implementing construction programs to complete the

project in time, in consultation with concerned officers. We, M/s. STES Consultants India Pvt.
Ltd. to maintain the durability, strength, serviceability and soundness of the structure, will
prepare a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for the project once we are entrusted the work.

We arrange for review meetings, prepare relevant minutes of meetings etc. Site instruction book
will be maintained by us. We supervise and monitor the progress of work on daily basis and
submit monthly progress report and suggest timely corrective measures accompanied by progress
reports, photographs listing the activities during the construction period along with copies of Test

We provide assistance and direction to the contractor in all the matters related to quality control

It can be conclusively stated that, complete supervision for successful completion of project
as per required standards and quality, will be done by us on behalf of BOARD.