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Chews A Puppy: Beware of Puppy Scammers

Orlando, FL, February 01, 2020 --( Chews A Puppy of central Florida is warning consumers
looking to add a puppy to their home to beware of online scammers. In the excitement of searching for a
new furry friend, many people have been ripped off by online scams meant to pull at your heartstrings,
take your money, and leave you without a new pet. In today's world of digital advertisements, it is
important to know what to look for when searching for a pet to avoid the red flags, regardless of whether
you want to purchase or adopt a pet, scammers are waiting to take your money and leave you empty
handed. According to the Better Business Bureau, nearly 10,000 scam reports and complaints have come
in during the last three years about scammers advertising to sell puppies and dogs. Meanwhile, the FTC
estimates that only about 10 percent of victims actually report these crimes so the numbers could be much
higher than reported.

Red Flags

1. The price seems too good to be true.

Do your research. If the price seems to good, it probably is. Breeders, retailers, and rescues work hard to
provide for the puppies and dogs in their care. They provide quality health care, housing, and limitless
love. There is a cost to that.

2. The seller asks for payment by wire transfer or gift cards upfront.
Once money is wired or gift cards are sent, there is no way to get it back.

3. The seller prefers to communicate by text or email and is difficult to reach by phone. Scammers are
often outside of the U.S.A. and may be hiding their international phone number.

4. There is no written contract.

Most breeders, retailers, and rescues require a contract to be signed by both parties. This contract
typically outlines protections for the buyer and seller and includes the health history of the pet including
vaccinations, and the terms of the sale including any health warranties offered.

Where to safely search for a new furry friend? Legitimate sources will always take the time to speak with
you, let you meet the puppy or dog, and ensure that the dog you are choosing is a good fit for your family.
Regardless of whether you are obtaining from a rescue, retailer, or breeder, it is important to feel
comfortable before handing over money. Chews A Puppy offers a specialty retail location open seven
days a week where consumers can drive to meet and spend time with the puppy of their choice to ensure
it is a good fit for their family and lifestyle. This type of environment offers the utmost protection for the
consumer and their wallet.

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